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30 Good Night Prayers for My Wife

other problems and issues of life become insignificant because a good woman will support you and stop at nothing to see you succeed.

Every good man deserves a good woman. When you have a good woman in your life, all other problems and issues of life become insignificant because a good woman will support you and stop at nothing to see you succeed.

If you have a woman like this, you are indeed blessed. So what do you do for her? Apart from loving her in every way possible and expressing your love at every opportunity you get, you should pray for her. Pray for her in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, in fact, all day long.

In this post you will find Good Night Prayer Messages for Your Wife, Sweet Good Night Prayers for My Wife, Best Good Night Prayer Quotes for My Wife, Good Night Prayer Messages for Your Wife, e.t.c.

Enjoy our collection of Good Night Prayers for My Wife.

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Good Night Prayers for Her

1. Every second, every hour, every day, all year long, I thank God for blessing my life with a wonderful wife like you. Now, I know you had a hard time at work today and I’m saying a prayer for you as I always do, may your labour never be in vain. May the Lord crown your efforts and bless the works of your hands. May you have a peaceful and restful time tonight. Good night, my baby.

2. My darling wife, there’s no woman quite like you. God knows I appreciate all that you do to make our home a beautiful one. As you go to bed tonight, may you have the sweetest of dreams and the best of rests. May you find renewed vigour to take on tomorrow’s activities. Good Night, my love.

3. You’re the most supportive wife ever. Our home stands tall because of your unrelenting efforts. I pray for you darling even as I encourage you in every way I know how to, that you will never be tired, that your hands remain strong and that you will eat the fruits of your labour. Have a restful night, sweetheart.

4. Everything I am today is largely because of you. Not for the world would I ever trade a woman like you. I am thankful for your constant love and encouragement. May happiness always find its way into your life. May you always have cause for laughter. Do have a peaceful night, beautiful.

5. I’m never going to stop letting the world know how much you mean to me. I’m thankful to be traveling this road with you. I’ll never stop loving you my darling wife and I pray you never stop loving me as well. As you go to bed tonight, may the Lord take care of all your worries. Good night, my love.

6. You have been a strong partner, lifting up my hands when I’m tired. This journey wouldn’t be sweet without you. I’m thankful for your love and patience. I pray the Lord blesses and keep you. May His countenance always shine on you. May the Lord be gracious unto you. May your life be totally happy in every way as you have made mine. Good Night and sweet dreams, my wife.

7. The love of my life, I’m praying that the Lord light your path so that you never stumble. May He grant all of your heart desires. Sleep well, my love. Good Night.

8. Nothing beats the power of a praying woman. May your prayers over my life and our family be answered. May you receive double honour for all your labour over our home. Have a beautiful night rest. Good Night, good woman.

9. You are my world, my delight. Thank you for holding the home together. You will not die, my love, you will live and together we will enjoy the fruits of our labour. Our children will surround our table and their ways will please our Lord. I love you, good woman. Do have a pleasant night.

10. It’s been quite a day. The workload was massive and I’m a bit tired but then I think about you and my heart swells with joy, so I’m not going to let this day end without acknowledging the fact that I have the most beautiful woman in my life. Honey, I’m stuck with you forever. Thanks for all you do for me and the kids. May your joy be full always. Have a peaceful night.

11. My life keeps getting better with you and I’m sure it will only keep getting better. I love you my darling. May you have a blessed night. Good night, my love.

Good Night Prayer For my Wife

12. My love for you is still as fresh as the first time I set eyes on you. It never grows old. I know you feel exactly the same way about me. I feel it in your touch, I see it in your eyes. It’s so beautiful and I could never take it for granted. I pray that our lives keep getting better. I pray the Lord continues to bless us both with good health, joy and prosperity. Have a good night, my darling.

13. I’m thankful for the good life I enjoy with you and I pray earnestly that I don’t lose it. I will never cry over you, my love and you will never cry over me. May we continue to enjoy ourselves till ripe old age. Good night, my darling wife.

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Good Night Prayer Messages for My Wife

14. I’ve never seen a woman who works as hard and is as diligent as you. May your life attract the favour of God and man. May your burdens be eased. Sleep well my love knowing that the Lord will take care of all your cares and worries. Good Night.

15. In our home, you’re queen. I’m so glad we’ve chosen each other. The whole marriage business feels like a piece of cake with you. I’ll choose you over and over again, baby. Trust you had a beautiful day. Good night, my love.

16. Just when I had given up on love, God came through for me and gave you to me. Ever since I’ve enjoyed the attention and pampering of a good woman. May your presence in my life and home never be a source of regret to you. May your life be full of joy. Good night, my love and have a sweet dreams too.

17. As you go to bed, my lovely woman, I’d like you to remember that you’re the only woman who matters to me. I pray for you as I’ll always do, that you will never know lack, that you will never regret saying yes to me, that you will remain relevant all the days of your life. Good night, my darling.

18. One of my greatest joy in life is having an amazing woman like you to call mine and my prayer every day is that I never lose you. May your life be a happy one, my darling wife. Good Night.

19. I cannot deny that life has been favourable to me. Toping the list of these favours is a wonderful wife as you. I feel indeed favoured and blessed to have you in my life. May your life be as sweet as you’ve made mine. Do have a beautiful night, my love. Sweet dreams.

20. My beautiful wife, may the source of your joy never be cut off. May you ever be connected to our Lord, the life giving spring. And as you go to bed tonight, may you have a lovely night rest. Good night, my angel.

21. Thank you for always handling the affairs of our home like a pro. No one does it better than you and I’m constantly thanking God for gifting me one of His premium creatures. I pray today as I always do that God gives me the grace never to disappoint you. Stay premium, my darling. Good night.

Sweet Good Night Prayers for My Wife

22. The award for best wife goes to you. You’re the best there is, not that I’ve tried any other. I love you, my darling wife and you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. May you have a truly beautiful night. Good Night, my love.

23. My life changed for better when you became my wife. Thank you for standing by me all these years. May the Lord keep you till ripe old age and bless you with your heart desires. Have a wonderful night, my love.

24. Every waking moment, I thank God for the privilege of being your husband. You are a good woman, a delight to my heart and the apple of God’s eyes. Here’s wishing that God answers your prayers as you sleep tonight. I love you.

25. You have made it your business to make sure I am always happy. How can I do less for you? My one and only sweetheart. As you go to bed tonight, may the Lord take care of all your worries and fears and bless you with all your heart desires. Good Night, my love.

26. I’m grateful for the blessing of a woman who has my back always. Thank you my ever dependable, ever committed wife. Thank you for your devotion and commitment tour home. I love you now and always and I pray that you will never lack anything good. Good Night, my baby.

27. My darling wife, may you continue to shine, may you continue to excel, may the work of your hands continually be blessed. You are highly favoured, my baby, for you do your best for our home. I celebrate you and pray the Lord grants you sweet rest tonight.

28. Pure soul, beautiful in and out, no woman compares to you. You deserve the best treatment because you’re gold. Sleep like a queen that you are because the Lord will fight all your battles and give you victory over your enemies. Good night, my love.

29. I’m praying that sadness or sorrow never comes near you. May your children surround your table. May your days be long and your joy full. Have a beautiful night my love. Sleep tight without any worries.

30. Beauty is all I see in you. You are beautiful inside and outside and loving you fills my heart with joy. May our love never end but may it keep growing forever and ever. As you go to sleep, I pray tomorrow will be a better day. I pray that you be filled with renewed strength to pursue and achieve your dreams. Good night, my love.

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