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Happy 50th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Sayings

Wow! It’s not easy to be fifty. It’s such an important milestone. To be spared all the years and making it to fifty is worth celebrating, especially if you have done well for yourself. Now, you’ve got someone in your life celebrating this all important milestone? You need the perfect words to say to them to make them feel really special and be thankful for how far they have come in life, that is why we have written these beautiful Happy 50th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Sayings. You can’t find any like these anywhere else.

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Wow! It’s not easy to be fifty. It’s such an important milestone. To be spared all the years and making it to fifty is worth celebrating, especially if you have done well for yourself. Now, you’ve got someone in your life celebrating this all important milestone? You need the perfect words to say to them to make them feel really special and be thankful for how far they have come in life, that is why we have written these beautiful Happy 50th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Sayings. You can’t find any like these anywhere else.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

They say Forty is the old age of youth and fifty is the youth of old age. Mark your golden jubilee year with success and glory. I wish you a very happy birthday.

50th Birthday Messages

On this special occasion of your 50th birthday, I wish to greet you with a fact of life. Being fifty takes stamina and endurance that even youth fails to offer. I wish you the best of it all. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

If you think you have grown too old to enjoy, think again. At 50, you look as amazing and as agile as ever. May your light never grow dim. May your path shine brighter and brighter. Have the most beautiful 50th birthday ever.

Today on this beautiful day, I wish to greet you with a sweet message. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Keep aspiring. Let nothing dull your shine. Happy 50th birthday anniversary.

Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that takes our breath away. I wish you many of such moments in the years to come. Have a fabulous 50th birthday.

Perfection always needs time in life, It took you 50 years to get perfect, but its better late than never. Wishing you a happy 50th birthday.

Weren’t you all excited when you were five years old? Multiply your excitement by 10 and stay happy. It’s just a game of numbers. Wishing you a lifetime of joy and peace. Happy 50th birthday to you.

Well, for me you’re still a sweet sixteen with 34 years of experience. You’re still as fantastic as ever. Wishing you the happiest moment of this day.

How does it feel to be 50? Great, right? We thank God for His faithfulness upon your life. May His love never cease upon you. May you grow to become 100 in fabulous health, joy and peace. Happy 50th birthday.

Be content on turning 50, because you have lived a life full of peace and happiness. May you never lack fulfilment. I wish you a beautiful celebration.

50 years is a long time to live your life, But certainly not the end of life, it is the start of a journey so new. May this 50th birthday be awesome for you, fulfill all your wishes and may happiness always be destined in your life forever my dear. Spread the 50th birthday cheers.

You have proved that you have stamina, you have proved that you have strength, you have proved that you have patience. Being 50 is so much fun for you, so enjoy this phase to the fullest. Wishing you the happiest 50th birthday celebration and an awesome year all through.

It’s a great time to be 50. Your better days are here. Have a fantastic 50th birthday.

If you haven’t yet rocked life, it’s time to do so. And let me say this, 50 suits you so well. Happy 50th birthday to you. Enjoy life to the fullest and have an amazing year too.

You shouldn’t deny any of the Lord’s mercies. His faithfulness to you is evident in all areas of your life. See 50 looking so good on you. Enjoy your special day massively and have a fun-filled year.

50 is the start of a new life, so seek inspiration and live a new life. A life that would make you feel so good. Happy birthday.

Welcome to the fun years. Gradually, you’re earning bragging rights to being called “senior citizen” Lol! Enjoy your youth while it lasts. Happy 50th birthday.

You are on a magical figure, always an inspiration to us all. We are so proud of how far you have come, amazing, quintessential woman. Happy Birthday, Amazon.

Fifty is the age when you forget things, fifty is the age for getting that specs. It’s the age of wrinkles, Nah….It’s the age to feel young at heart, it’s the age when you can start a wonderful new life ahead. A perfect fifty is waiting for you.

You don’t look a bit 50. You’ve got all the freshness of a 25 year old. May your days be long, fruitful and merry. Happy birthday.

Today is the start of a new era in your life. May this phase be good to you. May goodness and mercy pursue you for the rest of your days. Happy 50th birthday.

May 50 be kind to you. May this season of your life bring you fulfilled dreams. Have a fun-filled day.

50 is the year when new beautiful things will begin for you. Have a splendid 50th birthday.

Look back and see how blessed you are. You have indeed found favour in the sight of God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you. He has just begun with you, there are still many more blessings to come, only remain steadfast. Happy 50th birthday.

You may have been blessed a lot and think you couldn’t be blessed more. That’s a big lie, increase your capacity, your best is yet to come. Happy 50th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday. Here’s to new hopes and abundant blessings. Cheers to your new age.

Remember how God has been good in the past years, He is not done with you. Greater days ahead of you. Remain fabulous at 50. Happy birthday.

Do not fear your age my dear, enjoy life to the fullest. You live only once. Happy 50th birthday.

Welcome to the club of fifty, don’t count the years that passed by, live each moment of your remaining years as special. Happy birthday.

You do not look like you have turned fifty, you look so hot and you look so chic. Actually, you have changed my perception of being fifty, you look so great with that age and graceful. Best wishes for a fifty that is wonderful.

Don’t call yourself too old my friend for there are miles yet to go in life. May this be an end of your strive and the beginning of something bigger and better. Happy 50th birthday.

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Happy 50th Birthday Messages

Here’s hoping you have a day as amazing as you are. Wishing you a happy 50th birthday with many happy returns.

50th Birthday Quotes

Today you should look back and realize that life has really been so nice, say thanks for all the things you have got, say thanks from your most pleasant thought. May the grace of God abound upon your life. Happy 50th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday to you. Here’s wishing you many new opportunities in the new year.

50th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

It’s an age when all things are bright and beautiful. Happy 50th.

The Lord who brought you this far will not leave you at this point. He will continue to be your shield and buckler. Happy 50th birthday.

You are so graceful and it’s so hard to believe you’re 50 already. Cheers to many more graceful years. Happy birthday.

There are different types of fifty years old, some complain about the age and some take it with charm and grace. Be like the second lot my dear. Happy birthday.

50th birthday and so many reasons to cheer, you have reached a beautiful place, look back at your wonderful journey, my friend, and then you’ll realise what whole lot you’ve accomplished.

Your life is just beginning. Gear up for the journey ahead. It promises to be exciting. Happy 50th birthday.

50 is the cool age. Wishing you lots of joy, peace and endless blessings as you mark your 50th birthday today.

Age is all in the mind my dear. Remain fabulous at 50. Happy birthday.

50 gives you the sense of being an oldie, in fact, it’s the start of a new age of wisdom. May you enjoy God’s grace like never before. Happy birthday.

You are at an age when you have to begin to take things easy, lol. Senior citizenship beckoning. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Happy 50th birthday.

You can make turning 50 look so good, you just have to smile and stay happy and your radiance will sparkle.

Half a century! Not bad at all. May the next 50 years of your life be full of overwhelming blessings and success. Happy birthday.

It’s so hard to believe you are 50 now, especially as you still look like a 20-year-old. 50th birthday blessings shall be yours in Jesus’ name.

Close your eyes, look back and think about what a long way you have come, we are all so proud of the person you have turned out to be. Hey oldie! Happy 50th birthday.

Congratulations champ, you have made it through half a century of your life! I’m so proud of the human that you are. Time to welcome the next 5 decades is now, so let’s do it with music and cake. Happy birthday.

Whenever you start feeling bad that you are fifty, just remember you are not 50, you are 49 + 1 only. Happy birthday to you.

Why do you worry about growing older? When you are like wine just getting better and better with age. Happy 50th birthday stunner.

When you enter the 50 bar, something strange takes place, you suddenly find yourself behaving just like your parents! The feeling is awesome. Happy birthday.

Hey who said you are 50 years old? You are 29 years old, with 21 years of wisdom and experience. Happy birthday to you. Make it grand.

Since the first half of your life has been beautiful, the second half of your life is going to be even more graceful. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday.

Here’s a toast to 50 beautiful years of your life in which you have spread so much joy, happiness and peace to others. May you live to be hundred. Happy birthday.

5 decades of God’s faithfulness.,I urge you to pause, take a deep breath, and see how far you’ve come. May this new season of your life be painless. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday celebration.

They say that life begins at 50 and that’s so true. Have a fulfilled life . Have a fun filled 50th birthday.

At 50, nothing should shock or surprise you anymore. You’ve been -there- done- it all-seen it all, let everything amuse you. Happy golden jubilee.

On your 50th birthday, make me a promise that you will have the courage to live more fully, dream, fulfill your dreams,and make more people’s life beautiful. May you have a superb life ahead.

Being fifty may not give you an halo around your head but it will definitely give you love handles around your tummy. Wishing you a great 50th birthday and a stress free life .

Knowing the person that you’re, I know for sure that fifty is just a number for you. Keep it that way and get geared up for the journey ahead. I celebrate you.

You have fifty more years to enjoy life to the fullest after which you’ll become a child again, so make the best of what you’ve got.

When your dentist, pharmacist and physiotherapist start sending you birthday flowers, that’s definitely a sign that you’re to begin your life 2post 50! Happy 50th birthday my friend.

Lots of happiness I have asked for you, I just want you to smile all through cause 50 looks good on you. Happy golden jubilee.

Birthdays are special and fun.  May your 50th birthday be in every way as special as you dreamed. Happy golden jubilee.

Birthdays actually give a new reason to smile and spread cheers. May you have countless reasons to smile for the rest of your life. Happy 50th birthday, my mentor.

Make every moment of your golden jubilee count as you celebrate with family and friends. Happy 50th birthday to you.

It’s your golden jubilee! You deserve all the love and accolades you get today for you are indeed special. May your 50s bring you all the joy and peace. Happy birthday.

You may have chased all your dreams, you may have chased money too, you may have chased love all through, but now is time for family, the people that matter most, so dedicate your time to them at this golden age. Happy birthday.

May you have the courage to keep chasing your dreams. May your energy never wane.Enjoy your 50s, my friend.

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Happy 50th Birthday Sayings

As you turn 50 today, let me wish you the most amazing start for a beautiful beginning. Happy birthday.

50th Birthday Saying

You have two choices to make today, either you stay young and do things you did or you give up everything and turn a sage, but if you balance your role my friend, you will not have to pretend. Be happy and have all the fun as you turn fifty.

Half century! It actually sounds too good. Yes, you have lived the life of your dreams, so brace up for a cool celebration today. We love you. Happy birthday.

Last fifty years have been good for you. The coming years will be so much better, so get ready for harvest of greatness all the way. Happy birthday.

Hey! You think you have seen everything? Well, you are wrong. There is so much greatness yet to come. Have a stupendously beautiful 50th birthday.

By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons, we found out that only a few things are really important, we learn to take life less seriously. Happy 50th birth anniversary to you.

You must be wondering that you are getting old, you must be feeling that your time has gone, life does not change with your feeling. It changes with actions. May you be abundantly fruitful in the years to come. Happy 50th birthday.

Laugh a little more than you can, everything will happen as planned. You will do things you love, you just need to relax and understand that 50 is just another phase of life. Happy birthday.

Can you blow all the candles out or should we call the fire department? Happy 50th birthday anniversary with many happy returns.

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. Happy 50th birthday.

Hope your birthday is totally cool, really fantastic, wonderful, exciting and majorly awesome, Happy 50th birthday.

I hope that you have the greatest birthday ever from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until they close late at night. May you get all the love you deserve today and always.

Some people look old and feel young, some people look young and feel old, some people like us look young and feel young. It feels good to party on your birthday, doesn’t it? Happy 50th birthday.

Happy golden jubilee!, Hope this is the beginning of the greatest years ever so far for you.

The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts and we grow happier as we grow older. Happy 50th, It looks quite good on you.

Lovely message for a lovely person from a lovely friend for a lovely reason at a lovely time, from a lovely mind in a lovely mood, to wish you a happiest 50th birthday.

Very elegant and charming, known for beauty and harmony…., well balanced and diplomatic, helpful to friends, always lending people a helpful hand. Happy birthday to you at 50.

Every time when I think of you, I remember that love, smiling face and beautiful heart…..,I wish you smiles for ever. Happy 50th.

I would like to blink, but I can’t take my eyes off of you for a second. Happy birthday to you my friend.

When I think of my favorite food, I can never make up my mind, But when I think of my favourite people,I immediately know that means you. Happy 50th birthday my good friend.

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May your birthday brings each special thing that you have waited for and may everyday ahead hold lots of happiness. Happy 50th birthday.

The gifts you receive today don’t compare to what you give to others everyday, happy birthday to an awesome personality at 50.

Do you believe in miracles? I sure do, because I found you. Happy 50th birthday to the best friend in the whole wide world.

On the occasion of your 50th birthday, I just want to remind you that I deeply, truly and sincerely love you. Happy birthday.

You are an amazing person and a rare gem, the best friend ever. May God give you all his love in every step of your life. Happy 50th birthday.

May your 50th birth anniversary be filled with warmth, sunshine, happiness, smiles, sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheers. Happy birthday.

Do you know, it gives me immense pleasure to be one of the first persons to wish you well on your 50th birthday? Happy birthday.

I have been thinking of all the special times we have shared. I have such fond memories of our heart to heart talks, of sharing secrets, dreams and even tears. Happy 50th birthday my dearest friend.

A friend’s birthday is a time of great outing, full of partying, enjoyment and getting all excited. Your birthday presents the window for this perfect opportunity. Happy 50th.

Birthday of someone special is the moment to send wishes and let that person know that he is indeed special. May you have a memorable 50th birthday.

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