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Cute Mothers Day Messages

Mothers Day Messages: You don’t joke with mothers. No amount of words can appreciate mothers for their love and sacrifice. Mother’s Day is another opportunity to celebrate this class of people who selflessly love and serve the rest of the family.

Mothers Day Messages: You don’t joke with mothers. No amount of words can appreciate mothers for their love and sacrifice. Mother’s Day is another opportunity to celebrate this class of people who selflessly love and serve the rest of the family.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages

          To the sweetest mother in the whole wide world, this is dedicated to you for your special and most unique personality, for your nice and caring nature, for your love and irresistible beauty. May this day remind you of how much of a special and sweet mum you are to me and to the generation to come. Happy Mother’s day to you mama. I love you!

          It is an anniversary for me anytime I meet this day. An anniversary that reminds me of your love, an anniversary that tells me that you are irreplaceable, an anniversary that makes me feel special and loved, an anniversary that makes me feel like a child with a superhero mother. I want you to know that you are the sweetest and I so much love and appreciate you. Happy mother’s day to you mum. Love you!

Cute Mothers Day Messages

          It’s love to have a mother like you mummy, it’s heaven to me whenever you call me yours. I love you and I am happy to be a part of you. Happy lovely mother’s day to you my forever caring mother. I love you!

          I am sorry I made you cry when giving birth to me, so I wish to put a smile on your beautiful face today dear mother. I love you so much and I wish you a blissful mother’s day celebration!

          Mothers are gifts from God but you are more than just a gift. I am so grateful that out of all the stars God sent everyday into the wombs of women, I was sent to you and today, I join the world to celebrate my ever special and gorgeous mother. Happy mother’s day mama!

          I have come across thousands of women but my heart keeps picking one. I am not surprised that it is you. You have been a source of inspiration, a true definition of what motherhood entails. Having you as a mother is just more than a dream come true. Keep shinning cause I have got your back. Love you so much. Happy mother’s day to my blossom!

          Whenever I sit and think about the past events of life, I feel the undying love of God being passed through you. Thank you for being a mother to me from conception till now. You are a gem that is forever irreplaceable and just to let you know, I love you so much despite my crazy behaviour at times. Happy mother’s day mommy!

          It was never a mistake when God picked women to be a co-creator, an incubator to house great sons and daughters for nine months and beyond. Thanks for being a shelter for nine months, a source of life, a passage into the world. I am so grateful to God that out of all the women, you were the chosen one for me. From the deepest part of my soul, I want to say I love you more than anything. A big happy mother’s day to you my mama!

          A mother you have been in all the circumstances of life per time. You are indeed great and beautiful inside out. Your softness and humility is something else. Thanks for the moments and I want to wish you a very joy filled happy mother’s day.

          The depth of motherhood is just beyond the physical and this, you have proven on countless days. For the world to create a special day for your type is never a mistake. Happy mother’s day and don’t forget it is your day and you must live it to your taste and satisfaction.

          Being a mother is beyond womanhood. I never knew true love and care can ever be found in humans but with you, I realized that some philosophies of life can be so wrong. Thanks for proving me wrong, thanks for proving the world wrong. I love you so much. Happy mother’s day my rare gem!

          A mother is someone who can love you despite the insults from the world. A mother is someone who can give out all she has for a child to be comfortable. You possess a lot of qualities that words cannot express. You are indeed a woman who knows what motherhood is all about, the pains and the sacrifices; you were ready for and I’m so happy that I have you as my mother. Happy mother’s day to my world best!

          Fear was a company whenever I had to come see you but after series of discussion, I came to understand how perfect a creature you are. I am so happy that outside my home, I came across an awesome personality as my mother in law. Thanks for accepting me and loving me equally like a mother would love her child. Today, I join the nation to say a very big happy mother’s day to the best mother in law in the planet earth. Love you plenty.

          Happy mother’s day to the sweetest mother in the whole wide world. How happy I am to celebrate with you today mum. You are indeed a mother, a woman of greatness filled with love and compassion for her children. If only I had the means to repay you, but your love is beyond payment. Just know that I love, cherish and appreciate you mama. Smile today like you never have.

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Cute Mother’s Day Messages

          To you mama. If not for you I wouldn’t have come into this world. If not for your love I wouldn’t have known the joy that lies deep within the heart of the universe. After God made me, you nurtured me. After God created me you recreated me. You are all I have and all I need. I will forever love and adore you my dear sweet mother. Today is indeed your day because you are just the best mother the world can ever harbour, so I say to you, happy mother’s day sweet mummy. Can’t love you less!

          To the one who has always been a part of me. Sometimes I sit down to ask myself how come you still love me, after my crazy and nonchalant attitude, after putting you through pains and tears, after being so stubborn and always doing the things you don’t want me to do. Then I realize that you are a mother, the very mother that I need, even though I don’t deserve you, I need you mama, today, tomorrow and forever. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you LOVELY MAMA. You are cherished!

          Words can’t express the love I have for you, the joy I feel for you is unbreakable. I want to make this clear to you today, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEAR MOTHER. Happy mother’s day to you!

          I celebrate this day because I have someone I call my mother. Someone who is not just a mother but a true one. Someone who can give up everything to make me smile. Someone I so much love and cherish. You are my brightest day mama, you are the joy I feel whenever I think and smile, and you are my everything. I love to say this… happy mother’s day to you my forever!

          Giving birth to me was pain for you, nurturing me still wasn’t all easy, but amidst all this you still chose to remain a sincere and true mother. It hurt me to see you cry, it pains me when I see you worry, and I am promising you this dear mother, I will surely make you proud, I will put a smile on your beautiful face, trust me with that. Happy lovely mother’s day to you ma!

          To a true mother. My yesterday was you, my today is you and definitely, my tomorrow is you. Thank you mummy for being a part of me and I love you with all my heart. Happy mother’s day to you mummy I love!

          There is nothing as sweet as having a caring, loving and wonderful mother like you. If you weren’t my mother, then I would have lacked love, attention and a motherly affection. You are just the best mum. Happy mother’s day to you!

          How bright and beautiful the day is. So sweet and calm is the day for my lovely mother. I am happy to come from a source such as you, and I am so proud to become your brought up. You are everything I have dear mama and I wish you joy and happiness forever. Happy lovely mother’s day to you my all and all!

          I have a mother, she is God fearing, she is loving, she is sweet, she is strong, she is beautiful, she is great, she is faithful, she is the best and she is you. Happiest mother’s day to you mum. I love you!

          The one person that is irreplaceable in my life is you mama. You have made me who I am and will be, you gave me the best training a good mother should give her child, you show me love even when I don’t deserve it. You are indeed the true definition of a perfect mother. I celebrate you today from the deeper most part of my heart. Happy mother’s day to you dear mother!

          All I need is your love for it is unconditional, it is perfect, it is joyous, it is without blame, it is my only hope and my one desire. God has given me the best thing and that is you mum. And I so love you. Happy perfect mother’s day to you my lovely mum. I love you!

          I am happy you are my mother and I will be glad if I come back in the next world having you as my mother. Life is so meaningful with your teachings and corrections, your love and attention gives me hope that I will never be alone. I love you plenty mama. Have a lovely mother’s day celebration. I love you!

          There is no love on earth that is greater than a mother’s love for her child, I am happy to be a testimony to that. When I am sick you are sick, when I am worried you are worried, when I cry you cry, when I am down you always console and my smiles are the reason for yours. You are just the best mother. Thank you mama. Wishing you a happy mother’s day today. Have fun!

          I want to become the best person on earth and that’s because of you mama, I want to prove to you that your efforts are not in vain. Thanks for all your endless sacrifices and all you love and time. When the time comes for me to get married, I will search and search until I find someone as perfect as you. You are my icon, the real and one true source of my deepest felt joy. I wish you a perfect mother’s day celebration today and I pray that you forever remain happy all the days of your life. I love you dear mother!

          Dear mother, if I have the power I would write your name in the skies today so the whole world can see how much you really mean to me. Happy mother’s day to you ma. I love you!

          I ask the Lord to give me a mother and He gave me an angel. You are just too perfect to be a human and you are just too extraordinary to be an ordinary woman. I thank the Lord for the gift of you and I so much cherish you my dear mother. May today bring you peace and greatness. Happy mother’s day to mama. I love you!

          Being your child is the best thing that could happen to me and I am glad to have you as a mother. Your love is all one needs to be happy. Happy mother’s day to you mum. I love you!

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