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Happy 40th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Life, they say begins at 40. Attaining the age 40 is a massive milestone that deserves plenty of fanfare and celebration. You’ve got a loved one or colleague who just hit the big 40? It’s time to roll out the drums for a no holds barred celebration. In this collection are the most beautiful Happy 40th Birthday Anniversary Wishes and Messages you can send to the celebrant to kick-start the beginning of a new phase of life.

Life, they say begins at 40. Attaining the age 40 is a massive milestone that deserves plenty of fanfare and celebration. You’ve got a loved one or colleague who just hit the big 40? It’s time to roll out the drums for a no holds barred celebration. In this collection are the most beautiful Happy 40th Birthday Anniversary Wishes and Messages you can send to the celebrant to kick-start the beginning of a new phase of life.

For a memorable 40th birthday anniversary, send your loved one any of the messages in this collection of happy 40th birthday anniversary wishes and messages.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

Happy 40th anniversary of the day when you were born. May you have a scintillating year ahead

40th Birthday Cake

Congrats! You are 40 now and you are doing so well. I’m so proud of the person you have become. Ten more years to go till you finally hit it half a century.

I wish your birthday this year gives you many reasons to smile and most of all to be thankful. Forty years of life means there are lots of people in this world who really love your presence

For those who really believe in enjoying life, age is just a number. May you have a marvellous 40th birthday bash and a lovely year ahead.

May your 40th birthday party be filled with love from near and dear ones. Have a superb day and a fantastic year ahead.

It is said at 20, you’re a master in the energy you possess; at 30, you’re a master in will and at 40 you’re a master in judgment. Congrats, now you are blessed with all the three.

I wish that on your 40th birthday, all those dreams that were not fulfilled during the past four decades suddenly come true.

How does it feel to turn one decade closer to 50? Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Happy? Enjoy many happy returns on your 40th. Happy birthday! Wishing many happy returns of the year.

Forty is the perfect vintage point in life from when you can clearly. See all the mistakes you’ve made and the right decisions you took.

Forty is when life just begins to grow younger because you have all the maturity possible and all the childishness that you need to start afresh. Enjoy this lovely phase of life. Wishing you a happy 40th birthday.

May life be kind to you today and always. Happy 40th birthday anniversary.

May your 40th birthday usher in all the good things you have always desired in your life. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

If you’ve been going with the flow until now, it’s time you changed direction and start swimming against the current. Its time you show the mettle you’re really made of. Wishing you a happy 40th birthday.

Do you know what the best way to beat 40 is? Hang around people who are fatter, lousier and older looking than you.

May all your dreams come true this day, do things that you want to do as  it’s not too late. Forty is just the start of another year, forty is an amazing time. Happy birthday at 40

Happy 40th birthday, your joy begins at 40, it’s a new day for you to know  age is just in numbers, on you it just does not show. Wishing you a great birthday at 40.

Happy 40th birthday to you. It’s the start of another wonderful year, take this as a new chapter for you where all your wishes will come true.

You know that there is a good side to hitting forty, well at least you are not forty one still, you are on the border, so have an amazing 40th birthday.

Good times and good moments can be created any time in life. It is not important what’s the time, so what if you’re forty today? You can still have an amazing life. Happy 40th birthday.

You have come a long way in life, oh dear. Don’t think about your age because you have the right grace to spread your magic and cheer. Happy 40th birthday to you! God bless you.

At forty you can discover many new things. It’s never too late to execute the  plans in your heart. Have a happy 40th

On your 40th birthday, I would like to wish you the best of everything in life. May you find your way to happiness and may you stay happy.

Forty means a time to cheer, so spread new magic of you my dear. Leave every of your worries and see that life is just awesome.

On your 40th birthday, I congratulate you for your successful journey so far and wish that you always walk with your ever growing enthusiasm and confidence.

They say 40 is the new 20 and when I think of you, I cannot agree more. Always be the way you are, energetic, fresh and motivating. Have a fantastic year ahead.

Look around, it is such a perfect day, not just the ambiance, but also the occasion. May all your days be as special as today. I wish you a very sensational birthday celebration at 40.

The book of life is divided into different chapters, each birthday marks the start of a new chapter, what comes within the chapter depends on you and you alone. May all your chapters to come have sweet memories and joyous times written all over it. Happy 40th birthday.

Never mind the age, responsibilities grow with every birthday, but remember, so does the experiences. Use your experience, abilities and faith to win it all as you have always done. Happy 40th Wish you the best of it all.

The initial forty years of life are always difficult, now is the time to enjoy and unwind. Stay happy at forty.

Life begins at forty. You may begin to experience some bone pains and weak eyesight. Just kidding , not until several years to come. Happy 40th birthday.

Get officially excited at forty because you get sexier, you get wiser. Keep being fabulous. Happy 40th birthday.

So what if you are turning forty? you look as amazing as ever, my friend. Forty is surely the new Twenty. Be fabulous at forty.

Don’t let being forty dull your shine. Remain as amazing as ever. Have a fantastic 40th birthday.

You are turning forty so you should give a party to celebrate things you want to do in life, to celebrate your struggles. Forty is the perfect age so live it fabulously. Wishing you a perfect 40th birthday.

You are a star. Shine! Happy 40th birthday, babe.

You have two options at the age of forty, either you slow down and think you are old or you look up and know you are able to do all things in your heart. So gear up for that wonderful and lovely start. Have a fabulous 40th birthday celebration.

  1. There are lots of new adjectives that you can associate with forty, being bold is one of them and being blessed too. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Texts

Happy 40th birthday. May this be the beginning of your best days. Soar!

Arh! You still look hot at forty and just look at the grace of God evident in your life. May the grace of God never depart from your life. May you continue to abound in all good things. Happy 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Card Messages

There is this lovely thing about forty, you know you can appreciate the small things in life and still have that glow.

Look who turned 40 today! You’ve waited so long for this day, now you can be as fabulous as you want. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Turning forty is a great milestone. You’ve got every reason to be proud of yourself. Just look at you, see how far God has brought you. Have a blast girl. Have a most fantastic 40th birthday.

Now is the time to start doing the things you love doing the most. It’s your 40th, do raise a toast.

It’s a new beginning. Continue to age with grace. Happy 40th birthday.

It’s the super 40, where you grow to become the very best version of yourself. Happy birthday.

When you were twenty, you thought about the age of thirty, now that you are forty, you are thinking of becoming fifty, stop the thought and live like each day is the best. Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday.

How old you feel is really about your mind. If you think you are young, then you are. If you think you can do everything, then you can. Happy birthday at 40.

Life begins at 40, they say. You can do all things, do not limit yourself.

There are many smiles waiting for you, go for that extra mile and reach for the stars. Happy birthday.

This is the big 40, where life officially begins. Do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Have lots of fun on this special day. Have a fantastic birthday.

Forty is when you begin to age backwards. Welcome to the fun days of your life. Happy 40th birthday.

I’m sure you feel awesome and new. Here is a wish for you, have a very happy 40th birthday.

Oh, you are now in your middle age but that does not mean you behave like a sage, there are many options for you to feel young Enjoy your day.

Forty is the beginning of your best years. God bless your new age. Happy 40th birthday.

You will understand yourself better, you will pass each test in life. There are moments to be happy about in life but with a tint of being so wise.

Life begins at forty but so do fallen arches, eyesight and the tendency to tell same story to the same person over and over again.

At forty you’re not only older but wiser. Live life to fulfill your dreams.

Don’t think about the past, it’s gone. Think about the days to come. Happy 40th anniversary.

Make a bucket list for your forties and do things which make you feel delighted. Welcome to your best years.

Forty changes the way you look at life, amidst all the struggle and strive, somewhere you also find that peace. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours. Happy 40th birthday.

I hope you have a day filled with laughter, fun and lots of happiness because a special person like you deserves the best on your 40th birthday.

Thank God for he brought you into this world because without you, this world would be missing a star, you shine even more beautifully every year. Happy 40th birthday.

I am sorry that I am late but my hearty wishes are ever with you. May this year and time bring all the fun that you missed. Have a wonderful 40th birthday celebration.

I wish to slap myself for missing your birthday. Nonetheless, my care, support and blessings are always with you. Happy 40th birthday.

Any excuse I make to cover up for my carelessness is not good enough to cover up for my mistakes. I am sorry that I am late. I wish you a happy and very warm 40th birthday celebration.

I am a bit late to wish you a happy birthday, Damn! But now that I am here, I am here with a bang. Here’s wishing you a year with floods of happiness and love. Happy 40th birthday to you.

Old habits die hard they say, today it has been proved right as my old habit of forgetfulness has made me forget your birthday. I’m sorry, allow me to squeeze in a late but very special wish for a special friend, happy birthday my friend at 40.

Who said wishes could be given only on birthday? I have missed your birthday but I take this opportunity to wish you health, happiness, success and prosperity in your life.

I hope all your dreams come true in this new phase of your life. Happy 40th.

I wish that I’m there by your side to see the smile on your face as you grow older today. Happy 40th birthday.

Let’s celebrate again and raise a toast to the birthday of a fantastic individual and a genuine human being.

I hope your 40th birthday is one of the best days of your life. I hope the almighty bless you with love, joy and peace for the new year of your life. Happy 40th birthday.

I just want you to know that I care about you and wish you the best on your birthday.

Happy birthday at 40. May your life be filled with happiness and glee as you add yet another year to your beautiful life.

I would like to wish you a happy 40th birthday from my heart, here is to a new start.

I remembered you on your birthday. I swear I did pick the phone to call you up. Hope you had a nice day, wishing you the best of life.

Another year of success and glory has passed for you and it’s all because of your sincere efforts and commitment. May you always achieve greater heights in life. Happy birthday to you my dear.

Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Believe in your dreams, trust in your abilities and never back down. Happy birthday to you, 40 looks good on you, my dear friend.

When you smile, the world around simply brightens up. No matter what happens, never let your infectious smile fade away. Happy 40th.

Forty looks fabulous on you. All the very best as you attain this milestone. Happy birthday.

It’s a special time because at forty, you stand in near half way of life, you also turn wiser.

You are forty, so what? Relax because forty is the new twenty. Have a great birthday.

May you enjoy this blessed phase of your life. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Quotes

You are half way to your eighty. Enjoy life as much as you can. Happy birthday.

Now that you’re forty, it’s time to catch up on all your dreams. Happy birthday.

Little secret tucked away, saved until your special day, wishes sent from near and far, to say how nice you are, may every small surprise combine to make your birthday really awesome. Happy 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Quote

Rose is red, sky is blue, honey is sweet, just like you. Happy 40th birthday.

It’s your 40th birthday and I can’t be there but I will send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer, have a blast of it all.

It’s a beautiful day. I’m as excited as you are on your 40th. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday.

Fantastic answer by a philosopher to a question asked at BBC….,Define birthday!!! Answer; the only day in your life when you cried and your mother was smiling. Have a fantastic 40th birthday.

On the pages of roses with the ink of moonlight, two words has been written for you my dear, Happy birthday.

How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look older? Happy 40th birthday to you.

See how far you’ve come. God has been so good to you. Forget about your past, you can’t change it, forget about your future, you can’t predict it, just think about the present, you can handle it. Enjoy every present moment of your life. Happy 40th birthday anniversary.

I just want you to know that you are being thought about and I wish you the best of everything especially on your birthday.

I wish you one thing to see yourself just as I see you, only then will you realize how special you are. Happy 40th birthday to you.

Birthdays are for fun, enjoy a sticky bun. I’m glad you are my friend, hope your birthday is great as always.

Today is a gift, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery that needs to be uncovered…..,on this day, may the mystery concerning your future be revealed to you and your dreams become reality. Happy 40th birthday.

Wishing you a day as soft as silk,….white as milk, sweet as Honey. Happy birthday to you.

Another birthday? Why, it seems only yesterday that you were a whole year younger.

Kick off your shoes, take a break, crank the tunes, dance and shake, light the candles, cut the cake, make it a day that’s simply great. Happy 40th birthday.

For a wonderful person Like you, I wanted to give the best birthday greetings ever…..,but this message was all I could afford. Happy 40th birthday.

God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. Happy 40th birthday to you. Have the greatest fun.

However you decide to spend this very special day, here’s hoping it turns out to be just right in every way. Happy 40th birthday.

May your every birthday be better than the last years. Celebrate everyday of your life with excitement, strength and smile. Happy 40th birthday.

On your birthday, I wanted to give you the costliest present but then I realise you already have me as a friend. Have a birthday as fantastic as you are.

A gift doesn’t depend on what is inside, but it depends on the intentions of giving it, have a most beautiful birthday.

I wish you simple pleasures in life, Evergreen happiness, a truly bright future and most of all, birthday wishes full of smile and cheers.

This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality.

Happy 40th birthday to one of the sweetest person that I have ever known.

Maybe we wish a year becomes one month so that we celebrate your birthday every month with much love and fun and with great gathering of family and friends.

Every new day is a gift….,the longer you wait to open it, the smaller it gets. Happy 40th birthday.

Birthday is a pleasant day where everyone have smiles on their faces….,everyone come and gather and forget all sorrows and quarrels among them and enjoy every moment with pleasure and love. Happy 40th birthday.

It’s a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you, but it feels much better when you know that someone never forgets your birthday. Have a fantastic 40th birthday.

Happy 40th birthday to the most lovable and adorable star on this planet. May your birthday bring you good luck to last for the whole year.

You were probably the only one crying when you were born whereas everybody else was laughing at you. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy 40th birthday. May you live to blow a thousand candles. Have a blast.

May the blowing of the candles on the birthday cake also blow away all your troubles, worries and misfortune. Happy birthday.

Happy 40th birthday to you. May God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with success, happiness and prosperity. Amen!

Don’t ever count the years, but count the wishes, and all of God’s goodness to you. Happy birthday.

On your 40th birthday, I wish that you experience one of the most satisfying and rewarding years of your life. Happy birthday.

Thank you for visiting. Xoxo!

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