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Best Happy New Year Messages for Wife

Best happy new year messages for wife brings to the fore a reassurance of commitment to the love you have been nurturing with your one and only loved one. Whether by reading or sending sms any of your choice of these messages could be conveyed to her.

Best happy new year messages for wife brings to the fore a reassurance of commitment to the love you have been nurturing with your one and only loved one. Whether by reading or sending sms any of your choice of these messages could be conveyed to her.

The new year should be seen embeded with a lot of great opportunities waiting for a couple like yours to explore. It takes two to tango. Wish your wife well as you both enter into a new year.


New Year Wishes For My Wife

Happy New Year Messages to my Sweetheart

Sweetheart, your beauty and radiant smile has been the shining light that illuminates my day with lots of joy, happiness and bliss, my wishes and prayer for you on this New Year’s Eve is that you may live this day and the rest years ahead with blessings and favour in abundance, Happy New Year my love.

The love we share is what binds us together, the memories we had in time past is forever green in my heart, and the joy and happiness I get every morning that I wake up to behold your beautiful smiling face has always been the greatest source of my inspiration. Happy New Year to my most cherished and priceless life’s treasure, enjoy your day my Queen.

My love, as we begin another 365 days journey, I pray that God in his unflinching love, mercy and kindness grant us more sustainable years of relevance, peace, love, joy, happiness, and the strength to support each other throughout the year. Happy New Year My Love.

Today is indeed an auspicious day marked with so many beautiful and wonderful memories. As we celebrate this special day in thanksgiving to God for his love and mercy throughout the past years, I pray that what we feel for each other increases incessantly, and the love that binds us together continue to grow from strength to strength. Happy New Year My Heart Beat.

May every day of the new year inspire you to do exploits, cause you to love unconditionally, and bring you closer to your passion and heart desires. Wishing you the most remarkable new year celebration, my love.

As we celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness, may the grass beneath your feet always be green, may your life always overflow with so much happiness and joy, may the spark I see in your eyes never depart from your cute face, and may God make you the shining light in the beautiful tapestry of the world to make this year the best ever. Happy New Year my super-duper woman.

You’re the air that I breathe, the paradise that I seek, and the one that my heart yearns for, your beautiful smiles rejuvenates my spirit and your tender touches sends warm shivers down my spine. As we step into the new year, I’d love to thank you immensely for always being there, for your selfless love and endless sacrifices, and for lifting me up whenever I am down. Happy new year to the Queen of my world.

My love, as we step into the new year, I want you to let go of your past worries, mistakes and troubles, and let’s embrace this new phase of life that God has premeditated for us with open arms, love, joy and peace of mind. Happy new year sweetheart, make the best of it, baby girl.

My love, you deserve a rose for every breath you take, not even a frown should stain your face, let me be the smile on your face, the joy you seek when you wake up in the morning, and the light that brightens your day and night. Happy new year mine.

A woman as nice and caring as you can only be a blessing from God. You’re such an amazing soul my queen, virtually everything about you drives me crazy. As we celebrate yet another year filled with so much love and fresh opportunities, I pray that your very heart desires and wishes come to fulfilment in your life. Happy new year to the woman after my own heart.

You have been my source of strength and motivation, you are all the reasons I need to celebrate new year. I’m grateful for the immeasurable love you show to me, for the peace you give me, and the happiness your presence has brought upon my life. Happy new year dear.

You’re one among many reasons why I celebrate today. I love everything that you do and everything that you are, all that I am, all that I hope to be, I owe it all to you my queen. Happy new year my heart beat.

You are my missing piece, the puzzle of my heart, without you I feel lost and incomplete. What makes this new year’s eve so special is the fact that I get to spend every single minute of my time with you, and I look forward to celebrate many more years of love and happiness. Happy new year my princess.

I can’t believe I have this beautiful and amazing life with you by my side. Your presence has made it more beautiful and colourful each passing day, my queen. My new year’s resolution is to spend the rest of my days loving and adoring you. Happy new year sweetheart.

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Happy New Year Messages to Sweetheart

Happy New Year Wishes for Her

My love for you knows no bound. Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me my queen, I’m writing this new year’s resolution from the innermost part of my heart, and loving you unconditionally is what is written at the top of my list. Happy new year to the one who makes my heart beat like fire.

With you by my side, this new year’s eve is going to be extremely awesome, incredibly great, and extraordinarily fabulous my queen, I can’t wait to begin this celebration of love with you, my heart beat.

In this new phase of life that God has granted us to witness, I wish to renew my vows. I promise to take every step with you, stand by you in good times as well as the bad, and most importantly, love you genuinely and unconditionally from the deepest part of my heart. Happy new year, my love.

My love, you’re all I need and everything that I ever desired. You weigh even more than you know, I just can’t picture a life without you, I pray as we celebrate this new year, you may receive a divine visitation that will cause a positive turn around in your life. Happy new year sweetheart.

My love, your simple nature, sobriety, and quintessential drive towards life endears you to all, powered by the beautiful soul you have. As you celebrate this special day, I pray that God will grant you many more happy years of fruitful existence and sustainable joy both in your conjugal togetherness and personal livelihood. Happy new year dear.

I literally forget about my worries, pains and sorrows when I’m in your arms, my heart beat increases incessantly when I listen to the riddles of your rhymes, my counsel for you this new year is that, you will continue to plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively, and pursue persistently. Happy new year my special breed.

May this new year bring enormous joy, peace and happiness, and as you celebrate this day, I pray that you may live to fulfill God’s purpose in your life and may He enrich you with his grace and blessings as you enter this new year sweetheart. Wishing you unparalleled longetivity in many years to come.

You made me realize how to live a life filled with so much ecstasies, joy, happiness, and bliss. I enjoy our stay together and can’t wait to begin another journey of a lifetime with you. Happy new year to this pretty damsel, may this new year be filled with wonderful memories of you and me.

Every morning, I bow and go down on my knees to worship the lord in praise and thanksgiving. I thank him immensely for bringing such a rare gem into my world. As you embrace a new phase of life today, I pray to God to prolong your years, grant you your heart desires, and cause his face to shine upon you, happy new year my love.

You’re truly the light to my world, you shine so bright that it illuminates the darkest part of my world. I pray as we celebrate this new year, may the spark that ignites within you never stop burning. Happy new year my special kind of woman.

For every joy and cheerfulness you brought into my life, I say thank you. You make my days brighter and colourful in every single way possible. I do not have silver and gold to gesture out my message of goodwill, but I promise I will give you so many reasons to smile, happy new year darling.

I just realized I spend most of my time with you, every night was spent dreaming of you and every day was spent thinking of you, I just can’t go a day without the thought of your beauty ringing in my head, thank you so immensely for blessing my day and night with such beautiful memories to remember, happy new year my love.

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