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Top 60 Good Morning Text Messages for A Best Friend

Top Good Morning Text Messages for my best friend. Inspirational Good Morning Text Messages to Good Morning Prayer Text Messages to Funny Good Morning Text Messages and more.

Friendship is one of the most cherished relationships. When you have a true friend, then you are fortunate. That dear friend of yours deserves all the attention he/she can get from you including Nice Good Morning Text Messages.

Dazzle your dear friend with our “Top Good Morning Text Messages for my best friend”. We have everything you want from Inspirational Good Morning Text Messages to Good Morning Prayer Text Messages to Funny Good Morning Text Messages and more. 

Good Morning Messages for Best Friend

1. Hello bestie. I wanted to be the first to say good morning. Hope you had a good night. Here’s wishing you the best of the day and letting you know you’re in my thoughts always.

2. Wakiewakie! A new day dawns already. Here’s hoping it brings new opportunities and blessings your way. Have a great one.

3. Good morning bestie. This is a quick reminder: don’t forget to wear your best attitude today. You need it for the task ahead. I wish you success all the way.

4. Wake up! It’s a new day. Arise, shine and be the best you can be. Good morning.

5. May today bring with it plenty pleasant surprises for you. May you enjoy all round favour everywhere you turn.Good morning bestie.

6. Here’s praying that all your desires and aspirations for today come true. May the lines fall in pleasant places for you. Good morning.

7. Hey dude! It’s a new day. Keep your spirit up no matter what happens today. I’m rooting for you and I’m hoping to celebrate with you at the end of today. I wish you the very best. Good morning.

8. Hey! How are you doing this morning? Don’t forget you can always count on me. I’d be here always including the darkest hour of the day. Good morning.

       Good Morning Text Messages

9. You have 24 whole hours to yourself today. Make the best of it. Shine! I’m counting on you. Good morning dear.

10. Before the day gets busy, before the morning rush starts, this is wishing you my dear friend a good morning and a beautiful day ahead. 

Text Messages For Best Friend
Good Morning Best Friend

11. Don’t expect anything bad today, it is not your portion. Goodness all the way and plenty of blessings. Good morning dearest friend.

12. Everywhere you go today, you will possess. May the spirit of excellence distinguish you and set you apart for favour. Have a great day friend.

13. Sleepy head, wake up. It’s a new dawn. It’s time to shine.

14. Don’t settle for less today. You deserve only the best. Go for it, you will get it. All the best darling. Good morning.

15. May your day be as awesome as you are. Thanks for being a true friend. Good morning.

16. To my dear friend, who is as reliable as day and night, I wish you a beautiful morning.

17. Though yesterday didn’t turn out as you planned, I trust today will turn out much better. I’m praying for you. Good morning.

18. Here’s wishing the world’s best friend a beautiful day. May all your dreams come true today. Xoxo.

19. I’ll always be here. You know that, don’t you? I’ve got your back today as always. Have a good day. Good morning.

20. May your life be as beautiful as the morning sunshine. May you have reasons to smile every minute of this day.Good morning. 

Good Morning Text Messages
Good Morning Best Friend

21. Good morning beautiful heart. Hope you had a good night. I wish you a day that is filled with pleasant surprises.

22. You deserve all the goodness that will come your way today. All your hardwork will be rewarded with good success. Have a good day dear friend. I love you.

23. The world goes round because of friends like you. Your heart is beautiful, your soul is rare and I truly love you. Have a good day.

24. I woke up this morning counting all my blessings and you rank highest amongst them. Thanks for always being there. Good morning.

Good Morning Text Messages

25. Because I’m not there with you to ask you how your night went, I’m sending you this message to let you know how much I care about you. Do have a beautiful day, beautiful one.

26. Okay so just because today’s a holiday doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day sleeping. Get up now from that bed and yes it’s a command, let’s meet up and have fun. Lest I forget, good morning.

27. As you set out today, may the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace. May the work of your hands be exceedingly blessed. Good morning.

28. May today be fruitful for you. May you be as productive as trees planted by the sides of the river. Have a fulfilled day.

29. It’s a new day bestie. Good morning. Go and be all that God wants you to be today. Have a great day. 

Good Morning Prayer Text Messages for a Dear Friend

30. Your today will be greater than your yesterday. No matter what comes your way today, may you receive the grace to overcome them. God bless you real good. Do have a great day.

31. Hey bestie, we did it yesterday, we can do it again today. Yes we can be great because we are formidable. At the end of today, may our mouths be filled with testimonies. Have a wonderful day.

32. I pray you use well the opportunities that today presents. May you be empowered to make the right choices and decisions today. I’ve got you baby. Good morning. 

33. Let excellence set you apart in all you do today. I believe in you. Good morning.

Inspirational Text Messages For Friend
Good Morning Best Friend

34. Happy birthday to a truly amazing friend. A friend who supports like no other. A friend I can always count on. I love you dearly.

35. I believe in your amazing abilities. If anyone can do it, you can. Yours are gifted hands. May success come your way today. Good morning.

36. In all your endeavours today, may you be truly blessed. Happy birthday amazing fellow.

37. You know I love you right? And I’ll be here anytime you need me. Have a blessed day.

38. When today is over, we will hang out as usual and count every of our blessings. Good morning friend. Have a really good day.

39. Be positive! Be positive! Be positive! Say no to every form of negativity today. All will be well. Good morning.

40. Give it your best today. Work hard like you won’t have another opportunity to do so. Good morning dearie.

41. Today is a gift. Treat it with all the specialness it deserves. Good morning.


42. I woke up missing you this morning. I remember our days as roommates when we did practically everything together. I hope there are days you also wake up missing me. Good morning, do have a good day.

43. You’ve always been a great blessing to me and I appreciate the gift of your friendship. May your day be great.Good morning.

44. May all your plans for today be successfully executed. May the line fall in pleasant faces for you. Amen. Good morning dear.

45. Throughout today, your head will be lifted up and your enemies will bow down in shame before you. Good morning.

46. May you be the head today and not the tail. May you be above always and never beneath. Have a good day friend. Good morning.

47. May today’s labour be sweet and rewarding. May you be richly blessed. Good morning.

48. Good morning sweets. May glad tidings be your portion today and may your mouth be filled with laughter. Have a great.

49. Showers of blessings will fall on you today. Good morning bestie.

50. Be thankful for the gift of this day. Be grateful for the gift of life. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Good morning friend. Do have a good day.

Good Morning Text Messages
Good Morning Best Friend

Good Morning Text Messages for my Best Friend

51. Each day comes with its own benefits. May you not miss any of yours today. Good morning my dear friend.

52. Life is beautiful when you have special people to share it with. You are special to me and life is all the more beautiful because of you. Good morning dear friend. Do have a great day ahead.

53. Thoughts of you awaken spring in my heart. You are a dear friend and I’m yet to find one that compares remotely with you. I appreciate you for all you do, good morning.

54. May you be blessed with every of your heart desires today. . may you find favour and grace. Good morning.

55. Hold your head high today. Make your dreams come true. The sky is your limit. Good morning.

56. You’ve always believed in me telling me I can be anything I want to me. Thank you dear friend and I’m telling you right back this morning. You can be anything to want to be. You are awesome. You are amazing. Good morning.

57. You are unique. No one does things the way you do. No one has your special touch. It’s a new day. Be amazing.

58. Today dawns another opportunity to be amazing, another opportunity to be better. Don’t miss this opportunity. Good morning.

59. It’s only a friend that can tell the truth to your face. It’s only a friend that can tell you exactly the way it is. And I’m telling you this morning, if anything can be done, you can do it. I know so well your amazing capabilities. Launch out today darling and be your best. Good morning.

60. Be different! Be elegant! Stand out! don’t blend in! shine! That’s your assignment for today. Good morning.

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