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50+ Happy Thanksgiving Messages, Wishes and Greetings

A thankful heart is a grateful heart. A person who gives thanks has earned the right to receive more. It’s the time of the year again to pause and reflect on all the blessings in our lives and homes and give thanks for them. It’s thanksgiving, a day to be grateful for the gift of life, family and friends. A day to be grateful for the bountiful harvest of the year and be thankful for the ones to come.

This beautiful collection of heartfelt happy thanksgiving messages, wishes and greetings will go a long way in showing your family and friends how grateful you are to have them in your life.

A thankful heart is a grateful heart. A person who gives thanks has earned the right to receive more.  It’s the time of the year again to pause and reflect on all the blessings in our lives and homes and give thanks for them.  It’s thanksgiving, a day to be grateful for the gift of life, family and friends. A day to be grateful for the bountiful harvest of the year and be thankful for the ones to come.

Celebrate this year’s thanksgiving in a special way with your family and friends. Create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


Happy Thanksgiving Messages

Your family and friends will surely love these thanksgiving messages.

Happy Thanksgiving

Grateful for your love and friendship. Thankful for your support throughout the years. Looking ahead to more beautiful years together. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

Of all the blessings I’m grateful for, I’m thankful for the gift of wonderful friendship. I’m thankful for your love and commitment. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

For a friendship that has risen above all adversity, for a friendship that is so grown and true, for a friendship that stands unswayed and unshaken, I am truly thankful. Thank you for being that friend that I am sure would remain when all else is gone. Here’s sending you warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

You shine a light on my path and make way for me in the dark. You’re the best brother a sister could wish for and I’m so grateful for the gift of you. Happy Thanksgiving, bro.

There’s nothing like family to walk this life’s journey with. Thank you for being the best. I love you, fam. Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m grateful for your warmth, for the many times you’ve offered your shoulders to cry on, for always being the first to cheer and celebrate me. I’m grateful, dad for your relentless support, for being my backbone and I want to tell you again that I love you. Happy Thanksgiving Day to the best dad in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Messages

I can smile always because I know whether thick or thin, you’d be there. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

This is me being thankful for all the blessings of the year including you. Thank you for B-E-I-N-G. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Of all the things/people I’m grateful for, you are chief. Here’s sending you warm thoughts on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours is the only opinion that matters to me because it’s you who has been there with me and for me through thick and thin. Thank you mum for your unconditional love. Happy Thanksgiving day.

Family beats everything. I’m glad to have you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving day.

When you smile, my heart is warmed. I live for the laughter on your lips. Thank you for the loving care I received at your bosom. Happy Thanksgiving, mum.

This Thanksgiving day calls to mind the countless times you’ve had my back. It’s so heartwarming that at every point in my life when I needed a friend, you were there. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. God bless you always.

In this wicked world, love and friendship makes all the difference. Thank you for the hand you have given me in friendship. Thank you for your consistency. Happy Thanksgiving day.

Marriage is not easy but I’m lucky to have found the best partner to walk this journey with me. You’re my life partner, my life mate. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings

The world is a much better place to live in because of friends like you. Happy anniversary, dear friend.

The world doesn’t seem as scary. I’ve got you in my life and you take care of me like I am the only woman alive. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

Each sunrise, you prove how dependable your love is. Happy Thanksgiving day, my sweetheart.

I keep dear in my heart memories of our childhood. You are one of the most important people in my life, dear cousin and I love you so much. Have a memorable thanksgiving day.

Unconditional love defines you, sweetheart. I’m so thankful for the gift of you and from the bottom of my heart, here’s wishing you the most pleasant Thanksgiving day.

Above all else, I’m thankful for the gift of a wonderful family. When I look at you all, I feel so lucky and blessed. Happy Thanksgiving day to the best family in the world.

On a day like this, we continue to be thankful for a friendship that proves true and sure.

Happy Thanksgiving Messages For Love

I didn’t choose any of you, but if I were to be given the chance to choose my family, I’d choose you all over again. You rock, fam. Happy Thanksgiving day.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

On this Thanksgiving day, I look around the table and see the faces of all my loved ones, the faces of the people who matter most to me. I’m so proud to be a member of this great family. Happy Thanksgiving, family.

You’re so full of wisdom. Every word that comes from your lips are nuggets of gold. With you in my life, I’m sure I can never go wrong. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweet sister.

With you, I got double in one package, a lover and a friend. I couldn’t have been luckier. Happy Thanksgiving dear husband and friend.

Thank you for your unending prayers and counsel. For these and more, I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, mum.

Carrying you in my womb for nine months was such a sweet privilege. Mothering you all these years has not diminished one bit the love I felt when I first held you in my arms. You continue to be a blessing, son. Happy Thanksgiving day.

May this Thanksgiving day usher in love and peace for you. Have a beautiful one.

For the blessing of wonderful family and friends. I am indeed thankful. Life’s journey is all the easier and it’s because of you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

Is there any woman in this world better than you are? I doubt it. You are simply the best and each waking day I’m grateful for the privilege to have you in my life. Happy thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

Yours are the hands guiding me through life’s unfamiliar terrain. You are a worthy example, dad, perfect in your imperfections. Happy Thanksgiving day.

I’m thankful to have such a wonderful, strong family that stands together through thick and thin. I’m confident that no matter what life brings our way, together we will overcome. Happy Thanksgiving, family.

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Life sometimes plays a funny trick on you. But I’m grateful that through it all, I still have you. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.

You mum, are the best in the whole wide world. Thank you for all the time, efforts and love you’ve invested into making me who I am today. Happy Thanksgiving day.

For a friend that sticks closer than a brother, I wish you health, peace and all of life’s goodies. Happy Thanksgiving day, dude.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

May we always be thankful to have each other. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweets.

I’m thankful for your smile, I’m grateful for the sound of your laughter. Happy thanksgiving day, darling.

Money cannot buy what we share, It’s out of this world. I’m indeed grateful for this gift of love. Happy Thanksgiving day, my darling.

If I didn’t gain anything is this life, but I gained you alone, I’d be satisfied. It’s such an honour to call you mine. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

When I think about all the battles we’ve fought and won together, when I think about the years we’ve sailed and all we’ve been through. I am thankful that through it all, we have remained. Happy thanksgiving, dear wife/ husband.

I hope that in the coming days, I’ll be able to love you as you truly deserve. Happy Thanksgiving day, my dearest.

Happy Thanksgiving Quote

The love I see in your eyes every time makes the time I invest in this relationship worth its while. Happy Thanksgiving day, my darling.

If we have survived all we have to get this far, then I’m confident there’s no mountain we can’t surmount. Better days ahead still, sweetheart. Happy Thanksgiving day.

Yours is the only voice capable of making my heart beat wildly. I am grateful that in this lifetime, I have the privilege of a love so sweet, so divine. Happy Thanksgiving day, my dear.

For the blessing of true friendship, a friendship that defies all odds and continues to wax stronger, I am very grateful. I am saying thank you Lord and I am wishing you, my dear friend a happy thanksgiving day.

The heart thrives when it is nourished with love. I’m in awe of the selfless love I receive from you. My heart is fat from so much love from you. Thank you so much for everything. Happy thanksgiving, dear friend.

Your life has been a tremendous blessing to mine. Because of your exemplary lifestyle, I keep wanting to be a better person. Thank you for your impactful living. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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For your voice that stays strong and consistent, I am thankful. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. I am really so proud of you. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you for being a family that stays true. Thank you for your love and kindness. Thank you for your consideration. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I bless God each day for your presence in my life. So much value has been added to me and it just keeps getting better. Happy Thanksgiving fabulous friend.

From me to you, may you have the most amazing thanksgiving celebration yet. I do appreciate your visit. Xoxo!

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