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80+ Short Positive Inspiring Quotes About Life (2022)

Life is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. No matter what phase of life you or someone you know are, these heart touching words about life will definitely uplift and warm your heart; will definitely fill you with a sense of hope and joy.

May these short positive inspiring quotes about life, compiled just for you, your friends and loved ones, be just what you need to transform your thought process and launch you to greatness.

Life is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. No matter what phase of life you or someone you know are, these short inspirational quotes about life will definitely uplift and warm your heart; will definitely fill you with a sense of hope and joy.

Short Positive Quotes on Life    

It is important to appreciate your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness. If you look deep inwards enough, you’ll find that you have all it takes to succeed. Go ahead; make the best of what you’ve got.

Life is not all fun-fair. Some days are good, some days are bad. That’s the way of life. Make the most of each day. Live each moment to the fullest.

Look your fears in the face. Gain strength, gain courage. Say to yourself, “if I could handle this, then I can handle anything that comes my way”.

Don’t view your challenges as misadventures. Facing and overcoming challenges make you stronger and better in the long run.

Being a champion is not just about winning. It’s about showing up each day; It’s about working hard and thriving each challenge; It’s about consistency.

You want something? Go out and get it. For your dreams to become reality, you’ve got to go beyond dreams and take action.

A positive outlook contributes a lot to a person’s state of mind and well being. Stay positive.

If there’s one thing you should never do, it is giving up on yourself. Keep being positive; keep being consistent, you will find light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. Create the goodness you deserve. Look within and find all the happiness you need.

Every of your little actions count towards the bigger picture. What you do now reverberates into the future. It is important to live right.

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Best Positive Inspiring Quotes on Life Struggle

Greatness is in the little things done consistently.

When opportunity meets your preparedness, nothing can stop your shinning.

When there’s no restriction to your imagination, there’s no restriction to what you can achieve.

Life is what you make of it. Whether good or bad, the decision lies largely in your hands.

Life is too short not to enjoy it. Live your life, enjoy it to the fullest.

Choose to live deliberately. Determine the outcome of your life. You’ve got the power.

When life shows you one reason to give up, show it the several reasons why you shouldn’t. Persist! Find a way where there seems to be none.

Smile often. Make life easier for others when you can. Breathe! Exhale! Be the light! Light up your world.

Do good always. The good you send into the world inevitably comes back to you.

Don’t allow fear of failure keep you from trying. Keep trying, keep getting better.

Inspirational Quotes About Life’s Journey

Inspirational Quotes About Life

Be thankful for each day. Every day has its own blessings.

Live each day as if it were the last. Enjoy every minute of your day and moments of your life to the fullest.

Don’t live as one without hope. Let your faith in God pull you through every difficult situation.

The only person who has enough power capable of stopping you is you. No one/Nothing can stop you if you do not want to be stopped.

Surround yourself with a network of people who can help you achieve your dreams. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.

When life throws lemons at you, go ahead, make lemonade with them.

Blaze the trail. Do the impossible. Be courageous. Shine your light.

Time and chance distinguishes the prepared. Be prepared, always.

It is dangerous when others see in you what you can’t see in yourself. Look inwards, discover your potentials. Keep re-inventing yourself.

Believe in yourself even when no other person does. You are the most important force in your destiny.

Don’t ever place yourself in a position when you are at someone’s mercy. Live with dignity.

If you will succeed or not, the decision lies in your hands.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, do your best, always.

Anything is possible if you believe. Start with what you’ve got. Be diligent, believe in God and see it multiply.

The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of his possession. Happiness does not lie in the accumulation of material possessions but in living an impactful life.

Be a positive force to reckon with. Be an enigma people want to be around always.

There are tons of people out there intimidated by your potentials. Stop doubting yourself.

Do the difficult things. Take the rough, less traveled path. Face your fears in the face.

The greatest tragedy in life is being dead while alive.

Have a good understanding of yourself. Embrace who you are. Love yourself. No one will treat you better than you treat yourself.

Take the first step into making the impossible possible. Begin with what’s in your hands.

Beauty transcends the physical. It reaches deep down into the soul.

Keep moving……Forward.

Each morning is a reason to be thankful, a reason to smile, a reason to live, fully.

Let your light spread into the world, from your little corner.

You’ve got a big dream that scares the life out of you? Start anyway. Begin with a step.

While you hope for the future, make the most of the present. For in reality, you only have control over the present.

There’s nothing guaranteed in life, make the best of each moment.

Procrastination is a killer of time. Don’t put off till later what you can do now.

Opportunities are knocking everywhere but they just might elude you if you do not learn to recognize them.

Life has its good and ugly times. Enjoy the good times. Be courageous in the face of the ugly times.

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Short Inspirational Messages of the Day

Expel the wrong people from your life so that the right things can begin to happen.

Your smile is the prettiest cosmetic you can ever wear. Smiles always, don’t let anyone steal your joy.

A step here and there. A little progress each day add up to great results.

Don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. Start each day fresh for each morning is a new beginning.

Happiness is when you enjoy all that you have.

Be the master of your destiny. Influence your environment positively.

Hard, smart work is the only anecdote for poverty. Be wise.

Channel your energy into things that make you happy.

Success in life is more of faith and consistency than of luck and talent.

No matter what happens to you, make the decision to come out better and stronger.

Don’t wait for someone to do for you, what you can do for yourself.

No matter what happens, never drink from the cup of bitterness.

Never give anyone the power to break your spirit.

Guard your mind diligently. From it flows the issues of life.

Good Quotes About Life

You’ve got only this shot at life. Live it to the fullest.

Always remember that the opportunity to live life is a blessing beyond comprehension.

Sometimes you have to experience sadness to appreciate happiness.

Only through trials and adversity is character developed and strengthened.

Deep Positive Quotes of Life

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest.”—Confucius

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”—Thich-Nhat Hanh

You become what you think, so think positively.

“You will never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” —Charlie Chaplin.

Don’t ever forget this: You are a product of the choices you make.

“How can you change your life? It all starts with belief. Belief is an intangible emotion that determines the course of everyone’s life.”—Rahul Badami.

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” Les Brown.

“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.”—Kevin Kruse

“if you really know what you want out of life, it’s amazing how opportunities will come to enable you to carry them out.” –John Goddard

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”—Stephen Covey

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”—Oscar Wilde

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”—Kahlil Gibran

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