20 Good Night and Evening Prayers to End Your Day Peacefully

Evening Prayers

Whether you’ve had a pretty busy day, a tumultuous one, a brilliant one, whatever kind of day you had, you can decide how it ends. I’m certain you’re here because you want your day and that of your loved ones to end peacefully. Whether you say these Good Night and Evening Prayers for yourself or loved ones, you’re guaranteed results, peace of mind and a restful night.

Call on your maker on behalf of yourself, family and loved ones, say these evening prayers to end your day peacefully and see things working out for your good.

Evening Prayers

Good Night Prayers

Thank you dear Lord for your protection, provision, mercy and grace I enjoyed throughout today. Thank you for keeping your promise that you will never leave nor forsake me. As I lay down to sleep, I cast all my burdens upon you, please take care of them all. Let my heart and life enjoy your peace like never before. Fight all my battles and be glorified in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

Thank you Lord, my refuge and fortress, my hiding place. Thank you for your loving hand that guides, tends and comforts me. Dear Lord, you understand my deepest fears, please take care of them. You’re my ever present help in time of need, please help me as always. As I depend on you father, may my expectations never be cut short.

Dear Lord, your word says that you will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you. As I lay in sleep tonight, grant me peace beyond human understanding. Let nothing worry my heart and mind. Let my heart trust and remain confident in you. Bad dreams and nightmares will not come near me in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I thank you for a beautiful day. As I lay to sleep, I want you to know that I need you more than ever before. Deliver me from every fear and give me peace in my heart and life. Let your joy fill my whole life. Amen.

Thank you Lord because the thoughts you have for me are for good to give me a future and a hope. I rest in you Lord, I rest on your promises, may your peace like a river flow in my life. Do not ever leave me Lord. Let your presence abide with me forever. I pray this in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord because I know I will have a pleasant, restful night. My heart trusts fully in you and I know all will be well with me. Amen.

Dear Lord, please keep me safe from all the dangers of the night and bless my sleep with your peace. Thank you Lord.

You are a God who never fails. You have been true and faithful to keep all your promises to me. You have shown me consistent love and grace, that is why I am confident to come to you. Please Lord, as I lie in sleep, protect and shield me from every form of evil. Let me wake up rejoicing. Amen.

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Good Night Prayers

Dear Lord, help me to seek you first and above all things. Let my heart love you more than ever before. Let me sleep peacefully tonight and wake up with thanksgiving. Let your name be glorified in Jesus’ name.

As I sleep tonight, I cover my spirit, soul and body in the blood of Jesus. Let your divine protection be upon me. Amen

I’ve done the best I can today. I look unto you Lord to bless my work and at the same time grant me peace beyond human comprehension. Amen.

I hide myself in you oh Lord my refuge and fortress. You’re my rock and shield, I put my trust in you, may I never be ashamed, may it be well with me and all that you have blessed me with. May I never lose my joy in Jesus’ name.

Lion of Judah, roar and devour all my enemies. Rock of ages, hide me and keep me safe. Let my song always be Hallelujah! and Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Thou help of the helpless, arise for my help oh Lord, be my hope and stay. When I look around, let me find you and you always. Let my joy be full and let my heart be peaceful in Jesus’ mighty name.

Let your holy angels watch over me and keep me in safe. Amen.

I cast all my cares and burden upon you. Thank you for loving me like no one else. Be my shield and rock. Keep me safe from all harm. Amen.

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No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. Every tongue that rises up against me shall be condemned. I shall not die but live. It shall be well with all that concerns me in Jesus’ name.

When others say there is a casting down, in my life there shall be a lifting up. I will not be troubled rather I will dwell and abide in the peace of the Lord. I am blessed and divinely favoured in Jesus’ name.

Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits. Thank you Lord for today’s benefits. Please Lord keep my joy and life intact. May your name alone be praised forever. Amen.

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