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200 Happy New Month SMS Messages Quotes to my Love (2022)

Find below our very fine collection of Happy New Month Quotes to my sweetheart. These New Month Quotes are guaranteed to inspire your loved one. They are guaranteed to keep the flame of your glowing. Enjoy!

Yaay! It’s a New Month again. Time to be thankful. Time to send out lovely quotes and good will messages. On top of your priority list should be good will messages to the love of your life. We got you covered in that angle. Find below our very fine collection of Happy New Month Quotes to my sweetheart. These New Month my Love Messages and Quotes are guaranteed to inspire your loved one. They are guaranteed to keep the flame of your glowing. Enjoy!

Happy New Month My Love Messages and Quotes

Sweetheart, I cherish every moment of the past spent with you. May this new month bring us even closer. Happy new month.

Stay healthy, happy and unmoved. This new month is your month. Happy month my Love.

Dearest, i have so many wishes but the most profound of them all is that you find favor in the sight of God and before men. Happy new month.

Let no man take charge of your life. Because you hold the key to your happiness. Be happy, its a new month, a new dawn. New and better things will happen to you. Happy new month.

Dearest, if meeting you came with a price tag, I’d not afford to foot the bills, because your worth can’t be measure in any currency. Happy new month.

Thanks for last month, its great pleasure seeing you around all through the last thirty-one days. May this new month bring us more awesome moments to share. Happy new month.

Start the new month with a word of prayer, entrusting everything into the hands of God. Happy new month.

Hey! Happy new month my Love. May this month bring you thirty-one new reasons to live a happy and sorrow free life.

Life is too brief to be held back by the pains of the past. its a new month. Love with all your heart. Laugh Hard. Smile like it’s all you have do. Happy new month dearest.

Live, Love, Laugh; this is the recipe for good living in a new month. Happy new month.

When you’re pushed down by life ensure you stand up again. It is what truly proves that you’re strong. Happy new month.

Happy new month. Let nothing hold you back from succeeding, Not even yourself.

Go beat the world, greatness awaits you. Happy new month.

May your mornings bring you the deepest inspirations, your noon bring you closer to your aspirations. In the eve you shall share no tales of frustrations. Happy new month.

It’s the dawn of a new day and a new month. Take a look at your world, smile and appreciate all what God has done in your life. Happy new month.

May the blessings of heaven rain on you in this new month and all your dreams as seed sprout forth into trees of destiny. Happy new month.

New Month Love Quotes

My wish for you this month is that this month brings the best of life to you and be the best month for you. Happy new month.

Wake up and sing with gladness of heart for his mercies endureth forever and his blessings are yes and Amen in your life. Happy new month.

Did I tell you how special you are? and how being around you has been the best things that ever happened to me? Happy new month, Amazing one.

Beautiful heart and soul. Beautiful smile and touch. These are the most perfect memories of last month. I want more of them this new month. Happy new month my Love.

The best time to start strong is at the beginning of a new month, so you can keep inventory of how fast you’re growing. Happy new month.

The new month comes with bonuses of Success, peace of mind, joy and unmerited favor. Happy new month, call heaven to recieve your package.

Hey Beautiful, Just like the countless droplets when it rains, that’s how your blessings will be in this new month.

We often wait too long before celebrating ourselves. New months gives us new opportunities to celebrate ourselves in bits. Happy new month.

Congratulations on your successful transition from last month to a new month. Happy new month.

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Dearest, I knew you would win, like you’ve won. For overcoming the troubles of last month, Congratulations and welcome to a new month.

Old months are gone and past away, the new month is here and it has come to stay. Make the best out of it. Happy new month.

All that stood before you last month will bow in reverence to you this month. Happy new month.

May you get all the resources required for you to live an exceptional life. Happy new month.

In this month, may all that the canker worms have eaten to restored to you in a thousand folds. Happy new month.

More Happy New Month Sweetheart Messages.

Happy New Month Messages to My Love

May this new month bring greater and better opportunities. Happy birthday dear.

Hey! I miss every moment spent with you, your smile, your eyes, your melodious voice, your sweet laughter. in fact I miss everything about you. Happy new month.

Like and Eagle you shall soar Like a Gold you shall glimmer, Like Diamond your arm shall be strong. Like the speed of light you shall hasten towards your success; nothing can stop you. Happy new month my Love.

Don’t get so uncomfortable with an unchangeable past. Brace up and face the realities of new opportunities. Happy new month.

I love you is an understatement of how I truly feel for you. Ever since I met you life has taken new turns, and the last thing I want to do is to ever regret meeting you. Happy new month my treasure.

As this month finally round off and give way for another beautiful beginning, I wish you the sweetest things of life. Happy new month.

Sugar is sweet, Honey is sweeter, but a month with you is pleasant and better. Happy new month.

I hope you don’t forget that we will be having a date on every day of this new month.

If I had the powers to give you anything in life, I’d dedicate every new month to you. Because you’re too special and worth being celebrated every thirty one days.

Life might not always offer you all what you want, but I can assure you that, all what you go down on your knees and request of from God in this new month will be granted to you. Happy new month Heaven’s favored.

Hello sweetheart, every new month is a new start for greatness. Go tell the world what you’re made of. Happy new month dear.

Sound health, divine favour and protection are all I wish you in this new month. Do have a lovely month ahead.

You must have heard people say, your tomorrow must be better than today. Your case is exceptional, since today was once a tomorrow your better things will begin to happen from today. Happy new month.

Sweetheart, I have been thinking of how to describe your beautiful smile and firm hug with words. But it seems impossible to carve you out with the right words. Happy new month.

I pray this new month bring to you in abundance all what you desire. I totally love you 46. Hey sweet! I’d want to have more of you this month. I don’t care being diabetic. Happy new month.

I have always had you on my mind, running through my thoughts. I don’t regret loving you. Yet I want more, more, more of your love. Happy new month.

There are many twists and turns in life, but all these should only make you stronger. Happy new month champ.

I have always dreamt of a future with you by my side; whenever I do, it makes me feel complete and happy. This future is certainly coming closer. Happy new month, my Love.

Hey Treasure, you’re one of the most valuables things I have been able to discover in this life. For this reason, I pray may beautiful things never cease to come your way. Happy new month.

Don’t get bothered about how things are gonna turnout in this new month. Grace has got your back. Happy new month.

Mornings are refreshing, new month come with blessings. Enjoy your heavenly package. Happy new month.

Celebrate every new day, week and month. Celebrate every moment. Happy new month, my love.

New month, new success, new Achievements. Happy new month.

May nothing hold back your success and happiness in this new month, because you’re exceptional. Happy new month.

Optimism isn’t for everyone, for you, It won’t be mere optimism because you’re blessed and the assurance is obvious. Happy new month.

A month is made of four weeks, but this month is not just made of four weeks but made for you. Happy new month, my sweetheart.

May you not find any reason to shed a tear, or to hide your face in shame. In this new month, exceptional things will happen to you.

Four weeks make a month. None of these weeks will make you weak. Happy new month, sweetheart.

Hey! smile. This new month will give you no reasons to cry.

Hey! Happy new month, God’s blessings be yes and Amen in your life.

I prayed for you last night, the angels promised to renew all what you’ve lost in this new month. Have a blessed one, my darling.

Joyful mornings, trouble-free noons and acheless nights is all I wish you in this new month. I love you.

Happy New Month My Love SMS

May the mornings of this month be the most refreshing; noon the most interesting and the nights the most restful. Happy new month.

A new day, a new week, new grace for the journey ahead. Happy new month, sweetheart.

It’s a new month, reach out for the best, see you at the top. You deserve nothing less, my love. Happy new month.

May all that has been a barrier to your success never surface again. Happy new month.

May not opportunity pass you by this month. All that is yours will never be snatched by any devourer.

I’ve watched you overcome troubles. This month, not even the greatest storms of life will hold you down. You are unstoppable. Happy new month, my love.

May all that seem impossible in your life become possible in this new month. Happy new month.

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May all you lay your hands on yield and all that trouble you cease. May all your ideas become real and your heart desires blossom into realities.

Favour is knocking at your door, love at your window, peace await you at your door step. Happy new month.

This is my profound wish for you, Live, love, explore and enjoy all of life’s realities. Happy new month, sweetheart.

Wear a smile it heals faster than pills. Laugh out your heart, it thrills better than drinks. Happy new month dearie.

Don’t bother competing with anyone, just be the best that you can be. Happy new month.

Be happy because new months always come with new and exceptional blessings. Have a great month ahead, my love.

Guess what happened last night! the clock turned and this time it’s in your favor. Happy new month, beautiful/handsome.

You deserve better than to be held back by the pains of the past. You’re blessed beyond being in tears. Happy new month. Worry no more.

Attraction is a result of the brain’s chemical reaction. Blessings are a result of heaven’s attraction towards you. Happy new month, angel.

Life is like a puzzle, may all fall into place for you in this new month.

All that have been proving stubborn are left back in the past, this time, certainly nothing will hold you back. Happy new month, sweetheart.

Hey sweet! Thirty new days of extravagant blessings for you. Enjoy! Happy new month.

When I saw you last night, you were beautiful and this morning you’re even more beautiful. May beautiful things follow all through this month. Be blessed.

Last month was ok, this month will bring you awesome surprises. Happy new month, sunshine.

Happy New Month Messages to my Love

Twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, four weeks in a month, twelve months in a year. Make the best out of this month. I love you.

A new month is thirty-one days of immeasurable success. Make the best out of the life time opportunity. Happy new month, my love.

Don’t bother about how the month is gonna turn out, just live each day exceptionally. Make the best out of life and always remember that I’ve got your back. Happy new month.

We’re not always conscious of second chances, new months give us the opportunity to take corrections and live better lives. Happy new month.

Hey sweetheart, let nothing hold you back in this new month, let your beauty shine around. Happy new month.

I’m wishing you thirty-one tears free and stressless days. Happy new month.

This month shall be the genesis of your success story. Your better days are here.

May this month bring only faithful people around you. You deserve nothing less.

Happy New Month my Love Quotes 

Trample over your enemies and worries and match up the ladder of success this month. Have a blessed one, my love.

This month is your month of desired praise. May all your effort earn you desired praise. I love you, my darling.

May this month set you up to reach all you were made for. Have a fulfilled month, my love.

May this month bring all the good fortunes of life to you. Happy new month.

I pray this month bring all the sweet savors of life to your door step. Happy new month.

Hey dearest, always remember how favored you are. This month is not an exception, go count your blessings. Happy new month.

This month, like a new day, you will break forth. Like the  sun, you will shine. Like flower, you will blossom. Happy new month.

Don’t let the memories of a failed past hold you back. The past are for lessons, every new day is a blessing. Enjoy your new month.

In this new month I pray you soar like the eagle you are. Nothing can hold back your happiness, not even the storms of life. Happy new month, dear.

New months often come with new packages, I pray as you step into this new month may your most secret desire blossom into reality. Happy new month, dearest.

Happy New Month Prayers to My Love

I pray God that this new month be the most amazing month of this year for you. Happy new month, sweetheart.

I pray God’s matchless Favour surround you all through this month. Go and shine. Happy new month, love.

Your strength and verve this month shall be matchless, because its the month of your divine favour and blessings. Happy new month, sweetheart.

In this new month you shall see no setbacks, your paths will not cross with evil and no weapon fashioned against you shall win. Happy new month, beautiful.

Good morning and happy new month. This month, No hurts, No tears. This month amongst many shall be unforgettably beautiful for you.

Dearly beloved, Thanks for subscribing to the new month package of excessive blessings and favor. Enjoy your month, my angel.

Leave all the troubles of the past, its a new month. Wear a new smile and go do great things. You are limitless, happy new month dear.

You’ll take no pain of the former months into this new month because the price for your joy has been paid by Christ. Happy new month.

From today henceforth, don’t be scared of anything, walk like a proud chick because you’re covered by the wings of heaven. Happy new month, sweetheart.

Shut the door against the pains of yester-months, sit tight and watch God drive you to amazing places this new month. Happy new month.

You can now go and do all what had seemed undoable for you before. The new month is an open door to endless success. Happy new month.

The word impossibility has been deleted from your dictionary. In this new month all the doors that lead to your success are opened. Happy new month.

Beautiful Happy New Month Messages to My Love

There are no tears this month, and if there must be any then it will be tears of joy from your extraordinary breakthrough. Happy new month, love.

Happy new month to you my sunshine. There are no limits to how much you can achieve this month. You are empowered.

Don’t bother about the raging storms of life, God is the sailor of the ship. Sit back and enjoy the privilege of trusting him to sail you through life safely. Happy new month.

God is in control, don’t worry how far although the road seem rough. Just trust him and all things will work out. Happy new month.

Happy new month sweetheart, I wish you exceptional success and divine Favour.

May you find purpose in life and achieve all of God’s desire for you in this new month. Happy new month.

Nothing shall stop your smile this month, you shall take your position among the stars and no dark clouds will hinder your shine. Glimmer! Happy new month, darling.

In this kingdom, we do not bargain for what is ours. Pray you possess all your possessions in this new month. Happy new month, favoured one.

I wish you God’s protection and open doors, happy new month, sweetheart.

Love, peace, joy and divine favour are the full package of the new month. May the new month bring you these fortune and many more. Happy new month.

May the dawn of this new month bring you countless blessings and enormous favour. Happy new month.

Keep beaming. Wear a smiling face, this is the month of your divine favour. Happy new month dear.

My prayer for you in this new month are God’s Love and timely Favour, good health, peace and prosperity. Happy new month.

Pick your pen and write down all your heart’s desires. It’s a new month and you’ve been engraced to rewrite your story. Happy new month.

May no day in this new month bring you tears or leave you broken. Make every day count. Nothing can stop you. You are limitless. Happy new month.

Life is not just a passage of time. It is measured in days weeks and months. As you step into this phase of the year, may you never find any closed doors. Happy new month dear.

Life is never easy. There are gonna be ups and downs in this new month. But always make sure you stand up after every push like you’ve always done. Happy new month champ.

Write down your intents as the dawn of this new month is accompanied with unexplainable answers. Happy new month dear.

Hey sweetheart, in this new month ensure you love effortlessly, care deeply and hold on to your dreams. Happy new month.

Every new month is a bit of a year. As you welcome this new month I wish you enormous blessings.

May you not be denied of anything you desire in this new month. Happy new month dear.

Cute Happy New Month My Love SMS

Happy new month my heartbeat. Stay stuck in my heart this new month.

I saw your name on the list of those to be favoured. Just thought to let you know. Happy new month, dearest.

Smile like you’re competing with the sun. Laugh like you have no worries. New months come with new blessings. Have a great one.

We’ve been together long enough. I do not underestimate your love. I cherish you deeply. Happy new month, my dearest.

Happy new month dearest, new months come with a renewal of energy and verve. May this and more be your experience. Have a great month.

I’ll never meet someone else like you. I’m so certain of that. Happy new month.

You’re one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me all through the months of this year. As you step into this month, I wish to have you all to myself. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Quotes Prayer to my Love

Hey sweet, I woke up this morning with a feeling of refreshment and the pride of crossing paths with you. Happy new month.

Hey, favour promised to follow you this month, love, peace and joy promise to stand by you. So worry less and get the best of life. Happy new month.

In this new month, may love, peace and joy follow you. and all you lay your hands on be blessed.

Happy new month, I wish you God speed.

Welcome to your month of unprecedented grace, favor and success in all ramifications of your life.

Don’t start a new month with the thoughts of a broken past. Your future is brighter and surer. Start this day and this month with a smile. I love you.

Welcome to your month of unparalleled exploits. Happy new month, sunshine.

Dearie, I heard it’s your month. There is certainly no limits to how much of greatness you can achieve this month. Happy new month.

I’m praying that this new month you’ll reach the peak of your desired success.

As magnets attract metals, and beauty attract the eyes, may you also attract all the good things of life in this new month because you have a good heart. Happy new month.

We often grow old without knowing, because we often forget that every new month is a bit from the whole of the year. So I hope you celebrate today like it’s a new year. Happy new month.

 I saw in my dreams last night that this month is gonna be one of the best for you, because on the heavenly list your name is next to receive. Happy new month, Be expectant of great things this month.

Some times I often wonder why I didn’t have you in my life before this moments, then I remember that treasures are hidden in the deepest crust of life. I am glad I have you in my life. Happy new month to us.

Eagles soar even when the storm rages, so shall you soar and win even when all in life seem impossible. Happy new month.

In this new month, you shall sing many songs and dance till your feets ache, but you’ll never get tired. because you’re favoured of the most high. Happy new month.

The memories of the last month still so fresh, but that of this month will surpass them all. Happy new month.

Hey! wake up with a smile, all of the world awaits your shine. Happy new month, my sunshine.

I am glad that you’re mine, Because when ever I am with you I am fine, you make me smile like I shine; I am very much glad that you’re mine. Happy new month my Queen/King.

A new month is like resubscribing a data package, everything comes new and relaxing. May this new month bring you heavenly refreshing packages.

I wish we could go back to the sweet memories of last month, but the future is always better than the past. Welcome to a new month, darling.

You make me smile when the world wants me to cry, you hold my hand when the world wants me to die. I’m in love with you more than I can say in words, Happy new month, sweetheart.

Love Text SMS and Quotes To the Truly Loved Ones

New months are like new flowers sprouting out beautifully, do have a beautiful month ahead.

Hey sweetheart, I just want to remind you of how sweet and beautiful you are. Happy new month.

If life is a movie, you’ll be my favorite actor/actress and this new month will our most intriguing episode. Happy new month sweetheart.

I wish you a love filled and glamorous month ahead. Happy new month baby.

Hey Handsome, this month will not leave without you having a testimony. Happy new month.

May happiness, peace and favor revolve around you and as for anxities, sorrow and any other thing that will bring tears to your eyes be taken far away from you. Happy new month.

The last time you lacked a thing will be last month, nothing you deserve will ever be held back from you again. Happy new month.

Hey sweetheart, I pray that every morning in this month give you a reason to smile, and at every noon the sun will not hinder your

Happy new month. May new good things come your way.

In this new month, you shall get all you deserve effortlessly and the works of your hand shall yield uncountable fruits. Happy new month dearest.

Hey babe, Every morning should remind you of God’s goodness, and how your were beautifully made. Every new month is an assurance that your efforts in life won’t be in vain. Happy new month, I love you.

Sweetie! May every day of this month bring an answered prayer to your deepest desires. Happy new month.

Hey! I just want to remind you that your success in this new month is a product of taking intentional steps towards success. Happy new month.

It’s a new and beautiful morning, ensure you enjoy every moment of this new month.

May God’s grace be sufficient for you in all your doings in this new month. Happy new month, Sweetheart.

Happy New Month Love Notes

Always remember that I love you now and always, happy new month.

Every new month has certainly much more better things to offer than the last. I pray this new month bring as many fruits as possible.

My prayer for you in this new month is that no weapons fashioned against you shall prosper. Happy new month.

Love like you have nothing else to do, smile like it’s all you were made to do. This new month shall bring to you all the good things that you need. Happy new month.

I wish that in this new month may all what you need to accomplish what you were made for be provided. All that is yours will never be snatched. Happy new month.

Live, Love and laugh; it is the recipe for a healthy life in a new month.

Hey sweet! may all that is yours be brought to your doorstep in this new month.

May God perfect all your prayers in this new month.

For every great thing you aspire for this month, may it come to pass in your life. Happy new month, sweet.

In all you do put Christ first, he holds the keys to every closed door. Happy new month.

Welcome to your month of prosperity. May all you sow yield bountiful harvest.

Sweetheart, there is a part of me that always wants to be with you and that part is my heart. Happy new month.

It’s where a man’s heart is that his treasures are. You’re the missing part of me. I’m favoured to have found you. Happy new month.

May you find no reason to regret in this new month. Happy new month.

This month is a better chance for you to suceed. Keep believing, God is working in your favour.

The greatest opportunity anyone can have is to have a second chance to make amends. That’s what new months are for. As you step into this new month may all the mistakes of the past never come up again. Happy new month, my darling.

Sweetheart, I wish you all that you wish yourself. I believe in you. Happy new month.

Good morning and happy new month, may the hosts of heaven hear and answer all of your heart desires.

Storms don’t last, strong people rise after every fall. Happy new month.

The start of every new month is a reassurance of God’s promises. Go in thy might. Happy new month, love.

Surprises, Joy, promotion, protection are all your portion as you step out today. Happy new month, dear.

Be careful to notice the little beautiful things that will happen in your life each day of this month. Happy new month, sweetheart.

Shake off the dust and stress of the last month. It’s a new dawn, receive strength to do new things. Happy new month, darling.

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