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Top 60 Apology Messages And Quotes For All Occasions

Top 60 Apology Messages And Quotes For All Occasions

Because we understand how important relationships are, we want to make sure you don’t lose them because of little or not so little altercations. Convey how sorry you are to your friends, colleagues and loved ones with any of these Top 60 apology messages and i’m sorry quotes for all occasions, your relationship will come bouncing back.

Deep Apology Messages For Friends

True friends are worth keeping. Keep your friends. Say sorry when you’re wrong.

Please don’t keep a record of my wrongs. I know they are many. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I cherish our friendship and I don’t want it to end on a note of bitterness. Scratch that, I don’t want it to end at all. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry I let you down. I’m really so sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’ll make it right. Please forgive me.

Can we put this behind us and be friends again? Please forgive me.

Different Templates of Apology Letters

There’s no acceptable excuse for what I’ve done. I’m sorry I betrayed your trust. Please forgive me.

If you give me another chance, I’d prove you can trust me. I’m really so sorry.

It was never my intention to make you feel bad. I’m sorry you feel this way. Please forgive me.

We’ve come a long way to make this come between us. Please forgive me, our friendship is important to me.

You’re my best friend, I won’t ever let you go. No matter how long it takes, I know I’ll get your forgiveness.

Cute I Am Sorry Messages For Her

I was only kidding, I didn’t know you’ll take it to heart. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for betraying your trust. I’ll do everything it takes to make this right.

I admit I really went overboard trying to prove my point. Forget it, our friendship is more important to me. I’m sorry.

I know it must be difficult for you to trust me again after all I’ve done. All I ask is that you forgive me so I can forgive myself.

I knew you were watching out for me but I reacted so badly. I’m sorry. Let’s be friends again.

It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Our friendship is more important. Please forgive and forget.

Forget all I said, I didn’t mean them. I was only trying to score a point. I’m sorry.

This friendship is more important to me than my ego. Let’s hold hands and be friends again.

We’ve been through more difficult times than this. I hope we will scale through this as well. Please forgive my indiscretion.

Apology SMS to my Love
I Am Sorry Friend

I’m Sorry Quotes and Messages For Boss or Colleague

These I’m sorry messages could save you your job.

I’m sorry I let you down. Please give me another chance to be useful.

I know I performed below expectations and I’m really sorry. Please give me a second chance, I’d make it right.

I’m sorry cannot recover the losses I’ve caused this organization. I’d do everything I can to make it right but first I ask that you forgive me.

No excuse can justify my underperformance. I’m sorry, I promise to do better.

How To Say Sorry to your Boss or Co-Workers

I’m sorry I’ve been so distracted lately. I’m struggling with personal issues. Please forgive me for letting it affect my job. I promise to adjust.

I’ve been the weak link in our team. Thanks for your patience. I promise to improve.

I’m not taking your patience for granted. I’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of issues lately. I’m really so sorry. I’ll make up for my past underperformance.

I’m sorry I fell below your expectations. I don’t understand it myself. I tried doing my best. I’m sorry it wasn’t enough.

The disappointment I see in your eyes is tearing me apart. I’m sorry for messing up. I’ll fall back in line.

Apology Messages For Cheating
I Am Sorry Boss

We must work in peace for us to achieve results. I’m sorry for the part I played in our fight. Please let’s put it behind us.

We’ve always worked so fine together. I wonder how we allowed ourselves to get this low. Now it’s affecting our productivity. I’m sorry for the part I played in this.

Please let’s put our differences behind us and work together to achieve results. This work is more important than our individual ego.

I’m sorry for being so bull headed and difficult. Can we put this behind us and work together in peace?

Apology SMS to Boss For Misbehavior
I Am Sorry Improve

You’re so super to work with. I’m sorry for taking you for granted. Let’s call a truce.

Apology  Messages To My Wife

Do everything you can to return the smile to her face. Say sorry to her with any of these fine messages.

I’m sorry for not being as supportive as I should. I’ll change for better, I promise.

I’m sorry dear for letting my work get the better part of me. I promise to prioritise our home henceforth. Forgive me.

Apology Messages to Her
I’m Sorry Message

Please forgive me for letting you down. I feel so guilty and disappointed in myself. I’m truly sorry.

You’re my most valuable gift and I don’t ever want to lose you. What can I do to make this right?

Please give me a second chance. I’ll prove you’re the most important person to me.

Thank You And Appreciation Messages For Every Occasion

I’m sorry for being emotionally absent. The pressure of work is taking its toll on me. Can we go out for dinner and catch up?

I’m sorry for taking your love and care for granted. Please forgive me.

Our home is more important to me than anything. Please let’s put our differences behind us and build this home. I love you.

I can’t bear to see the hurt in your eyes. I’m sorry for being the cause of it. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry for all these fights we keep having. I’m tired of them. I’m working on being better. Please be patient with me.

No matter how bad you feel right now, remember I’m your special man, who has always been here and who will always be here for you. I love you.

No matter how long it takes, I’ll be waiting, loving you, pampering you till you forgive me.

I know you find it difficult to believe now that I love you. Please give me another chance to right my wrongs and prove to you that you’re the most important human in my life.

Apology Messages For Him

Let your man know how sorry you are. Get apology message ideas from here.

You work so hard, you deserve all the love and respect but I always manage to let you down. Please forgive me.

How To Say Sorry With An Email And Mean it

Please forgive me for not controlling my anger. I didn’t mean all those hurtful words. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for not giving you the peace you deserve. I promise to improve. Please forgive me.

I am Sorry Quotes For Him
I Am Sorry Please

You know how hard I try to control this tongue that always puts me in trouble. I’m sorry for the hurtful things I said. You know I didn’t mean them.

Please don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry for misbehaving.

I’m sorry for not being there when it mattered most. You have been a supportive husband and you don’t deserve less than the best. I’ll make it up to you.

I should have trusted you but I didn’t. Now I know better and I’m truly sorry. Please forgive me.

I’m learning to be a better woman. A woman you truly deserve. I’m sorry for all the times I made you cry. Please forgive me.

Heartfelt I Am Sorry Messages For Him

Here I am, crying up a river, all because you’re angry and won’t talk to me. Forgive me honey, let my heart cheer again.

Sweets I think it’s high time we forgot what’s right or wrong and live in harmony. We’ve got a home to build. I’m ready to sheath my sword and here am I saying sorry for all my past wrongs.

No matter how you push me away, I’ll always be your loving and supportive wife, who’ll always be here for you. But I plead that you allow wise counsel prevail and stop alienating me. I love you so much and I’m sorry if I did anything to make you angry.

You know how nothing moves for us when we’re angry with each other. Please let’s end this fight now, in both our best interests. I love you and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for embarrassing you the way I did. My hormones got the better of me. Can we bury the hatchet and put this behind us?

You’re so angry you won’t even look at me. You must really hate me now for all those hurtful words. Please forgive me, I really did not mean them. I feel so bad for hurting you.

You know I always have your best interest at heart even if you find it difficult to believe at this moment. I love you and won’t hurt you for the world. I’m sorry.

We’ve come a very long way together. None of us deserve the treatment we’re meting out to each other. Henceforth, I’m willing to change for better. I urge you to partner with me in making our home work. You’re important to me and I really love you.

You see! Simple words. Simple as A.B.C.  Say them today. Your relationship will be restored in no time.

As for me, I’ll always be here with all the help you need. Thanks as always for coming.  Do like and share. Xoxo.

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