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Happy New Year Wishes to Boss and Colleagues

Yaay! It’s a Happy New year. A beautiful new beginning. It’s time to send out Happy New Year wishes and goodwill messages to everyone who matters to you including your Boss and colleagues.
Find in this collection the very best of Happy New Year 2019 Wishes to Boss and Colleagues.

Find in this collection the very suitable of 2021 Happy New Year Wishes to Boss and Colleagues.

Yaay! It’s a Happy New year. A beautiful new beginning. It’s time to send out Happy New Year wishes and goodwill messages to everyone who matters to you including your Boss and colleagues.


Happy New Year Wishes to A Boss or Colleague

The past year ran as smooth as a dream, I have you to thank for that. Thanks for being an amazing team mate. I look forward to the year ahead, working with you. Cheers to a new beginning.

Thank you for the part you play in making our organization a great one. Your hardwork and dedication to duty is quintessential. I look forward to another amazing year of working together. Happy New Year.

This past year was awesome. We achieved so much together as a team. We couldn’t have done it without one another and I’m confident the coming year will be equally awesome if not more. Happy New Year, amazing team mate.

Our organization keeps winning and it’s because of amazing colleagues like you. Let’s do it again in the coming year. Happy New Year, colleague.

Happy New Year Wishes to Boss
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For an amazing colleague turned family, I wanted to let you know that you were an amazing part of the last year. I appreciate and enjoyed every bit of time we spent working together. Here’s wishing you an awesome year ahead.

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Advance New Year Wishes to Colleague or Team mate

Your exemplary leadership kept us focused during the past year and because of this we were able to achieve all our goals. I’m looking forward to a new year of greater exploits, with you and the rest of our team. Have a wonderful year, boss.

I want you to know I consider it a privilege to be working with someone as talented as you are. You make work seem like a piece of cake and I’m glad to have you on my team. Have an awesome year ahead. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year dear colleague. You are wonderful. You make each work day so much fun and the workload so much lighter. May each day of the coming year be special for you. Have a beautiful one.

May the coming year be safe for you. May you enjoy it in sound health and peace. May you enjoy the grace to perform all your responsibilities with ease and to achieve all of your targets. Happy New Year.

Working with you is so much fun. I’m proud to be on a team that gets so much done in a little time. This new year begins another cycle of greatness. May it be awesome. Happy New Year.

All those wonderful, warm memories of the past year, working so hard, breaking for lunch, the gists, the laughter, the comaradie…Well I want to do it again, with you, in the new year. Happy New Year, colleague.

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Happy New Year Messages at Work Place

I’m hoping that this New Year is filled with lots of joy and happiness for you. May it be filled with hope that’s bright and good success in all our labour. Happy New Year.

May this New Year find us with increased energy and greater determination to achieve success and move our organization to greater heights. Happy New Year.

You’re the best boss and mentor ever. I’m proud to be under your tutelage. Do have a great year ahead.


With competent hands like yours on deck, I’m confident the coming year will be as amazing as the past one. It’s nice working with you, dude. Happy New Year.

 May the coming year be worthwhile for you in every sense. May the spirit of cooperation that has brought us this far continue to wax stronger in us. Happy New Year, dear colleague.

May the New Year be filled with many moments of happiness for you. Happy New Year.

 This New Year, we must hit the ground running and put every hands on deck. We shall achieve all round success. Happy New Year.

Forget about the appraisals, forget about the charts. Jeez! It’s the New Year and we made it. Let’s celebrate and toast to a great year ahead.

It was a pleasure working with you in the past year. May the New Year bring with it renewed energy and fresh ideas to move our lives and organization forward. Happy New Year.

Thank you for all your relentless hardwork. Thank you for never shirking your responsibilities. Thank you for always being such a wonderful, supportive co-worker. May the New Year bring recompense for all the good you do. Happy New Year.

Sometimes it gets so tough at the office and it feels like you could crush under the weight of work. But we always get by; We always get the job done, thanks to your dogged commitment and ceaseless encouragement. I value your presence on my team. Happy New Month, great colleague.

You are dear to me colleague. I appreciate your contributions and the wonderful memories of the past year. Have a blessed year.

You have been the guiding force that has helped us achieve our targets and goals during the past years. Your importance in our organization cannot be over-emphasized. Here’s wishing you a year of all round joy and fulfillment. Happy New Year boss.

May all your dreams come true this year. Happy New Year, boss.

You pushed us a lot during the past year and we are better for it. Here’s to a year of greater achievements. Happy New Year.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being my voice when I couldn’t speak for myself. Thank you for all the times you stuck out your neck for me. Happy New Year Colleague.

One way or the other, during the course of work, we have become fast friends. Thank you for having my back when it mattered most. Happy New Year. Dear colleague and pal.

I can’t imagine what the office would be like without you. Thank you for the role you play in making our organization such a nice place to work in. May the coming year bring you all the joy you deserve. Happy New Year.

It’s so lovely to be working in the midst of wonderful colleagues like you. We’re family, nothing short of an amazing team. We keep waxing stronger, we keep moving higher. Cheers to a year of possibilities and greatness. Happy New Year.

Don’t you just love the messages? Go ahead, share, tweet and send to your loved one. Meanwhile, thank you for visiting. We wish you a prosperous New Year at our end and pray that all your dreams come true. Don’t forget, we’ve got your back, always. Xoxo.

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