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Top Happy Vacation Wishes and Messages For 2022

Searching for the perfect Vacation Wishes or Vacation Messages? Welcome to the perfect place where you can get varieties of carefully worded vacation wishes and messages for your friends, colleagues, family or just about anyone.

Searching for the perfect Vacation Wishes or Vacation Messages? Welcome to the perfect place where you can get varieties of carefully worded vacation wishes and messages for your friends, colleagues, family or just about anyone.

 A vacation provides an opportunity for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. While on vacation, one’s mind and body should be able to heal and ready to be re-fired for greater exploits. It’s an environment for inspiration and new ideas to be birthed with ease and comfort. Everyone should take a vacation every once in a while and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You will be amazed at what it will do to your body and soul.

There’s probably someone you know who is presently on vacation or about to embark on one and you are at loss as to how to wish them a happy vacation, not to worry. We have written some beautifully crafted messages and wishes you can send to them, so go ahead and make your choice. And please, don’t forget to share. Enjoy!

Happy Vacation Wishes (Facebook, Twitter & SMS)

May you experience all the wonders a vacation can do to the body and soul. May you come back refreshed and re-fired, free of every worries and fears. Have a beautiful vacation.

Vacation Wishes

Loosen up! Be Beautiful! Be Carefree! It’s your vacation. Make the most of it. Enjoy every bit of it. Have a wonderful vacation.

I wish you an amazing vacation experience. Enjoy it to the fullest.

I am hoping you will utilize this holiday to the fullest. I can’t wait to hear exciting stories of your adventures and fun times. While at it, stay safe and well. Have a beautiful vacation.

Be sure to relax. Don’t carry the burden of work with you. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Have a happy vacation.

You will come to discover that travelling is an education in itself. You will be amazed at how beautiful nature is when you really relax and take the time to appreciate.  I wish you a beautiful and fulfilling experience. Have a happy vacation.

May this vacation work miracles on your mind and body. May you find it a soothing and rewarding experience. Happy vacation.

This vacation provides you the opportunity to get to know about new places, new people, and new cultures. Let out the steam, dude. Get your groove back. Happy vacation.

This holiday is an escape for you, from worries and every form of pressure. Be sure to make the most of it. Rest your mind, rest your body. Make new friends, explore new places. Make sure you have the utmost fun. Have a nice vacation.

Now you have the time to do all you wanted to do but couldn’t do because you had no time. No excuses. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Have the time of your life but do not break the bank all because you want to enjoy your vacation. All I am saying is be prudent while you have fun. Happy vacation.

As you take out time to rest, may you be refreshed in your body and mind. May your mind be inspired with ideas that will change your world. Have a great vacation.

I wish you and your family a peaceful vacation. May you rediscover love and the things that make you tick. Have a pleasant vacation.

You’ve worked hard all year long and if anyone deserves a vacation, it is you. Do have a beautiful and restful vacation.

Have a beautiful vacation but don’t get so fat we won’t be able to recognize you when you return. Just kidding. Enjoy.

Be sure to spend quality time with your family this holiday. Have a lovely vacation.

May this holiday serve to rejuvenate your spirit, soul and body. Happy vacation.

Zero stress and lots of fun, that’s what I wish for you. Happy vacation.

Make every moment of your vacation count. Have the utmost fun because you don’t know when such opportunity will arise again. Happy vacation.

Learn something new, try out new meals. Heck! Do something different. Have a super amazing vacation.

You’ve so long for this period. Make the most of it and have a blast. Happy vacation.

Make every penny you saved for this vacation count. Happy Holidays.

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Enjoy Your Vacation Messages (Facebook, Twitter & SMS)

Here’s wishing you a memorable vacation. Happy holidays.

May the vacation be as beautiful as you imagined. Have a memorable one.

Loosen up. Let out steam. Fall in love. Have a happy vacation

 May every moment of your vacation be filled with happiness. At the end of the vacation, may you have pleasant memories to bring back with you. Happy holidays.

I wish you tons of happiness and fun as you vacate. I’m waiting to hear how it went down. Have a blast.

I wish you a vacation that is better than you imagined. Have fun to the fullest. Play hard, sleep well. Enjoy!

Accept my warmest regards and have a fun-filled holiday.

Vacation Email Messages

May your stress be relieved and your worries disappear. May you enjoy rest and peace of mind throughout the holiday. Happy vacation.

All those plans you had? Now’s the time to execute them. Make every moment of this holiday special. Happy vacation.

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Happy Holiday Quotes (Facebook, Twitter & SMS)

Treat yourself to a really special time this holiday. You only live once so enjoy yourself to the max. Happy vacation.

May this vacation be all that you have imagined it would be and so much better. Have a fun-filled and totally fantastic holiday.

Holiday Season Quotes

Be sure to take good care of yourself this holiday. I want to see a new you when you return. Cheers!

Sending you plenty of love, warm hugs and wishes for a holiday that’s filled with love, joy and peace. Happy holidays.

Here’s wishing you a stress-free vacation. Happy holidays.

Spend this holiday having fun with your family and catching up with old friends. Stay blessed.

Make sure you have no thought of work during this vacation. Have fun, fun and more fun. Happy Holiday!

May you regain your strength and vitality during the holidays. I wish you utmost peace and happiness. Happy holidays.

Make this vacation the get-away you’ve been longing for. Have the time of your life. I’ll be waiting to hear stories of your escapades. Enjoy!

I wish you a beautiful, peaceful time with your family. Happy vacation.

May this vacation be a time of healing for you both in your body and your mind. Have a peaceful vacation.

Explore like never before. don’t be afraid of the unknown. Have lots and loads of fun. Happy vacation.

Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs from your trip. Yep! That had to come first, lol. Do have fun and stay safe while doing so. Happy vacation.

I hope this vacation will afford you the opportunity of meeting people as amazing as you are. Enjoy yourself. Happy holidays.

Nature is a beautiful sight, an amazing blessing with healing qualities, if only people will take out time to appreciate it more. I hope you spend your vacation enjoying the beauty of nature and drawing strength from it. I wish you a Happy vacation.

Good times are here for you. Savour every moment of your holiday. Happy vacation.

Travel like you’ve always wanted, spend time with your family and build many happy memories, get energy for when you return to work. We are waiting to see your smiling and stress-free face.

Get plenty of sunshine. Listen to spirit-lifting music. Dance with reckless abandon. Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Have loads of fun. Happy vacation.

Spend the vacation doing things that make you happy. Relax and let the days roll off your back. Have a sweat-free vacation.

May everyday of your vacation count for special moments and beautiful memories. Happy holidays.

I hope to see you happy and revitalized when you return from your trip. Have a happy vacation.

Someone who works as hard as you do deserves the best of vacations. May you have a beautiful, stress-free one. Enjoy!

May each day of your vacation hold nothing but special moments. May you return happy and rejuvenated. Have a great time.

This is an opportunity to really bond and create special memories with your family. Have a great vacation.

Take that trip you’ve always dreamed about and have the time of your life. Happy vacation.

Make sure you spend the vacation vacating and not working. I know you too well. Behave yourself and have lots of fun, lol. Have a happy vacation.

Relax and be recharged. Have a fun-filled vacation.

Everyone deserves a vacation every once in a while. Now that you’ve got a chance at it, play hard and make every second count. Happy vacation.

All you need to worry about at this time is how to have fun and plenty of it. Happy vacation.

Of course we will miss you while you are gone, but we love you enough to let you go get the much needed rest. We need you to come back refreshed in your body and your mind. Happy vacation.

Allow only positive vibes around you. Live life to the fullest. Have a fun-filled vacation.

I wish you a lovely time of rest and rejuvenation. Happy holidays.

Thank you for visiting. Xoxo!

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