Happy Birthday Wishes to Cousin

Inspiring Happy Birthday Wishes to Cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes to Cousin

This collection of happy birthday wishes to cousin and birthday messages to cousin is the best you can get anywhere. Many times cousins are great friends. Remember all the fun you had growing up with your cousins? Remember how they were usually co-conspirators and great companions. If you have a great cousin, then his/her birthday should not go without you celebrating them. With this in mind, we wrote these happy birthday cousin messages.

This collection of happy birthday wishes to cousin and birthday messages to cousin will make your cousin smile and make him/her feel special on his special day. Go ahead celebrate your special cousin.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Cousin

Get the best of birthday wishes for your cousin here.

Friends are blessing and cousins are gifts from God. You’re both to me. You’re a treasure, happy birthday dearest cousin.

Every day I wake up with a smile having someone like you as a cousin is really amazing. Thanks for being there. Happy birthday.

Dearest cousin, I don’t regret spending any minute of my life with you, you’re such an exceptional person and you make every minute filled with laughter and joy.

It’s obvious that you are growing older and we’ll no longer have to dance under the rain or fight over an apple fruit. Despite these changes, always know that I love you. Happy birthday.

I hope you’re going to smile in your usual manner till the sun bleach your teeth – yellow. Happy birthday crazy cousin.

If my wishes world come through, I’d have wished that we remain kids and share deep love, joy and laughter. But here you’re busy adding another age, I wish you the very best things of life. Happy birthday.

Today,i pray that you grow wiser, taller and stronger than you’ve ever been. Happy birthday dear.

Cousin, you’ve always been a blessing and source fortune ever since you were born. Happy birthday. 9. I pray today that you grow in years and in grace. Happy birthday. 10. You’re not just like every other person, you’re my favorite cousin and you mean a whole lot to me. I pray today that you become all what you’re made to be. Happy birthday.

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Special Birthday Wishes and Messages for my Dear Cousin

These are nice birthday messages you can send to your cousin on his/her special day.

I might not have been the best cousin in the world but you’ve always been there to show me love and support. So I celebrate you today for being such a loving person. Happy birthday.

I have always wanted to amazing and likeable as you’re. but I’ve come to understand that it is divine. so today, I celebrate you for being such an outstanding human being. Happy birthday.

I do not know exactly what makes me smile and lightheaded whenever I’m with you. But I think it’s because of your ability to share happiness with everyone you come in contact with. happy birthday.

Dear cousin, I pray that every good thing in your life continue to flourish. Happy birthday.

Your presence alone has a way of healing my troubled heart. I’m so blessed to have you as a cousin. Happy birthday.

Everything today has a special taste, from the rising of the sun to the singing of the birds. That is because a spectacular person was born today. Happy birthday. 17.Dear cousin, I’m optimistic that your new age will bring you countless reasons to be happy.

18.Here is me sending you the warmest birthday wishes ever. You’re such a special person and you deserve everything good in life. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Calling you a blessing is an understatement, because you are much more than that and you’ve always proved to me in every opportunity that you love me. I love you too dearest cousin – Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to Cousin

Dear cousin, I wonder why people say we lookalike, maybe because we’ve been together for so long that I no longer copy your good acts alone, but your thoughts and beliefs. Happy birthday.

I know without doubt that you are the best cousin in the world and I hope you remain dear. Happy birthday.

Hey charming! wondering how we came cousins, because you’re such a phenomenal person. Happy birthday dear cousin.

I do pray that in this new age, you wear a smile everyday and that God bless and keep you from harm for me. Happy birthday.

I am wishing you a happy birthday with all the good things of life. Happy birthday dear.

Hey!you’re growing older, I pray you grow wiser and bigger in all spheres of your life. Happy birthday dear.

You may not have said it but your actions prove that you love and value me. I love you too, and as you celebrate your day of birth today, I pray that everything that concerns you fall into place. Happy birthday.

Here is me wishing you a spectacular birthday celebration. Happy birthday dear cousin.

I want you to always bear in mind that I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. Happy birthday dear.

Having you as cousin is a blessing I can’t be thankful enough for. Happy birthday, I pray you grow and soar. 30. Hey phenomenal cousin, continue doing exceptional things. Happy birthday dear.

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Happy Birthday to Cousin Quotes

I pray your new age brings you countless reasons to be happy, sweet and perfect memories to remember. Happy birthday dear.

Dear cousin, my wish for you today is that you continue to Wow your world with your life. Happy birthday cousin.

You have impacted my life in no small way and I am proud to have you as a cousin. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, today marks the day of your birth, the world is your stage, leave foot prints on the sands of time. Happy birthday dear.

I pray that all your good and kindness you’ve done come to you in a thousand folds. Happy birthday.

I’m glad we grew up together,  it’s a rare opportunity and I enjoyed all of it. I hope and pray that we remain a part of each others lives. Happy birthday dear cousin.

I am still surprised at how fierce we argue and fight yet we come back as if nothing happened. This is a proof that family is inseparable. Happy birthday dear.

Hello world! Meet the world  most adorable cousin! Happy birthday to you.

Friendships might end but family is eternal. Despite the quarrels and fight,  one thing I am certain about the fact that you’re an amazing and kindhearted person. Happy birthday to you.

I pray you live long and prosper above your peers. Happy birthday dear. 41. Happy birthday to the world most annoying cousin, despite your unending troubles, I still love you unconditional.

Friends might come and go but a family is inseparable. Happy birthday to you dear cousin.

Whenever I see you I am reminded of what the true beauty of family is. Happy birthday dear.

You mean a whole lot to me, far more than words can express. I celebrate you today not just as a cousin but an amazing friend. Happy birthday.

You have such a kind heart and I don’t in anyway regret knowing you. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

I pray you find peace, love, favour and joy in all your endeavors as you clock this new age. Happy birthday dear.

I still wonder what childhood would have been like without you. Today I celebrate you for the many times you’ve been that amazing cousin. Happy birthday.

First, I want to say thank you for the countless times you came through for me. you are indeed a blessing. Happy birthday.

Friends are canopies, cousins are pillars. Happy birthday dear.

Many years have come and gone,  and in these years many friends and family have come and gone as well, but you’ve always been there for me. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Everyone in this world is going to be proud of having an exceptional cousin like you. Because you’re the best in all that you do. Happy birthday.

More Happy Birthday to Cousin Quotes

Your kindheartedness and support is the perfect description of a family. That’s why I am always happy when you are around me. Happy birthday.

Growing up with you wasn’t just fun, It’s amazing having someone as intelligent and brave like you as a cousin. Happy birthday.

Dearest cousin, your smile shines so brightly that sometime I wonder if your teeth  are made of diamonds. of course I know they are not. Happy birthday dear .

Happy birthday to the most troublesome but loving cousin on earth.

When I say you’re a rare type,  it’s obvious that you might doubt but that’s the whole truth. From your smile to your voice – everything is exceptional and I love you for it.  Happy birthday dear.

I love you for everything you’ve always been to me. Happy birthday.

I still wonder what gave you the courage to stand by me although those had times. I truly show how much you love me. Happy birthday dear,  I love you too.

You always give me mixed feelings, you’re crazy and amazing at the same time. I envy everything about you. Happy birthday.

You’ve been my biggest motivation in this jungle like world and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I promise to stand by your side always. Happy birthday dear cousin.

From childhood uptill date you’ve stayed by me and listened to all the nonsense I had to say.

Thank you for always being there when it was all tough and rough, I promise to stay around althrough this journey of life. Happy birthday dear.

if we were born by the same parents our relationship wouldn’t have been this amazing.

I love you for the very single fact that you’ve decided to be a part of my life and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday.

I heard cousins are amazing people, I never knew It was true until I met you. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

Today being your birthday reminds me of how fast we’re growing and it also reveals how long I have been with such an intelligent and caring person like you. Happy birthday.

They say brothers are for the troubles and I say cousins are for the love. Maybe that is why I love you so much.

No other person truly defines what a kind and loving cousin is. For this very reason,i feel indebted to you. Happy birthday dear.

Hey! forget the past, we all have gone through alot already, remember to stay strong and wear a smile everyday. Happy birthday.

Today the world celebrates the birth of a genius.Happy birthday,gem.

Hey gem! continue infecting  people with joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

Having a hilarious and loving cousin like you is a thing to boast about.i must confess, the world would have been such a boring place without you. Happy birth anniversary.

I still wonder why you’d always want to do everything right and leave nothing undone. Happy birthday.

84.No matter how tough life gets done not forget that I love you and will do anything to make you happy. Happy birthday.

To the craziest cousin in the world, come let’s dance under the rain and rekindle those memories again. Happy birthday.

To you my dearest cousin, I pray the good things of life that you desire all come to you as you add this new year. Happy birthday.

Thanks for giving me a better chance to prove that beyond family,  we’re friends and I value you. Happy birthday.

Sometimes I try to forget that we’re cousins, I believe you are an angel sent to from above. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the world most beautiful and caring cousin.

I still consider it an a rare opportunity having an amazing person like you as a cousin. Happy birthday.

As you turn a year older, my prayer is that you’ll become all you were made to be and that you’ll find favor in all you do. Happy birthday.

As children, we fought and argued countless times, but that never meant that you stopped caring for each other.You have a large spot in my heart. Happy birthday.

if I had been too stuborn and uncaring I apologise today, you’ve been such an amazing person  and I’m glad we’re cousins. Happy birthday.

Forgive me if I had n very told you before, you’re one the invaluable persona in my life and I can’t trade you for anything. Happy birthday.

I do hope you enjoy today and every day of your new age. Happy birthday.

You’re a bunch of love and affection. Do not forget, I love you immensely. Happy birthday.

I pray God brightens every where your feet leads you and may no harm come your way. Happy birthday dear.

Dearest cousin, I’m grateful that you stood by me althrough these tough times and have proved yourself a worthy family member. Happy birthday.

Hey cousin! I pray your dry chin grows green and grey. Happy birthday.

Aside being beautiful, you’re a kind and loving person. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me all these years. Happy birthday dear.

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Happy Birthday Messages to Cousin

I am thinking of a better phrase to use to tell you have much I care about you, always bear in mind that I love you more than words can express and I promise to be there for you. Now and always. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, whenever I think of you I wonder why people say we’re distant relatives.

You’re such an amazing person to be with. I am proud to have you in my life as my cousin. Happy birthday dear.

I envy your undaunted nature and wittiness. Happy birthday dear.

I don’t know how your last year might have been like, but I pray this new age birth innumerable opportunities. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Family is meant to share troubles, cousins are meant to catch fun.

Remembering our childhood drowns my with joy and laughter. You’re the best cousin in the world. Happy birth anniversary dear.

Having you in my life is one of the best things that has happened to me.

Cousins are rampate but amazing cousins like you are one in a million. Happy birthday dear.

Here is another chapter in your life, start every page with a smile and make every day,month and scene count. Happy birthday dear.

Hey! remember you owe me a piece of pizza, I’ll be taking today, so I’ll get the largest share of your birthday cake. Happy birthday dear.

Maybe I have never told you how special you are.

I pray you receive strength to run this race of life and be all that you are made to be. Happy birthday.

I am still surprised at how much love you shower on me despite my imperfections. I am grateful and I celebrate you today without reservations. happy birthday dear.

Thanks for staying around althrough the tough and hard times, you are prove that family member are pillars with which can rest anytime. Happy birthday dear.

Dearest cousin, you have not just been a family member but a dear friend. I celebrate you today as a cousin and a friend. Happy birthday.

Your types are rare and you mean a whole lot to me. Happy birthday dearest. 118. I do hope that in our next lives we come back as cousins, because you’ve been amazing and I want us to redo childhood. Happy birthday.

Adulthood seems a bit too serious, we no longer drags cakes, run under the rain because we’re getting older. Happy birthday dear.

Dear cousin, I still wonder how you do the things you do effortlessly, how you love selflessly. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, you’re such a loving person I rare beauty to find. As you add another chapter to your life today, I pray everything good comes your way. Happy birthday dear.

Dear cousin, I wish you the most spectacular birthday celebration ever. Happy birthday.

Hey Cos, here’s me wishing a blissful birth anniversary.

Since today is your birthday, let me quickly make a confession, you’re such a phenomenal person and I envy everything about you. Happy birthday.

Having you as a part of my life is one of the most fortunate things that has happened to me in life. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

sometimes I find it really hard to differentiate between the two; a cousin and a friend.  Because you’ve been the two and you’ve played your role uniquely. Happy birthday.

To the most handsome cousin in the world, I’m wishing the good things we wished ourselves as kids.  Happy birthday.

I pray today that your all your hopes and dreams spring forth into realities. Happy birthday dear.

Dear cousin, you’re definitely the best family member I’ve ever met. Happy birthday.

Finding someone as unique as you will be gold hunt. Happy birthday.

Today is another rare opportunity to celebrate the birth of a genius like you and I’m glad.

Dear cousin, some times I think of you as an angel, because you are such an amazing and sweet hearted person. Happy birthday.

Let me remind you that despite your unending troubles, we’re cousins forever, and I’m ready for all of your wahala in this your new age. happy birthday.

Dear cousin, my wish today is that we remain friends forever. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, not that you’ve added another year,  I pray that you grow in wisdom and strength to do exceptional things. Happy birthday.

May all your fears cease,and all your that will make you cry turn around to be a reason why you’d smile. Happy birthday dear.

Beloved cousin, remember to live each day of your new year happily and continue to smile like you own everything you desire.

Often times, I’m attracted to your smiles. I also makes me want to be with you. Keep smiling. Happy birthday.

So I have been wondering what to wish you on your birthday, just then I remembered you deserve everything good this life can offer. Happy birthday.

Hey Cos, you’re a the most special treasure we’ve got. Happy birthday. 1

Dearest cousin, I pray that your life from this day be filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday.

Hey man, we’ve been palliess for ages,  I do hope for stick around althrough this life. Happy birthday.

Thanks for being such a good source of inspiration and a shoulder to learn on. Happy birthday.

I still wonder how unhappy growing up would have been like without you. You’re not just a cousin, but a caring and dear one. Happy birthday.

I’m still wondering why everything about you is so simple and special.

Dearest cousin, happy birthday. I wish you good health and happiness. 148.Today being your birthday, I’m most thankful to God for bringing someone like you into my life. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin,  it’s your day,  rock and roll. Happy birthday.

You don’t only share in my joy and happiness,  you were always there during the trying times.  I’m most thankful for everything, so today I celebrate you like no other day. Happy birthday.

I do hope that your birthday bring you good health and wealth. Happy birthday.

I’m wishing you an awesome birthday celebration with lots of love. Happy birthday to you.

For your unwavering love, support and care. I want to say thank you and happy birthday to you dear cousin.

Hello handsome, sometimes I wonder why God gave me someone like you as a cousin, of course I am envious and would have wanted you to be more. Happy birthday.

My wish for you today is that you find peace, love and happiness in all you do. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Dearest cousin, I’m praying God grants you wisdom and grace as you clock another year today. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin. you’re one in a million and If I have the chance to choose I’ll choose you over and over again. Because you’re the best thing that has happened to me. Happy birthday.

I pray that everything that will bring pain and sadness be erased from your life. Happy birthday dear.

From this day hence, I pray God encompass you with his mercies and unwavering peace and joy. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, we might not have gotten all what we want, but having someone like you is a good enough reason to be happy and thankful all life long Happy birthday.

I join the heavens to celebrate you today, you’ve been an amazing person and you deserve the best. Happy birthday dear.

Hey! we’ve had so many amazing memories together, I’m praying you live longer and happier. Happy birthday.

I know life might be as easy as we thought it was a little boys, but I know you’re brave enough and you’ll come out stronger after every storm. Happy birthday.

Hey cute cousin, happy birthday, continue smiling ceaselessly.

I don’t want to take chances, you’re a valuable asset and I don’t regret investing in this relationship. Happy birthday.

I have seen you grow little things into big things, it’s a proof that you’ll make a good farmer. Happy birthday craziest cousin.

Happy birthday dear, go do your thing, the world awaits you.

I pray you continue to grow in strength and in height. Happy birthday dear.

My prayers for you is that from this day and all the days of your life, may nothing take away your smile and Happiness. Happy birthday.

I pray God grants you sound health, unmerited favor, peace and all that your heart desires. Happy birthday.

Dearest cousin, you didn’t only stand by me during the good times, you were there all through the trying times and you always lend a shoulder to lean on. Today, I celebrate you as the most amazing cousin in the world. Happy birthday.

If I had the chance to choose just one cousin, I’d choose you over and over again, because you’re the best. Happy birthday.

Every new year is a new mile. Start with verve, persevere. Happy birthday. See you at the top.

Happy birthday dear cousin, you’re a star in my life.

When I need someone to talk to I’d always run to you. Because you’re not just a cousin, you’re a beautiful soul I can always rely on. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday dear cousin, I pray you grow in height and in sense.

Always bear in mind that my love for you is never ending. Happy birthday.

I pray your new age be filled with wonderment and happiness. Happy birthday cousin.

Today is your birthday, I’m not just wishing you a spectacular day but a spectacular year. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Despite your youthfulness, the kind of wisdom you possess leaves me in awe. Happy birthday.

Some times when people say I’m intelligent despite being troublesome, i wonder what they would say if they had met you. Since today is your birthday, I’m not saying you’re troublesome. you’re a perfect mix of wonder. Happy birthday.

Dearest cousin, you’re a bundle of love and cheers. Happy birthday to you.

I’m not sure you’ve met anyone without leaving a lasting good impression in their lives. Myself inclusive. Happy birthday.

Today, I’m not just celebrating you as the world best cousin, but as a best friend. Happy birthday dear cousin and friend.

We’ve been far apart for a while now and we no longer have to fight over a Colgen or who would wear the red or blue jacket. But despite this distance, my heart is with you now and always. Happy birth anniversary dear cousin.

Today, I have decided to go public and tell the world that you’re the most amazing person in my life and you’re irreplaceable. Happy birthday to you my dear.

I’m wishing a you a magical year like in your  favorite movie Harry Potter. Happy birthday movie Greek cousin.

Because it’s your birthday we won’t have to argue, anything you say today is true and right. Just for the today -24 hours. Happy birthday!

I want you to always bear this in mind, life is not in the numbers of years we’ve lived but in the numbers of live we’ve affected positively in the years we live. Happy birthday.

Thanks for teaching me to be patient, to love and to see live from an entirely different perspective. I’m most grateful that you’re my cousin. Happy birthday. .

Over the last few years you’ve achieved a lot, here is another opportunity to do greater and better things. Happy birthday dear cousin.

Your verve, patience and perseverance are true evidence that you always desire to get better in all you do. Happy birthday dear cousin, I pray this new year brings you countless opportunities and better chances.

Hey Coz, here is an another chance to prove to the world what you’re made of. Go man, shine, the world awaits you. Happy birthday.

May your new age bring you plenty laughter and favor. Happy birthday, Coz.

Today, I’m saying a prayer for you in faith, I pray that all your hands touch will be fruitful and everywhere your feet leads you will be peaceful. Happy birthday.

Thanks for all the times we spent together, all the risk you took. I’m glad and grateful to have you as a cousin. Happy birthday.

Dear cousin, In every thing you do this year, always know I’m in support of you and would do everything within my reach to see you succeed. Happy birthday.

I’m wishing your plenty beards, money and happiness. Happy birthday Coz.

Dear cousin, honestly, you’re such an adorable person, this is not because today is your birthday, but because you’re worth being celebrated every day. Happy birthday.

I am still surprised at how much you’ve influenced me in such a short time of meeting you. I tell how much of an uncommon person you’re. You’re one amongst the best persons I have met althrough my years on earth. I celebrate you, Happy birthday dear.

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