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Seasoned Words of Encouragement for a Friend

Once in a while a friend or acquaintance might be feeling discouraged because they are facing some tough time. Other times, a colleague who is usually good at something might suddenly become uninterested or less motivated to do what they are very good at. Leaving some notes or words of encouragement for a friend at such moments is worth more than a gift of any form.

Once in a while a friend or acquaintance might be feeling discouraged because they are facing some tough time. Other times, a colleague who is usually good at something might suddenly become uninterested or less motivated to do what they are very good at. Leaving some notes or words of encouragement for a friend at such moments is worth more than a gift of any form. Because it will go a long way to give hope and rekindle their passions. Maybe you do not know the exact words to use, especially if you don’t naturally have your way with words.

Below is a bunch of soul lifting and encouraging messages for your friends and acquaintances that need a push. Any of these messages you pick will help give him/her reassurance and hope.

Encouraging Words For Friends

  1. It’s fine to cry when you get hurt, but it’s wrong to remain on the spot wailing all day long. You’re stronger and better, move on to learn something else.
  2. You are stronger than you think you are. So don’t let anyone talk you down and stop you from achieving greatness in life.
  3. You are the most creative person I have ever crossed paths with. The ease with which you approach challenges leaves me in awe. Despite the opposition, continue to do things differently.
  4. Opposition is a sign that you are moving in the right direction. Keep on pushing harder, dear.
  5. If it’s tough, develop a thick skin. That’s what winners do; the tougher, the thicker your skin needs to get.
  6. Don’t go about chasing the cars, and the luxuries of life, just continue building yourself, overtime you’ll attract all the good things that you ever wanted.
  7. It is a hard task to advice someone who is heartbroken, because we often advice with logic without understanding how people truly feel. No matter how I try, I might never get to understand exactly how you feel, but I want you to come out stronger and braver. That’s what life’s experiences are meant to do to us.
  8. The best and most effective advice are the ones we give ourselves. So despite all that you’ll hear people say during these tough times, it’s what you tell yourself that will work. So listen to yourself and don’t let your circumstances keep you on your knees.
  9. You already know life is short, so spend every minute judiciously and let every moment count.
  10. You’re unique. Stay happy and don’t let what anyone thinks of you make you feel less of yourself and your dream.
  11. Have faith and be patient. It’s all a matter of time, every thing will definitely fall into place.
  12. Dear friend, pain is meant to teach you not kill you.
  13. You can’t change things sporadically, it’s the combination of all your daily efforts that will help you get outstanding results. So take note of what you do every day.
  14. With every passing day, I admire your strength and courage the more. There is absolutely no challenge that can weigh you down. I believe in you, man.
  15. When it gets too tough, take a nap, dude; everything else will reset.
  16. In the midst of all these crises, stay positive, it’s the only way to live happily.
  17. Every experience has a lesson to be learnt, so when you go through pain don’t just shed tears, wipe your eyes and learn from the glaring lessons life is teaching you.
  18. Mistakes have a role to play in your success stories, but don’t lay down on the scenes of your failure for too long. Cheer up and create new awesome moments.
  19. A smile is a charm, it confuses your enemies, win you new friends and keep the old relationships alive. I hope you know what to do now? Wear your charm as you go out everyday.
  20. Believe in your heart. Imagine yourself winning. Write down your strategy and get down to work.
  21. You might not be able to change what people think about you, but never at any point change the belief that you have about yourself. Because what people say is useless until you choose to accept it or not.
  22. Life is like a coin; sweet and better, easy and hard, so you must understand that all these come in phases and no phase lasts forever.
  23. Giving up is for the weak, staying strong despite life’s toughness is what brave souls like you do.
  24. If you ever get to a point where you no longer feel like continuing, take a second and reminsce on how you started and why you even started, it will give you enough motivation to keep going.
  25. Pain is the refining power for greatness. So no matter how tough it may seem, always know that you’re being prepared for limelight.
  26. Learn from the past, enjoy the moment even if it’s tough and prepare for the future.
  27. Always stay away from negative words and negative people. Great minds surround themselves with fellow great minds.
  28. Losing is contagious, so also is winning. Learn to surround yourself with those who are on top of your game and you’ll see yourself winning in no time.
  29. A smile during the tough times is like a spark in the dark, it brightens everything. So smile, the world awaits your shine.
  30. Only those who have attempted something several times know what works and what doesn’t. So because you failed in your last attempt doesn’t mean you’re a failure, you have only learned one of the ways in which what you’re trying will not work.

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Uplifting Words of Encouragement for a Friend

  1. Leave the past behind you, focus on the present, pray, plan and prepare for the future. That’s how to live a happy life.  Uplifting Words of Encouragement
  2. Learn not to expect too much from people, it will lessen your possibility of being disappointed. Humans will always be humans – imperfect. Understand this and know peace.
  3. When you wake up in the morning, stand before the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself all the nice things you’d want to be told. This is not just to psych you, but because you deserve to become all that you want yourself to be.
  4. Take your eyes off the darkness of today, there is light in the end. You will find peace and be happy again.
  5. You can only be as important as you make yourself. So always know your worth and don’t let anyone make you think less of yourself.
  6. Always keep your destination in mind, it will help guide your daily steps and shapen your habits.
  7. Learn to accept opposition, it’s a sign that what you’re doing will lead to a break through and you’ll need perseverance to break through.
  8. If life challenges seem too much for you to bear, always remember to call on God because only him is the true source of strength and he alone has the final say.
  9. My dear, in whatever condition you find yourself, always remember to be thankful to God for the gift of life and soon enough, he will make a way for you.
  10. When life’s circumstances seem too big for you to handle, invite God into the scene, he is a miracle worker things will definitely turn around for the better once he steps in.
  11. Don’t forget to exude self-confidence always, you’re absolutely good at what you do. The future is brilliant, go do you!
  12. Don’t take chances in life, the more you try, the nearer you get to your success.
  13. I can’t promise sun or rain, but I can promise to always provide a shoulder for you to lean on because you’re the best friend I’ve got.
  14. When I think about my life, I’m forever grateful that I met such a genius like you. You always have a solution to every challenge no matter how tough. I love and celebrate you every day. Thank you always.
  15. For you life is a win- win. So no matter what happens learn to face your fears.
  16. Where you’re coming from is not what matters, where you’re heading to is what’s important. So let the past be and make the future green.
  17. Sometimes you don’t have to worry all day, let things be and allow God lead.
  18. Don’t blend into the crowd, there is nothing unique in being like everyone, so don’t loose hope, keep your head up. Your uniqueness will win you crowns.
  19. Don’t gamble with your peace of mind. It’s an asset worth invaluable returns.
  20. Don’t let your past creep into your bright moments. Your past is gone, enjoy every spark of the present.
  21. First defeat the fear of failure and every other fear will become powerless.
  22. Continue chasing your dream, it’s going to be tough, but if you don’t, you’ll help someone else achieve theirs.
  23. Don’t be in haste, life isn’t about the rush. Take it easy cause great things take time and great men face tough times.
  24. What makes a man is what he has gone through, so don’t worry so much about your current circumstances.
  25. Patience is hard, but it’s all that you need to make it in life.
  26.  People will try to force their opinions on you. They’ll say certain things can’t happen because they don’t believe in themselves enough. It should be entirely different for you. Choose what to believe and work towards achieving it with all your strength.
  27. You might not have the opportunity for a happy beginning but you have the power to create a happy ending for yourself. It’s all about choice and only you have the power to decide.
  28. There is no metric to measure pain and no one really cares how much pain you have gone through, all the world wants is to celebrate your success, so you must be careful. Don’t be in a rush to achieve big things, start small. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself.
  29. Don’t be in haste to make decisions, only fools want to rush into things without thinking about the outcomes. Pray, plan then pursue. God will back you up.
  30. Everyone have their own share of life’s toughness and unfairness, you can never tell what someone is going through at any point, so don’t think anyone’s condition is better than yours.

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    Encouraging Words for a Best Friend

  1. To achieve great feat, you must face an equal opposing force, because what you’re about to do has never been done before.
  2. You can’t continue sitting in your comfort zone, you’ve got to stand up and lay your hands on something. Sitting and waiting will change nothing, so let’s get to work.
  3. Hard work is what will set you apart from others, remember it doesn’t kill, you can only get stronger.
  4. If you desire to live a better life, you’ll have to pay a better price.
  5. If you think your dreams are worth it, go out and chase them without fear of what people might say.
  6. Don’t be scared to give yourself some credit. Life is tough, so it’s important to celebrate all your small wins.
  7. It’s okay to be scared at some point, life is cruel and we all understand. But you shouldn’t let the fear of failure stop you from becoming all that you were made by God to be.
  8. You have a brave soul and nothing is seemingly impossible for you. So you don’t have to do so much, just believe in yourself and add a little more effort.
  9. Everything in life is bought with a price tag, including success and failures. The tougher the price you pay the more benefits you’ll earn.
  10. Darkness does not mean light does not exist, the darker it is, the greater the opportunity for light to shine.

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