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2022 Happy New Month SMS and Quotes to Dear Friend

In this collection are beautiful Happy New Month Messages and Quotes to dear friends. Don’t be caught slacking. Serenade your dear friends with these lovely messages. Enjoy! New Month Messages and Best Friend Quotes.

It’s that time again. Time to send New Month Text Messages, Wishes and Quotes for Best Friends. Don’t ever be at loss for words. We got you covered, always. In this collection are beautiful Happy New Month SMS Wishes and Quotes to dear friends. Don’t be caught slacking. Serenade your dear friends with these lovely messages. Enjoy!

Happy New Month Messages

Dear friend, for the many memories we share, for the sad times you lend a shoulder to lean on, for the memories we cannot forget and for the future we hold so dear. Happy new month.

I want to use the opportunity of today to wish you all of life’s fortune, and for staying around all these years up until this month, I wish you a happy new month.

May this month bring us countless reasons to smile and add many more beautiful memories to this friendship. Happy new month.

Happy New Month SMS

Friendship with you is one of the best ships I have boarded in this part of life and I am most grateful for having you around. Happy new month, dear friend.

Until I met you I used to think the best gifts are material things, you are one the priceless treasures that thread this earth and I am glad to call you my friend. Happy new month.

How we met is no coincidence. It was fate that brought us together, so no matter how strong the storm rages, I will always lend you me arm to lean on, even in this new month. Happy new month.

May this new month bring us new and lovely events that will turn memories someday. Happy new month dear friend.

Dear friend, your care and love are two things I admire. Happy new month.

You give friendship a unique a definition. I am proud to call you friend. Happy new month, dear.

You spice life with a unique scent. To think of the memories we have shared is again and again a journey to wonder land. Happy new month.

May this new month bring great and better things your way, may you soar the altitudes like the eagle you are. Happy new month dear friend.

There are friends, then there is a friend, one that sticketh closer than a brother and you’re indeed that friend. May this new month rain on you endless heavenly showers. I love you.

Friendship is not just that word in the dictionary, but the title of our story. I appreciate all that you represent. Happy new month.

You’ve indeed been an amazing friend. Thanks for being there always. Happy new month.

I pray this new month creates in us a stronger bond and instill in us a higher measure of love. Happy new month.

We do not choose friends, they are heavenly sent. Thanks for being one and happy new month.

In this new month, I pray our friend-SHIP never drowns and despite all the storms we shall keep standing. Happy new month, dear friend.

Amazing Love and Friendship Text Messages 

While writing down my goals for the new month this morning I included your name. I really can’t tell why, it only occurred to me how important you’ve been to my life. Happy new month.

Thirty-one new days of awesome smiles and life long friendship is all I wish you this month. Have a blessed one. Happy New Month my friend Messages

Because of you, I will choose friendship over love because we can’t really love if are not friends. Happy new month dear friend.

Happy new month dear friend, always remember, I cherish this friendship.

Our friendship is stronger than that of Jonathan and David, because there will be no Saul to separate us. Happy New month friend.

If you think nobody really cares about how you feel, then you’re certainly wrong. I hold you in high esteem and despite all the odds of life I’ll always be your friend. Happy new month, go do great things pal.

Happy new month Pal, you being unique doesn’t make you flawless, but I am awed at how much I have grown to trust and respect you. Always remember, You mean the world to me.

For being such an awesome pal, I am wishing you a joy filled month ahead.

Friendship sometimes is not the numbers of years spent together, rather, it is the number of risks taken for one another. I promise to jump hurdles for you and to remain a loyal friend now and always. Happy new month.

If I think of memories I smile, I think of the heights I have climbed with you I become unendlessly grateful. May this month bring you life’s finest realities.

The sacrifices we make for friends are investments, I pray this month brings back to your account all your deserved return on investments. Happy new month, dear friend.

Every new beginnings are magical once with the right persons in our lives. This month is not excluded. Happy new month, dear friend.

This month, we’re gonna create more memories, scale new heights, break records and most especially we gonna grow in friendship. Cheers to a great month ahead. New Month Messages for A Dear Friend.

Family, you must have heard are for times of troubles and friends for merriment. But yours has not been so, you’ve always been around both in times of joy and sadness. it makes me envious of how unique you are. Happy new month dear friend.

You know what I don’t like about the new month? we seem to be fast growing and less playing. Anyways, Happy new month.

Dearest friend, every new month comes with specialty. A unique fragrance that drives us to action for another round of thirty one days. Have a great one.

You’ll get all you want in this new month including the usual troubles from me. Ha-ha-ha. Happy new month.

You should know I hold this relationship so dear. Here’s wishing you, my dear friend a blessed month ahead.

I was going to pray for a double portion of everything for myself this new month. But already having you in my life and praying for a double portion is an overdose of love. Happy new month.

Do you still remember those childhood memories where we danced under the rain? I do miss you for those moments specifically and hope we can replicate that soonest. Do have a great month ahead.

Caring Happy New Month SMS to My Friend

It’s a new month, go cause trouble, I will always come around like we do when we were kids to support you in the fight. But this time be careful not to challenge someone too powerful else you will fight alone. Happy new month dear friend. I love you.

To the best friend in the world. Happy new month and all of heavens blessings.

In case you haven’t found out from the latest research. Our friendship has been ranked the best relationship in the world. I just woke up from sleep and discovered it’s a new month. Happy new month.

One reason why I cherish this friendship is because friends are a replica of whom we are. Since you started making me proud I discovered I been making myself proud too. Happy new month, pal.

Every relationship has it’s storms but for ours, after every storm you come out stronger and even more loving. Happy new month.

Dear, the best way to tell someone you love them is to say “you’re my friend.” So today I gladly say you’re my friend. Happy new month.

Hey friend, there is no need to worry any longer, I called your name in prayer last night and the angel said your troubles ended yesterday, and your new month will be filled with utmost suprises.

Let me admit today because it’s a new month that you’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Happy new month.

Acquaintances are not hard to find but friends like you are scarce, it’s the most reason why I so hold you dear. Have a happy month.

For this new month, all you lay your hands on shall be blessed because you’re favoured of God and that’s because we’re friends.

I remember how you often show up to crack my ribs whenever I am sad. But my prayer for you this month is that there shall be no reason to cry.

Happy new month friend, endeavor to cook, let’s celebrate.

Happy new month, dear friend. While ranking life’s most valuables you top the list.

I have on many occasions thought of what life would have been without you. You’re the type that no one else can replace. Happy new month dear.

Hey friend! I always feel good having you in my life. You’ve always been an amazing friend. Happy new month.

Dear friend, I pray this new month bring you showers of blessings. Happy new month.

Hey world’s most wonderful friend!. I wish you an amazing month ahead.

I don’t want to ever think of losing you and this friendship to someone else. We have gone through alot together and I cherish every moment we have shared. May the new month bring you endless reasons to smile.

My life has been less stressful ever since I met you. There is this magic about your voice that heals my brokenness. I love you now and always. Happy new month friend.

Hey friend, I miss your company, and I pray this new month usher you into amazing things. Happy new month.

My wish for this new month is that we make this friendship a better one. Happy new month dear friend.

Friends are not scarce, but a true friend is rare to find. That’s why I cherish you as I would myself. Happy new month beloved. Always know that I do care.

Dear friend, without you I am certainly incomplete. Have a great month ahead.

You give life taste and friendship meaning. I want you to know that I appreciate you in every way. Happy new month dear.

Life is a puzzle, you fill into every missing part. I am glad I found you. Happy new month.

Hey friend! Happy new month. I love you!

Every moment with you is a sweet memory I would love to reminisce. Let’s create more memories. Happy new month.

I don’t want to ever have the thought of losing you, else I will be eternally broken. Always keep in mind that I do not take this friendship for granted. Happy new month.

Dear friend, no matter what it takes or how much it would cost. I will always be with you in heart. Happy new month.

You make me feel strong even when the world makes me weak. You take good care of me when I am sick. You make me see life as a reality and not just a dream. I am the luckiest person that will ever exist. I love you infinitely. Happy new month.

Hey! thanks for being such an amazing friend. Your type is rare to find. Happy new month.

Sweet Friendship Messages to my Best Friends

Happy New Month Wishes and Friendship Quotes

Since it’s a new month, I will tell you one of my secrets. I have always envied your kind and loving mature, I someday hope to be like you. Happy new month.

Amongst the many treasurable things of this life, you’re the most valuable to me. I pray this new month bring answers to your prayers.

Dearest friend, you’re worth more than all of the world’s currencies put together. Your value is immeasurable. Have an amazing month.

New months bring new opportunities and open doors. I pray this new month kick open all the doors of success for you. Happy new month.

I would have not been able to forgive myself if I had let you go on the first day we met. Because you’re worth more than everyone else I have met before. Have a month that is as amazing as you are.

Every new day comes with lessons, every new month comes with open doors of blessings. As you step into the new month, your doors of countless blessings is widely open. Happy new month.

Welcome to your month of innumerable favour and thanks for being a true friend.

I can’t imagine what my story would have been without you by my side. I pray that in this new month you become even much more strengthened than ever before.

Our relationship has no rules yet and we all play our roles perfectly, that’s the more reason why I believe you’re my God sent companion. Happy new month.

Hey! New months are too unique to wear a sad face, cheer up let your smile glimmer as always. Happy new month.

You kindle the smiles on my darkest nights, you give me a reason to live and to love. You’re the best friend in the world. And it is you I love. Happy new month.

Words cannot express all what I feel and how much I value this friendship. I love you immensely. Happy new month.

A new month, a new wish. For this month, my wish is that you earn all you deserve and never miss any good thing that is meant to be yours. Happy new month.

A fond wish for a funny friend. Smile till your teeth colours grey. Happy new month.

Wishes don’t always come true so I have decided to pray for you; may your feet never lead you to the path of evil. May your ears not hear anything that will hurt and your eyes never see any evil in this new month. Happy new month.

Hey! Cheer up man. This month promises to give you countless reasons to laugh. Happy new month.

Best Friend Quotes For the Month

There are no relationships with no differences amongst the parties, but your differences make you exceptionally unique. I value you. Happy new month.

I do not remember the day we met but I cannot forget the memories we share. Happy new month dear friend.

At the time when I was too broken to walk, you showed up and gave me reasons to run. I am grateful for everything you’ve done. Happy new month.

Happy new month dear, always remember that you mean a whole lot to me and I am unendingly grateful for your love.

I am not afraid of boasting about you anywhere and at any time. You’re what friendship truly means. Happy new month.

If you were nominated for the World’s Best Friend Awards, no one else would compete. Happy new month.

When all hopes seem to have been lost, you show up like an angel to bring me love. Happy new month friend.

Dear friend, I promise not to trade this friendship for the purest of gold. You’re worth more than anything money can afford.

Friendie! Love, joy, peace and happiness is all that you deserve. I pray the new month brings them all to your doorstep.

Hey friend! In case you forgot. let me remind you. You’re a rare gem. Have a pleasant month.

Your company is one of the best things I enjoy. Not because of the wine or the clubs. But because you’re such a special and kind hearted friend. Do have a great month.

I have always known that you’ve been praying for me, so whenever I see answers I simply envy how much of favor God has bestowed on you. Happy new month dear friend.

Dear friend, How do you get to know how I feel even without me opening up. You sometimes make me feel there is something supernatural about you. You are special. Happy new month.

I never believed it would be possible for us to come this far. I still remember how rough our beginnings were, but the higher we go, the smother and better we become. I pray we become even greater. Have a splendid month.

Dear friend, I pledge to be your friend all through this journey. To fight when you fight and to hold you when you’re weak. To love when everyone else scorns. I promise to be there when you need me. Happy new month.

Life before meeting you was tasteless. But when I found you everything changed for the best. I love you like I do love myself. Happy new month my dearest lover and friend.

I have grown to love you even for reasons I cannot tell. Happy new month friend.

Happy new month dearest friend, you’ve always been of great support to me and I can in no way you undervalue this relationship.

Dear friend, thank you for everything and the many things we’ll do together. I pray this month showers blessings upon us.

Happy new month, world best friend.

Dear best friend, remember I love you. Happy new month to you.

May everything you desire be yours. Happy new month.

Dear friend, I’m grateful to you for helping me achieve this great height. Happy new month.

Dear friend, my prayer for you this month is that God’s blessings will never bypass you. Happy new month.

They say friends bring out the best in us, and you my friend is specically one of those. Happy new month.

Best Friend Messages For the New Month

The greatest gift God gave me is giving you to me as a friend. Happy new month.

Dear friend, of the many things of this life you’re the most invaluable of them all. Happy new month.

Your dedication to friendship is magical. I love you. I wish you a blessed month.

My prayer for you in this new month is that your head be lifted high above that of your enemies. Happy new month dear.

Dear friend, I want you to know that i hold you dear and will climb heights with you. Happy new month.

Friendship is the most expensive ship in the world. That’s why I value you the most. Happy new month.

My prayer for this month is that mighty eyes of God watch over you. Happy new month.

True friends stand by you at the point when you’re most broken. Thanks for being that true friend. Happy new month.

Hey friend! here’s my wish for you in this new month, that all you lay your hands upon yield plenteous fruits. Happy new month.

Things might not be going very fine now, but I can assure you like in our childhood days, the sun will certainly shine soon. Happy new month.

Dark moments don’t last forever, smile there is light a few steps further. Happy new month, dear friend.

Dear friend, our friendship is one among the other things money can’t afford. Happy new month.

For being that true friend who always stood by me and give better reasons to smile, I wish you an amazing new month.

There were many times when you took unimaginable risks for me. I will always be proud of you. Happy new month, dear friend.

Dear friend, your kind gestures cannot be repaid with just words. I cherish you. Happy new month.

Having you as a friend has made me the happiest person who is living on earth. Happy new month.

You’re the one person that gives me hope when all of life seem hopeless. Happy new month.

Hey! I pray for you, may all the good things of life be attracted to you. Happy new month, friend.

For this new month, I make you a promise, I’ll always be there when you need me. Happy new month.

I still do go through our pictures once in every month, to see how far we have come. I am glad you stayed this long. Happy new month pal.

Family is a relationship connected by blood. Friendship is a relationship connected by love and dedication. Thanks for being my friend. Happy new month.

Always keep in mind that, you’re one very special friend I have come to love and admire. Happy new month.

The memories of our childhood are evergreen. I pray this new month gives us to opportunity to create newer memories. Happy new month.

I have always believed in you and I’m not stopping now either. Happy new month.

Sometimes I feel like you cast a spell on me, and if you really did, I’m not ready to break out. I am in love with you. Happy new month.

I am the happiest person because not everyone in the world have the priviledged of having you as a friend. I love you, do have a lovely month.

You’re the most intelligent person I have seen. How you look through my eyes to see what’s in my heart is one thing that still amazes me. Happy new month.

I sent you a million smiles and I am wishing you countless reasons to laugh in this New month.

Happy New Month Quotes to Best Friend

Sometimes I feel the best way to define you is to simply say friendship is you and you’re friendship. Thanks for being an amazing friend. Here’s wishing you the best of the new month.

True friends are worth more than gold. You’re gold to me. Happy new month.

I am most grateful to God for meeting you, thanks for being an amazing pal. Happy new month.

If relationships are products that do come with price tags, I’ll certainly not afford you all my life. Happy new month.

Our friendship is one in a million and a million in one. Happy new month dear friend.

The strongest of all bonds is that of friendship like the one we share. I wish you the very best in this new month.

I Promise to always stay by you even when things go dark, because, I am certain your future is exceptionally bright. Happy new month.

Your kind of friendship is a perfect epitome of unquenchable love. Once more I am proud of you. Happy new month.

Friends are divine ways of solving problems. You’re one of those amazing problems solver in my life. Do have a pleasant month.

Hey friend, Best wishes and immeasurable love. Yours’ sincerely, Best friend.

You’ve been amazing and you’ve touched my life in many amazing ways. I’m indeed grateful. Happy new month.

We don’t choose friends, God sends them. Thanks for being my God sent friend. Happy new month

Dear friend, everyone has flaws because no one is perfect. But I will always appreciate the differences between us. It is what makes you unique. Happy new month. I love you.

Happy new month. More wins to this friendship.

If trophies were given in friendship, you’ve won gold. Happy new month.

Your smile is like the reflection of diamonds, your heart is pure as gold. Have a great month.

Your talk is like the summer wind which often frees me from life’s cold. Happy new month.

When next you’re asked what friendship means, it is simply an encounter between two precious soul, like ours. Happy new month, dear friend.

To you my friend, I wish you success, gladness and undeserved favour in this new month.

For staying around despite my inadequacies, I pray your wishes, talk more your prayers never cease to come to pass in this new month. Happy new month.

You’ve been loyal and I’ve been stubborn. I’m still not ready to change. Happy new month.

My prayer for you in this new month is God’s immeasurable favour.

I don’t know how others define friendship, but as for me when asked what friendship means I’ll pick up my phone and point a finger at your picture. Happy new month.

I remember the first day we met and who would believe we’ll be best of friends. Maybe only angels. Happy new month.

I’m sending this happy new month text because they said show me your friend and It’ll tell who you are. Since you’re my friend and I’m sending this text to you, I’m simply wishing myself a Happy new month.

Happy new month friend, go seize the world like you’ve always done.

My prayer in this new month is that this beautiful friendship of ours wax stronger. Happy new month.

I don’t regret any of the memories we’ve shared. It gives me joy to see a part of my beginnings follow me all through life. Happy new month.

You know no one wishes themselves anything bad. For this new month I’m wishing you all the good things I wish myself.

Without friendship, love would sound like a fairytale. Thanks for being an awesome friend. Happy new month.

Thanks for everything and most especially for friendship. I wish you the very best of this month.

Inspirational Quotes for Friends

Those who said gold and diamonds are the most precious didn’t meet you. Nothing beats your awesomeness. Happy new month.

I have learnt that the greatest gifts a man can ever get is a friend. Thanks for being that gift to me. Happy new month.

If I’m opportune to choose a friend, I’ll choose you over and over again. You’ve been indeed a special one. Happy new month.

Joy, peace, love and good fortune are all what I wish you in this new month.

The fact about true friendship is that we do not choose who to be our friends. it just happens and everything seem to work perfectly. I celebrate you dear. Happy new month.

New months are not just meant for wishes alone. Sometimes we need recall the memories of our past. And whenever I do, you seem to be the lead picture on my mind. Have an amazing month.

Amongst the countless men under the sun, you’re the only one worth being called a friend. May this month being good will to your door step.

Friends are the greatest investments in life because they have greater ROI. That’s why I keep you as one. Happy new month.

Dear friend, truly God doesn’t give us what we want, but what we need. You’re one of those persons I need In this new month and always.

Friendship is like connecting to a wireless network. Despite the distance, whenever you come back we will continue on the hotspot.

Happy New Month SMS For Friends

Dear friend, I’m finding it inadequate to tell you I love you. Just know I do. Happy new month.

I promise that in this new month, despite the storm I’ll lend a hand and a shoulder to lean on. Happy new month.

My prayer for you this new month is that heaven shines its light to guide you all through this month.

Amongst smiles yours is warm. Amongst friends you’re the best. Happy new month.

I sincerely want to warn you. Please do not show up in my dreams anymore, I can’t have you for 24hours in 31 days.

If you were an element, you’re Oxygen. You should know how special you are already. I totally cherish you. I hope I show you as much as I tell you. Happy new month.

Happy new month friend. Make the best of life.

You’re not born to lose. In this new month there will be no such cases.

Good friendship is not the absence of fights and quarell but the depth of love and memories we share. Happy new month.

Hey! its a new month already, get your stuffs let’s go create memories.

Hey pally, I am certainly sure there are better days ahead and those days start today. Happy new month.

Hey! Thanks for being strong and brave. Happy new month.

For always giving me a reason to smile, I wish you for goodluck and favor. Happy new month.

Happy new month friend, say a few words of prayers. I’ve also sent an Amen to your prayers.

I certainly won’t get into trouble, but if I do I won’t be scared because I have you. Have a stress-free and fun-filled month.

Hey friend, don’t get scared, life is not as serious as you think. Happy new month.

Whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, I’ll also be a pillar to hold you. Happy new month.

Maybe relationships are industries, ‘because I tirelessly enjoy your company. Happy new month.

Hey, ensure you rise after every fall and whenever you feel discouraged remember I always believe in you. Happy new month.

Since time is money friends like you are worth every minute. Happy new month.

I understand you’re facing some heat, but always remember to come out stronger than you went into the furnace. I got your back, dear friend. Happy new month.

Beyond the gists, the quarrels. You’re just one exceptional person. I love you, friend. Happy new month.

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