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Good Night Messages for Him or Her with Thanks

Wish your loved one a lovely night, send them to bed with any of these thoughtful Good Night Messages for Him or Her with thanks.

Wish your loved one a lovely night, send them to bed with any of these thoughtful Good Night Messages for Him or Her with thanks.

Good Night Messages for Him

1. I’ve got a melody in my heart and just too difficult to figure it out because you are not here with me. Sweet dreams my love.

2. You are the treasure which I have discovered and its value is inestimable. Goodnight my love!

3. What is love without you by my side? With you I have known sweet love. Sleep tight mine!

Good Night Messages For Him

4. To the love of my life, every moment with you has been wonderful. Thanks for all that you do. Have a lovely night rest my desire!

5. If given an opportunity to choose one person to love in this world outside my family, I will always choose you. Kisses and have a lovely night rest.

6. Regrets are only meant for those who came across a jewel but couldn’t appreciate it. I will always thank the name of the lord for bringing you into my life, you mean so much to me. Do have a blessed night my pearl!

7. Even in my hardest moments, you are always there to hold me tight and whisper in my ears how much you love me. I cherish you more than anything. Thanks for being a dream come true for me. Sleep tight, cupcake!

8. You are the light in my darkness, the magician who knows what to do to make me smile at all times. I want you to know that you are wonderful and beautifully made. Goodnight and have a lovely night rest!

9. Giving you the keys to my heart was never a mistake. Thanks for the care. Have a lovely night rest!

10. I wish I could sing you a lullaby right now because you deserve one. Always be happy and have a lovely night rest

11. People keep talking about how good you are but I say you are more than good. Good night and sweet dreams cherry!

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12. I will sing all the love songs in the world tonight for just you because your face alone is an inspiration for the action. Sweet dreams honey!

13. I wish the world could give me the opportunity to speak about the love of my life. You are amazing, loving and you know what? You deserve the best cause you are the best gift from God to me. Do have a lovely night rest mine!

14. I am ever ready to travel round the world cause I won’t be alone in the air. I adore you. Good night and sleep tight.

15. The stars are shining again because the king wants to sleep and the queen needs some rest too. Keep shinning as bright as the stars my love. Good night!

16. You are an epitome of beauty. Your skin alone is worth more than any amount of wealth. I promise to stand by you at all times in all situations regardless of the pains and abuses. Sweet dreams my forever!

17 The worst thing that can ever happen to any man or woman in the world is the feeling of not being loved. Thanks for exonerating me from such torments. You forever remain my super hero. Good night and sweet dreams.

18. The water did rise in the oceans tonight because the love of my life is about resting. Good night and I love you!

19. You are a great man. Never forget that. Good night and have a lovely night rest.

20. You are a personality I can never get tired of when it comes to loving and supporting. Thanks for being yourself. Sweet dreams my pride!

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Good Night Messages for Her with Thanksgiving Words

21. I’m ready to go through the valley, the field and the mountains with you. Love you and do have a lovely night rest.

22. I never knew love will still locate my heart this much not until I found you. Thanks for the love and care. You will forever remain my heavenly gift. Good night and sleep tight.

Good Night Messages For Her

23. Forever with you is worth more than all the riches the world can offer or will ever offer to me. Goodnight and have a lovely night rest!

24. I know how stressful the day was for you. I pray the lord grant you the strength to always chase after His purpose on the earth and grant you the grace to be up standing and don’t forget, I’m always here for you. Good night and sleep tight.

25. A beautiful night is here again. Always remember that every star you see shining symbolizes your beauty and smiles. Sweet dreams honey!

26. Every word that comes out of my mouth is an evidence of how much you mean to me and will always be. Good night my love!

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27. The day has finally come to an end and all I wish for you is to sleep beautifully and happily. Sleep tight beautiful!

28. The bed needs to be soft cause it’s about carrying someone who is worth more than gold. Sweet dreams my cherry!

29. I’m ready to kill all the mosquitos tonight cause the king is ascending the throne tonight. Good night my choice!

30. You deserve to lay on a bed full of roses tonight. Nice night my love!

31. Knowing you can never be more than enough. You deserve all the love in the world. Sleep tight my forever!

32. It is raining heavily in my heart right now; every drop reminds me of you. Have a lovely night rest my queen!

33. Every moment I close my eyes to sleep, I feel your presence all over. Indeed, you remain my better half. Have a lovely night rest sweetie!

34. In my darkest night, you remain my light. Thanks for all you do. Sweet dreams sweetie pie!

35. Just remembered how marvelous and blessed I am with you in my life. Sleep tight my love!

36. You I love and will always love. Sweet dreams sugar!

37. Wanted to send some kisses and hugs over but its already late. Sleep tight my love! Kisses

38. Forever you remain the man of my dreams and the man for my dreams. Good night babe!

39.People fall in love in mysterious way but yours I can’t tell. Good night my gold!

40. I don’t need anybody to be happy cause I’ve got the source of my happiness with me. Thanks for the moments. Sweet dreams my dream!

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Thank You Messages to Her my Sweetheart

41. The true definition of love is found and seen in you. Goodnight my heart!

42. With you by side, I’m ever ready and prepared to climb the mountain Everest. Sleep well heart!

43. A lullaby for my love:
Twinkle-twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
You are a star worth the top and always shinning. Sweet dreams my star!

44. Peace of mind is obtained when the right people are with you. Thanks for being one. Good night my man!

45. If bringing all the stars into your life will make you feel good, then I’m ever ready. Night night my friend!

46. I’ll keep chasing after you and never get tired. Running a race of true friendship is beautiful cause it is with you. Good night dearie!

47. Why stay sad when you know no one can make you happy. Keep your faults apart cause they only lead you to regrets, embrace a better you and move on. Good night dearest!

48. Ever since I met you, I’ve been through the smoothest paths of my life. Sweet dreams my Amor!

49. I’m officially blind because your love for me is so crazy. Thanks and have a beautiful night rest!

50. You remain an angel sent from the heavens to come guide me. Sweet dreams my choice!

51. Ever since I have been with you, my world has been transformed into a life of adventure and exploits. Sweet dreams mine!

52. The night is as beautiful as you and ever glowing as your personality. Good night and sleep tight my pearl!

53. Every night reminds me of how our paths crossed and of how much I miss you and adore you. Sweet dreams my heart!

54. The stars always await the arrival of the king before it can start shinning its light on me. Thanks for being the king in my life. Good night my king!

55. You are my champion and every obstacle tremble at your presence. Thanks for your company and love. Good night cherrypie!

56. I placed my faith in Jesus and I wasn’t disappointed. You are indeed the result of diligence and faith in God. Good night and have a good night rest.

57. You made my life so beautiful and forever you remain the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. Good night honey!

58. Spending the rest of my life with you will never be a remorseful decision or action because with you I feel complete and whole again. Do have a lovely night rest my darling!

59. Walking down the isle with the man of my dreams has always been a dream and soon, a reality. Tonight I sincerely want to let you know that you are my all in all, my dream come true and my desire. Thank you and have a lovely and sweet night rest.

60. The night is the darkest moment of a day but not for me because the one who lightens my world has got my back. Good night my light!

61. You brought joy, happiness and laughter into my life again. I don’t deserve all you do for me but you know what? I am forever grateful and the most blessed man on earth cause I have got an angel with me. Good night and sleep tight my angel!

62. I can never be tired of the warmth of your love both in the day and in the night. Good night my love!

63. Sleeping with guards and maids around you in the most expensive room carrying the most expensive interior decoration is my wish for you tonight. Sleep like the king you are to me my dearest! Good night.

64. Ever since I lost my dad, I have felt so lonely but thank God for the angel he sent from above to come guide me. I am forever grateful and happy for having you in my life. Thanks for all you do. Goodnight and sleep tight heart!

65. Accolades are best when given to people who deserve them. You deserve more than one my love. You are the best gift I have received so far. Sleep like a queen because I’ve got your back. Good night.

66. Your coming into my life has added so much value to my life and not just mine but everyone around me. Thanks, and have a good night rest.

67. Knowing you alone was a blessing but having you as mine is more than a blessing. Good night my sweetie pie!

68. I’ll keep following you because you are the best decision I have made and going back is never and will never be an option. Do have a lovely night rest my apple!

69. I never knew I could be this romantic like you will always say but for you, I am ready to break all protocols excluding the precepts of the father. Do have a lovely night rest!

70. My strength lies in your love and care. Good night my kryptonite!

71. I wish to always stay in your arms, I wish we could never be separated, not even for a moment … my nights are so long without you my dear. I hate to say this to you right now but I have to… have a lovely night my dear princess!

72. If I were asked to make just one wish, I will wish never to stay a jiffy without you. You make my day glow and my nights lovely… good night to you my love!

73. Words can’t explain how lonely my nights are without you by my side. I miss you dear. Do have a lovely night!

74. All I see is you whenever I close my eyes to sleep… I hope you do the same for me dear. Do have lovely night!

75. The nights were meant to be dark but mine are darker without your presence. Still all I can say is good night to you my love!

76. All I think of is you even when I feel sleepy, all I dream of is you whenever I close my eyes to sleep. I wish your were here with me now, but nevertheless… good night to you my dear!

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