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Happy Sunday Morning Quotes and Messages

Welcome to the place of Sunday Morning Wishes, Sunday Morning Prayers, Sunday Morning Messages, Sunday Morning Quotes to wish your friends and loved ones a happy Sunday.

Sending Happy Sunday Morning Quotes and Messages to your friends is a way of letting them know they are special to you and that they are in your thoughts always.

Welcome to the place of Sunday Morning Wishes, Sunday Morning Prayers, Sunday Morning Messages, Sunday Morning Quotes to wish your friends and loved ones a happy Sunday.

Your Sunday morning quotes, messages or prayers assures them of a beautiful week ahead. It gives them hope and energy for the journey of the new week.

 Do not hesitate to wish your friend or loved one a happy Sunday with any of the messages from this lovely collection of Sunday Morning Wishes and Messages.

Happy Sunday Morning Quotes

It’s a Sunday again, don’t just laze around. Get something to eat, read, and meditate upon. Happy Sunday.

Ensure you make the best out of today, Love, laugh, have fun because it’s Sunday and days like this are rare.

Look around you today and see the good – good things around you. Life is actually sweeter than you think it is, so enjoy every bit of it. Happy Sunday.

Here is a happy and colourful Sunday morning wish to you. Have a beautiful one.

Even God rested. It’s Sunday, you’ve got to rest too. Happy Sunday.

You might not have gotten all that you want, or been to all the places you desire, God has a fantastic way of answering prayers that’s why he created a Sunday for you to rest and prepare for a better chance.

I pray may the angels watch over you, guide, and protect you from every form of harm. Happy Sunday.

We wake up on Sundays to find God’s glory all around us. Have a happy sunday.

Happy Sunday! I pray may God provide all the things your heart has been yearning for.

My prayer for you is that God’s finger of love never ceases from you. Happy Sunday.

I’m praying that God makes all the events of today unique and unforgettable for you. Happy Sunday.

You’re such an amazing person to be with and I’m grateful that it’s another Sunday where we can sit, eat and make merry. Happy Sunday.

I want you to be reassured that all the prayers you’ve made today will be answered in Jesus’ name. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are usually bright and extraordinarily beautiful, most especially when spent with a beautiful person like you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday to you, I’m wishing you divine favour, love, and success.

Today is Sunday, continue spreading love, joy, and laughter. Happy Sunday.

Hey dear! Have a wonderful Sunday today.

Sunday Morning Prayers

I pray you grow in faith and in grace, happy Sunday.

I want to let you know that I have dedicated today for praying for you and your family. May God perfect all that is yours, Amen.

Sunday Morning Wishes

Hey! Arise, make merry, enjoy life because it’s Sunday.

Hey! Today is Sunday, don’t go out, today is for the sun.

Start today with a cheerful heart and it will follow you all through till the end of this week. Happy Sunday.

Don’t get scared any longer, God has everything under control. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are personal holidays, enjoy it to the fullest.

Every week should start with great motivation, here’s another, don’t feel weak.

Happy Sunday, remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Don’t lose sight of your goals, Happy Sunday.

First, get your To-Do list done, then begin to do everything listed. Happy Sunday.

It’s Sunday, have a good rest, say your prayers.

Happy Sunday, don’t forget to pray, plan, and prepare for the new week.

Happy Sunday, I’m wishing you a productive week ahead.

Sundays come just once in seven days, So don’t forget to enjoy your day. Happy Sunday

Hello, Sundays are worrying free days so rest and enjoy this rare privilege. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Morning Texts

God bless you today, and every other day of this new week.

Hey! feel free, its a new week and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Sunday is not just a special day because we go to church, it is even more special because it’s on Sunday I have the opportunity to spend so much time with you. Happy Sunday.

I pray that your day be filled with happiness. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Morning Quotes

You don’t have to jump out of bed today, because it’s Sunday. Enjoy your day.

I pray that this beautiful Sunday morning open doors of unmerited favor in your life.

Happy Sunday! remember Christ paid the price so you don’t have to cry.

May the joy of the Lord fill your heart and mouth from today henceforth. Happy Sunday.

Hey, it’s Sunday, let the sun dry away your tears, you have no reason to fear, just believe. Happy Sunday.

Don’t forget to show love and kindness thoughout today, it’s Sunday and it’s God’s day. Happy Sunday.

I’m praying that God in his infinite mercy guide, keep and protect you from all harms. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday! Do have a blessed day ahead.

May the Lord bless you and all that is yours from today. Happy Sunday.

Hey! don’t get in a rush, relax, have fun, that’s what Sundays are meant for.

Not only do I pray that you have a blessed day, but I also pray that your desires become realities. Happy Sunday.

I pray today that heaven shines its light on you. Happy Sunday.

Smile, love, laugh, and have fun it’s a Sunday and you deserve it.

Sunday Morning Messages

Don’t just hope, trust in God with all your heart, his mercies never fail. Happy Sunday.

Dear, here’s my Sunday wish for you, I pray God showers you with sound health, wealth and peace of mind. Happy Sunday.

For one thing, you don’t have to get worried today because it’s Sunday and it’s a free day. Happy Sunday.

Grace, love, peace, and happiness are my wishes for you today. Happy Sunday.

It’s a Sunday, don’t forget, God’s love for you is evergreen.

If you believe, you can become all that your heart desires you to be. So believe and you shall receive. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday, I pray that the Lord almighty grant all the wishes of your heart today.

Do not forget, there is nothing impossible with God. Say your prayers, God got you covered. Happy Sunday.

I’m wishing you a joyous Sunday filled with fun and love.

Today is Sunday and God is always ready to say yes to your prayers, pray, rejoice, it’s finished. Happy Sunday.

Don’t forget, Saturdays are for chores and Sundays are for church. Get up and go to church. Happy Sunday.

I pray that from this time hence, the Lord almighty grants you unspeakable joy, love, and support. Happy Sunday.

Don’t just have fun and play around today, pray, and commit the coming week into God’s hands. Happy Sunday.

Like the old king, David, rejoice because today is the day that the Lord has made. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are the most perfect days to meditate. Find God in His word. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday to you, I pray God’s mercies and love endue you

I pray may God cause peace to rain in your life and that of your family. Happy Sunday.

Because it is Sunday my heart is filled with love and kind wishes towards you. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Morning Wishes

I’m hoping and praying that today will be one of the best days of the new week for you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday to you dear, May the Lord bless and keep you safe through this week.

I’m praying that from this day hence that the almighty God grants you peace and joy and all your heart wishes. Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, may God bless and enlarge your coast. Stay blessed.

Dear, I’m most grateful to have you in my life and since it is a Sunday, I’m praying that God bless all that your hands touch from this day. Happy Sunday.

Don’t forget to smile today and make the world a better place Happy Sunday.

I’m most pleased by your undaunted love and support. I love you. Happy Sunday.

To the best and most caring friend in the world, happy Sunday.

If you’re going to forget anything, don’t forget that today is Sunday and that Christ died for your sins so you have nothing to worry about. Happy Sunday.

Today is Sunday and not your birthday but I’m praying that God almighty adds many more countless days to your life. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are not just special because of the rice and the fun but because God has given us the opportunity to reflect and right all the wrongs. Happy Sunday.

Good morning dearest, here is a simple Sunday wish for you, I pray your life knows no bounds or limitations. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday dear, I pray you grow and glow.

Thank God it’s Sunday and it’s the Lord’s day and we’re the Lord’s sons so it is our day. Rejoice! Happy Sunday.

It’s a Sunday, the start of a new week, I pray God starts new things in your life. Happy Sunday.

It’s a new day, look out through the window, it promises to be great. Happy Sunday.

God’s promises shall be yea and Amen in your life from this day. Happy Sunday.

It is not just another Sunday but the start of a new week, everything you need shall be provided for you. Happy Sunday.

Because you’re such an amazing person, I’d have wished that every day in your life be like a Sunday, so you could keep calm and have fun. Anyways, today is Sunday, keep calm and have fun. Happy Sunday.

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Sunday Morning Greetings

Happy Sunday! Don’t lose faith, God is always by your side.

I’m beginning to think you were born on a Sunday morning because of your sweet, calm, and loving nature like a Sunday morning. Happy Sunday.

Sundays should be called lovers day. So we could prove our love for each other without being disturbed by work. Happy Sunday.

It’s a Sunday again, I want you to know that I value every single moment we’ve shared and I’m looking forward to more beautiful Sundays. Happy Sunday.

A fond wish for such a funny being on a Sunday morning, I wish you love, light, and laughter. Happy Sunday.

Hello! wake up! It’s Sunday and I’m wishing you heavens best.

Let go of all the sorrows and pains, you have lots more reasons to be happy, most especially because today is Sunday.

I pray the Lord gives you strength and the courage to fight all your fears and worries. Happy Sunday.

Hey you! have a blissful Sunday, Christ loves you and I love you too.

Starting from today, I pray your week starts with love and be filled with surprises. Happy Sunday.

Saturdays are for laundry while Sundays are for worship, don’t wash today, you’ve got to be thankful. Happy Sunday!

You might have had it really tough last week, but don’t bring that up anymore because the new week is coming with lots of good things and surprises, be prepared to receive. Happy Sunday!

Nothing is as promising as a Sunday morning, it’s not just a new day but the start of a new week of unimaginable favour. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are the start of a new week. I pray this new week makes everything brand new.

Happy Sunday dear, may God’s grace and favour be abundant in your life.

Waking up every Sunday morning is evidence that God truly exists and you’re favoured by him. Have a blessed day.

I pray that your day, today, being Sunday be blessed and filled with countless reasons for joy and happiness.

The amazing thing about Sundays is that it gives you the opportunity to start all afresh. Happy Sunday.

I pray that your face be bright with smiles as the sun. Happy Sunday!

May God’s glory reflect in your life like the sun. Happy Sunday.

Hey! You don’t have to jump out of bed today. It’s s a Sunday morning, chill and enjoy the breeze.

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Sunday Morning Inspirations

Sundays are days specially designed for special persons like you.

Hey you! don’t get engrossed with what happened last week, it’s a new week and a Sunday so let’s get kicking.

You dare not start a new week with a weak mind-set, so brace up, this week is for winning.

Sundays are usually beautiful and peaceful days with a grand opportunity to start all over again. Happy Sunday.

Hey, it’s Sunday, smile, laugh, remember, don’t sip an alcohol.

If last week didn’t go too well, sit back today and re-strategize. It’s a new week. Happy Sunday.

I have been wondering why your smile shines so bright, maybe you were born on a Sunday.

For this week, God’s blessings and provision will not cease to rain upon you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday, Don’t just go to church, have a fun-filled day.

Saturdays are meant for rest and Sundays to prepare. Happy new week.

Don’t just go to church today, smile, feel alive. It’s a new week and everything is gonna be brand new.

Saturdays might be stolen by chores, so don’t let Sunday go for anything, it’s a day just for you.

It’s Sunday, wear a cute smile, feel alive, and let nothing stop your shine.

I pray may God shine his light on every dark spot in your life and from now onward you’ll begin to shine. Happy Sunday.

Go out today, feel the breeze, and the warmth of the sun and you’ll know how much God loves you and has specially designed the world for your enjoyment. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday to the most amazing person in the world. I love you!

Sundays are not just mere days, they are special days designed for your rest and sleep. Happy Sunday.

If I had a wish to make, I’d tell God to paste your picture on the sky. You’ve been such an amazing person and you deserve to be known by everyone in the world. Happy Sunday.

Sunday Morning Quotes

Even in the toughest days, I won’t forget to wish you a happy Sunday because you’re a blessing to me and I can’t cease to love you. Happy Sunday.

Thanks so much for standing by me all through the rough and tough times. Today, I’m praying God to strengthen and protect you. Happy Sunday.

Your love can rekindle a dying soul, strengthen a broken spirit, all these things makes you incomparable, and the more reason I can stop loving you. Happy Sunday.

Dear, I pray the angels to guide and direct your every step. Happy Sunday

Meeting you wasn’t by chance, it was a divine setup and I don’t regret any moment we’ve shared. Happy Sunday.

Sundays are the most perfect days because I have the opportunity to sit back and spend time with such a beauty like you. Happy Sunday.

I’m glad because it’s Sunday and today has a lot in stock for me and you, so get ready let’s roll. Happy Sunday.

Today, I’m wishing you nothing but divine provision and direction. Happy Sunday.

Mondays to Saturdays are stressful, Sundays are meant for love and rest, so enjoy every bit of it. Happy Sunday.

Good Sunday Morning Messages

Today is the start of a new week, I pray God grants you the grace to execute your duties effortlessly and effectively. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday! Cheers to a new and productive week.

Whatever good things your heart desires, today I join in saying a loud Amen. May all that you desire begin to come your way from this day hence Happy Sunday.

You might not be able to change everything and everybody around you, but just keep smiling like you always do, you might now know whose candle your smile will light up. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday! Don’t forget to spread love and light.

Don’t get sad today for any reason, Sundays are meant to lighten up your life and show you how important you are. So rejoice because it’s Sunday -a happy day.

Most often, we don’t realize how blessed we’re because we’re engaged with so many activities. But since today is Sunday and there is little or no work to do. Appreciate every good thing in your life and pray that God changes everything that doesn’t seem right Happy Sunday.

No matter what the trouble is in your life. Make a decision this morning to enjoy every bit of today, because you deserve even better. Happy Sunday.

We often expect the sky or ground to break open before we believe miracles, but miracles happen every day especially on Sundays. That’s why you’re still breathing. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday, be grateful for little things, and be expectant because God is ever ready to bless you. Happy Sunday.

Every day is a privilege and every Sunday an added advantage. Happy Sunday.

Quickly open your window and let the early Sunday morning breeze blow away your worries. It is Sunday and you deserve to be happy.

You could be lazy about every other thing but don’t be too lazy not to give thanks to God for your own life. Happy Sunday.

 You might have had a really toxic week last week, but it ended on Saturday, today is Sunday and everything is new and beautiful. Happy Sunday.

You might not have been born on a Sunday but you have all the privileges of enjoying this beautiful day. Happy Sunday.

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Happy Sunday Messages For Her or Him

Of what use will be a weekend without a beautiful Sunday full of fun and laughter. Ensure you enjoy today. Happy Sunday.

If you’re gonna miss anything in this life, don’t miss the joy and peace of a Sunday morning. Good morning and happy Sunday.

Since today is Sunday, I pray the sun enlivens your life with love, joy, and peace. Happy Sunday.

We’ve always hoped and prayed for tomorrow to be great, but let’s make the best out of today. Happy Sunday.

I’m not just making you a wish, I’m praying for you. May the God things of life never cease to come your way. Happy Sunday.

The past and toxic people around you are two things that can spoil a beautiful day. Today is Sunday, don’t let anyone or anything ruin your day.

We might not always have the opportunity to start life all over again, but since today is Sunday, the start of a new week, we can make things work again. Happy Sunday.

May each ray of the sun today bring you love, joy, and countless good things. Happy Sunday.

No other days can be compared to a Sunday, it’s cool, yet sunny and breezy – it is simply amazing. Happy Sunday.

Saturdays are stressful, the moment Saturday dies, Sundays are born, Sundays are amazing. It’s a reason to rejoice. Happy Sunday

This is how to dress on a Sunday, wear a cute smile, and an overflowing flowing gown of love. Happy Sunday beautiful.

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