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Special Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

These are special birthday wishes for someone special to you and your loved ones as they celebrate their birthdays.

Looking for what to say or pen down? There is no cause for worry, everything you need is right here. Kindly go through these special birthday wishes for someone special to you and find the most heart-capturing messages for your loved ones as they celebrate their birthdays.

Life always offers us opportunities to say something sweet to our loved ones. These opportunities come on every occasion of their lives. A new chapter and a new cycle of life are worth sweet and amazing words of wisdom crafted with love and care. Maybe you are considering the distance between you and them, but you know what? Your words are so strong and powerful that they can be encapsulated into beautiful, mind-blowing messages to make the day lively and amazing for them.

Special Birthday Messages for Her

You’re the best wife anyone could ever have. I have always asked myself why the Lord chose to honour me with a treasure like you. Everyday with you has been a day of achievement and growth. Happy Birthday, sweets. Many more fruitful years to you.

Birthday Poems

My life is so much better with you, my desire. Today, I join the host of heaven and the world to wish you a happy, amazing birthday and also, may your heart desires be granted. Keep soaring, my love!

Happy Birthday to a woman who knows how to care and a woman who loves unconditionally. Baby or my love (which do you prefer now?), I pray that this new age brings you all you have ever longed for, openly and in secret. Thank you and happy birthday, my everyday smile!

I want you to look around and see if the stars are not twinkling over you so I can send some down there. Remember the first day I met you, I felt accomplished and fulfilled; you alone are a class on your own, so gentle as a dove and loving as a mother. Wishing you the best year ever! Happy birthday, sweet!

Special Birthday Messages for Him

Love, they say, is blind, but not for us, I have seen you every time you bring this love into the physical world where it can be seen and expressed. I thank the Lord for bringing us together; you remain my choice. I love you and a happy birthday to you. See mine!

 Honey I want you to know that I will keep loving you till the day the one law of nature that is unstoppable comes between us. Happy birthday, my heartbeat!

Special Birthday Message for A Friend

You are my closest friend, and I am happy that today you have crossed into another beautiful page of your life. May the wishes and memories be as beautiful as you. I wish you well in this new age. Happy Birthday, my friend!

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Special Birthday Messages for A Son-in-law

To my able and amiable son-in-law: The word “able” is not there as a flattery word, but it shows your real features. You are my ever-capable and loving son-in-law and now a son-in-love. Sometimes I ask myself, what if my daughter never came across a gentle man as you? However, I cherish this bond that we share and I send you lovely wishes as we celebrate together with you on this special day. Happy birthday my lovely son in law!

 Special Birthday Messages to an Aunt

May I flatter my aunt a little? With all due respect, aunt, you are so funny and your jokes always make my ribs hurt. Aunt, I guess it’s time to apply for admission to the school of entertainment. It’s going to look good on you. As you step into a new season of your age today, I wish you the very best of life and may you grow from strength to strength. Happy Birthday, dearest aunt!

Special Birthday Messages to an Uncle

A happy birthday to the coolest and sweetest uncle in the world. I hope you know I love you so much and ever since you came into my life and I got to know you as an uncle, life has been much better. Please do have a wonderful birthday celebration and may all your wishes be granted. Happy Birthday, dearest Uncle!

Special Birthday Messages to a Sister-in-Law

I never knew sisters-in-law were this celebrated until I became one. My dearest, you have been the greatest privilege I have had on Earth; the privilege of being your in-law is no mean feat. Your teachings with love and understanding have brought me this far in life and destiny. May this day bring forth more wins in your life. Happy Birthday Ma!

 I remember when I was in pain, you always whispered to me how much you love me and will always do. Please, with your permission, let me whisper in your ears those little whispers of love and gratitude. I love you ma, and today, I join other well-wishers to say a sweet happy birthday to you ma. Many more fruitful years, ma.

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Special Birthday Messages to a Daughter-in-Law

A happy birthday to you, my daughter-in-law. You are a blessing to my son and the family as a whole. We love you, and on this day, I wish you lots of love and wisdom. Happy birthday, my daughter, in whom I always find rest and peace.

Special Birthday Messages to My Brother

A brother’s love is not comparable because there is none like it. My first love, I write to you today to say thank you for how you have always loved me, even when the conditions of life wouldn’t have permitted it to happen. More wins as you begin this new ride. Happy birthday, bro!

 When we speak of great men, you are at the top. You will never have a dull or boring moment. I wish you more heights and wins. Happy birthday, sir!

It hurts me a lot that we are apart for now, but I am consoled knowing it is just the bodies that are separated and not the spirit and soul. I love you so much bro, thanks for being everything to me till now; today is your day and I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Happy Birthday, my jewel!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest brother in the world. You are so sweet and thank God I got you as a brother or else… I guess I will keep the remnant of my statement to myself for a happy ending. I wish you the very best in life. Be happy as you seize the days of this new age. Happy Birthday, my dear bro!

Let the armies roar as the general mounts the birthday chair today. General sir, permit me to stand at ease on this day as we celebrate another life-giving opportunity from the governor general of the universe to you. I know your head is swollen now, but the truth is that I have come across many men, but your kind is so rare to find. Best wishes to my honey, happy birthday!

A close brother and a close friend have become, despite being siblings. This is always a day to remember, a day my second dad was welcomed into the world so he could take care of a little brother like me. I love you very much and on this day, I wish you heaven on earth. May all your desires become reality, which will cause deep smiles and joy in your life. Celebrate, because it is your day. Happy birthday, bro!

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Special Birthday Messages to a Twin Sister

Sisters are said to be amazing sets of creatures, but could it be that you are just the opposite? I can’t stop laughing, but I have to before some unseen hands beat the hell out of me. Kudos to my sweet twin sister. May this season be joy-filled and victorious, my love. Happy birthday to us and to you!!!

I guess now is the time to pour out my heart made of alabaster oil to you. Having you as my twin sister has been such a blessing. I love you, and on this day, I wish you riches and honour… Happy Birthday, my sweet twinnie!

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Your love for me establishes me in the world of adventure and creativity. You have never left me on the road alone for once. More smiles to you on this wonderful new ride. Happy Birthday, dear!

 I am so happy to know that you have been ushered into a new chapter of your life on this day, I want to wish you a happy year full of roses, full of me (can’t stop laughing). May all your heart’s cries be heard, stay safe; celebrate in love; and don’t forget that I love you sincerely and deeply. Happy birthday to my cherry pie twin sister and happy birthday to us both!

Sisters are friends, gist mates, and above all, lovely and amazing. All these attributes you have shown over the years, and I have been a great benefactor of each. With you, I know I’ll never have to walk alone. As you celebrate your new age today, I wish and pray that the year will be as lovely as you have wished for and also as beautiful as your lovely personality. Happy birthday, my twin.

Special Birthday Messages to a Cousin

In my aunt’s travail, you came forth; I was handed over a little beauty wrapped in a fine linen; and gently she was placed on my hands. Those moments brought smiles that swept off the pain. Keep flying and conquering! Happy birthday, hun!

Today is another day in history to celebrate you, my love. The baby that introduced her mom into the world of women; baby girl, I want you to know that my love for you has never and will never grow cold, I will always be there for you. I wish you many more years. Happy Birthday, hun!

You are the treasure I dreamt of and now a reality that we all behold. May the Lord favour you greatly and may you obtain favour in the sight of men. I love you my apple, happy birthday to you baby girl and don’t forget you remain my favorite cousin!!  love you and that too, a lot.

how time flies, years back I carried you on my back to put you to sleep and to make you stop crying or probably, to catch fun with you. I sang lullabies to you until I lost my voice but now you are all grown up and old too. The little baby boy is gradually becoming an old man, wishing you the best experiences. Happy birthday dear!

I am so delighted and grateful to the Almighty who has kept you till this day and for bringing you into this awesome family and home. You have been a blessing right from conception till this day. I wish you a happy life full of purpose and determination. Happy birthday, my dearest cousin. We love you and I love you more dearly.

Special Birthday Messages to Loved Ones

I have indeed found true love. Success in relationships is tied to both partners; my dearest sweet sugar, you have made me a happy lady. Happy birthday and I wish you the best of all levels, my love

Your efforts are highly appreciated and today is so special as you have been given by God a new beginning and I am so happy to be part of this awesome celebration of your life. As you celebrate today, I wish you heaven’s eternal blessings. May you grow in wisdom and knowledge. More promotions and more winnings for you. Happy birthday, my forever wish!

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I am a happy and fulfilled man. You are a beautiful experience. Our love is full of roses despite the thorns we come across. Your love is a perfect picture of what King Solomon spoke about in his songs. I love you.

 My sweetie pie, the love of my life, the apple of my eyes, you lighten my world and cause the dewdrops to drop softly and gently on me. I wish you thousands of love and strength. Happy Birthday, sweet!

 As you begin this new season of your life, I want to let you know that I love you and I am the luckiest, or possibly, the most favoured man on Earth to have a wife like you as a lover. Happy birthday to you, my love. Celebrate to your satisfaction as I have you covered. I LOVE YOU!

I never knew why the clouds became heavy until it dawned on me that a rare gem was welcomed into the world on this day. You are a beautiful creature created by the Almighty in His image and likeness, a virtuous woman as described in the holy scriptures, a woman whose words are as honey, so sweet and pleasing to the soul. I wish you many more wins and achievements. Happy birthday, sugarplum!

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