Birthday Text Messages

30+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

Pacify your friends, colleagues or loved one by sending them any of these thoughtfully written belated birthday text wishes and messages.

Pacify your friends, colleagues, or loved ones by sending them any of these thoughtfully written belated happy birthday wishes and messages.
Birthdays are special days. It is a day like no other for the celebrant, and it means a lot to them when friends, family, and well-wishers serenade them with wishes and messages. We all feel loosened and accepted when people take the time to celebrate us on our special day.
However, because of the human tendency to sometimes forget, it is important that the forgetting party gets a chance to redeem himself and appease the celebrant. That is why Belated Happy Birthday Wishes become necessary.
So if you’re guilty, like we all tend to be sometimes, these belated happy birthday wishes are for you.
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Happy Belated Birthday Message

I know it’s unforgivable to forget your birthday. But you will have to forgive me, dear friend. I don’t in any way take your friendship for granted. You are special and mean a lot to me. Do have a great year ahead and a lifetime of bliss. No one deserves it more than you do.
I’m truly sorry for the late birthday wishes. I couldn’t get to be a part of your special day. That I forgot doesn’t mean I don’t value you, it’s just that there’s been a lot on my mind lately. I do hope you had a beautiful day because you deserve it. Have a most fulfilling and blessed year ahead. Please accept my belated birthday wishes.
My belated birthday greetings dear. I’m sorry my wishes are coming a bit late. You will always remain an important person in my life. I love you loads. Have a fantastic year ahead.
In this new year of your life, I wish you health, joy, peace and plenty of money. Happy belated birthday.
This is a little late, but I guess it’s better late than never. Please accept my wishes for a prosperous year ahead. I hope you had fun your special day.
It doesn’t matter that your birthday was yesterday, it’s still your birthday season, so the celebration continues. I wish you a beautiful year ahead filled with light, peace, and joy. Happy belated birthday darling.
Somehow, I lost track of time and completely forgot about your special day. Please forgive me. You are special and loved. I do hope you had a beautiful one. Belated Happy Birthday.
I guess old age is catching up with me. If not, how could I of all dates, forget your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday, dear. I wish you many happy returns of the day, a long life and prosperity. God bless you always.
Better late than never. Accept my best wishes for a great year ahead. Belated happy birthday.
Don’t interpret my forgetfulness as meaning I don’t care. I do care. Belated happy birthday, darling. Have a fantastic year ahead. God bless you.
My belated birthday wishes to one of the most compassionate and beautiful souls ever. May life treat you with kindness. May life be good to you. Have a blessed year ahead.
 I hope you had a wonderful day, and I hope that the coming year will bring you lots of happiness and joy. A belated happy birthday.
I messed up, I know, but you know what, I’ll make it up to you. We’ll have the time of our lives and celebrate your birthday the way it should be celebrated. So what do you say? Belated Happy Birthday.
Please accept my apologies and my belated wishes for a blissful year ahead. Belated Happy Birthday.
Thank you for all you do to make all our lives better. You are a beautiful soul, a special breed. Don’t ever forget that. I hope you had a great time on your special day. May all your dreams come true in the year to come. Belated Happy Birthday
May all your dreams for the coming year come to pass. Accept my belated birthday wishes.
My belated yet sincere wishes for your birthday are good health, blessings on all sides, divine favour and joy. May this first new year of your life be the beginning of better years for you. all the very best.
What my belated birthday greeting is simply saying is that you are too special to be celebrated on just a single day. You are greatly loved, dear. You do have an amazing year ahead.
May you have amazing experiences all year round. Belated birthday text.
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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Well, you know how I like to stand out? That’s why I couldn’t join the rest to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. Belated happy birthday, dear friend. I totally love you and you know it.
My birthday wishes for a special person, as you had to be special, and that is why it is coming late, so it doesn’t get mixed up with those of others. Happy Birthday to a dear soul. I love you more than you. Hope you had a wonderful time. Keep up the exploits.
Belated happy birthday, fam. You’re always in my heart. Though the head may forget, the heart never forgets. Hope you had a memorable time celebrating your birthday. I wish you a great year ahead.
I celebrate you today and always, dear. May your light continue to shine. Belated happy birthday.
Though this is one of the late happy birthday wishes, knowing you is loving you. You have an incredibly exciting personality. May your light never dim. Belated happy birthday.
We will celebrate you throughout this month, and we are doing it in turn. Today is my turn, so don’t be under a misconception that I forgot. I could never. Happy birthday, happy birthday beautiful soul.
Belated Birthday Text
Each day, you give me a reason to love you more. May the coming year be all that you wish for and much more. Belated happy birthday, dear.
To err is human. Please forgive me this error of forgetting your birthday. I wish you lots of peace and joy. Belated happy birthday.
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Everything I tried to reach out to you yesterday proved abortive. Yet it’s better late than never. I hope you had a fantastic time even though I wasn’t a part of it. I do have a great year ahead. Belated happy birthday.
Wow! I didn’t realise yesterday was your birthday. No wonder I was thinking about you all the time. May you have a fulfilling, wonderful year ahead. Belated happy birthday.
A belated happy birthday to you. You are loved all year round. May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life. Amen.
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Not just a year older, but a year better. All things are turning around for your good this year. Belated happy birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

That I forgot your birthday doesn’t mean that you are not a daily reminder of how troublesome brothers can be. I love you nonetheless. Belated happy birthday, dear friend.
You’re a daily reminder of what blessings sisters are. I love you, darling friend. Do great things this year. Belated happy birthday.
Even though I forgot your birthday, I want you to know you’re still the best friend ever and my love for you is eternal. Belated happy birthday.
As much as I wanted to be with you yesterday, I couldn’t and I wanted to give you my wish in person. Happy birthday to a lovely soul. Your love brightens all our lives. May you have a year as fantastic as you. Belated happy birthday.
May your life always be a testimony of the goodness of God. Blessings! Happy belated birthday, dear friend.
I always forget the most important things. You are darling, today and all year round. Have a fun-filled year. Belated Happy birthday.
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