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Good Morning Prayers to Start the Day

Nothing like the inspiring morning prayers and quotes to start a day with. Send these good morning prayers for her or him today.

Nothing like the inspiring morning prayers and quotes to start a day with. Send your loved ones on their way today with these good morning prayers for loved ones.

Inspiring Morning Prayers

Wake up my dear for it is time to exalt the glory of the Lord in the day. May today bring you peace and love. Good morning dear!

Having to see this day is by His grace. Hold on to God today and He will surely bless you. As the morning sun shines on you this morning, so shall His endless favor be upon you. Good morning!

The blessings of the Lord await you this morning and His protection is assured. May His face shine upon you and may you always find favor in His sight. Good morning to you!

Open your eyes and you will see the brightness which awaits you. Jump out from the bed and step right into what the day has for you — today is your day to rejoice and be happy. Good morning

Good Morning Inspirational Prayers

As you make your way out of your home today, may you accomplish all your heart desires, and may you be accompanied by peace. May your day be directed by God’s mercies and grace, and may the Lord’s favor make everything easy for you today. Good morning dear!

I pray that your day is filled with nothing else but God’s blessings. Good things will locate you today. Good morning, my Angel!

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Today, all your desires shall be within your reach and all your prayers shall be answered. You shall not lack any good thing that today will bring for the Lord will provide for you even more than you can ever ask for. Good Morning!

As you have seen the light of the day, you shall always be fruitful, because He who watches over Israel also watches over you. In whatever thing you put your hands to do, you shall be fruitful. God bless you. Good morning!

Whatever you need today, His mercies shall have it come to you, whatever you desire, His grace shall surely locate you. List all you need and the Lord will give them all to you, even the good things which you love so much they shall all come to you quickly. Good morning my dear. Do have a beautiful day!

Believe that today is yours. Believe that the Lord who kept you all through the night will still see you through the day as well. May the Lord’s grace trace your path and may all you do be successful through Christ, Amen. Good morning to you dear. Do have a pleasant day ahead!

God’s words never go back to Him unfulfilled. Moreover, in His words, He has said, “I will be your refuge and fortress.” Believe His words, for as He has said it, so shall it be. You shall never fall into the hand of the evil ones. He shall send His angels to guide your path. Good morning my love!

May God shower you with the grace, courage, and strength required to overcome the tough times and challenges that may cross your path today. May this day be that day all your prayers come true. Today shall be that day the Lord remembers you. All those prayers which are pending shall be answered on this day, today — good morning love.

No matter what you’ve been facing, today shall put Joy on your face. You shall smile throughout today and even beyond. No sad news shall take your joy away from you. Good morning my dear!

Just as you had a beautiful night filled with lovely dreams, may your day be more beautiful than your night.  May you have a peaceful and refreshing day ahead filled with love and accomplishment. Good morning to you my dear friend!

I am sending this good morning message to wish you a perfect and splendid day. As you step out of your bed, I so much wish you a joyous day decorated with love and peace. May the Lord send you the guardian angels to guard and guide your path. Good morning my dear. Have a nice day ahead!

Being among the living today is by the mercies of God. The love of God will continue overshadowing you in all that you do today and forever. As you make your way out of your home today, the Lord will be your shield against the perils of the day and even the sun will not smite you. May the Lord bless you. Good morning to you my love!

May the expectation of today amount to mind-blowing results and as you have seen the light of the day, the Lord will appear and destroy the plans of the evil ones for you.  Have a most enjoyable day. Good morning!

Good Morning Prayers For Her

I have a prayer for you this morning. I pray that you are more invigorated, inspired, and motivated today than you were yesterday. I pray that the energy, warmth, and love of God are felt in all that you do today. I pray that His spirit, God’s Spirit empowers your work, every word you speak, and your actions to bring more abundance, happiness, and joy. Good morning my love!

Good morning beautiful. I’m sure you slept well and that your dreams were sweet. May the Lord fill your heart with unending joy and may His face shine upon you today and forever. Good morning love!

Dear Lord, I just thank you for waking up next to the person that I love. I held her last night, and we slept so well because we are both safe with each other at night and surrounded by your love. Thank you for all of the memories we have already made and the ones to come. We will send them together. Good morning dear!

Wake up my dear for a perfect day awaits you. The Lord has sent this day to bring joy and peace to you, to mend your broken heart, and to uplift your spirit. Free yourself from worries as you accept the blessings of today and it shall be well with you. Good morning and do have a lovely day ahead my dear!

As the sun rises from the horizon and shines over the earth, so shall the Lord shine over you today my friend. Whatever you desire He shall grant and no evil shall come near you. You are blessed indeed. Good morning to you. Wishing you a blossom day ahead!

Every single day brings about its beauties and glories. Always stay focused to see them and partake in them for they are sent to you from your father in heaven who loves you above all things. Good morning to you my dear!

What the day brings depends on what you believe in yourself. Hold God by His words and He will do miraculous things for you. I pray today brings you good tidings. Good morning to you my dear friend!

Always give thanks to God for all He has done for you. Seeing the next day is divine and ending the day is by His grace. I pray that His grace abides with you and you be endowed with His favor. Do have a nice day!

Because the Lord has promised to watch over us, I pray for you today; may His love be showered upon you, may His mercies cover you, may His guidance lead you, may His grace guard you, and may you find favor in His sight today and forevermore Amen. Good morning to you my angel!

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The same God that kept you all through the night will grant you a more peaceful day. My prayer for you today is that you be rooted in His strength. Good morning!

May the angels protect you, troubles neglect you, and heaven accepts you my dear priceless gold. As you have seen the beauty of today, may you never regret and may your today be far better than your yesterday? Good morning dear and do have a nice day!

Trust in the Lord today and He will be your sustainer. May you be filled with the joy of the Lord today. Good morning my dear friend!

Wake up my pretty damsel for the night is gone and the day is here. Today all your dreams and desires will be made a reality. Good morning beautiful!

Accomplishment and fulfillment will be your portion today, for the Lord Almighty will grant you joy and all you do will be crowned by His glory. Good morning my dear!

Night Prayer

Good morning beautiful, may the blessings of the day locate you, and may you be found favor in the sight of all who seek your downfall today. Do have a nice day my love!

Good Morning Prayers and Blessings

Set your heart on Him who is above, cast your worries upon Him for He knows and sees all even in the most hidden part of your heart. I pray for you this morning that whatever you wish or pray for, the Lord in His mercy will grant them to you. Good morning and have a blessed day ahead!

Wake up beautifully for your daily blessings await you. Favor is knocking at your door and joy is smiling at you. Good morning dear, I pray today all your worries flee from you. Have a nice day!

All you do today will bring nothing but joy to you. The day will put a smile on your pretty face and you shall not regret anything that comes your way today. Good morning my joy!

As the morning sun reflects its rays on you, so shall blessings fall upon you. Your life will be filled with testimonies and your joy will grow endlessly. Good morning my love. Do have a lovely day ahead!

As the day is beautiful so shall your life be. You shall have all cause to glorify the Lord even today. May the Lord bless you. Good morning to you my love!

All I wish for you today is the blessings the day is coming with. You shall see a reason to smile today. May the peace of the Lord dwell upon you today and forever. Good morning beautiful!

You are blessed, you are loved, you are protected by God, you are rich, you are free, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are favored, you are guided by the angelic host of heaven, you are shielded from all calamities and the peace of the Lord is upon you. Good morning to you dear. Do have a nice day!

Powerful Morning Prayer Messages

Today is decorated to suit you so wake up from your sleep and capture your blessings. Good morning love!

Your day will go well and you shall have no reasons to cry. Your wishes will come true. The blessings of the Lord will fall upon you and He will cause His face to shine on you. Good morning dear!

He has promised in His words and He will never fail and on this ground, I say to you my love; you will never cry today unless it is tears of joy, you will not suffer no matter what, every path will be made easy for you, the love of God will rest upon you and you will be a testifier all the days of your life. Good morning my love!

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