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All the Best Wishes, Messages and Goodluck Quotes

Best Quotes Wishes and Messages are what you wish persons faced with challenges, hurdles, tests, examinations. It could also be that a person is about to experience a massive(or little) change in life, could be they are changing jobs, moving to a new city, getting married?

All the Best Wishes, Messages, and Goodluck Quotes are what you wish people faced with challenges, hurdles, tests, and examinations. It could also be that a person is about to experience a massive (or little) change in their life. It could be that they are changing jobs, moving to a new city, getting married. All you can wish for them is the best. A person could be celebrating his/her birthday or moving into a new phase of life, and they’d still require your best wishes messages.

Best Wishes Messages and Quotes are never out of fashion, after-all, who doesn’t the best? Who doesn’t want to be wished well?

Choose from this range of well thought out best quotes wishes and messages to send to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, well wishers etc.

Best Wishes for Newly Married Couple

Happy Married Life
Wedding Congratulations

As you enter into this new phase of your lives, I can only wish you the very best. May your marital journey be a smooth one.

I wish you a marital life full of smiles, laughter and no tears. May your love never wane. All the best in marriage.

May your marriage be all things bright and beautiful. Accept my best wishes.

May your marriage be filled with fresh wine and fresh oil, always. Happy married life.

I wish you peace and joy in your new home.

Marriage is indeed a blessing. Accept my best wishes on your new home.

As you begin this journey, I wish you good health, lovely children, plenty money and all the good things of life.

May this marriage be all you’ve wished for and more. Have a blissful life.

May all the blessings of marriage be yours.

May your marriage bring you peace and joy such as you’ve never known. Happy married life.

Best Wishes for New Job to Friend 

As you start your new job, I wish you the very best. May you excel.

Receive the grace to distinguish yourself in your new employment. All the best.

May previous experiences gathered set you apart for excellence in your new job. May you be favoured by all your superiors and subordinates alike.

May this job be a spring board to greater heights for you. Excel.

This new job is just the beginning of greater testimonies for you.

Congratulations on your new job. Higher higher I pray you go.

May you find your new job a pleasant experience. Congratulations.

Best wishes as you begin your new job.

May this job be what you wished for and much more.

May you find lasting peace and joy in your new employment. Congratulations.

Best Wishes for Exam

This exam is an opportunity to prove the excellent stuff you’re made of. I wish you the very best.

Ahead ahead, this exam is taking you far ahead. All the best.

All your preparation and hard work will count towards your success.

Good success and nothing less is your portion in this exam.

I wish you an excellent result in this examination. You deserve nothing but the best result.

I know you’ve worked really hard. Go ahead and achieve an excellent result. All the best wishes and good luck.

As you put in your best in this exam, good success is your lot. May your expectations not be cut short.

This exam will distinguish the champions from the mediocre. Go champion, go and put in your best. Good luck.

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I trust your abilities. I know you will do your very best in this exam, as you have always done. May your result reflect the hard work and dedication you have put into studying.

May this exam lead to celebrations galore for you. the very best and nothing less.

All the Best Wishes for You

I know how hard life can sometimes be but if many ahead of you could make it, then you can. Here’s wishing you the very best.

I wish you all the good in life and none of its bad.

May life be kind to you, may it never visit you with any of its troubles.

Peace, love, joy and all the good things of life are all I wish you. Live a joy full life.

A life untouched by sorrow, a joy filled, peaceful life is what I wish for you.

As you attain this milestone, may all the prayers you’ve ever uttered receive speedy answers. Goodness and mercy alone shall follow henceforth.

May all your dreams come true.

Your life will be a happy fulfilled one. You deserve nothing less.

I wish you a life free of pain and worries. May your joy be full always.

May every single day of your remaining days bring you love, health and joy. May your mouth be always full of laughter.

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May you always overcome triumphantly all the challenges life brings your way.

You will be the head always and never the tail. You will never beg for bread. You will have abundance and your barn will overflow with blessings.

Every good thing you desire in life shall come to you. Believe and it shall be yours.

Positive Quotes About Life

The Lord will wipe away all your tears and fill your heart and mouth with laughter.

Your life will be surrounded with favour. When you call one, thousands will answer for you. You shall be blessed always.

I wish you a life that is high above mediocre standards. All the very best.

May you keep going higher and higher, far above your enemies.

I wish you a life beyond the reach of pain, shame and poverty. You will excel.

Your labour will not be in vain. All that you have gathered and are gathering will not be scattered. You will never know a better yesterday. Your life will keep getting better and brighter.

My wish for you is that you never walk in darkness. May your path keep shinning brighter and brighter. All the very best.

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