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Sweet Heart Touching Friendship Messages

This is importantly true friendship quotes and messages needed to inspire our friends and loved ones when they are facing hard times.

Sometimes, life can be a bit tough. Everyone needs a dose of inspiration or reassurance to bring us out of those down moments in our lives. This is important because sweet heart touching friendship messages are needed to inspire our friends and loved ones when they are facing hard times.

Below is a list of beautifully written motivational/inspiration text for your friends and loved ones. Pick anyone of these characters and help rekindle their fire.

Don’t underestimate your little daily efforts, little plus little plus little will become great. So you’re heading the right way.

Heart Touching Friendship Messages

There are so many depressed and desperate voices in the world, so you must be careful about who and what you listen to. You shouldn’t spend so much time listening to bad news when you can create good news.

Worrying changes nothing, so sometimes you have to let go of the things that are out of your control and let life be.

You have to work, you have to play too, don’t take life too serious at any point. So don’t do any too much of anything.

Remember, who you are today is a resultant of the decisions you made yesterday, so today, decide carefully what you want to be tomorrow.

When you look back and you see no one, look into your heart, you’ll see me there. I promise to be with you always.

Be yourself always. No one else in the world can be like you and you can’t be like anyone too. Don’t forget, you are exceptional.

Don’t be sad because everyone else is, you have your own life, so decide.

Don’t let the sad stories you have heard influence you, you have your own life and the power to write and rewrite your own story.

Don’t kill your joy by comparing your process with other people’s results. Enjoy the process, it is in the process that we learn, so don’t skip the process.

It’s alright to feel you can’t do it anymore, simply take a break, have some fun and then get back to work.

You might not have control over the world, but you have total control over what happens in your own life, so choose what you want not what the wants.

If everyone else in the world looks down on you, there should be no point when you should look down on yourself. It’s your life, don’t let people feed you with their own negativity.

There are no shortcuts in life, do the work so that you can earn the gains.

Emotional Friendship Messages

Remember to love and smile always, it’s that same old law, ‘what you give is what you will receive’.

Failures are events and events always come and go, successes are in stages there is always one more step ahead to climb.

Trust me, you can’t do it all by yourself, you need to trust God to guide you through. The good news is he is always willing and ever ready to guide us.

Do not be afraid or intimidated, you have just one life to live, so you have to live it the best way you can.

Dear friend, life won’t be easy so you have to be a super-hard player too.

Don’t wait until you get a presidential handshake, get in front of the mirror, tap yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself all the good and beautiful things you have ever wanted to hear.

Hey buddy, don’t bank on wishes, pray, plan, prepare and give in your best.

You have to continue striving to do more, if not for anyone, for that voice deep within you that tells you that you can accomplish more.

You are not too young or too old to be great. Greatness is the recompense for trying harder after of fall.

You must be willing to accept that in life, the harder it becomes the better your chances of being great.

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True Friendship Quotes

Don’t be in haste with life, speeding without reaching your destination is simply a waste of energy. Take your time, live every moment to the fullest.

Put on that your brilliant smile, it proves that you have the power to decide to be happy even during the toughest times.

It’s very okay to cry when things go wrong, but you have to get up, wipe your tears and put on your smile again, because even the skies after a heavy rain still let the sun to shine.

Don’t stay too long in the past when you have so much to enjoy in the present and much more to memories to create in the future.

Don’t let the bitterness of the past ruin your life, because as we grow older life will get sweeter.

Anytime you feel like giving up remember how far you have come. Don’t let this challenge spoil your winning streak.

You could also laugh over everything that has made you cry. Happiness is still a choice, so choose to be happy.

The toughest periods in our lives come with the greatest lessons, so don’t just feel the pains, learn from them and come out wiser and stronger.

It is okay not to feel alright sometimes, but it is wrong to remain in that state for so long. While you have better things to enjoy.

No one has a perfect life, we all have bad days, weeks and even months. We can only decide to be happy after all.

With you, friendship has made much sense to me, how can one love an individual who is not related by blood so much. I value you dear friend, you are my motivation.

True friend are truthful, they tell you the truth even without fear of losing gains or favor. You are the one and only true friend that i have. I love you.

I know there are so many reasons why you should’nt try; fear and lack of motivation. I want to you to know that you are bigger than these seeming obstacles, so go out there and win.

After every fall remember that there is so much more happy moments in stock for you.

It is going to be tough, so you must learn to keep your head up.

Buddy, your current experience is a bend not an end, so be hopeful. Life is going to be fun and lively once again.

Everyone has his or her wars to fight, face yours. I trust you will come out braver and stronger.

Dear Friend, ‘the sky will be your limit’ is an old saying, people’s foot prints are on the moon already. My prayer for you is the sky will be your starting point.

The most valuable things most times are intangibles and our deepest feelings most times cannot be expressed with words, that’s how I feel whenever I am with you. Words cannot express how I truly feel for you.

All these hard times is a hint from Life’s conspiracy plan of saving the better for later. So don’t give up.

It is not about how much money you have or how handsome you look, It is about how much influence you have on me and I am grateful for having such an amazing person like you in my life.

Every effort counts, so don’t for once think that all your efforts will be in vain, success is the accumulation of tiny efforts.

Life is a classroom, failures and success are teachers we should all learn from.

Don’t panic or get yourself stressed up over the things in your life that you cannot change. If the obstacles seem insurmountable, find your way around it.

One of the best gifts God gives to men is a loyal friend, and I am glad and so fortunate to be the one blessed by God with such a friend like you.

Best Friend Quotes

Continue putting in your best, little drops of water still make mighty oceans. You efforts won’t be in vain.

Never look down on yourself for any reason, no one can ever be like you because you’re unique and extraordinary, so be yourself and get better every day.

Don’t get overly concerned with what most people say about you, most people are sad and want everyone else to be sad too.

You might not have all the money in the world yet, but you’re the best friend in the world and I can’t stand the chance of loosing you.

Imagine a life without challenges. Challenges are landmarks that show that we’re actually moving forward, so face them and overcome them.

The opposite of IN is OUT, so in everything you do, put in your best and you’ll become the best in all that you do.

The stars shine the most when the sky is dark, so don’t worry too much, you’re definitely going to shine through these hard times. I love you my best friend.

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Friendship Words and Inspirational Quotes

Sweet Heart Touching Friendship Messages

Your love, commitment, and support have proven to me that you truly love and value this relationship. I love you my friend and I promise to stand by you always.

When I think about you, I always feel like I am indebted to you for a token that will take me a lifetime to pay. You have been a true friend, and I owe you for that.

Gifts can be lost, stolen, or even broken, but kind gestures remain in the hearts of a loved one forever. My heart is filled with the memories of the many times you helped me pull through hard times, and I’m grateful for having such a friend like you. Thank you my friend.

Don’t forget to remind yourself every morning, that you will win despite these trying times. Because you were born to win.

You have been winning from the womb so you shouldn’t think of giving up any time soon.

Don’t feel bad when you realise that you are abnormal, it is okay to be different from everyone else. Normal people do normal things, abnormal people like you will bring the world to its knees.

Don’t let any minute pass without achieving something, laugh, smile, tap someone gently on the shoulder. Spread happiness and you’ll find happiness too.

You deserve the very best things in life because I know you gave your very best. I’m certain that all that is yours is reserved for you.

You are not only hardworking but incredibly smart, so don’t belittle yourself. There is so much more that you can achieve. Keep striving.

At all times, keep your goal in sight, don’t lose focus for any reason, these hard times are meant to distract you from achieving your goal.

You must learn to see life from a positive lens. It is not every change that will result to pain.

Don’t stop dreaming big, you can do it, if only you believe in yourself and in your dreams, no one else can.

That the sky is dark does not mean the stars won’t shine, rather it creates a better opportunity for the stars to shine. So just stay calm, the darker the brighter you will emerge.


The events in life are neutral. Only you can decide whether there are good or bad. Always be on the look out for the good, you have no business with sad stories.

This is a message to my best friend. If you find a reason to frown, look around; you’ll find a reason to smile. If you find a reason to cry, look around; you’ll find a reason to laugh. Don’t let the events of life cheat you at any time by stealing your joy.

Every step you take is important, no decision at all is a waste of time, if it’s a mistake, learn from it. If it’s a success you can always do more.

You have all the power to choose what you want in life, so choose careful; what to do, when to do, how to do and how you should feel.

Friends like you are proof that humans, no matter what race, tribe or skin color are all one and should be treated equally.

Continuing might be hard, but giving up isn’t an option at all. You will definitely win, just keep doing your thing.

Success does come overnight, it’s a result of our daily efforts, so do something that will draw you closer to your dream everyday.

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