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Deep Love Messages to Melt Her Heart

Messages to Melt Her Heart: Keep her wowed all the time with the most sumptuous messages. Let her heart palpitate with endless love for you by letting her know you love her endlessly with these heartfelt messages to melt her heart.

Messages to Melt Her Heart: Keep her wowed all the time with the most sumptuous messages. Let her heart palpitate with endless love for you by letting her know you love her endlessly with these heartfelt messages to melt her heart.

Messages to Melt Her Heart

Hold me close and please don’t let go, for we have a dream to make come through. Far or close, where ever we go, let us make each day brand new. With you I have found my peace and with you I have felt love. There is no better feeling than this and there is no hope for a perfect tomorrow if you are not the one. Please stay with me forever my treasure!

To the love of my life
Knowing you is just the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your smiles lighten up my darkest moments and the looks on your face create joyful memories. I want you to know that you are just the best and I love you!

You are special to me
I am not scared of saying this and I don’t care if the whole world hears me or not, you are so special to me dearie and I can not imagine a moment without you. Thanks for loving me!

You are sweet and beautiful
When I thought I saw it all, when I thought I have seen the most pretty one just then I met you. Your beauty is beyond my compliments, your smiles are accompanied by the rays of love and your calm and tender voice brings every hardened heart to a place of peace and love. If you will do nothing for me, then at least smile, for that is all it will take for a heart to melt.

Sometimes I wonder if you are a human or an angel. Your ways are always beautiful and extraordinary. You bring peace where there is chaos, and joy where there is sorrow. I can’t help but love you nonstop.

My one in a million
I have traveled, I have searched and mingled, tangled and untangled but you are just that unique and special person that has no replica elsewhere. Thank God I met you!

I choose you
My heart is in need of someone like you to keep it. The words you speak, the songs you sing, the feelings you create and all the things you do melt my heart. You are an angel from above and I am pleased and blessed to have you!

You are a blessing
You are always here when I need you the most, you console me and help me forget my worries, you make me feel loved and happy. You mean a lot to me. You are my blessing!

You are my star and the safety of my dreams. You light my paths and decorate them with the light of your beautiful heart. If I must make a wish, then it will be to keep you forever!

To you my dearest friend
When I first met you I thought you weren’t good for me, but now I know that my life would have been the real definition of empty if I never had you. I am glad you love me and if I have only one friend left, then I want it to be you!

Your tender heart is so adoring and I admire every tiny little piece of it. Joy is when you smile at me and happiness comes when you say those words of love to a shattered heart like mine. Can’t stop loving you!

You are the reason
You are the reason I smile, you are the reason I laugh, you are the reason I do all the sweet things I do. I do it all for you because you are the reason. I love you!

Your love came so slow and fell so deep, so deep that it is felt all around the corners of my heart and all around the walls of my world. If there is true love then it is what I feel for you, and if there is a perfect lover, then it’s you my joy.

It’s you I see while asleep, and it’s your loving memories I remember while awake. How you make me feel special and loving. It is you all the way, all through this love enchanted crest. I love your dearie!

You are my desire
I have ever wished for someone who will conquer my heart and give me a new feel, I have ever longed for a life filled with joy, a life worth living. I have ever desired for that perfect and sweet moment. You are the answer, you are my desire.

You are my dreams
In the deepest part of my thoughts is where you lie. You are the colours that beautify my dreams and just the thought of you gives me endless hope of a fulfilled destiny. All I want is your love. I cherish you my angel.

Sweet Words to Melt Her Heart

I’ve found a friend
I have found a loving friend in you dearie, a friend worth dying for, a friend worth trusting, a friend worth loving. If I had only one friend left then I want it to be you!

You are unique
Out of your kind, you are of a different version and you are the best. Keep your loving and caring personality glowing my dear. I wish you well.

I miss you
How long and cold the night is, how dark and scary it feels. I wish you were here with me now, I wish I could hold you in my arms. You are all I need and more and I will give myself the pleasure of loving you for as long as I breathe. Good night my beautiful glowing flower!

To the love of my life
It is not fair tying your happiness to someone and it is not wise loving someone whole hearted, they say…. But I am so happy and proud giving my whole heart and happiness. I love you beyond normal and I cherish you above all. You mean a lot to me and you are irreplaceable. I love you!

When you are here
With you by my side I feel so comfortable. With your love around me I feel solace. I trust you my dear friend and I so much adore you. You have given me a reason to love and I want to grow old with you. You are cherished!

Cute Love SMS For Him or Her to Melt Heart

Your love melts my heart
The way you love, the way you think, the way you believe in me, the way you trust, the way you make me feel is undeniable. I will love you for as long as life abounds. Good night my cherry pie!

A glowing morning
A glowing morning to my beautiful friend, the one whose heart is as sweet and tender as honey, the one who tends to understand all of me even better than I do myself, the one whose words could melt a hardened heart. Good morning to you.

This what you are to me
You are my light in the dark, you are my star, you are my joy giver, you are my melody, you are more than a friend to me, you are more than a lover. You are adorable, you are alluring, you are beautiful, you are charming, you are all the treasures of the earth enclosed in a human. You mean the world to me!

When you’re not here
When I don’t have you close, everything irritates me. When I can’t have your feel nothing makes sense to me. Missing you is what I don’t like doing. Please come back soon my dear wife.

We were only little kids when we fell in love not even knowing what it was or what we were up to, but now I know, now I can feel it, now I can tell. You are just the very perfect person life can ever give to me. I still love you!

My dear friend. I know I always wrong you, I admit I always hurt you even if you don’t deserve it. And this part of me you have to forgive. I will do my every best to change for good, for your love I will. Thanks for always loving me!

It’s you I want
If not you then it should be you. It is you I want and no one else can replace that. I have never been this focused and determined before but now that I have met you, I know what I want and it is you!

Thanks to God for letting someone like you to cross my path. Thanks to the one who made you. Thanks to you for letting me behold your beautiful soul. I love you!

Every moment with you is worth storing in my head as every bit of you make up my memories. You are not far from perfect and not close to evil. If I have a wish to make, I will forever wish to hold you close today and till eternity. I love you!

We against the world
The way you understand me, the way you console me, the way you treat me and the way you please me…I can’t leave you for anything or anyone, it is us against the world. I love you!

You are my world
I thought love was when I met you, I thought love was when I loved you., but no…love is when you smile at me, love is when you call me your treasure or your pearl rock…love is when you hold me and whisper into the deepest part of my heart saying “I love you”.

When I had you
When I had you all my fears were gone…when I had you all my doubt were lost…when I had you I had no worries…when I had you I had no dark side, for you were my light, you illuminated my darkest moments, you chased away my greatest fears. Like a cold and gentle wind you were always there, your soft and tender voice always whispered in my thoughts. I wish I can turn back the clock and make right what was wrong. I wish you come back some day to hold me in your arms again. The best moments of my entire life was when I had you!

You’re so beautiful
You glow in the dark and radiate in the light. Your soul is sweet and whatever comes from it is honey. Your perfect beauty is beyond facial, it is deeply implanted in every part of you (your body and soul). I wish those charming looks were for me.

Who are you
Are you the one for me, the perfect girl of my dreams… Are you the joy I feel, the one that flows like an endless stream… Are you the love of my life, the one that pierce my heart like a knife… Are you the thoughts I have, that very one that makes me smile… I don’t know much but this much I do, you are my all!

Your smiles
When the days are bad: when the rainy days turn sunny and the cold breeze turns a whirling wind, all the world needs is your smile. Your smiles are perfect and contagious!

You are my happiness
The thought of you makes me happy and the feel of you makes me lively. You are my dream come true and my thoughts made real. You are my happiness and I am keeping you forever. I love you and that is true!

Sweet Missing You Quotes to Melt Her Heart

This is for you
When the night is dark and scary and you can’t sleep, when your fears grow stronger and your heart is gripped, do this for me… wrap my love around you, replay my words in your heart and my memories in your head, remember every bit of me and go back to sleep, for in the deepest part of your dreams is where you will find me. I love you!

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