Happy Birthday Messages for Friends

70+ Happy Birthday Messages For Friends With Wishes And Prayers

Happy Birthday Messages For Friends With Wishes And Prayers

Birthdays are one of the most important dates in a person’s life. Your friend deserves a most thoughtful birthday wish from you. Check out this lovely collection of happy birthday messages for friends with wishes and prayers written specifically with your needs in mind. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Quotes For a Friend with Wishes

Dear friend, I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Your capacity to love never ceases to amaze me. I love you with all of my heart. Have a most amazing birthday.

Your drive is awesome. Your energy is amazing. Your passion for excellence propels me. Happy birthday, dearest friend. I love you so much.

The bedrock of our friendship remains pure love, tested by time and has proven true. You are one of the best things to happen to me and you remain my dearest friend. Happy birthday sweetheart. God bless you always.

Thank you dear friend for your thoughtfulness, patience and love. On this special day of yours, I want you to know you mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday.

Being your friend is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You do not leave me in doubt of your love and loyalty. My heart is confident of this friendship and I am proud to be associated with you. Happy birthday, dear.

I have never regretted being your friend. I celebrate your awesomeness. Happy birthday, darling friend.

You’re the most hardworking humans I know. You are a stickler for excellence and I admire you endlessly. Thank you for your exemplary lifestyle. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Happy birthday, my irresistibly charming friend. I celebrate you today being your special day. May you soar, always.

You deserve the best today and always, dear friend. May you have endless reasons to smile. Happy birthday.

The first time I met you, I knew I wanted more. I wanted a lasting relationship with you, to share in the depth of your wisdom. I still feel the same way after all these years. You’re my special gift and I cherish you. Happy birthday, dearest friends.

Birthday Messages for Best Friends

Today is a rare opportunity to celebrate an exceptional human. A rare gift to humanity. Your immense contribution in making all our lives better is not unnoticed and we take none for granted. On this special day, I pray the Lord increase you on all sides and greatly multiply you. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

Our friendship is a testimony of patience and love. We shine brighter each day. I love you today and always. Happy birthday, dear friend.

To the friend of my youth, my forever friend, I say happy birthday. May you be the head always and never the tail.

I am forever grateful to the fate that brought us together. My life is so much richer because of your presence in it. May you stand in the assembly of kings and great people. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Our friendship has been tested often and it has always proven true. May your life be as beautiful as you’ve made mine. May you be decorated with honour and glory. Happy birthday, dear friend.

You’re the brother I never had. A great friend. The best anyone could ask for. Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement. Thank you for your humility. May you be greatly increased. May your joy be full always. Happy birthday, dear friend.

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Here’s assuring you on this special day of yours that I’ll never disappoint the confidence you repose in me. May your life attract the favour of God and men, always. Happy birthday, friend.

Happy birthday, my hero. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being a truly special friend.

May the favour of God never expire upon your life. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

I live my life each day trying to justify the trust you have reposed in me. Thank you for always cheering me to keep on even when I don’t feel like it. Thank you for being my rock of support. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Happy birthday my dear, amazing friend. May your tribe never cease.

May your ilk increase on this earth, you who put others before yourself and love so selflessly. May God reward your tireless labour of love. I celebrate you on this special day. Happy birthday, friend.

To my friend, who is beautiful within and without, I wish a most joyous birthday celebration. I am blessed to be associated with you. May you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday.

I admire your quiet dignity. Your delicate form belies your strength. I’m ever so proud of you, dear friend. On this special day of yours, I wish you the very best life has got to offer. Happy birthday.

Thank you for making friendship seem so effortless. I love you endlessly my dearest friend. Have a very happy birthday.

Dear friend, loving me like no other, you deserve all the love you get today and more. Happy birthday.

I want you to know that I don’t take all you do for granted, I’m appreciative of your thoughtfulness, tender care and frankness. Thank you for always saying it as it is. May you flourish like a palm tree. Happy birthday, dear friend.

How can I celebrate a special friend like you? How do I let the world know how important you are to me? You give of yourself so selflessly without expecting anything in return. You are an exceptional human. A phenomenal personality. You are the ideal friend and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday, great man/woman.

You’ve got a head that’s perfectly screwed on. Too much wisdom, too much sense. I’m in awe of you, friend and I only wish you increase. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Happy birthday, my one and only; the “bestest” friend ever. God bless you, always.

I hope your birthday brings you all the happiness you deserve and fill you with the love you so effortlessly spread around. Have a beautiful one.

Thank you for your tireless efforts at loving me even though I’m still learning the ropes of reciprocating same. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Your love, your words of affirmation have always proven true. Thank you for your patient encouragement over the years. May your birthday see all your dreams coming true. Happy birthday my dearest friend.

Happy birthday to the friend who has consistently shown unwavering faith in me. Bigger and better you will grow. God bless you, always.

To the friend who is capable of understanding my deepest fears, I wish a most Happy birthday. May you walk and never faint. May your hands never grow weak.

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Special Happy Birthday Messages For Friends and Prayer

I can’t help smiling each time I think of you. You evoke the most pleasant thoughts. You’re the best friend any one could ever hope for and I want you to know that I love you. Happy birthday.

I’m grateful for the blessing of a friend I can always count on. You are one constant feature each time I count my blessings. Thanks for always being there for me. May your birthday bring you all the joy you deserve and much more. Happy birthday.

Friendship with you is a luxury I am lucky to have. You are a rare treasure. And I’m thankful for the blessing of you. Here’s wishing you a truly fulfilling year ahead.

Our friendship has survived all that has come to test it. Your friendship is a gift I cherish. Thank you for being who you are, dear friend. May you receive all that your heart desires. Have a very happy birthday.

May your life experience pleasant surprises. May your path always be lined with goodness. May you never lack reasons to smile. Happy birthday to you.

In this new year of your life, you will reap bountifully everywhere you have sown. Your land will be fertile and greatly enlarged. You will not know shame. Your head will be elevated in glory. Have a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday dear friend.

May your life never lose the flavour that keeps drawing us to you. May your light never be dimmed but always shine. Happy birthday, dear friend.

May this new year of your life open doors of opportunity for you like never before. May your life get better and brighter. Happy birthday, friend.

May your efforts yield beautiful results this year. May you live a fruitful, productive and fulfilled life. May your joy be full always.  Happy birthday, friend.

I celebrate you today on this special day, my ever faithful friend. May you never know sorrow. May all the tears you will ever shed be tears of joy. May blessings be yours always. Happy birthday.

May you have a glorious new year. May good success line your path. May love and peace be your portion this year and always. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages for Dearest Friend

For a friend who sticks closer than a brother, nothing is too much to celebrate him. You deserve all the love you get today and much more for you’re one of the most amazing humans I know. I wish you a super, beautiful year ahead.

For all the love and support you have consistently shown me, may you have double. May your path shine better and brighter. Happy birthday dear friend.

I really don’t have much to say but I want you to know you are special. You really are. God bless you always dear friend. Happy birthday.

You’ve got a beautiful heart. It keeps shinning brighter. I value your friendship and I’ll keep you close forever in my heart. Happy birthday dear friend.

Growing with you is one of the greatest blessings of my life. My association with you has taken me to great heights. I am proud to be called your friend. Happy birthday, dear friend

Dearest friend, see how far you have come. See how far God has brought you. Your journey so far has been nothing short of an inspiration. I am confident that God is taking you higher and your light will keep shinning brighter. Happy birthday, dear friend.

May you stand in the assembly of kings. May you dine with princes and nobles. May excellence always distinguish you from others. Happy birthday, friend.

May your achievements surpass the history of achievements in your lineage. May you have a generation-transforming kind of success. May you walk in the path of honour and dignity. Happy birthday dear friend.

As you continue your life’s journey, may the Lord walk with you and lead you in the way to go. May you never walk in darkness. May you never lack anything good.. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Reach for the stars, dear friend, you deserve nothing less. Have a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday.

May the Lord always guide you in your decisions. Your voice will matter in the midst of kings. Your head will be lifted high always. Happy birthday, dear friend.

You will succeed beyond every expectations. You will be a shining star. May integrity always guide your ways. Happy birthday, friend.

May your expectation of a beautiful future not be cut short. May discretion guide your path. May you find joy in your choices. Happy birthday, friend.

Your head will never be bowed in shame. Believe in yourself for you deserve to be more than average. Happy birthday, friend.

Never rest on your oars. Always strive to be a better person than you were yesterday. Aim for excellence always. Happy birthday, pal.

In this new year of yours, unending success is yours. Happy birthday, dude.

Be excellent. Never be afraid to stand alone. Be the one! Happy birthday, friend.

Thank God for this new year of your life. you will mount up with wings as an Eagle. You will walk and not faint. The work of your hands will greatly prosper. You will shine like a star. Happy birthday.

I’m watching you and I’m proud of how you’re evolving, what you are becoming. Eyes have not seen neither has ears heard where the Lord is taking you to. Keep doing us proud. Happy birthday, dear.

I wish you a year as amazing as you are. May all your experiences this year be nothing short of the best. Happy birthday to you.

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You will not die but live to declare the glory of the Lord. You will live a life that is a sweet smelling fragrance to the Lord. You will excel where others have failed. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Never be afraid to dream. Never be afraid to dare. The world is yours. Take it. Happy birthday, dear friend.

You are beautiful and you deserve only the best. I celebrate you dear. Happy birthday.

In this world of distractions, may you find your way. May you find your voice. May you never be misled or led astray. May you rule your world. Happy birthday, dear friend.

May you always be a force to reckon with. I celebrate you dear friend. Have a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday.

May you enjoy this year’s birthday in a most special way. May all of your heart desires be met. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

You remain one of the most powerful voices in my life. I celebrate you. I appreciate all of your strengths and relegate your weaknesses. You are indeed special. Happy birthday, dear friend.

You’ve got everything it takes to succeed. Let nothing stop you this year. Happy birthday, dear friend.

May your life continually be a source of joy and pride to all who know you. Happy birthday, friend.

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