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Congratulations For New Home Wishes and Messages

What are you waiting for? Celebrate the blessing of a new home with your friends, family or anyone. Wish them well with these Congratulation for A New Home Messages. They are free, written just for your delight, so you can use them as many times as you wish.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate the blessing of a new home with your friends, family or anyone. Wish them well with these Congratulation for A New Home Wishes and Messages. They are free, written just for your delight, so you can use them as many times as you wish.

Everyone desires the blessing of a home and it’s worth celebrating when it happens to someone you know. Don’t forget, when you celebrate others, you will also be celebrated.


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Congratulations For New Home Wishes

A home is a place you can retire to after a worthwhile work of the day. No place like it. This new home of yours shall perfectly describe this. Congratulations and enjoy.

New Home Wishes

After a tiring and a busy day, one just wants to get home and sleep like a baby. May this new home bring you peace and solace. Congratulations for this beautiful home.

All the best as you move to your new address. May God’s favour locate and abide with you.

Brother, I am proud you own a beautiful building. Your status have changed, I am happy for you and can’t hide my feelings. I want you to accept my congratulatory messages.

Congrats. May the visitors to your home experience love and peace when they come around.

Congratulations for having a new home for you and your family. This place shall be a perfect and safe abode for you all.   

Congratulations for such an amazing house. Looking through the windows, then at all the rooms, so much has gone into making this stand. I am happy for you and wish you a lot of happiness.

Congratulations for this new house. More of this in the years ahead.

Congratulations for this new house. This is far greater than the ‘crib’ you invited us to see. This is good to inhabit in this part of the world. Congratulations.

Congratulations on relocating to your dream house. Thankfully, this is one of the good success and progress we have been longing for.

Congratulations on the achievement. Hope your new place works out great.

Congratulations on the new home. Such a beautiful habitation for you and your family to enjoy. Enjoy it.

Congratulations. May your new home be full of love, happiness and peace.

Finally you are at your new house now, after all the difficulties you passed through to afford it. You deserve the best and it’s the best! Congrats!

First wish that came to mind is that you have lovely neighbours as move into your new home. Congratulations.

Getting a home is a great feat, particularly in this era of increment in rent. Congratulations to you and your family.

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New Home Wishes Messages

Having a home is a good morale booster. Becoming the owner a palatial house as this gives a top of the world feeling. Thankfully enjoy this gift.

Congratulations for New Home Wishes

Having your personal home is commendable; a blessing that is worth the experience even after a daily tiring work. Enjoy it.

Home sweet home! This statement will make meaning to you now as you own your property. Congratulations.

I congratulate you for becoming the latest landlord in town. This wonderful house is the best house of its kind around.

I heard you went on vacation, leaving your new house available for your friends! Ha, ha, so happy for you, congrats!

I know how much you’ve dreamed of a new home. And now, boom! It’s yours! It is well deserved. I congratulate you my friend.

I love your new cute house. Your family will surely find it relaxing, especially with the kind of interiors in it. I wish you a happy stay. Congratulations.

I’m happy you now own a beautiful house. It shall be a comfortable haven for you.

It is not easy to acquire this kind of decent home. Congratulations. You have indeed done well.

It’s a cute house you have. What a way to start your home! Congratulations.

Just as planned, the house come first, next is marriage and on and on. I am jealous of you, guy. Congratulations on your new home.

Kindly receive my heart warming congratulations on your new house. This is by no means a small feat that we cannot be proud of.

Such a good taste! Will you come with me to make a good deal for my new house too? Congratulations!

The building is good. The furniture are top notch. The environment is serene. Congratulations on the new home.

The design of this house is top notch, creative and beautiful for others to emulate. You really had a great work done on it. Congratulations.

The new building is a befitting place for you and your family. Congratulations.

The news of the new home got me excited! Hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy in your house! Congratulations!

There must always be a place to call a home. Good luck as you pack in and settle in your new palace.

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New Home Warming Wishes

This is a bold step towards a huge success. I congratulate you and your family for the beautiful house.

This is a laudable achievement. May this new house be the start of great things in your life.

This new home is a sort of investment, your retirement benefit. This is timely and beautiful. You shall indeed enjoy this reward of your labour to the fullness. Congratulations.

New Home Image

This new home of yours shall be the most peaceful abode that you have ever lived. Congrats.

This new home shall not be the last you will live in. More of it shall you experience in the land of the living.

This new home shows how paramount the love for your family and their well being is to you. You have done well in this responsibility of providing a beautiful shelter for them. Congratulations.

This new home will create some precious moments. The parties, gatherings and other events. They are all a part of this new house. Congratulations.

This new house is just perfect for your family. With it, love amongst you has been amplified. More space, freedom and orderliness will reign onwardly in the home affairs. This is a best decision ever. Congratulations.

We rejoiced when we heard the news of your new home. Congratulations. We look forward to seeing it and celebrate in it with you..

Welcome to the neighbourhood. We are there for you anytime and we wish you the best as you settle in with your family. Congratulations.

While putting your first step in to this new house, you must remember that this is the biggest and best step you have taken and you will yet achieve many more. Congratulations for this success.

Wow. I must admit this house is beautiful. I am indeed jealous.  However, congratulations on this laudable project.

You have worked hard and sacrificed at different times. Now it’s the time to relax, and in your beautiful palace. May God bless you and your new home. You deserve it. Congratulations.

Your house is simply amazing. It is not so big, yet full of surprises. Congratulations.

Your new house, though built with sand, cement, wood and metals will be a comfortable home for your family. Congratulations.

Thank you for visiting. XOXO!

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