Begin Again


Hmm, sometimes life or wrong choices land us in unpleasant circumstances and we’re so discouraged by defeat. Here are few poems to help you put things in perspective and encourage you to try again.

1. All through the night, you sit
Counting the reluctant hours as they drag by the night, silent and cold
Offering no comfort but chills.
Yet if it is night, surely it will be day
Gather yourself together, ’tis only a phase. It will pass.

2. Seasons gone by
Counting days and nights
Your mirror, a reminder of ages clocked
Every single day of fruitless years,
etched on defeated face
Surrendered to failure
Zeroed to nothingness
Flowing with life’s tidal waves
There’s no point trying again, you think,
But you’re wrong!
So much still to become.
It is time!
Time to rise again, time to be in charge
It all begins from your mind
Find the strength, it’s within
Chart a path, never give up
Arrive at the destination, Success!

3. Ashes, remnants of once flaming fire
Crushed, powdered, blended
into the earth’s dust.
No matter how hard it’s been
You’ve not been reduced that low
Even if, don’t languish
See beauty, Go get it!

4. Too much shame
Piles and mounds of it
A filthy messy grave
You, an unwilling dead
buried deep beneath.
Nothing new under the sun
Someone’s been right here before.
It’s up to you to stay buried
Or to rise again
Shrug off the mess like it don’t matter
Choose to live.

5. Your choices, poorly made
Vehicle to your current state
Do not waddle in defeat
Hoping serendipity will bring you out
Do not wallow in the messy cesspool of self pity,
Pull yourself together,
Make better choices
One step at a time,
Come out, Free!


6. All the wind it takes to fly,
It’s in you
Dig within, dig deeper
You’ll find it.
Propel your wings, Fly!

7. You have tried so hard
Given it your best shot
Laboured, with little to show for your efforts
And so you give up
or on the verge of it
Don’t! There’s strength within,
Find it!
Try again, try different
You will make it.

8. You were that balloon,
Pumped up, ready to fly
With ideas and innovations that could change the world
Life threw in some pins
Pinches here and there
You leaked out
Deflated, defeated
Well! You’re not the balloon!
You’re the pumping force!
Gear up, pump again, Fly!

9. You have lingered too much under the cover of shame
Laboured under it’s oppressive weight
Whatever brought you here,
It’s in the past,
Shine again.

10. Away from the doldrums of failure
Rise from the ashes of humiliation,
If a second’s gone by,
It’s in the past
Let the past die in dignity
That little glow can make a fresh fire
Begin again, you can soar.

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out…” Isaiah 42 v 3

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