Happy Birthday Mum Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Top Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages And Quotes For Your Mom

Top Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages And Quotes For Your Mom

Everyone knows mothers are the best. Phew! Every fibre of this woman is strewn in love. No love beats the sacrificial love of a mother. A love that gives everything and expects nothing in return, that’s a mother’s love. Celebrate your mother and every figure that represents a mother in your life with these really amazing Top Happy Birthday Mom Wishes, Messages And Quotes specially crafted for mothers.

Don’t be at loss for words, find right here the very best Birthday Wishes For Mum, Birthday Prayers For Mum, Birthday Thoughts For Mum, Heartfelt Birthday Messages For Mum, Happy Birthday Wishes From A Son to Mother, Birthday Wishes From A Daughter To A Mother and so on.

Choose any of these messages and make this really important woman smile.

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages For Your Mom

How do I begin to appreciate you, mum, for your abiding love and years of selfless sacrifice? I know I say it all the time but on this your special day, I want it to resonate, I love ou mum. May your birthday be every bit as special as you are.

You were my hands when mine were weak and frail, you were my legs when I couldn’t stand on my own. You were my voice, you were my eyes. You watched out for me and still do. You are my angel, mama and I love you so much. Happy birthday mum.

Happy birthday mum, my first teacher and friend. Your love is unmatched and always so reassuring. As long as you’re here, I know I have nothing to fear. May you live long in health and peace to enjoy the fruit of your labour. I love you mum.

Everyone says their mum is the best and I tell them they say so because they haven’t met you. You’re the best, mum, it’s a fact and there’s no disputing it. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday sweet mother.

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I don’t know anyone who prays as much as you. My life is a living testimony of your tireless supplications. May you see all your heart desires accomplished in your lifetime. Happy birthday sweet mother.

Here’s wishing the strongest, bravest woman I know a happy birthday. You’re the best mum and I love you so much.

You’re beautiful, inside, out and strong too. You’re all I aspire to be. You’re a worthy role model and I feel privileged to be your daughter. Happy birthday dear mum.

Hard working mama, beautiful soul, may the rest of your days be as bright as the sun. May your joy be full always. Happy birthday mummy.

All my life, you have been there for me. I can’t remember a time I needed you and you were not there. Here’s letting you that I appreciate every bit of your love. Happy birthday mummy.

You’re a true blessing to this family. I wonder where we would all be without you. Happy birthday mum like no other.

Many times I wonder how you balance it all, motherhood, successful career, religion… Phew! You are an amazing woman mum and I really do admire your energy. May your strength be renewed always. Happy birthday.

Today’s a perfect day to celebrate a perfect woman like you. You’re the kindest, most selfless woman I know. May your light continue to shine brighter and brighter. Happy birthday mum.

You have always taught me to be the best I can be. You believed in me when no one else did. See how proud I’m making you. This is only the beginning mum. I’ll spoil you and make you smile for the rest of your days. May you live long and in peace. Happy birthday mummy.

You were mother and father in one, capable in every respect. I wouldn’t know where I would be without you, protector and provider. Happy birthday mum.

Thank you mummy, for your unconditional love and support over the years. May today be filled with blessings. Happy birthday ma.

May God give me the grace to take care of you as you have always taken care of me. Happy birthday mum.

Your love and care over the years are unquantifiable. I could never repay them but I promise you with every breath in me, I’ll take care of you and make you proud always. I’ll be for you in your old age what you were for me when I solely depended on you. I love you so much mum. Happy birthday to you.

Your love is the first and most consistent one I’ve known. Thank you for everything mum. Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Mom From Daughter

You’re an embodiment of all I aspire to become. You’re a mother per excellence, a worthy role model. I love and appreciate you a lot mum and I really admire you. Happy birthday.

Quintessential mother, gentle but firm. Thank you for being a guiding light all through the years. May old age be kind to you. May your beautiful soul remain strong always. Happy birthday mum.

You were there in my early years when life was just a puzzle to me. You were there to guide me during those difficult, awkward years of puberty. You helped me grow into the confident lady I am now. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do. Happy birthday mum.

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Your wisdom is a fountain I continue to draw from. You inspire me in more ways than one and I really am proud to have been birthed by you. May you live long and well. Happy birthday mummy.

My darling mother, you laid the foundation of knowledge for me, a foundation solid and sure. As I continue to pile up learning and lay building blocks of success, your efforts remain visible, its results evident. There’s no me without you mum. You’re my everything and I love you so much. Have a truly beautiful birthday.

Today’s all about you mum. It’s your special day and I’m shouting my love for you to the highest heaven. Have a blast. Happy birthday mummy.

Someday mum, I’d love to be like you, to demonstrate love so compassionate and enduring, to demonstrate competence and strength. You are a rock mum, one I can always count on. Thank you so much for always being there for me. Happy birthday ma.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages For Mom From Son

For a mother who alone knows how to make her son smile, no matter how bad a day’s been, you always know what to do turn it around for better. For the sumptuous meals you alone make to perfection, for your tender loving care over the years, for the assurance that you’ll always be there for me, I say thank you mum. I love you so much and I wish you a very happy birthday.

On this special day of yours mum, I’d love to appreciate you for all the years of patient love. I know I gave you quite a headache while growing but I’m grateful you didn’t give up on me. Thank you for always being a constant light showing me the way to go. Thank you for all the positive influence you represent in my life. I love you mum. May your day be as amazing as you are. Happy birthday mum.

Someday mama, I’d love to marry a woman that is just like you, in thoughts, in caring, in giving. You’re the ideal, mum and I’m hoping I would be as lucky as dad in the choice of a wife. Have a fantastic birthday.

You deserve the best always mum for you are the very best. May your birthday be a memorable one. Have fun.

Happy Birthday Mum Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy birthday mummy, I’m incredibly lucky to have you as a mother. You are so patient and kind on I want you to know today that I appreciate every bit of your love.

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Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages For a God Mother

Happy birthday mum, though I don’t get to see you as much as I would like to, you’re always in my thoughts and I love you so much. May your birthday bring along with it all of your heart desires.

You are as beautiful today as you have always been. Well, you’ve always indulged in healthy living so it’s no wonder old age is being kind to you. Happy birthday to the most amazing beautiful woman I know.

Dear mum, you don’t look any of what you’ve been through. Your strength is so formidable as well as inspiring, yet you look so small and soft. I admire you so much mum and I say thank you for all you’ve done for my siblings and I. May this birthday be the best ever, have a blast.

You’re my guardian angel mum, my God sent. Thank you for believing in me when no one else would. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I could. Thank you for doing all in your power to make sure I end up successful. May all your efforts yield great results. May your heart be filled with joy always. Happy birthday mum.

Happy Birthday Quotes and Messages For Mom

You’re my mum, my friend, teacher and confidante. I’m grateful for all these roles you play so well in my life. Happy birthday mum.

I’m hoping you’ll look back on this day someday and every moment of it would be a beautiful memory because that’s the way I feel when I look back at times growing up under your care. Happy birthday mum.

You’re my priceless jewel mum. I call to mind today, the countless times you’ve been there for me, your unending prayers and support. You’re my Amazon mum. I wish you a very happy birthday.

You’re remarkable, mum. Thank you for always helping us to stay focused and secured. Thank you for always watching out for our best interest. I love you mum. Do have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Mom like Friend

Dear mum, I know every decision you make for us are borne out of deep love and affection. Even though, it doesn’t appear so most of the time, I want you to know I appreciate all you do. Happy birthday sweet mother.

The past year has been amazing for you. Here’s wishing that the coming year will be equally amazing and even much more. Happy birthday quintessential mum.

Happy birthday mum. You’re the pillar of our home, a pillar of strength. No one does motherhood better than you do. Here’s saying I love you.

Thank you for all you are mum, thank you for all you’re helping me become. I have come such a long way and it’s all kudos to you. Happy birthday dear mum.

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Happy Birthday Wishes and Prayer Messages for Mother in Law

May every of your heart desires come true mum. May you live the rest of your days in peace, love and joy. Happy birthday mum.

I pray your days be filled with laughter and your nights with peace. I pray your old age will be filled with beautiful memories of a life well spent. Happy birthday mum.

May you live long mum in peace and good health. May you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday mum.

As you grow in years, may you also grow in grace. May you find help at every point you need it. Happy birthday mum.

May all your labour never be in vain mum. May you find cause to smile and rejoice always. Happy birthday mummy.

You have always played the role of an angel in my life, may you never lack an angel when you need one. Happy birthday sweet mum.

May the Lord bless and keep you always. May His countenance shine upon you and give you peace. Happy birthday mum.

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