Birthday Wishes for Special Person

Simple Birthday Messages to a Special Person

Simple Birthday Messages are combinations of words organized to serve as an expression of our innermost feelings on the occasion of the birthdays of our loved ones, our leaders, and spiritual parents as they celebrate. Wishes may just be words, but words are so powerful as they can either groom a person or do otherwise. Let them know you love and value them at all times. Make the day special and loving for them with special birthday packages. Here, you’ll always get the perfect lines to make one’s special event memorable.

Birthday Wishes for Special Person
Birthday Wishes for Special Person
Birthday Wishes for Special Person

Simple Birthday Messages for Mom

What a beautiful day to celebrate a strong, amazing woman; a woman created with dynamic and unique features. I join all your well-wishers on this day to say a happy birthday to you. More victories to you, mom!

Who can comprehend a mother’s love? so rich and powerful. This day is so wonderful, all thanks to the Lord. I am wishing my mom a sweet, beautiful birthday. I love you so much and I wish you many more years and a beautiful ride.

 Happy Birthday, My Supermom!

I feel lost and unprotected whenever I am away from your warm hands. Thanks for the protection and the counsel. I wish you brighter and better years ahead. Happy Birthday Mama, I love you!!!

To the sweetest mother in the world, I am the happiest knowing that a new season of your life is about to begin today. May this new year favour you and cause you to shine forth even the more. I love you mama. Happy birthday my gold!!

Simple Birthday Messages for Dad

Today, we celebrate a philanthropist and a true father by nature and responsibilities. your duties, you never failed to perform. I am proud and happy to have you as a father. Happy birthday to the one true legend of all times, more wins to you Dad!

Fathers are said to be too busy and hence have less time with their family; with you, I have experienced the opposite. Today, I want you to know you are my super hero and my super dad. Happy birthday, more awards to you.

Heroes are always celebrated and that’s why I write to you on this day with a happy heart. Wishing you thousands of love and strength as you swim through the oceans of life in this new season. Happy birthday my hero, I love you!

Simple Birthday Messages for God-father

You are a father indeed, though life has brought in some level of disparity, you have loved me like a true son. Today, I wish you a happy birthday and many more years, we shall celebrate with you sir.

Your counsel and teachings are invaluable and well appreciated. I celebrate with you sir on this joyous occasion of your birth anniversary and I wish you many more fulfilling years sir. Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday to the greatest god-father of all times, you have been a blessing to me and as you celebrate this day; you shall bring forth more godly children in the faith with godly principles and steps and a blessing you shall continually be. Happy birthday sir.

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Simple Birthday Messages for the Godmother

God-mothers are no different from our birth mothers, permit me on this day to wish you heaven’s endless and eternal blessing as you celebrate your birth anniversary on this day ma. I am so happy to be a part of your life and thank you also for all the advice and the years of nurturing. Happy sweet birthday God-mother!

My mom has told me so many things about you; how you will cuddle me in your arms and declare in my life that I will go far; it is with a heart full of love and joy that I celebrate with you on this day as you embark on another beautiful journey of life. I wish you more of God’s ordained plans for your life. Happy birthday, ma!

The day is bright and fair, happy birthday to my amazing and spirit filled mother who has dutifully performed her function of a god-mother since conception till this day; I join the hosts of heaven to wish you long life, divine health and above all an impactful existence on earth…happy birthday ma!!

Simple Birthday Messages for Grand-son

This day reminds me so much of when your dad was a little child and times like this in his life were celebrated…I feel so excited on your behalf. I wish you all the very best of life in their extreme and unique beauty. Love you my little baby boy.. Happy birthday!!

A sun arose, a sun full of powerful rays…you are my light and my joy. Happy birthday my love, wishing you the very best of life. Granny loves you dearly…

You are the pride of my  old age and the desire that has become a reality…wishing you an impactful existence as you soar higher in this new season of your life…Happy birthday grandson!!

Simple Birthday Messages for Grand-Daughter

What a special day we’ve got here and a beautiful charming grand daughter… little princess, I adore you so much. I wish you a year full of growth and wonders. Happy birthday, my princess!

My princess… the apple of her mother’s eyes and the joy of my heart.. I am more than pleased to witness this beautiful transition into a year full of light and beauty. As you transit, may you find peace and may the year be worth celebrating all through. Happy birthday my chocolate!

Grandma is called grandma all because of you. My little baby is growing into a woman of her own and I am so happy for every step you took in times past and for the ones you are about taking.. May the year be a happy and a glad one for you.. Happy birthday daughter!!

Simple Birthday Messages to Someone Special

Special people are special and deserve special and unique words. You are beauty personified, so endowed beyond the wisdom of men. Knowing you is like walking into destiny and living it to its fulfilment. I wish you the very best of life as you step into another amazing season today. Happy Birthday sweet!!

In my heart, there are lots of lines full of honey and love in regard to this lovely day. Meeting you was more than enough for my life to hit the express again. You are the rose that makes my life blossom and my river flow. I wish you a peaceful and wonderful life in this new chapter. Happy birthday hun!

I love you so much and I wish you a very happy beginning of this year full of achievements and wins. Happy birthday my heart desire!!!

It’s the longing of my heart to wish you a wonderful year, may lines fall in pleasant places for you. Happy birthday sugar!!

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Simple Birthday Messages for Pastor/Priest

You are a pastor indeed. A lover of God and His people, a vessel unto honour. Your words have been so impactful and real. As you enter into a new chapter today, may the heavens celebrate with you and may your life continue to shine forth in God’s glory and everlasting light. Happy birthday sir!

You’re a priest after God’s heart and after the welfare of his people. It is a privilege to have you as a shepherd over the flocks here, may your life continue to cause drastic and life transforming records and may the Lord be with you as you journey through the season. Happy birthday sir!!

We were like flocks without shepherds until your arrival sir. Your sermons have been life transforming and soul empowering. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you in this new season of your life and grant you rest on all sides. Happy birthday sir!!!

You are not just a woman rooted in the word of God but a mother who embraced strangers, took them in and fed them with the raw word of salvation. Thank you for the privilege of association, wishing you a happy year as you celebrate this special day of your life; May the Lord’s countenance be with you and His peace abide with you ma… Happy birthday ma!!

Special Birthday Messages for Teacher

A teacher teaches even when he or she is tired. I am so honoured to have you as a teacher in my life. As you add to your previous years today, may every aspect of your life experience an awesome and mighty increase ma. Happy birthday, ma!

Thank you for every impact made so far in my life, I am forever indebted to you; you have impacted me with power and wisdom. Today I join all those who love you to wish you many more years and more wins. Happy birthday ma!!

Words are words but what amount of words can perfectly describe the matters of the heart? You are an icon, so down to earth and ever ready to deploy knowledge; matters are tackled when you appear. It is an honour to be called your student. Wishing you many more years of wisdom, impacts and value. Happy birthday sir!

Special Birthday Messages for Leader

Leaders are  humans with unique skills, always having something to do one time or the other; you have been a great source of light and help and today we celebrate you on this special day of your life; wishing you a happy and prosperous year sir. Happy birthday sir!

A great leader is known by his views and actions about matters; you are a leader both in character and in word; so enlightened that every area you fit into is lighted. Wishing you a happy and wonderful year as you step into a new stage of your life. Happy birthday ma!

Great men are full of knowledge and wisdom so captivating; today, we are so excited that you are a year better and a year older; wishing you many more years ahead, may the year bring more wisdom and knowledge to you as you fly through the days of life. Happy birthday sir!

Power is not meant to be handled by just anyone, thank you for bringing us into a deeper revelation of what true power is and your leadership is so inspiring and motivating. Happy birthday sir and may you continue to command influence at all sides!

We are fortunate to have you at the top as a leader in the firm. The firm has grown so wide that we are overwhelmed; all the heights were only attainable by your wonderful and amazing leadership skills. On behalf of the firm, we want to wish a very beautiful happy birthday to you, Ma, and may you keep growing in heights and knowledge. We love you, Ma!

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Simple Birthday Appreciation Messages for Leader 

On behalf of the firm, we send warm greetings to you, sir. On the occasion of your birthday, it’s with great delight in our hearts that we celebrate with you the beginning of another cycle. We are happy that the organization has grown so far as a result of your efforts. Thank you, sir, for the value you have added to the firm and your employees. As you grow in age today, we wish you a year full of peace, strength, and growth on all sides. Happy Birthday, sir!

A leader is a listener and someone who has the issues of the people at heart. The greatness of this organization today is all as a result of your endless and vital contributions, ideas, and creative ability. We are so lucky to have you here and, on behalf of the entire team members, we say a happy birthday to you ma and may this new turn bring you favour and many more years you shall live to celebrate. Thank you ma, we love you!!!

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