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Sweet Messages to Send your Best Friend

Here are some Cute Messages to send to your Best Friends titled Messages to my Best Friend.

Here are some sweet messages to send to your best friends, titled Messages to my Best Friend.

There’s nothing like having good friends, and when you have a best friend, you are truly blessed. It’s important to cherish and preserve the relationship and let your best friend know how you feel about them. From time to time, check up on your friend, send reassuring, encouraging messages to them. Let them never be in doubt about your love and care for them.

Nice Messages to My Best Friend

1. Hi bestie!

Knowing you is the best thing I have done. Being without you will be the worst thing I will ever do. I love you like a friend and cherish you like family… I want you to know that no matter what, you will forever be my friend. I love you!

2. Dear friend,

I want you to know that I have made you a priority in my life. I promise to cry when you cry and to smile when you smile. You have been my joy and support and I wish to have you forever. Yours, bestie!

Sweet Messages to my Best Friend

3. Hi friend!

I know I haven’t been so helpful to you in the past, but I promise to change now… one thing I have come to realize is that “friends are meant to disagree to agree and in all these, love makes it work”. I’m sorry for being a jerk and I wish you understand. Yours sincerely!

4. Missing you dearly

It’s been a year now since I last saw you, but it feels like a century to me. I miss you so much my dear and wish you come back to me. Do me one favor… always remain happy.

5. Remember me

No matter where you go and no matter what you do, always remember that someone cares a lot for you. Yours, bestie!

6. This is how I feel for you

Love was when I met you, trust is all I got from you, true friendship is what you made me believe in and I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Be my friend forever!

7. A message from my heart to yours

If true love ever exists then I have found one in you… you are more than just a friend to me, you are my dream come true. Since I met you every part of me became new. Like a star you have led me through my dark days and like a shadow, you have followed me through it all. Words can’t express the way I feel about you. I have a plan for you, and it is to keep you forever. Your bestie!

8. If I had the power

If I had superpowers, I would chain my heart to yours, I would make us inseparable both in hard or good times… for the little time I’ve spent with you, I have come to realize that if my life is worth living, then it’s worth living with you.

9. Believe me, dear

I can only define my day to be perfect if you are part of it. A day without you is empty and lonely but a moment with you is my best. If I had only one friend left then I want it to be you.

10. Friend I love

I can only win if you say I can, I am only encouraged when you speak those words to me. Dear friend, you have made me strong but I can only be so strong if you are with me. Pls, don’t leave me!

Cute Texts to Send your Friend

11. You’re good enough

Dear best friend! I don’t believe you will fail… I don’t know all but this I know, you are strong-willed and your strength grows with time, you have never failed neither have you ever given up. Don’t look down on yourself for I know you are good enough.

12. To my best friend

I wish to let u know that you are special to me and no matter the weather, you will remain in my heart. I love u dear friend!

13. How I miss you

I have come to realize that the more I think of each moment we spent together is the more I miss you. The more the distance between us, the closer the memories of you are in my head. It’s so hard to stay without you dear. Pls, come back soon.

14. Scared without you

Since you left I don’t feel like doing anything again. Now I realize that you were my courage and my boldness, my strength and power. Life is so difficult without you. I wish you were here dear!

15. To the one I cherish

No matter how many times you hurt me, I will not be so foolish as to get mad at you. You’re my joy even when we fight, and you’re my smile when I frown. I love you, dear friend!

16. To my best friend

Having a friend like you is something worth doing, a life without you is a nightmare indeed. I wish we remain friends forever. Love you, dear!

17. Dear friend!

I miss every moment with you, all I do all day long is lay down, reminiscing. Now I know that a life without you is lifeless. I miss you, friend!

18. A letter to my friend

Dear friend! How are you and everything? It’s been a while since we met and since then I have been so sick. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with nostalgia (a bittersweet yearning for the things of the past) and, the doctor advised me not to miss or think of things a lot and, that is why I write to you. I don’t think I can survive this because I can’t stop thinking about you. Please come back soon!!!

  1. They say true friendship takes more than a second to build, more love to embrace one another but you are a true definition of all the conditions and more. I love you my bestie for life.
  2. It’s been a long day without you my friend and, I can’t wait to see you so I can tell you about how my day went, everything that happened today. See you soon my dearest!

Sweet Messages to My Best Friend

  1. Whenever your thoughts cross my mind, I feel so comfortable and happy because I’ve got the best personality in the world as my best friend. Cuddles to you!
  2. I don’t have to worry because I don’t want to lose you based on our agreement but I miss you so much. Can’t wait to peck and hug you so tight until my bones cry out for joy. Awaiting your arrival my golden jewel!
  3. Anywhere you go, I will follow you. You’ve shown and proven to me that true love and friendship still exist. I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Kisses my love!

  1. What I lack, you are full of and when I am broken, you are whole. Thanks for all that you do. Sweet dreams bestie!
  2. Near and far, you remain my best man and an in-estimable and non-negotiable gift. You remain my best choice in the world. Thanks for choosing me and my crazy personality. Have a nice day candy!
  3. I wish I can have the stage for myself and the whole world as an audience. This is because I want the world to know how much I have been impacted by your friendship. This is always a wish and a prayer. You deserve the best my dearest friend!
  4. Meeting you alone has cleared my doubts. I have always believed that good people no longer exist but when I came in contact with your personality, my philosophy about life was metamorphosed. Thanks for being the best I can ever ask for. I cherish you forever bestie!
  5. I wish you were a sister that I can talk to at any time, anywhere, and have at all times but you remain a blessing to my life and not just only to my world but also your world. You are forever loved and adored.
  6. Every moment with you remind me of how sweet and great you are. Moments with you remain a memory in my life. The one which I will never let go of. Thanks for all that you do. Do have a nice day ahead my bestie!
  7. To the one I graciously cherish and is not and will never be replaced, you are a rare gem, a personality that I so much value and remain grateful to have forever. Go and take over, victory is yours, my love!
  8. I wish you can be here right now. I miss you so much, my friend! Try and come back because my world is empty and dark without your presence which lightens my world. Love you my best of all friends!
  9. You’re coming back alone has increased the concentration of the joy in my heart. I have missed you so much. Thank God you are back not just for your family but especially for me. Welcome back, my friend!
  10. Finally, my bestie is ready to take a walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams and for her dreams. You are blessed and will forever remain in that realm of the Lord’s blessing. Congratulations to you my friend!
  11. I have always wanted to tell you how much I cherish you and value your words to me and also your boldness and courage in dealing with every situation. I am so lucky that l won the game of life because I have got the best friend in the world and that’s you.

36. I wish you could feel the beats of the heart. The beats go up and down with a tone proportional to your name. This reminds me of how much I love and cherish you. Thanks for being the best friend anyone would and can ever crave for. Good night my friend turned sister!

  1. Remember the first day we met, we smiled at each other being ignorant of what the future has in store for us but above everything, I am happy that the future had we both in it and has entangled us together. Thank the Lord for the day I discovered you and for the days we have spent and yet to spend. Sleep tight my dearest friend!
  2. Kisses and hugs are meant for the ones we love but you deserve more than all the kisses and hugs I can ever give you. You’ve always been a backbone to my body, a shoulder to lean on and a friend to turn to. Thanks for standing at all times. You are valued, my friend!

Inspirational Messages to My Best Friend

  1. It is world besties’ day. I need the whole world to grant me the platform to describe whom I have got as a bestie. Mama, you are a virtuous being, humble and down to earth. My paths coming in contact with yours is the best experience I can ever ask for. I am forever grateful that beyond all the friends I have gathered, it was you my heart chooses to confide in, my legs choose to run to, my knees crawl to meet, my eyes long to see, your name, my ears want to hear, your smell my nose wants to perceive and above all, your personality I want to adore and cherish. Thanks for being the world’s best friend!
  2. Every day of my life remains dull whenever you are not seen or heard from. You are indeed a vessel unto honor, a friend who has proven herself friendly just as the Lord said in his word. You are real and I cherish you for that. Thanks, my friend!
  3. I never knew I will be honored the way I am right now. You remain a modeling agent in my life. Thanks for the words of wisdom and the seasons of modeling. Indeed, you are a friend worth being called a best friend!
  4. Your movement from the neighborhood to another city has broken me down. I will no longer see you as usual or get to even visit as frequently as I used to. Above all factors, I want you to know you remain my best friend and there’s nothing that can change that.

43. I have always wished for a great personality whom I can run to and cry upon and finally, I met that person and that’s you. I am one of the happiest humans in the world right now because apart from the air I breathe, I have got the best human as a bestie.

44. Frustration is when I am without you, loneliness is when I don’t hear the sound of your voice, sadness is when you stay away from me. If I have only one wish to make then I will wish we remain friends forever.

45. To the one who has taken me just the way I am

I am so happy that in the revolution and rotation of the planet, I got a friend who has stuck closer than any other personality in my life. You remain my crazy and most adored.

  1. I am happy to have you as my best friend because you understand me better than I do myself. You are more than a friend to me. You are my world and I love you.
  2. The fragrance of your love alone reminds me of how much I have been blessed by the Lord with a gift that all the gold, silver, and diamonds can not purchase. You are indeed worthless and have a personality of great dealings and doings.

Wishes For Best Friend

  1. The night is, here again, to end our fun not our friendship. I know tomorrow will bring more joy and love to us. Sleep tight dear friend because I can’t wait for tomorrow to bring you back to me.
  2. I want to stay in our world of friendship together, soaked and drained by the rains of your love and cuddled to sleep by the warmth of your hugs. Good night my bestie!
  3. Has anyone beheld a beautiful damsel like my bestie? Wake up and keep the world revolving around your gentleness, smartness, and above all your smiles. Do have a nice day my love!
  4. I have never regretted a moment with you, for every time is remarkable and well spent though you distract me I am more distracted without you my dearest. All I need is someone to love and I have got you! Please be my friend forever.
  5. I have found one of my most precious gems and the depth of my heart has been filled with the oil that drips from your alabaster box. Good night my friend!
  6. In truth, you were created, in truth, you were discovered; and in truth, you have been best friends. Thanks for all you do. Good night, my friend!

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  1. When my terrors came like a storm, you were the peace that calmed the storm. When destruction knocked on my doors, you became the whirlwind that displaced the darkness embedded in the knocks and when I was distressed and faced with anguish, you became an angel who pets a child to sleep. What more can I ask for after knowing and having you as my friend? This is an infinitesimal question, and no answer can be attached to it. I want you to always know that you are wonderfully and heavenly made. Good morning beautiful!
  2. No one has ever chosen to look upon me because I was dark and tanned of the sun. above all critics and judgment, your authenticity became more pronounced and I will always love and value you. Good night my friend!
  3. I have met thousands of humans, recruited some as friends but you are a personality that has broken my protocols humbly and politely. You I value and you I am grateful to God for having. Good night my friend of life!
  4. Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments, your neck with chains of gold. Thanks for being a friend at all times. Good morning damsel!
  5. You have sustained me greatly with the cakes of raisins, refreshed me with apples when my soul was weak. Good night my friend!
  1. The flowers have risen to answer the calls of the sun rays, so have I woken up to behold the beauty of a true friend. Do have a nice day ahead my most cherished!

60. To my best friend

In the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the cliff, let me see your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice whets my soul, and your countenance strengthens me. Good night my dear!

61. To the one I call my love

You’ve been my strength when mine fails me, a friend that has occupied all the vacancies in my heart. Whenever I get angry, your words alone calm me down. Whenever I am down and frustrated, you know. You’ve taken me more than just a mate. I want to let you know that whenever I say I cherish and love you, I mean it and I am ever ready to prove it to the world and its end. Thanks, my gee!

Nice Messages to my Best Friend
  1. Men don’t cry but whenever I see you, all that runs down my cheek is tears and this represents how much I cherish you. You are true to all the whole of my needs and can ever ask for. Goodnight my wonderful friend!
  2. Just as the plants of the earth need water to grow, so I need you by my side at all times. Within lies, the strength to nurture and I am glad to have known you. Do have a nice day.

Quotes to Send your Best Friend

64. Our friendship is like a wine, time only makes it stronger.

Distance is never a barrier, we were meant for each other. Love you, my dear friend!

  1. It takes two to tango and I will keep on choosing you for this. Goodnight my friend!
  2. I am very lazy without you. Your presence motivates me into getting things done and not just done but done very well. I don’t need a gun to kill a lion, I just need you by my side to tear it into pieces like Samson in the bible. Goodnight my love!
  3. If you are a wall, I will build upon you a battlement of silver; and if you are a door, I will enclose you with the boards of cedar. Good morning girlfriend!
  4. You are an addiction I will never wish to quit. In you, I find comfort and reasons to love everyone and appreciate their personality. Thanks for the impact, do have a nice time ahead.
  5. You are a star that shines in the darkness, the sun that supplies rays of light to the earth. Thanks for being a source of illumination to my world. Sleep tight, my friend!
  6. In my darkest nights, you became my light. In my time of tribulations, you became my comforter. You are indeed a friend anyone would ask for. Goodnight and sleep well.

  1. Your love is so sharp that it pierces into my heart, your smiles I can’t stop demanding for and your presence I can’t stop craving for. Thanks for every moment. Be safe, my dear!
  2. Ointment and perfume delight the heart, and the sweetness of our friendship does serve as the fragrance. Sleep tight.
  3. I almost slept off, but your thoughts kept on coming, and then I realized I haven’t wished my bestie a goodnight’s rest. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a lovely night’s rest and always remember, someone is waiting to see you after the night. See you tomorrow!
  4. If I had only one friend left, I would want it to be you. You know me both in and out, and I’m glad someone finally came to understand me and loves me the way I am. Goodnight, my friend!
  5. If given an opportunity to choose one person to love in this world outside my family, I will always choose you. Kisses and have a lovely night’s rest.

76. You are the light in my darkness, the magician who knows what to do to make me smile at all times. I want you to know that you are wonderful and beautifully made. Goodnight and have a lovely night’s rest!

  1. People keep talking about how good you are but I say you are more than good. Good night and sweet dreams dear friend!
  2. I wish the world could allow me to speak about the love of my life. You are amazing, loving and you know what? You deserve the best cause you are the best gift from God to me. Love you friend!
  3. You are the epitome of beauty. Your skin alone is worth more than any amount of wealth. I promise to stand by you at all times in all situations regardless of the pains and abuses. Sweet dreams me forever!

  1. I’ll keep chasing after you and never get tired. Running a race of true friendship is beautiful cause it is you. Ever since I met you, I’ve been through the smoothest paths of my life. You are a friend indeed!
  2. Why stay sad when you know no one can make you happy. Keep your faults apart cause they only lead you to regrets, embrace a better you, and move on. Good night dearest!
  3. Spending the rest of my life with you will never be a remorseful decision or action because in you I felt complete and whole again. Your lovely bestie!
  4. Your coming into my life has added so much value to my life and not just mine but everyone around me. Thanks, and have a good night’s rest.
  5. I wish to always stay in your arms, I wish we could never be separated, not even for a moment … my nights are so long without you my dear. I hate to say this to you right now but I have to… have a lovely night my dear friend.
  6. Summers are always lively when we two are around, try to make yourself available. Do have a nice time, my friend!
  7. My heart beats for you, my smiles are just for you. You are one of a million friends. You are my favorite!
  8. Sometimes we fight, but it is better to fight than live without you, my dear friend. I am keeping you forever!
  9. Knowing you is my greatest achievement. Sometimes I imagine how boring all my days would have been without your words. You make me smile even when I’m sad, you make me laugh and forget my troubles. You are the real definition of a true friend, and I’m glad I met you!
  10. Since I met you, you have impacted me positively. I have been blessed with the joy of having a true friend. I can’t love you less, my dear!
  11. Every moment with you reminds me of how loved I am. You melt my heart with your words and captivate my feelings with your love. You are my friend and I am glad you’re!
  12. Dear friend! No matter how much we fight, I want you to know that I will never regret knowing you. I’m keeping you forever!
  13. My dreams came true when you crossed my path, and my doom will come when you leave my heart. If there is one friend in this universe, then it’s you!
  14. You’ve opened a new page in my life and you have made my story interesting. Just when I thought I was alone, you came and showed me the beauty of love and friendship. I am happy I met you!
  1. You are just too good to be true, and I can’t take my heart off of you. You are exactly what I have been searching for, and now that I have found you, I will do all my best to keep this gift forever. I love you, friend!
  2. I have found a friend that I can’t trade for anything, not even silver or gold. What I have found in you is rare, unique, and special. I wish this could last forever!
  3. This is me, this is real. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now and I’m going to let the light shine on you for who you are and for what you’ve made me become. Good night my friend!

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