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2022 Effective and Perpetual Night Prayers Before Sleep

In this collection, we have compiled some easy prayers you can pray in the night for yourself and your loved ones.

In this collection, we have compiled some easy Night Prayers Before Sleep for yourself and your loved ones. These good night prayers when said sincerely will almost certainly guarantee a good night rest. Stay blessed as you scroll through.

When you thank God for the day gone by and commit your sleep into His hands, then you are sure of a good night. It is always so reassuring to communicate with our God and maker. When we talk with Him, He gives us direction for our lives, He gives us peace in our hearts, He provides all our needs and grants all our requests. I encourage you today to cultivate the habit of praying to God whether Day or night and you will see your life changing for better.

Night Prayers Before Sleep

God keeps in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. Commit your life into God’s hands as you settle in to sleep. For a restful, peaceful night, these efficacious night prayers are sure do the magic.

Dear father, thank you for the day gone by. Thank you for helping me cross the hurdles. I pray that in any way I have grieved your Holy Spirit today, please forgive me. Watch over me as I lay in sleep. Keep the fiery darts of the enemy away from me. Let my body and soul find sweet, refreshing rest in sleep. That I may wake up tomorrow with my mouth full of praises. I ask all these in Jesus’ name, amen.

Faithful and everlasting father, the giver of good things, I thank you for seeing me through the rigours of another day. Thank you for always proving yourself faithful in my life. Thank you for your strength made manifest in my weaknesses. Thank you for your ever sufficient grace. As I go to bed tonight, grant that my body, soul and spirit be refreshed. Inspire me with great ideas for tomorrow. Bless my sleep and my heart with your peace that your name alone may be glorified in my life, amen.

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Dear Lord, with all my heart I say thank you for today. Thank you for your provisions. Thank you for your protection. I ask that you forgive me for all my wrongs. I ask that your precious blood cleanse my heart. Cause my night to be a pleasant one. Cause my sleep to be a peaceful one. May I wake up fully refreshed in my mind and my body to the glory of your holy name, amen.

Precious father, in whom there is no shadow of turning. Thank you for a great day. Thank you for all the successes I attained today. I pray as I retire for the day every disappointment I experienced today will give way to a better tomorrow. Bless me tonight with inspiration and ideas that will make my life better. Grant me a good and refreshing night’s sleep in Jesus’ name, amen.

Thank you dear Lord for helping me witness the end of another day. I’m ever grateful to you for the gift of life and health. As I go to sleep, Lord, cause my health to be rejuvenated. Let me experience and enjoy your peace in a deeper dimension. Cause me to be a channel of blessings unto others in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord for today. Thank you for life and its pleasures. Thank you for its disappointments through which we learn to depend on you. As I retire for the day, do not keep your protective gaze from me. Hide me under the shadow of your wings. Let me dwell in safety and my soul dwell in peace. Let your name alone be glorified in all I do. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

Dear Lord, keep all the demons far away from me tonight. Keep the devil and his cohorts very far from my radar. Let me and all my loved ones dwell in safety and peace. Let it be well with us in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord for the day gone by. Bless my dreams tonight with divinely inspired ideas that will make my tomorrow a better one. Let my night be a restful one in Jesus Christ’s name.

Night Prayer

Night Time Prayers Before Bed

Dear Lord, may all the virtues that have gone out of me today be replenished a thousand folds. May your oil over my life never run dry. Be with me Lord and grant me a peaceful night rest. Amen.

Dear Lord, I empty myself before you as I go to sleep tonight. fill me up afresh. Let my spirit, soul and body be rejuvenated. Bless me tonight with ideas that will make me rule my world. equip me Lord with the grace to face tomorrow. Amen.

Thank you God for the assurance that because you live, I can face tomorrow. Equip me with grace and all that I need to make my tomorrow a better one. Amen.

Dear Lord while I am asleep and unconscious of the happenings around me, protect and keep me. Be my shield and my buckler. Amen.

Dear Lord, according to your promise, give your angels charge over me as I go to bed tonight. Keep me safe from every evil attack. Let me dwell in peace and wellness. Amen.

Thank you God for today. Please be my maximum security as I go to bed tonight. Amen.

Dear, faithful father, I commit my spirit, soul, body into your hands as I lay in sleep, protect me, keep me. Do not allow the enemy to steal from me. May I always find grace and favour in your sight. Amen.

It’s been a long day, Lord, and a fruitful one too. I thank you, father, for all that you helped me achieve today. As I go to bed, I ask that you forgive me in every way I have wronged you today. Cleanse my heart and wash me in your precious blood. May the devil not find any foothold in my life. May the night be for me a peaceful and guiltless one. Amen.

Refreshing Good Night Prayers

This night I pray oh Lord that you grant me sleep as refreshing as a baby’s. Keep away from my heart every troubling thoughts. Amen.

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Lord Jesus, give me tonight, the rest that you promised in your word. Keep my heart in perfect peace that I may rejoice and bless your holy name.

Good Night Prayer

Father of light and peace, thank you for a wonderful day. Cause your light to shine upon every dark area of my life. Help me to keep getting better as my days advance. As I lay in sleep, protect and keep me from all the fiery darts of the enemy. Fill my heart and soul with your peace and joy, amen.

Thank you dear Lord because you’re a good God. Thank you for your kindness to me in all my endeavours. I know Lord that tonight will not be an exception, therefore I commit myself to you. Please protect, shield and keep me from every satanic attack. Grant that my sleep be peaceful in Jesus’ Name, amen.

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