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100 Monday Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week

In this collection of Monday Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week, you will find Fun New Week / Monday Motivation Quotes and Prayers.

In this collection of Monday Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week, you will find Fun Monday Motivation Quotes, New Week Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, Happy Monday Quotes, Wishes and Prayers, and Monday Morning SMS.

All in all, this was written to make you, your friends, family, and loved ones have a super Monday and a great week. Enjoy!

Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week

We know Mondays can be hard. Waking up to nice messages from friends or loved ones on a Monday morning can go a long way towards setting the tone for the day. We hope you’ll love our compilation of happy Monday Motivation Quotes.

May this Monday come with fulfillment of your aspirations and dreams.

Stay brave, stay strong, achieve success. Happy Monday.

Mondays are a fresh start, new beginnings, blank paper. Determine what you want to make of it. Happy Monday.

Monday is the first day of a new week. May all your dreams come true.

It’s Monday, wake up and be great.

Here’s wishing you 100% laughter this week. Happy Monday.

May this week be a productive one for you. Happy Monday.

May you find joy in your labour this week. Beginning from this Monday may you enjoy fruitfulness.

Cheers to the beginning of a new week. Happy Monday.

Monday is a blessing. Enjoy every minute of it.

Today’s Monday. May beautiful things locate you this week.

The game plan for this Monday: be positive, stay positive no matter what.

May your life attract favour and goodness this week. May you not labour too hard for any thing good. Happy Monday.

Good morning. Here’s wishing you a blessed Monday and an awesome week ahead.

Good morning. May success be yours today. Happy Monday.

After a weekend of playing hard, it’s hard to get into work mode. You just have to try. Have a splendid Monday.

I hope things turn out to be better for you this week than they were last week. Have a great one.

Here’s sending you kisses and hugs this Monday morning to cheer you up for the week ahead.

Here’s wishing you a Monday full of happiness. May you be filled with all the energy you need to see you through this day.

Mondays can be hard, but what keeps you going is on the inside. Keep going. Be great.

I wish you a day that’s just as awesome as you are. Happy Monday.

May today mark the beginning of new and amazing things in your life. Happy birthday.

May you find the strength to overcome every obstacle on your way to success today. Amen.

May this Monday usher in newness of life for you. May you enjoy new beginnings. Amen.

May you be so outstanding today that even your enemies will come to learn from you. Amen.

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Monday Morning Motivation Quotes and Messages

These doses of inspirational morning  Monday quotes and messages are the exact thing you need to get you going on Monday mornings. Don’t keep them to yourself, send as messages, sms to your friends, family, loved one, anyone. They’ll be grateful you did.

Be thankful for the gift of a fresh start, for the blessing of a new beginning.

Mondays would be great if you have greatness to look forward to.

Hit the ground running. Don’t waste a minute of this week. Happy Monday.

It’s Monday. Let’s go slay!

Embrace the fresh start that Monday presents. Have a great one.

Get away from negative vibes. Love the ones who treat you right. Have a great Monday.

Project positivity. Reject negativity. Be amazing. Have a great Monday.

Find joy in your labour. Achieve greatness.

Monday presents a new opportunity to begin anew and take a fresh shot at greatness. May you achieve greatness.

Enlarge your vision. Take on new challenges. Greatness awaits you.

Remember, no matter what this week brings, you can handle it. Have a great Monday and a great week ahead.


Hey, it’s Monday. Remember you can change the course of your life by living deliberately.

It’s Monday. Be happy. Be blessed. Be amazing.

Chart the course you want to go this week. Begin today. Have a happy Monday.

Put your heart in all you do. Give your best today.

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Be purposeful, be happy. Have a blessed Monday and a great week ahead.

Be a better person than you were last week. Overcome your limitations.

Forget last week’s failures. Monday presents a fresh start. You can begin again.

Arise and shine. It’s Monday.

A new week dawns today. Cheers to a week of possibilities.

There’s no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

Winning begins with a positive attitude. Be positive.

Build armour around your joy. Don’t let anything take it away.

Monday Morning Motivation
Happy Monday Messages, Quotes And Prayers for A Great Week

Start sowing the best seeds to reap the best harvest.

Embrace the first day of the week with a smile and it will reward you with positive energy.

 New Week Inspirational Messages

Monday Fun Notes

Start your Monday on a fun note with these fun Monday quotes. Some will make you smile. Some will make you laugh. Don’t forget to spread the love.

Thank God it’s Monday. A productive Monday spells money.

Who delivered Monday? I’d like to have it returned please.

One day I’d love erased from the week, Mondays.

Hey Monday. Do you ever do anything else than turning up each week?

How can it be Monday already? It was Friday like a minute ago.

Dear Monday, I wish you’d get tired and take a break.

Hello world. By popular demand, Monday’s been cancelled till further notice.

It’s just Monday and it looks like I’ve had a long tiring week.

Mondays spell work and I’m still in weekend, work free mode.

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I’m putting Monday up for auction. Bidding starts now.

Okay Monday, how about we resolve this once and for all? How about you just vanishing?

Monday’s here to stay. Get a grip of it. Will you?

Monday go get a life and stop being so imposing every week.

Monday, can you please take a little more time before coming?

Can we break this up Monday? Considering we’re not into each other.

Monday can you please leave already? You’re no longer welcome here.

Tuesdays make me so thankful I survived Mondays.

The best part about Mondays? I get to start afresh and right my mistakes.

Don’t sweat too much about it. Mondays come only once a week.

Be gay. Be positive. It’s Monday.

I’m dashing out Mondays. You can have all of it.

If it weren’t for Mondays, the week would be just perfect.

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Famous Quotes to Start the New Week

And here are some popular Monday quotes we think you may like.

Mondays are the start of a new week, which offers new beginnings 52 times a year.

David Dweck

Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Motivational Poems for life Struggles

Monday Morning Prayer Messages

Prayer changes situations. Prayer opens doors. Prayer helps defeat evil. Pray always for yourself and loved ones.

May nothing rob you of your joy this week. May you enjoy seamless blessings.

No matter what the devil does this week, may you triumph over him in Jesus’ name.

No weapon of the enemy fashioned against you this week shall prosper in Jesus’ name. Beginning from this Monday, may you overcome.

The enemy will not succeed in disorganizing you this week. May God’s protection be upon you and your household. Amen.

Your glory this week shall surpass that of the past weeks. May the Lord Almighty shower you with blessings in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Every plan of the devil to disgrace you this week shall be frustrated in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I decree into your life this Monday, you shall not die but live and you will live victoriously in Jesus’ name.

Monday and New Week Blessings

May your light shine so bright for all to see. May everyone come to the glory of your shining. Have a blessed Monday.

May your week begin with a blessed Monday. May God see you through this week. May He fight all your battles and make you see a successful weekend.

Everything you lay your hands upon this week beginning from this Monday shall prosper in Jesus’ name.

This Monday, may the Lord give you the strength you need to face another week. Amen.

Stand firm. Do not be shaken. Your labour shall not be in vain in Jesus’ name.

As you look unto Jesus this week, may He give you direction and guide all of your ways. Have a great day.

May every of your plans this week be established as you commit them to the Lord. Have a happy Monday.

May your heart be prepared for the new beginnings that this day offer. Happy Monday.

May the Lord give you the grace to handle difficult tasks. May He help you deal with difficult co-workers. May His grace be sufficient for you in all you do today. Have a happy Monday.

As you go about your chores and duties today, may the Lord protect and keep you from every harm. Amen.

May you live a purposeful life today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

No matter what difficulties you encounter today, they will not succeed in knocking you down. Have a great Monday and a great week ahead.

Every circumstance you encounter today will be a stepping stone launching you into greatness this week. Amen.

It is my prayer for you today that you prosper in all of your endeavours and that you enjoy peace like a river. Amen .

May the Lord bless you beyond your greatest expectation. May He elevate and prosper you. Amen.

This Monday, as you wait on the Lord for direction, may He not be far away from you. May He lead you in the right way to go. Amen.

May God grant you victory over every war that comes to face you. May you stand tall in the face of challenges. Amen.

 Effective Prayers for Safety and Divine Protection

Every impossibility shall be made possible today. Good Morning.

May the grace of God distinguish you for favour today. May His excellent spirit be upon you. Amen.

We hope you got all you needed. Thank you for visiting. Xoxo.

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