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Best Wishes for Exams Success for Someone Special

Usually most exams are faced with some trepidation and anyone who is writing an exam would usually need some form of encouragement which could be as simple as a pat on the back, a “I believe in you” thumbs up, a reassuring hug, praying for them, an exam success card or simply sending them an exam success message or note.

You’d be surprised that one or all of the above could make a world of difference in the life of the recipient. An exam success message however would have a lasting impact as the recipient can always go back to it and be encouraged/reassured all through the duration of the exam.

Below are the best collection of motivational and inspirational exam success messages, best wishes for exams, to choose from, to send to your loved ones which could be a sibling, friend, son, daughter, cousin, niece, nephew, colleagues or classmates, as they prepare to sit for an examination.


Best Success Wishes for Exams

Best of luck wishes to send to someone about to write or already writing an exam.

1. May all the efforts you put in to prepare for this exams yield exceedingly great success and overwhelming reward. Wishing you the very best.

2. Go into that examination hall with all the confidence you can muster. Success is yours all the way.

3. You have the spirit of excellence working in you. In this exams and in all that you do, you will be the head and not the tail. Go and excel.

4. Nothing less than success awaits you in that exam hall. You have and are still paying the required price, your reward is glory. I’m rooting for you, go and do exploits.

5. May the Lord crown your efforts with good success. May His mercy colour your efforts and cover your errors. Stay calm, God is in control.

6. You will not just pass this exam, you will pass it excellently. Go in and give it your best, you will surely celebrate.

7. You have always done us proud, this exam will not be an exception. I trust God to help you. All the best.

8. It’s either success or success for you in this exam, failure is not an option. I believe in you. Go and do your best.

9. As you write this exam, there’s only one possible outcome and that is success. I’ve seen you prepare hard and I’m trusting God on your behalf for the best outcome. Best wishes in your exams.

10. This examination will distinguish you from the others. You have all it takes to perform excellently well. I believe in you. Go forth and succeed. All the best.

11. The favour of God will distinguish you from your peers. Excellence is your portion in this exam. Wishing you the very best.

12. Go slay, baby, that’s what you do best. I can’t wait to celebrate you as usual.

13. This is just to encourage you and remind you that success is yours in this exams. You’ve worked hard and you deserve nothing but the best.

14. When you’ve worked hard, success looks like a piece of cake. Success will fall on your lap because you’ve paid the price. All the best in your exams.

15. In this examination, you will shine like the superstar that you are. Go and excel, dear.

16. Uncommon favour is yours all through this exams seasons. You are blessed and lifted.

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Exam Success Wishes

17. May the Lord grant you retentive memory and uncommon wisdom to tackle this examination. I wish you the very best.

Exam Success Wishes and Prayers

18. After this exam, you will be celebrated because you will have a positively outstanding result. All the best.

19. May you receive grace for uncommon insight in this exam. You will know more than your teachers because the testimony of the Lord is your meditation. All the best.

20. Don’t lose your confidence, keep your head up, stay calm and collected, success is yours for the taking. Wishing you the very best.

21. I’d like to let you know whether you know it or not that you’re destined for greatness. This examination is one more step towards greatness. Go and succeed.

22. May your success in this exam be as colourful as the rainbow in all its glory. May you shine so bright like the sun. I wish you all the best.

23. Receive the wisdom of Solomon to tackle this exam. Give it your very best and succeed like a champion. All the best to you.

24. I can imagine the wowed expression on the faces of your examiners as they read your papers. I know you will positively shock them. All the best.

25. I’ve got your back, hon. Go show them the stuff you’re made of. I trust you’ll ace all the papers in this examination.

26. Understand what is required of you and attack the examination ferociously. Shine into victory. All the best.

27. All things are working together for your good in this exam. The lines are falling in pleasant places for you. Wishing you good success.

28. May the wisdom and insight you display in this examination surpass the expectations of your examiners. Wishing you the best in your exams.

29. May your preparations for this exam be met with outstanding success today. Accept my best wishes.

30. No need to be jittery. You have prepared well, write the exams calmly. All the best.

31. I know first hand how hard you have studied and how much work you have put in. May all your preparations not be in vain. May they be met with outstanding success. All the best.

32. You deserve the best and you will get nothing less than the best. Good luck in your exams.

33. You’ve got all it takes to succeed in this exam. I believe in you and in your abilities. Give it your best shot. Go forth and shine.

34. Failure is nowhere near you. You possess an excellent spirit. All I see is good success, and that’s all you’ll have. All the best.

35. With the way I’ve seen you prepare for this exam, I have no doubt that you will succeed. Your labour will not be in vain. All the best.

36. I cover you and all your efforts in the blood of Jesus. You will have good success in Jesus’ name.

37. I destroy every counsel of the enemy concerning your exams. Only God’s counsel shall stand. You will excel in Jesus’ name and this exam will be the easiest and best you’ve written thus far.

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Prayers for Exams Success For Him or Her

38. You have sown hardwork, you will reap good success in Jesus’ name. All the best in your exams.

39. God’s goodness and mercy will follow you into this examination. Retentive memory and favour are your portion. Best wishes in your exams.

40. Nothing will hinder your shinning in this exam. You are destined for greatness. I wish you the very best.

41. I’m praying for you, I’m rooting for you, I believe in you. Go and do us proud.

42. You see this success? It is yours. Do your best in this exam, your success is assured.

43. I know your success in this exam is non-negotiable. What I pray for is outstanding, overwhelming success and you will get it in Jesus’ name.

44. Nothing but the best for you in this exams. You are highly favoured.

45. May your labour be richly rewarded in this examination. Your success will be as beautiful as the rainbow. All the best.

46. I decree that nothing will stop your shine this exam season. Ahead ahead is your portion.

47. The Lord has gone before you to make all crooked ways straight. You will have an easy and stress-free exam. Go forth and succeed.

48. Be of good cheer, you will overcome in this exam. Wishing you nothing but the best.

49. Here’s wishing you congratulations in advance. Your success is not negotiable.

50. You are highly favoured. You are unbeatable. Good success is yours. Have a beautiful examination experience.

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