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Success Quotes For Students in Exam and Wishes for Friends

Exams are here again and it is time to wish someone success. Because we know how powerful words are in boosting a person’s morale, we have crafted the most beautiful exam success quotes and messages to wish your friends, loved ones and just about anyone good success in their exams.

It is time to wish someone success before exams. These are success quotes for students in exams with wishes for friends. Because we know how powerful words are in boosting a person’s morale, these are simply motivational quotes for success in their exams.


Success Quotes for Students in Exam

Believe what God tells you more than what situations tell you, with God nothing is impossible. Write your exams with Grace.

Fear not you have found favour with God, He shall cause this exams to work for your favour.

Exam Success Message for Friend

Write out your expectations and as you go in for this exams you shall come out with all your expectations met. Good luck.

Sleep less and read more and your Labour will surely produce distinctive result. Success.

Don’t let the ambiguous name of a course scare you, you shall make it just believe in yourself. Best wishes.

A lot of people might have taken that course more than once and failed but your case is different, you shall come out in flying colours. Success in your exam.

You are meant for Excellence and that excellence shall find expression in your result in this exam. Wishing you excellent grades.

God created you in His image and has made you the head and not the tail, as you write your exams you shall be the head and not the tail. Best wishes.

Don’t ever go into an exam hall with fears, shake off those fears and put on a positive attitude. My best wishes are with you.

Nothing is impossible to achieve, you have to believe you can make it and you shall surely do. Goodluck. Good luck in Exams Messages.

Make sure you attend classes, make sure your notes are up to date, make sure you read your books and your materials, importantly don’t forget to pray, success shall inevitably be yours. Success

You have to develop the Spirit of self-confidence; that way you depend and believe more in yourself and careless about malpractice, surely God shall help you and crown all your efforts. Best wishes

Never stop reading and never stop praying no matter how rough it gets you shall smile at the end. Best wishes

You don’t need to be a genius to make it in this exam, may the favour of God cover all your errors . Good luck in your exams.

Be positive at all times about your courses and your lecturers and I pray that your words will go forth to produce positive effects in your result. Wishing you awesome grades.

Exam Motivational Quotes for Students

No matter how cheap a course can be, never neglect to study it. Cheap courses are those student fail mostly but as you study you shall come out in flying colours. Wishing you excellent grades.

Don’t joke with the place of study, there you will find answers to the lecturers questions and as you do that you shall come out outstanding. May your result be good.

There are situations where study alone can’t help but PRAYERS can, so pray like you haven’t read. May your efforts be crowned with awesome grades.

May the Lord cause His face to shine on you as you go in for this exams. Best wishes.

Your name is on the success list of God, this exam shall surly be a success for you. All the best. Exam Success Wishes for Loved Ones.

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The God that cause Daniel to be ten times better than all his mates shall cause you to be ten times better as you write your exams. All the best.

The God who gave King Solomon wisdom shall grant you wisdom to excel in your exams. Goodluck.

As you study in preparations for this exams, God shall cause His spirit to guide you in areas of concentrations. All the best.

Its not of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy. May God cause His mercy to be shown to you. Success.

Where your efforts stops God’s favour shall continue to give you the best in this exams. Success.

As you go in for this exams may God cause you to have distinctive marks. Best wishes.

In this exams as you write it, where you deserve a “B” or “C”, God’s favour shall change it to an “A”. Wishing you awesome grades.

Success Quotes for Myself

If God cannot fail, then I cannot fail. I Believe it. I wish myself best wishes.

And God has supervised the settings of the coming exams such that I cannot be tested beyond your ability. I am confident. I wish you all the best.

It doesn’t matter what they have told you about this exam, what matters is what God has said to you. May your results be outstanding in Jesus’ name.

Mary Kay Ash said “when you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity”. See, this exam is an opportunity to achieve greatness. I wish myself success.

George Natural Onourah once said, “Most of you want success, but you don’t want it as badly as you want to party, you don’t want it as badly as you want to be cool… You don’t want it as badly as you want to watch Arsenal, Barcelona, Manchester United, or Chelsea… You don’t want it as badly as you want to watch movies…. If you want it that badly, you will work very hard to make sure you achieve success”. May God crown your efforts with success.

No fears, no excuses, just results. I pray to God for excellent results.

Success in Exam Messages

May this exams be one of the best exams you have ever written. Good luck to you.

May the result of this exam be according to your heart desire. Best wishes.

You shall not get less than what you have prayed for, may the Almighty grant you success.

Always view yourself as the best and you shall surely be the best. Wishing you the best result

May God cause the marking scheme of this exam to be in your favour. Success wishes.

May your script be favoured by your examiners. Wishing you awesome grades.

Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay once said “You have to really believe in what you are doing, be passionate enough about it so that you will put in the hours and hard work that it takes to actually succeed, there and then you will be successful”. Please put in your best in this exam and I assure you, success is yours. All the best.

If there had been people who wrote that exam before you and made it, you shall make it more excellently. Success is yours.

Zig Ziglar once said “You are what you are or where you are because of what has gone into your mind and you can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind”. Be positive dear as you march to the path of success.

You might have failed in some things but this exam is an exception, you shall come out in flying colours.

May the Almighty grant you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be successful. Good luck.

As you shall sit for this exam my prayer for you is that you shall never forget what you have read. Best wishes.

I wish you a retentive memory as you study in preparation for your exams.

I pray that as you go in for your exams, may the Almighty God see you through. Success is yours.

You are the best dear so go in and show them what you’ve got. All the best.

You don’t need to be a genius to make it in this exam, I wish that as you proceed to write your exams, may the wisdom of God write for you. Write with grace.

Wishing you a concentrated success. Be successful.

Positive Quotes for Students

Best Wishes For University Students

You need to stop thinking of how tough they told you the exams would be and start thinking of a glorious result. Best wishes, dear.

May you come out having the best result in your exam. Success.

I pray that as you write your exams, may the Almighty cause His blessings on you and keep you in the safety of God’s grace. Success

Wishing you best of luck. May the Lord give you the enablement to do your best. All the best.

Read, pray and God,who granted your lecturers wisdom to teach you shall grant you more wisdom to accurately answer their questions. Best of luck.

May your results be stunning and sound. Work hard and I wish you the best. Good luck.

Failure isn’t an option, it doesn’t define you but you define yourself so forget about the consequences of failure and look forward to what you can acheive. Best of luck, dear.

It’s a common saying that destinies are tied to examinations, may the hand of the Lord see you through in your exams.

It’s a thing of joy to be alive to witness and write this exams, I pray that the Almighty grant you wisdom to write this exams. Best wishes.

Exam Success Wishes for Friends

It’s a common saying that exams are not the true test of knowledge, may that not be true for you, may all your sleepless nights and hard work be crowned with success.

Preparations is said to be better than prayer. It’s advisable to read as much as you pray. Wishing you success

Do your best and leave the rest for God to do and careless about malpractice. God shall give you excellent results.

As you go in for your exam, may you not be confused at any point. Success is your portion.

May you escape any form of distractions in the examination hall. Wishing you an impressive result.

May all your labour be crown with flying colours in Jesus’ name.

A man tore the word “impossible” off his dictionary, because he refused to believe impossibility exists. Never believe in impossibility. Surely success will be yours.

May you not experience sickness in this season of your exams. I wish you sound health and mind. Success.

I believe you can make it, so I pray that the Almighty God see you through in Jesus’ name.

Failing before is not a guarantee that you will fail again. Be determine to achieve success. Goodluck dear.

Success has been marked on your fore head, take it to the apex level because God has made you a success. Best wishes.

When it’s getting tough, tougher, and worse, know that success is close, Don’t quit. All the best in your exams.

Forget about your past bad grades because you know you can do excellently well. All the best.

If it means staying up at night to study, then do it and enjoy doing it. Best of luck.

Enjoy studying, look at it from a different perspective as boring, make it a hobby and you shall definitely smile at the results. All the best.

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Has anyone told you before that your memory has a larger capacity than the computer system, please use it as much as you can by studying. Give it your best shot, wishing you success.

When we play football, our minds are not set on losing, we play to have fun. So why the fear about failing even before writing your exams ? Wish you all the best

Surprises hit you when you least expect it, so shall success hit you in this exam, Good luck.

And this is the maths, Believe in yourself + hard work + prayer = Success in both exams and test. Wish you good luck.

You don’t need someone to tell you that you are brilliant, so stop the nervousness and get a grip of yourself. Wishing you success.

It is said in the university that GPA is cumulative. May God give you a GPA that will boost your CGPA. Good luck.

Your results are a strong foundation to build upon when you face the world after school, May your results be good enough to be a strong foundation for you. Success.

Being lucky is for the idle, those who work hard success is theirs. All the best.

I believe exams are set to test the state of one’s mind. So let the nerve in your mind be still, calm and relaxed. I believe you can do it. All the best.

Not everyone can be as lucky as others, so don’t depend on luck to make it, be prepared. All the best.

It’s another opportunity, yes this exam is another opportunity to show and prove that you are not worthless. Please don’t miss this opportunity. Success is yours.

Dear don’t go into that hall trying to finish yet another paper and get done but see it as an opportunity to do your best. I know your best will always be good enough. All the best.

Exams are somehow linked to one’s destiny — Excellent result is a way of saying someone has a bright future. Wishing you excellent results.

As you write this exam, it is like you are climbing a step on the ladder of your future. I pray your performance be great as you climb well. Success dear.

Surely this exam will be set to your match, it shall not be difficult for you. Best wishes.

Someone somewhere knows you are the best of your kind, so study, revise dots by dots. Wish you the best.

May your hard work cause good luck to go in with you in this exam. All the best, dear.

If you haven’t been studying then start now. It’s never too late and nothing can pull you down. My best wishes are with you.

Just as your beautiful personality, may your grades be beautiful. Good luck.

Good luck Quotes with Best Wishes

It’s all right to be stressed out while preparing for an exam but don’t let it bring you down, stress was only meant to stretch you to full potential. Best wishes.

Be disciplined to create a study timetable and follow it, make studying one among your priorities in school. Success will surely be knocking at your door. Wishing you beautiful grades.

Start visualising what you want your grades to look like, I pray that your visions about your grades shall be brought to manifestation in Jesus name.

Let go of the distractions you might be having now and face your studies, when success comes everything will fall in place. Best wishes.

If a man is diligent in his work he shall not stand before ordinary man but kings —Holy Bible. May your results create a chance for you to stand before great men in Jesus name. Success.

Exams period might be horrible days for some people but choose to make the best out of it. Good luck in your exams.

Devote the night and day periods of your exams studying. It shall be difficult for success to miss you. All the best dear.

Face your exams like a soldier in a battle field, be equipped with facts, figures and every details you need in your brain to conquer this exam battle. I wish you success in your exams.

Preparations they said is better, so be prepared at all time in other not to be caught unawares by tests and exams. I wish you luck in your exams.

You might not be a fan of education, but it’s something you need to get. So put your best in this exam and I assure you success is waiting for you.

And many people believe exams were meant to be tough and agonising but I pray that your exams shall go smooth and easy for you. Wishing you an awesome result.

Never neglect any topic no matter how small it is because the probability of a topic coming up in an exam increases when one decides to ignore it. Good luck.

To make exams more interesting and exciting, focus more on understanding, be creative in your mind rather than cramming. Wishing you a better understanding.

When asked how is your exams? Be positive to say great, because it shall come out greatly. My best wishes are with you.

Have you heard of this law “every book will continue to be at rest or covered with dust until some external or internal exams moves it” so blow off those dust and get to business. Best wishes.

Your brain is an outstanding organ that functions properly in a relaxed atmosphere, try to create that type of atmosphere in the exam hall. Get rid of the fears and be calm. Good luck.

You don’t need to be a genius but you need to have confidence. Good luck.

It is believed that every bad situation will have something good in it, your exam is not to cause you to fail but to bring the best out of you. Be the best you can be in this exams.

Luck is dynamic, it comes and go, but hard work is a path we can tread on. Choose to tread on the path of hard work and may luck find you. All the best.

You have an inner ability that this exams wants to uncover. So face it with boldness. I pray that may you come out with awesome grades.

That you made it in your last exams does not make success in the present exams automatic. Persist in your efforts until your victory makes a history. Good luck.

May your attitude in this exam be positive always and I pray that you shall fly at the highest altitude. Success is yours.

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Start your exams in the name of God, write your exams with the help of God, finish it with thanks to God because He decides and makes everything possible. My best wishes are with you

50% of your exams will be based on that one lecture you missed and the one topic you didn’t read. Unavoidably attend your lectures, read and study your materials. Success.

I believe you can do it, GOODLUCK.

As you are putting in your best to come out outstanding in this exams, I wish you all the luck in the world. Write your exams with grace.

Motivational Messages for Success

Gather all the courage you can come by because you will be needing it in the exam hall. I wish you excellent result.

Forget and erase any thought of failing, think about success and you shall surely be successful. All the best.

As you approach your exams, I wish you victory on all sides. May you finish successfully.

Exams can be tough and difficult. Exams period can be rough periods, but if you work hard enough you shall eventually triumph. Good luck.

Do not give up even if your preparations were not adequate enough, do not feel disheartened, you can do it and you will do it. All the best.

All the best for those who believe in hard work, for there is no red carpet to success, but after success every road becomes a red carpet. Best wishes.

Get your mind ready to be struck by success because genuine success comes only to those that are ready for it. Good luck.

Exam Success Quotes

Visualise success, think success, plan success, dream success, act success and you shall accomplish success. Best wishes for your exams.

As students, every exams gives us an opportunity to rise just like the sunrise gives us hope. Wishing you all the best.

Just imagine examination as a tree and success as a flower, you need to climb up the tree to pluck the flower. May God give you the strength and ability to climb that tree and pluck the flower of success. Best wishes.

A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step, success in your exams as it is the first step in your career. Good luck.

Stop complaining and looking back at your past failures. A successful student is one who uses his last failures as an energizing stimuli to activate success in his result. Success, dear.

Aim at the sky, if you can’t reach it then surely you shall land on the stars. Wishing you the best in your exam.

The sky shall not be your limit but a stepping stone to your feet. All the best.

As you go in for your exams, may luck, favour and God’s blessings go in with you. Wishing you the best.

Don’t make your mind panic due to the exam. Believe and have confidence in yourself, God shall help you get success. Wishing you all the best.

As candle is a source of light so hope is a source of success. Don’t lose your hope. Failures might try to blow it out, guard it with both hands. Success.

Use your past in the present to get to your future. I pray that your expectations be brought to pass. Good luck.

May the results of this exams bring smiles on your face. My best wishes are with you.

It is believed that persistence is the twin of success. I pray that God causes your persistence in study to yield excellent grades. Good luck.

It’s not yet time to relax so keep working towards your goals, till you achieve excellence. Don’t relax. Best wishes.

Everybody was born with fear in them but the brave put theirs down and go forward. May you be brave enough in this exams and may you soar high in Jesus’ name. Success dear.

Being afraid doesn’t make you feel better, it only empties your strength. Be fearless and success shall be yours. All the best.

Set your expectations on high. Don’t lower your goals to meet your abilities instead raise your abilities to the height of your goals. Best wishes in your exams.

A paper flying in the air is due to luck but a bird flies due to its effort. So if luck is not with you, efforts are always there to support you. Be successful dear.

Your brain can’t on its own work for you until you make it work by studying. Wishing you an awesome memory and great grades.

You failed yesterday does not mean you will keep on failing. A sunset here is a sunrise on the other end of the world. Never give up, success will be yours.

As you go in for your exams, I have only one option for you and that is success. Be successful dear.

Everyone is prone to failure but attitude makes the difference of success. Write your exams with God’s grace.

Spend more time in study than in speaking. Only Parrots speak, Eagles are silent but have the will power to touch the sky. All the best.

Exam Success Wishes and Prayers for my Love

God shall not allow what is more than you to come to you, so defeat your fears with great confidence. Wishing you the best.

Try your best. It’s said that if you don’t try then you ensure failure but if you try you only risk failure. I wish you all the best you will be needing in this exams.

Setting the exams question is not in our hands but writing it well is in our hands. I wish you success as you write your exams.

Failure is a way we think about outcomes, I believe you are the best so be the best in your exams. Good luck.

Keep chasing perfection, somewhere on the way you might catch excellence. Wishing you an excellent result.

Desire, dream and have a vision to come out the best in your exams. My best wishes are with you.

The difference between a successful student and others is not lack of knowledge but discipline. Be disciplined in your studies surely God shall crown your efforts.

Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the laughing stock pad. If you believe you can, you surely can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. So believe in yourself that you can. All the best from me.

When everyone else quits, keep studying on extra seconds. Sometimes one more second of efforts gives victory. Good luck.

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May the angels of the Lord bring you good tidings for this exams in Jesus’ name Amen. Success.

I pray that the Almighty releases His fresh Grace, Favour, Wisdom on you as you march in for this exams. My best wishes are with you.

Be determined for success and success shall be yours. Good luck in your exams.

A gift landed from Heaven this morning with your name written on it and it reads SUCCESS. Wishing you massive success, dear.

Wishing you multiple streams of ideas in that hall. All the best.

May you not go low on ideas as your storm into your exam. Write with grace.

May your memory be blessed with ideas that will turn into awesome grades for you. Write your exams excellently.

May your hands never cease to write the correct things on your answer booklet. I wish you success.

I wish you heaven’s best wishes. Write excellently and come out excellently. Best wishes.

May your memory never fail you. Wishing you a blessed memory to write your exams well. Good luck.

It takes God nothing to give you an excellent result. I pray He gives you an excellent result. Success dear.

As God chose to pick David out to be King among others, may God choose to pick your result out to be the best amongst the rest. Success wishes.

I pray that you possess in you the spirit of excellence as you march in for your exams. Be successful.

And God is not a man to lie and he has promised that you shall be the head and not the tail. Wishing you Massive success.

Even if it becomes tough for you, think like a proton, always positive. I am wishing you the best you can achieve.

Let your grades be affirmed by you and not just what anyone says. Be your own best wishes. Good luck dear.

May your strength not fail you as you go in for this exams in Jesus name, Amen. Best wishes.

God’s thought for you is to bring your expectations to pass. I pray that whatever you have been praying and hoping that this exams look like, may God Almighty bring your expectations to pass in Jesus’ name, Amen. Wish you excellent grades.

You weren’t created to fail but to acheive greatness, may your results pave way for you to acheive greatness. Success.

May you not experience any form of misfortune that will cause your mind to be restless in this period of your exams. My best wishes are with you.

May God grant you the ability to write your exams well. Best wishes.

Whatever is your desire for this exam, make it known to God in prayers and He will bring it to pass. Wishing you success.

Just as white ants are attracted to sugar may God’s favour be attracted to your results. Excellent results dear.

May God position your mind in the right place to think positive about this exam and may you come out in your best. Success.

Best Exam Success Prayers

I am wishing you Heavens best in this exam may you be among the best. Success dear.

You don’t have to be a scholar to become a scholar but you have to be a scholar to become a scholar. It’s never late to get started, wishing you the best. All the best.

Persistence is much gain to success, never give up, don’t quit. Best wishes.

May your result in this exam cause you to smile and have more confidence in yourself. Success.

Those that looked down on you because of your past performance shall look up to you because of your present performance in this exam. All the best.

May you be like a tree planted by the river side flourishing at all season including in your result. Best wishes.

May God’s supply for you be sufficient in this season of your exams. All the best.

May you never lack in all things as you march in for your exams. I wish you Heaven’s abundant supply upon you. Good luck in your exams.

It is better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure. May you be exhausted from success in this exam in Jesus’ name Amen. Success

Failures refuse to travel that extra mile. The choice is yours and yours alone. I wish you massive success.

May the Lord guide you on what to write as you sit for your exams. Success dear.

Just as the counsel of Ahitophel could not stand, may the counsel of the ungodly concerning your exams be brought to nothing in Jesus name. Success awaits you.

May everything that seems to exhort itself against the success of your exams be brought to low in Jesus name Amen. May you have an excellent result.

May the angels of the Lord bear you up on their wings, may they guide you through this exam. I wish you the best in these exams.

May your result be greased by the oil of the Lord, may it be favoured. Wishing you an excellent result.

Success is a product of vision, diligence, commitment, and dedication. May these be your watchwords and I pray that the Almighty will grant you success.

All the best. Thank you for visiting. Xoxo!

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