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Touching Messages to Best Friend

Friends are treasures, and one of the easiest ways to keep them, is to continuously remind them of how much they mean to you. Sending your friend touching messages does not only make them feel special, it makes them smile and reminds them that you always have their interest at heart, thereby strengthening your relationship.

Friends are treasures, and one of the easiest ways to keep them, is to continuously remind them of how much they mean to you. Sending your friend touching messages does not only make them feel special, it makes them smile and reminds them that you always have their interest at heart, thereby strengthening your relationship.

As simple as a text maybe, it is one of the most significant ways to build a stronger bond with him or her. Since everyone deserves to be showed that they are loved and cared for, your amazing friends are not an exception.

Below are some heart-warming text messages that will help you evoke a feeling of love and excitement in your friendship.

Emotional Friendship Quotes

Who would have thought that we would have been this close, we first met as strangers, but today you’re much more than a friend, you are a part of my life.

True friends look beyond the smile and tell what’s in one’s heart, that’s what you’ve always done and I can’t love you less.

My life has been incredibly amazing since I met you, what have made it outstanding is not money or fame, it it having an awesome person like you as a friend. I do not for once regret being friends with you.

True friends are crazy but loving; they might laugh at you when you are confused and then give you a solution like a magician.

Love, peace and long life are my wishes for you today, I’m doing it with so much confidence because I know if you receive it you will still share with me. Thanks for being that amazing friend.

A best friend is not one who stood by you during the hard times, a true friend stands by you during the toughest times. Thanks for standing by me all through these tough times.

Whenever this text gets to you, just know that I am still thinking of you and I appreciate your role of friendship in my life.

You are a gift all the money in the world can not buy.

Friends are treasures, finding one true friend gives you nothing but a lifetime filled with joy.

You were there to raise my hand during my little wins, you were also there to give a shoulder to lean on during the hard times, that’s what true friends do. I love you.

Thanks for everything we have been through together. I can imagine life without you. I love you for everything.

Despite all the flaws, true friends remain flawless.

Whenever you are around boredom vanishes, because you exude so much positive energy.

I believe in two things; first, God and second, true friends like you.

If the person who added the word ‘friend’ to the dictionary ever met you, he would have used our pictures as an illustration.

Friends are not hard to find, true friends are. No wonder it took me years to find you and now that I have you in my life, I can’t afford to lose you for anything.

I am not going talk about the times you believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I just want to let you know that I believe in you and I want to assure that as long as I breathe, I want us to remain friends.

Life has been tough, but it hasn’t stopped the fun in our friendship.

A good friend despite being stubborn is loving, kind and supportive, and there is no better way to describe all what you do.

Whenever I am scared, I get on the phone with you so I can tap from your well of self confidence.

This friendship is today, tomorrow and forever. We all are going no where without each other.

The next time I am asked to define the word ‘Friend’ I will mention your name, even in an examination hall. Any one who thinks I am wrong haven’t met an awesome person like you.

I am sincerely grateful for the role you have played in my life, your care, love and support are immeasurable and I don’t take them for granted. I love you.

Too many friends distract, one true friend helps one focus on the essential things of life. You are that one true friend that I can’t afford to lose.

Thank you my friend, for being a key player in my journey to success. With you around, I’m certain we will win.

Life is in stages. We meet new people at every stage, but a good friend sticks with us all through the stages of life. You are the best friend that has stayed all along.

I can’t afford to have two persons like you in my life, I can’t afford to be diabetic, because you are just too sweet to be with.

A true friend don’t only know the truth, they tell you the truth even when you don’t to listen to it.

True friends remain true to their words.

When it’s cold, A good friend will draw you close, When life is low, a good friend can give you hope, When you are drunk, you also need a friend to drive you home, That’s what good friends do.

Meeting you wasn’t luck, it was God answering my mother’s age long prayer of giving her daughter a true friend. You are an answered prayer.

True Friendship Messages

True friends are gems; precious and priceless.

Friends don’t have to be soft all the time, they say the truth with love and help you make changes in your life.

This is why our friendship is like wine, the older it gets, the more sweater it will become.

Distance is not a barrier for true friends, so I am not scared, no matter how far you go we will forever remain friends.

A true friend know when the words you say are true or not, a true friend listens, a true friend cares, that true friend is you.

The first miracle I have witnessed is how two strangers like you and me suddenly become the best of friends in the world.

There are friends and there is a friend. One true friend is a lot more than one hundred people parading themselves around for selfish gains.

A friend might say, ” What will you do next?” But a true friend says, ” What do we do next?”

You are what it means to have a good and true friend. Even if I string all the nice words in the dictionary together, they won’t describe you enough.

A friend supports in public and strengthens in the secret.

Friends taste the words before they say them, because hurting another person is the same as hurting themselves.

A friend is a gift everyone craves to have, not everyone is lucky enough to receive theirs.

Our friendship is the best of all, the moments of heart felt warmth and joy can be compared to that of no other relationship. I love you.

You don’t need to be in your best outfit the day you will meet a good friend, because true friends don’t care, they accept you just the way you are.

Friendship is indeed a ship and you my friend have been an amazing anchor.

The bond of we two share is stronger than that of any other relationship.

When it comes to friendship, like forces attract like forces and that why you are my friend, because you’re everything I have ever wanted to be.

No matter the weather; rain or sunshine; winter or summer, our friendship will last forever.

A true friend never stops to show love and support.

True friends help each other grow to become their better selves – and that’s what you’ve always done.

Making friends is not so much of a hard task to do, keeping them is the real deal. I will do everything to keep you as my friend.

When I see you smile, it reminds me of the many joyous moments we have shared over the last few years. I remind myself always that you are a blessing I can’t afford to lose. I love you dear.

Dearest friend, I want to remind you that you mean so much to me and I can’t afford to lose you because I cherish you and this friendship.

No one is flawless, no one is faultless, only a true friend can accept me despite my imperfections and you’re that true friend.

Never think yourself too small or too old to do great things, because that’s what you were made for.

Sweet Messages to Best Friends

The thoughts about you alone strengthens me, you’re not just a friend. You’re my motivation.

I’m confident that even if no one else supports me, I know you will, because you are the best friend in the world.

Any time I remember your name I am grateful to God for two things; first for your life, the second for you being my friend.

A part from being intelligent, loving and supportive, I want you to know that you are irreplaceable in my life, because you’re such an amazing friend.

I accept that I am imperfect and I don’t want to be. I am sorry if i ever wronged you, I wonder what life would have been like not having you in my life.

You presence in my life has made a lot of difference. I look back and I am glad I have grown in uncountable areas of my life courtesy of you. Thanks for playing such an amazing role in my life.

Each day and every day I wake up with a face full of brilliant smiles, there is no greater joy knowing that you’re mine.

Finding a reliable and understanding friend like you is a lifetime opportunity I can afford to miss.

Hey Buddy, I wish us many more years of joy peace and undying friendship.

Ever since I heard that we are the same as the friends we keep, I have been very proud of this relationship, because you are such an amazing person and I don’t mind being like you.

You’re kind hearted, loving, and reliable, and the most fun to be with.

When it comes to friendship, one or two true friends are better than having uncountable people who don’t really care about you.

It’s not surprising how long we have been together, I am only surprised at how much we have achieved together in such a short time.

You have influenced my life in so many areas that I can’t even mention, you are what it means to have a best friend. And I love and cherish you.

If I was asked to make just one wish, I would wish that you be my friend today, tomorrow and even in our next life.

We all meet new people and make new friends every day, but we could met a true friend just once in a year. I miss you.

A true friend might not always stand right in front of you all the time, but he will always stand by you no matter the distance.

If two persons can sit comfortably in silence, it means their souls are connected and they can communicate without words of mouth. Mine is connected to yours.

I don’t know if I have done anything close to all what you have done for me. I know I can’t repay you back in full, but just know that I love you.

Being friends with you is the last thing I thought would ever be possible, but here we are enjoying every bit of the best friendship in the world.

A true friend understands even when you’ve said nothing, supports when you’re down and broken, that’s all what a true friend does and that’s all what you’ve been doing for me. Indeed, you’re a real friend.

Just sitting with you gives me joy, peace, comfort, and countless reasons to smile. I love you and you’re my best friend.

Life without you would have been like taking tea without sugar. Thanks for making life sweeter.

I am still amazed at how much you love and support me, I might not be the best in the world, but you’re my best friend in this world.

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