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30+ Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Celebrate this holy season with family and friends. Send them thoughtful Easter wishes, let the joy of the Lord fill their hearts.

Easter Wishes for Family and Friends: Easter is the period when Christians all over the world commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an holiday of joyful celebrations and sober reflections.
Celebrate this special and holy season with family and friends. Send them thoughtful wishes and messages, let the joy of the Lord fill their hearts.
We present to you our compilation of Easter Wishes for Family and Friends. Enjoy!

Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

1. Here’s wishing my family and friends a Happy Easter celebration. Do have a blessed Holiday.
 2. Happy Easter to all my family and friends. This season gives us another opportunity to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and love for us. Let us serve Him whole heartedly.
3. May the joy of Easter fill your heart and may His light illuminate your life. Happy Easter.
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Happy Easter Messages
4. This season reminds us of unconditional love and forgiveness. We are thankful for a saviour who left His majesty just so that we may be saved. Happy Easter 2021.
5. Here’s wishing your adorable family a Happy Easter’s day celebration. May this season usher you into greatness.
6. May this season draw you closer to God. May you realise the depth of His love. Happy Easter celebration.
7. Easter comes every year to remind us of the sacrificial love of Christ. Have a blessed Easter.
8. May this Easter celebration renew your faith and draw you closer to God. Happy Easter Sunday.
9. May the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Lord make all things new for you. Happy Easter.
10. Easter reminds us of the overwhelming love of our saviour. May you have a beautiful and blessed one.
11. Wishing you and your family a happy easter. Stay blessed.
12. May your joy be full always. Have a happy Easter.
13. May you find joy in place of sadness. May you find healing from all sicknesses. May you find strength in place of weakness. Happy Easter.
14. May the resurrection of our Lord fill your mouth with laughter and your heart with joy. Happy Easter family.
Easter Wishes for Your Family

15. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always loving me consistently. Happy Easter.
16. Here’s wishing my lovely family a happy Easter. My celebration would definitely not be complete without you. I love you all.
17. I value the love we share. Thank you for the unwavering faith you’ve always shown in me. Thank you for believing in my dreams. I wish you a wonderful Easter celebration.
18. May the bond of love we share as a family grow stronger as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Happy Easter.
19. Nothing in this world can ever beat the love Christ has for you. His love is 100%. Happy Easter.
20. I’m especially thankful this season for the gift of such an amazing family. Happy Easter to my family.
21. May we enjoy the peace of a forgiven life. May our lives and family reflect the love and light of Christ. Happy Easter.
22. May the light of Christ continually guide us. May His light illuminate our lives. Happy Easter.
23. You are important to Christ. You are important to me. May our lives be better. Happy Easter.
24. Here’s praying that the blessings of this season stay with us forever. Happy Easter to you.
25. Don’t lose yourself in all the enjoyment. Remember, Christ is the reason for the season. Happy Easter celebration.
26. Lose yourself in the joy of the season, Christ has done so much for us and we have every reason to be thankful. Happy Easter, family.
Easter Wishes for Friends & Family

27. I am thankful for a wonderful friend like you. Thank you for having my back always. Be blessed with the joy that only Christ gives. Happy Easter.
28. Wishing you and your family the peace of Christ. May your joy be full always. Happy Easter.
29. Spread love. Be love. Happy Easter to you and your family.
30. May the blessings of Christ bring you all you need this Easter. May the grace of God be more than sufficient for you.
31. Christ loves you enough to die for you. His grace and mercy is available to save you. He is everything you need. Happy Easter, dear friend.
32. Christ teaches us to love just as He loves. May His love abound in our lives and homes. Happy Easter, dear friend.
33. May this Easter usher in abundant blessings for you and your family. Happy Easter.
33. I hope you and your family find this period a unique opportunity to bond in love. Happy Easter celebration.
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