Annual Greetings and Messages Happy New Month Wishes and Quotes

Happy New Month Prayers, Messages for 2022

A new month is here again, and as has become the norm, it’s time to send your goodwill prayers and messages to family and friends. These Happy New Month Prayers and Messages will do just fine to send to your loved ones.

Don’t wait any longer, share these inspiring Happy New Month Prayers and Messages with your friends and loved ones.

Happy New Month Prayers

1. Welcome to the New Month. The next 30 days of your life will be the best yet. You will not labour for someone else to eat. All that you gather will not be scattered. You will not die but live to praise the Lord. Your joy shall be filled. Have a month full of sunshine.

2. Here’s wishing you overflowing joy, peace of mind, prosperity and rest on all sides, this month and always. When you walk, you will not faint. Your hand will be strong and you will do valiantly. Happy New Month.

3. May the new month bring good tidings your way. All that you lay your hands upon will prosper greatly. Your light will shine brightly and your labour will not be in vain. Happy New Month.

4. I commit you and yours into God’s hands as you go into the new month and I decree that this month will not swallow you. You will trample upon every serpent and scorpion and nothing shall harm you. The Lord will cover you with his feathers and you will dwell in safety. Welcome to your month of celebration.

Happy New Month Messages

5. The Lord will plead your cause and fight your battles this month. You will find favour with God and man. All the days of this month will be full of blessings and abundance. Happy New Month.

6. In this new month you will fulfill destiny. You will enter into your glory. You will enjoy kindness upon kindness and favour upon favour. You will laugh ceaselessly and your joy shall know no bounds. Happy New Month.

7. In this month, don’t entertain any worries, rather let your heart be full of joy because God is working on your case. You will be greatly blessed. Here’s wishing you a fantastic month.

8. Here comes a new month with many hidden treasures and opportunities. Fold your sleeves, get to work and begin to unwrap the gifts this new month brings. Don’t be deceived, the gifts may not come in attractive packages, you need to be wise and discerning to recognise them. Wishing you the very best. Happy New Month.

9. Make the best of the new month. It promises to be amazing, I can feel it, I can sense it. So much positivity in the air, tap into it and claim your blessings. Happy New Month.

10. Your new dawn is here. Your dawn of greatness, your season to shine. May your life spring forth goodness and prosperity. Happy New Month.

11. May the sun of favour, goodness and mercy kiss you this month. May the works of your hands be blessed beyond your expectations. Happy New Month.

12. Nothing has prepared you for the greatness and all round success you’re about to experience this month. Your mouth will be agape with wonder at the way God will positively surprise you. Welcome to unprecedented glory. Happy New Month.

13. Let your soul bless the Lord for He has done great things. Eyes have not seen, neither ears heard what the Lord has purposed to do for those who trust Him. Keep your mind on Him and put your trust in Him, He will never fail you. Happy New Month.

14. The Lord is good, a constant help and refuge in time of need. Put your trust in Him and you will never be disappointed. Here’s wishing you a month full of victories. Happy New Month.

15. As you put your trust in God, your expectations will not be cut short. You will rise and you will shine. Joy everlasting is your portion. Happy New Month.

16. Like Mount Zion that cannot be removed, so shall you be this month and always. You will not labour in vain. You will be greatly increased and your work shall attract the favour/blessings of God and man. Happy New Month.

17. May this month bring you double grace, double honour, double promotion, double everything good. The Lord bless your going out and your coming in. Happy new month to you.

18. Open doors, favour with God and man, spirit of excellence, all these are your portion this month and always. Have a splendid month ahead.

19. Everything you touch will turn to gold. The Lord will colour your efforts and cover your errors. Your head will be lifted high. Happy New Month.

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Happy New Month Messages

20. Welcome to a new month of positive new beginnings. Your harvest of miracles is here. Happy New Month.

21. Let all abandoned projects in your life receive new life. Let dry bones begin to rise again. Rejoice for your season of laughter is here. Happy new month.

22. May the Lord take you to your land of promise in Jesus name. Happy new month.

23. The Lord will intervene in all situations of your life and straighten every crooked paths in Jesus’ name. Happy new month.

24. Every mountain of impossibility in your life and family shall be levelled. All things are working together for your good. Have a beautiful month ahead.

25. May God cause His face to shine upon you this month and always. May the Lord be merciful unto you, and your loved ones, this month and beyond, in Jesus name. Happy new month.

26. As you continue to serve the Lord this month, songs of praises shall not depart from your mouth. You will be the head and not the tail, you will be above always and never beneath. Happy new month.

27. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so shall the Lord surround you this month and always. You will dwell in safety and your life shall be secured. Happy new month.

28. The Lord is for you, none can be against you. Every counsel of the enemy shall fail over your life. You are blessed and lifted. Happy New Month.

29. The Lord is your strength and shield this month. He is your strength and salvation. He will go before you and make every crooked path straight. Happy New Month.

30. Life will not be difficult for you. The doors will open for you. The works of your hands will be blessed, and you will be favoured beyond measure. Welcome to your season of Joy. Happy New Month.

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