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60 Cute Good Afternoon Quotes and Messages for Someone Special

As you follow us through this collection, we assure you of the best Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special. Here you will find, Motivational/Inspirational Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special, Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special, Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Friends, Sweet Good Afternoon Messages for Family Members etc.

Of course sending cute morning messages for someone special in your life is great but when you equally send cute Good Afternoon Quotes and Messages, you keep the tempo up. It’s a way of ensuring that there is no gap or lacuna in the relationship you share with the special someone in your life. He/she knows that they’re in your thoughts and this gives them a sense of security.

No matter how the day has been for your loved one, getting a cute Good Afternoon Message from you will lighten their mood and cheer them up.

As you follow us through this collection, we assure you of the best Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special. Here you will find, Motivational/Inspirational Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special, Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Someone Special, Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Friends, Sweet Good Afternoon Messages for Family Members etc.

Hop on the ride, enjoy!

Good Afternoon Love Messages

Good Afternoon Love Quotes

Let your husband, wife or that special someone know that even in the middle of a busy day, their thoughts dominate your heart. Send them any of these beautifully crafted Romantic Good Afternoon Messages.

Here I am in the middle of a busy day yet I can’t think of anything but you. Thinking about you gives me the butterflies and I can’t wait till we’re back in each other’s arms. I love you so much sweetheart. Do have a pleasant afternoon.

Guess what I’m thinking about honey? All the wonderful things I want to do to you once you’re in my arms. Isn’t it silly? I mean I should be busy with work and here I am having these crazy thoughts. Well, it’s a few hours before close of work and I can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing you dear. Have a most pleasant afternoon.

The thoughts I’m having about you now are far from noble. Once I lay my hands on you tonight, you won’t be the same again, lol. Come home as soon as you can, hon. I’m missing you. In the meantime, make sure you have yourself a good afternoon.

I get excited every time I think about us, where we’re coming from and where we are now. Life can only get better baby. I love you so much , this afternoon and always.

You’re the greatest treasure in my life. Your bosom gives me so much pleasure and comfort. This afternoon as always, I’m thinking of how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you sweetheart, immeasurably so.

Thanking God this beautiful afternoon for the wonderful gift that is you. Knowing that I don’t deserve you but lucky to have you. Here’s promising that you’ll always have my unreserved love and affection till death do us part.

Sweetheart I want you to know this afternoon and always that loving you remains the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. A decision I’ve never regretted and sure I’ll never regret. Enjoy your afternoon, baby.

I know you must be busy now, but I couldn’t resist the urge to sneak into your heart and tell you how much I love you. Do have a productive afternoon.

Loving you is a choice I’ll make over and over again. Have a beautiful afternoon, my darling.

I long to hear the sound of your voice but since I know how distracting it’ll be for me this busy afternoon, I’ll content myself with sending you this message letting you know how much I love and cherish you. May you have an afternoon as radiant as the sun. Good day.

I want you to feel the same butterflies I’m feeling in my tommy right now and that’s why I’m sending you this message. You’re my world baby and I love you with everything I’ve got within me.

I’m looking at the beautiful sun right now because it reminds me of your radiance. I’m thanking God for blessing my life with an angel like you. You make me feel complete. Have a beautiful afternoon, sweetheart.

Hello, my sunshine, this is to wish you an afternoon as radiant as your beautiful smile.

Hello sweets! Are you thinking the same thing I’m thinking? Can you see the beauty of the sun this afternoon? It reminds me of the beauty of our love and how it keeps getting better by the day. Have a beautiful afternoon sweetheart.

If only you were here with me my darling, I’d enjoy the afternoon better. Your presence makes a world of difference. I love you so much.

Just checking on you this afternoon, my sweetheart and making sure you’re operating at your optimal. I hope the day has been kind to you. Enjoy!

May your afternoon be as blissful as the bliss you have brought to my life. Since you came in, my life has known nothing but joy. May you enjoy joy in boundless measure. I love you my chu chu pie.

Loving you is my lifeline. Loving you, my sunshine, gives me a good reason to look forward to each day. May thoughts of me keep you bubbling this afternoon. Love you to pieces.

I can’t seem to get you off my mind, baby. You fill my thoughts, my bones. You invade my space and you know what? I love it. This afternoon as always, I’m wishing you the very best. May it be a productive one for you.

For you, I’d leave everything I’m doing right now. I’d do so just to see your face and be with you. Just say the word and I’ll be there in a jiffy. How’re you this afternoon?

The afternoons I spend with you are really treasured. I long for these afternoons more than anything and right now, I’m wishing you were here with me. Can’t wait to see you baby. Have a happy afternoon, sweets.

I love you, love you, love you, sweetheart. Have a productive afternoon and come home fulfilled.

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Good Afternoon Inspirational Quotes and Messages

Looking to motivate the special man, woman in your life this afternoon? Look no further. You’re at the right spot for Motivational/inspirational Good Afternoon Quotes and Messages for Him or Her.

Just wanted to quickly encourage you that the day is still quite young. You can still achieve all you set out to achieve today. Keep the faith. Keep being strong and remember that I love you.

Baby, hey! How’s it going? Hope your afternoon’s as bright as the sunshine. Whichever way it is, don’t be discouraged. There’s still plenty of time to make a difference and remember, I’ve got your back.

Sweetheart, I’m hoping this message will inspire you to greatness. Don’t forget, it’s not over until you win. I’m rooting for you, baby. Have a blessed afternoon.

I trust that before today is over, your mouth will be filled with testimonies. So, baby, don’t give up just yet, you will make it. Good afternoon.

It may not look like it yet but today will definitely end in praise for you. Keep believing, be persistent and you’ll see the tide turning around for your good. Have a splendid afternoon.

Look out! Can you see the awesome glow of the sun? That’s how beautifully your glory will glow. I look forward to your manifestation. Have a splendid afternoon.

This afternoon will bring you all the goodness you’ve ever hoped for, just believe.

The job gets done when everyone does their part. Do yours with vigour. Do it excellently. Have a beautiful afternoon.

Don’t be the weak link in your organization. Do your part well and without grumbling. I trust you’ll be outstanding as always. Have a lovely afternoon.

Anyone may say anything about you. It doesn’t change who you are, does it? They are mere distractions you shouldn’t spare any attention. Remain focused sweets, let your success keep them quiet.

Good Afternoon Quotes and Messages

Good Afternoon Quotes

Our parents have and continue to do so much for us. There are little things you can do such as sending them these cute afternoon messages that shows them you value and appreciate them. Don’t  be caught slacking, go ahead and send your dad or mum any of these amazing good afternoon messages.

How is my favourite dad/mum doing this afternoon. Thoughts of you keep straying into my mind and I can’t get over how much love you’ve always shown me. So I decided to do the only sensible thing, send you this message telling you how much I value and appreciate you. I don’t take any of your sacrifice for granted. I love you dad/mum. Do have a most pleasant afternoon.

Of course no love beats that of a mother and your love mum, supersedes them all. It is really a blessing to be your child. A privilege I cherish and I’m thankful for each day. Just wanted to take this time out to say thank you mum for all you do and continue to do. Good afternoon to you, ma.

Of all fathers, daddy, you’re the best. And no, I don’t want anything, I just wanted you to know I love and value you. Good afternoon, dad.

You’ve always encouraged us never to give up. You’ve always told us we can be anything we want to be. So I’m encouraging you right back this afternoon daddy, don’t give up. Your joy is just around the corner. The day will end in praise.`

No matter how the day has been, I am confident it will only get better. Stay strong dad/mum. Have a good afternoon.

I’m just so overwhelmed this afternoon thinking of how far your love has brought me. You have carried me on the wings of love and berthed me in a goodly place. There’s no way I’m ever forgetting you, dear mum/dad. You’re my superhero and I love you so much. Have a great afternoon sir/ma. God bless you always.

Thank you dad/mum for the amazing childhood you gave me. Thank you because you continue to be awesome and give of yourself. Do have a pleasant afternoon.

I thrive on the foundation you have laid for me. How then can I ever forget you. Thank you for all you’ve done to get me to the point I am today. I don’t take them for granted. Have a pleasant afternoon dad/mum.

If I were home, I know the kind of sumptuous meal I’d be getting this afternoon. I miss you so much mummy and I can’t wait till I’m back home. Good afternoon ma.

You’re the best now and always, no competition. I love you mama. Have a good afternoon.

I pray for you this afternoon daddy/mummy. You will reap the fruits of all you’ve ever labored for. Your efforts over my siblings and I will never be in vain. You will live to ripe old age and in good health. You will be clothed in honour and glory. Good afternoon daddy/mummy.

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Good Afternoon Messages for Him or Her

Siblings are great and often time one’s first best friends. No need for the relationship to grow cold. Spice it up every once in a while with lovely, cute messages. Send your brother or sister any of these cute good afternoon messages now.

Hey sis! Hope you’re having a good day. Just thinking of you this beautiful afternoon and thought to send you this message. Do have a beautiful afternoon.

Hello bruv. Did I ever thank you for a great childhood? Well! thank you for making my childhood a great one. I could never forget the wonderful experiences we shared. Thought I should sneak that in seeing it’s a beautiful afternoon. Do have a great one.

Don’t give up just yet sis. It’s still quite early in the day and the tide can still turn in your favour. Stay strong! Believe! Good afternoon.

I’m thinking of all the wonderful blessings in my life and you readily come to mind. Thank you for being not just a sister/brother but a friend as well. Life is so much easier with you in it. Good afternoon dear sis/bro.

Thank you for always being there when I need you. I love you endlessly. Good afternoon sis/bro.

You’re my role model and woman crush anytime. I stan you sis. Good afternoon.

Just to holler and know how well you’re doing. Good afternoon, bro.

My sister like no other. The best there is world over. Just want to wish you a good afternoon and to let you know I love you.

Just checking on you, brother. Hope you’re good. Don’t ever give up, I got your back. Good afternoon.

May your afternoon be fruitful. May you get double the result of the efforts you put in. You will never be put to shame. Good afternoon brother/ sister.

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Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Friends  

It would be really nice if you send cute messages to your friends once in a while. Any of these Good afternoon messages for friends would not be a bad idea.

I look forward to the lunch breaks because that’s when I get to spend time with you. Where’re we meeting for lunch today? Good afternoon, dear friend.

How’s my favourite friend doing this afternoon? Hope your day is going smoothly and as planned. May today not end until you have achieved all your heart desires. Have a good afternoon. God bless you.

You will not labour effortlessly in Jesus’ name. All your efforts this afternoon will not be in vain. The Lord will prosper the works of your hands and your blessings will be greatly multiplied. Good afternoon, friend.

Thinking of how far we have come together and appreciating God for the blessing of this friendship. You rock my world, dear friend. Have a good afternoon.

A most pleasant afternoon to you, dear friend. I hope you achieve all of your dreams before the day runs out. Enjoy!

Hey dude! Thinking about you and the wonderful friendship we share. It’s not your birthday but hey, one should not pass by an opportunity to celebrate a great friend. I celebrate you guy. Good afternoon.

Don’t be discouraged, keep on keeping on, you will breakthrough. Do have a blessed afternoon, dear friend.

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