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Paragraphs for your Best Friends

Long text messages for friends: Friends without doubt are the most precious gifts anyone can possess. It is true because, even love does not work without friendships, our friends are powerful tools of influence and strength.

Paragraphs for your best friends: Friends without doubt are the most precious gifts anyone can possess. It is true because, even love does not work without friendships, our friends are powerful tools of influence and strength.

Paragraphs For My Best Friend

We might not have had the opportunity to choose the kind of families we come from, but we have the right to choose our friends.

Friendship is not just about the memories we share, true friends are like light; they brighten us up on gloomy nights and give us a shoulder to lean on in trying times.

The benefits of true friendship cannot be compared with that of any other kind of relationship. And that is why these special people deserve to celebrated each and every day of our lives. And be reminded often of how much they mean to us.

But, how do you let them know exactly how you feel about them and how much they mean to you? These beautifully written friendship texts, will express in the most perfect way your heartfelt gratitude and love to your dear friends, for the roles they have played in your life and how lucky and blessed you are to have them in your life

Long Paragraphs for Best Friends

Our friendship is like a death sentence, me and you forever, whether you like it or not. If I am accused of any crime, I will mention you as my partner. If I would have to rob a bank, it must be me and you. No matter what life offers, I promise to stand by your side because you’re a friend worth fighting for. I just want you to know that, we are staying together in this friendship for better and for worse.

I am grateful for the many good and naughty things you taught me. For being my companion when we did good and really crazy things. Friends like you are as scarce as precious stones. Thanks for understanding my flaws, for standing by me when all of life seemed like a war. For pushing me to do crazy things. For not just being a friend but a brother. Also, thanks for listening to my boring stories, I am sure it really never made sense, but you always listened. I am grateful for everything you are to me – Making you my friend is one of the decision I will never regret in this life. I do hope we do many more crazy things together in this life and even in the next.

I know I have been crazy, but I still wonder how you’re able to tolerate my imperfections, support me when I thought I was alone in this journey. I am still wondering how you were able to do all those things you did to keep me happy, even when it cost you more than money. You have proven to me that when we love and care for someone, nothing else is really important. Thank you for staying strong and for believing in me – even when I doubted myself. I still think I do not deserve you, thank you for all that you are. You are the best and always know that I love you, now and always.

I don’t really bother about not seeing you every day because I have a picture of you smiling right here in my heart. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you because I value you and the friendship that we share above every other person or thing here on Earth. So, even if we don’t call or see each other often, my thoughts and good wishes are with you always. And no matter what happens, I will never stop loving you my dear.

It is true that you are such a crazy person, but I don’t mind having you as my best friend even in my next life. You have always made me proud of the saying, ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ because I can boldly show you off to anyone at any time because I am proud of the man you’re becoming.

I used to think I was really crazy and funny until I met you. And when I did, I discovered you were funnier and even more intelligent than I am. You are one friend that I love and always crave to be with, because there is always something new to learn, something funny to laugh over, something joyful to share, and something delicious to eat. I have not forgotten that you’re an excellent cook, I promise I will never miss coming to your house every weekend. I love you.

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Long Messages for Best Friend

Sometimes I want to call you my counsellor, because even on the darkest night, you always gave me a listening ear to narrate all of my worries and troubles. Your soft heart and ever welcoming arms makes me always feel safe. And I’m not worried because I know that there’s someone, somewhere in this world, who I can trust and wholly rely on. I can’t give you up in exchange for anything. Because, losing you will be selling off a priceless jewel and a wealth of sweet memories.

True friendship defies age, tribe and race. But even truer friends defy all the odds to be with the one person they love and trust. I want you to know that you are that one person I have and trust. I promise to cherish, love and protect this friendship in the best way I can. I promise to be with you even if everyone else leaves. I promise to be all that a true friend is meant to be. I love you dear friend.

Dear friend, I can’t imagine what this life would have been without you in my life. I am not sure I would have gotten this far without you. You have always stood by me through the thick and thin times. All through the rough times, when all of life seemed hopeless. I cannot but say you are a blessing and one of the best things that has happened to me in my entire life.

Long Messages for Best Friend
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Sometimes, I suspect the angels were very happy and busy singing on the day that you were born, that’s why you have such a melodious voice that can quench anger and heal pain. I am unendingly grateful for the times you help lit a smile on my face. For the days you gave me hope when I felt all hope was lost. I might not have been the best friend in the world, but you are the best friend I have seen in this World. Thank you for making my life a beautiful one. I still wonder what I would have done without you.

I did not know what genuine love and friendship meant until I met you. You have taught me what it really means to love and care for someone despite all odds. I marvel at how you create time for us to sit, feel the breeze and enjoy every minute, despite your very busy schedules, I truly proves that you love how much you care. I love you dearest friend.

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Paragraphs for your Best Friends to Wake Up to

Sometimes I want to think maybe we are family, but God just decided to send you to earth from different mothers, because what we share is far more than what mere friendship can offer. Your love, your kind heart, your listening ear makes me confident enough to share anything with you. You always stood by my side during the best and even the trying times. No one expects all these from a friend.

I just want to let you know that, no matter how far you go, i will cross many waters to be with you. I will walk a thousand miles to be by your side. Because the thought of having you as a friend alone, brings me smiles and enough reasons to live. I’m proud to have you in my life.

So I see you like a sister, who knows me in and out, even when I try to put on a fake smile, you stare through my eyes and ask what’s wrong. Today I want you to know how special you are to me, because you are much more than a friend, you are what a family means to me. I love you dear friend.

Even if I was told to trade people and places, I would still choose you and the same place we met, because no one can take your place in my life. You are a blessing to me and I can’t risk losing you, not even for a day. You have showed me what true friendship is and I must confess that I am indebted to you for a life time.

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Inspiration for your Best Friends on Instagram

If you were a subject, no one will be able to study you because you are just too complex, and that’s what makes me even more attracted to you. You always have a way to surprise everyone and to put a smile on people’s faces. I am glad for the beautiful times we have shared together, and I am hoping that you stay around so we can create many more. Thanks for being such an amazing friend.

I am right here staring at our pictures, your brilliant smile, your lanky but intimidating height. I can’t stop laughing at how young and timid we were. It’s several years down the line, and we’re still together. Even if I don’t love you for anything, I will always love you for your innumerable funny jokes.

They say we do not choose family, but we can choose our friends. I still can’t remember choosing you. Meeting you was a divine plan. And I am so blessed to have such a beautiful soul like you as my dear friend.

Today, I am going to drop my pride and beg you to stay in my life for ever. Because you really mean so much to me and I can’t imagine what I would have done without you all through these years. Since I met you, I have realized that it true that if God wants to bless and lift a man, he sends the right people into his life and there could be no other right person than you. I cherish every moment we spend together. I am glad I have you in my life, also remember that I love you.

Words can’t fully express how much I feel about you, there are no perfect words to fully describe someone special and amazing like you. You have been a blessing to me ever since we met. And I am grateful to God for bringing you into my life. Thanks for everything, I love you now and always.

I wish that you could see through my heart and see how much I love and think about you everyday. Having you in my life makes me the luckiest person in the world, meeting a beauty like you is a divine plan and I do not regret ever crossing paths with an angel like you.

Cheers to the most wonderful friend in the world. I pray this day that God bless and protect us and may our friendship span many more years. May we never miss the joy of being friends for the rest of our lives.

Growing up with you around was really stressful, not everyone in this world can bear your troubles and fights. But then, I do not regret growing up with you because you’re such a special person and your types are rare to find anywhere. Today, I want you to know that despite the fact that we are now grown-ups and can no longer play with sand or throw pillows around. I value every moment we have share and I do crave for more. Thanks for being in my life, best friend.


Whenever we walk past, I see people’s envious eyes peering at us, I’m sure they are wondering what made our bond so strong. Despite all the struggles, our friendship is the best in the world. No matter the storm or the weather, I promise to stand by you just the same way you always stood by me. I want you to always know that you are the best friend in the world.

I wouldn’t have come this far without you in my life. You have played a significant role in all of my journey, I can’t but appreciate you for being a part of my success story. And even if I have the chance to choose a friend again – I will choose you over and over again. I love you.

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