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70+ Inspiring International Women’s Day Quotes and Messages

Women are a special part of all our lives. Their contributions to humanity cannot be overemphasized. These Super, Powerful, Motivation Messages and Quotes for Strong Women will inspire anyone.

70+ Inspiring International Women’s Day Quotes and Messages

These are International Women’s Day Quotes. They also contain Quotes from Global Influential Women that will inspire anyone.They are suitable as Mother’s day messages, Women’s day Messages or can be sent on any ordinary day. Have your pick.

Women are a special part of all our lives. Their contributions to humanity cannot be overemphasized. Whether it is the stay at home mom devoting her life to raising her kids or the market  woman eking out a living or the career woman blazing trails and breaking  glass ceilings, every woman is super. Sometimes however the woman doesn’t recognize her awesomeness and needs to be reminded and challenged. That is why we have written these super, powerful, motivation messages and quotes for strong women.

80+ Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Never be afraid to dream. You can be all you want to be. Be a force to reckon with. Dream! Believe!

You’ve got everything it takes to succeed. Use your brain always, it’s there for a reason. Strive for excellence. Achieve.

Find your way. Find your voice. Chart a path. Follow it.

International Women's Day Quotes

A strong woman is fearless. Never afraid of challenges. They rise above oppositions and emerge on the other side.

A strong woman takes responsibility for her actions. She learns to put the past behind her and move on to greater exploits.

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Everyone makes mistakes. Only the smart learn not to repeat them. Be the smart one, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

Strong women don’t wither under challenges. They develop wings and fly above them.

Happy Wome's Day Quotes

You are as strong as any human. Never allow anyone to belittle you. You’ve got all it takes. Be the best.

Quotes For Women's Day

It’s no longer a man’s world. It’s humans’ world. You are as human as any man. You can be anything. Dream!

The sky is big enough for all to fly. Find your rhythm. Spread your wings. Fly!

When faced with the choice of whether to be alone or being with someone who treats you as an option, choose to be alone.

Adversity is a platform for a strong woman to rise. Like a rose, she blossoms in the midst of thorns.

A strong woman is not distracted by comparison. She has charted her way and is captivated with her purpose.

Don’t be threatened by another woman’s success, the ocean is wide enough for all to swim. Find your way. Blossom!

Empowerment for African Women

You have to recognize that to be outstanding, being strong is not an option, and it’s a necessity.

Women's Day Quotes in English

Never underestimate a woman. Beneath her delicate form is the strength of steel.

You don’t become successful just by wishing. Get your hands in the grind, get busy.

Extraordinary women are normal women going the extra mile to do extraordinary things.

All about Women

Don’t let anyone define you. That power of self definition lies with you. What anyone says you are is immaterial. You are who you choose to be.(image)

Break out of everything confining you. Think outside the box. Be free! Be adventurous! Be You!

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More Powerful Independent Women Quotes and Messages

You’re awesome! Let your light shine so bright. Let all come to the brightness of your shinning. No human can dim your shine.

When you’re able to manage your emotions, then you’ll be in charge of your life. Master your emotions, master your life.

Inner beauty is the one that endures. Let your beauty flow from within.

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are amazing, you are awesome. Walk with your head high. Slay!

Women's Quotes of the Day

Procrastination kills. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you can get done today.

Don’t live your life in the shadow of a man. Find yourself. Live your dreams.

A strong woman doesn’t dwell in the pity of victimhood amassing pity. She picks herself up, look fear in the eye and tells it “go to hell”.

You can call her a bitch, you can call her a witch, it doesn’t remove a bit from who she really is. She shrugs you off like a nuisance fly and slays on.

Strong women don’t walk on tiptoes, they stamp their feet on the sands of time.

A woman who is strong enough to withstand childbirth is strong enough to withstand anything.

Women’s Voices Now

Don’t buckle under pressure. Don’t wither in the face of challenges. Women always have a point to prove. Prove your point.

Find your voice, find your rhythm. Let your voice be heard. Tango with life.

Women International Day Quotes

At any point you detect you’re not wanted, walk away with your head high. You’re worth too much to be treated as an option.

Don’t mess with a strong woman; she’ll crush you because she knows too well her worth.

A strong woman is not clueless. She is smart and intelligent. She has her future mapped out and walks into it with dignity.

Women's Inspirational Stories of Success
Inspirational Quote for Women

Free your imagination, open your mind to possibilities. Opportunities abound, only the wise woman discovers them.

Don’t dilly dally, don’t dither. Make informed decisions. See them through.

A smart woman doesn’t fit in. She is different and is not afraid to let the world know it. She stands out.

Strength is inherent in you. You are not a woman for nothing. You are full of great potentials. There’s so much within you. Evolve!

A strong woman never wavers in her aspirations. No matter what rises to challenge her, she remains focused, pressing forward till she reaches her goal.

Women’s Art Association

National Women's Day Quotes

You will Also Love These Strong, Confident, Independent Women Quotes

When the going gets tough, the strong woman gets tougher. She employs everything she’s got and emerges victorious.

Choose your battles. Don’t burn yourself out. Know when to let go.

Excellence is for those who dare, it doesn’t distinguish between sexes. Strive for excellence always.

A strong woman smiles even in the storm. You see her smile and you’re convinced all is well. You never know all the struggles she copes with because she bears adversity with grace.

The woman who has the capacity to soar above heights where Eagles dread to fly, who rides on the wings of storms is an exceptional woman.

“ So I am 63 and I am not yet done. So what is your excuse? I never went to a university and I am proud to say so because I don’t think I have done too badly”. Folorunsho Alakija

Anytime you feel overwhelmed by situations, look within and discover greatness. It’s in you.

Womens Day Best Quotes

A woman has the capacity to endure so much pain. Quite often behind her smile lies a heart that has been through a lot.

Never underestimate the power of a woman. Under her delicate form lies a will of steel and the power of life and death.

Underestimate a woman at your own peril. She is wiser and more informed than she will ever let you know.

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As you utilize your God given gifts, you discover that you’re capable of much more. Like the parable of the talents, your talent multiplies and your capacity increases.

A wise woman balances her life expertly. She knows when to push forward and when to retreat. That is why she glows so beautifully.

The womb of the woman births humanity. Without her we all would be non existence.

Take criticism in your stride. Sift it and take the truth from it. The rest belongs in the trash.

Be self aware. Whatever you do, let your mind be present with you always.

Picture Quotes for Women's Day

The devil sees a strong woman and says “oh crap, it’s her again”.

The strong woman sees an opportunity and grabs it like a boss.

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  1. The strong woman kicks ass, blaze trails and slays!
  2. The strong woman is one who has found her voice and is not afraid to ventilate.
  3. The strong woman feels deeply. Her laughter is rich, her tears flow freely. She is never afraid to give of herself.
Short Quotes for Womens Day

Even when the rest of the world is silent, the strong woman’s voice booms against oppression.

Use your head always. Never lose yourself.

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Find yourself before you think of boys.

Success or failure, It all begins in your mind, guard your mind diligently.


Get up! Get dressed! Show up!

Happy Womens Day Quote

Take time out, see how far you have come. See how well you have done. Give yourself a pat. Celebrate your awesomeness.

In the end, after all is said and done, a strong woman will be fine. She has mastered the act.

Don’t give up on love. It will find you at the right time. Be busy.

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You are strong. You are a survivor, don’t ever give up.

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You are beautiful, just as you are. Make the best of what you’ve got.

Keep improving. Strive always to be your better self.

Great Women's Day Quotes

And this is where we wrap it up. Remember, it all begins in the mind. You can be anything you wanna be.

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