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Top 31 Heartwarming Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend

Fan the embers to keep the fire burning. These Heartwarming Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend are just the words you need to keep the flames of your friendship burning.

Heartwarming Paragraphs For My Best Friend

When you have a good friend, you’ve got something worthwhile, something worth preserving. Fan the embers to keep the fire burning. These Heartwarming Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend are just the words you need to keep the flames of your friendship burning.

We serve it hot. Enjoy!

Paragraphs To A Dear Friend

Your sincerity was what attracted me to you and it continues to stir admiration for you in me. People like you are going extinct. You are a rare specie. May you be preserved, uncorrupted.

Anyone could tag along in your life, pretending to be friends, until situation arises that come to distinguish chaff from wheat, fickle from substance. I have had one of such and now I know who my friends are. You stand out amongst them. You’re a friend and I love you with all my heart.

Friendship is not in the saying, but in the doing. When it comes to doing, you my friend throw your hat in the ring, you get your hands dirty, you place all your cards on the table, you give your best. You my friend are simply amazing.

There are few I can call friends, having had my fair share of backstabs and disappointments. You shine through like diamond in mire. You are a friend indeed.

Friendship is not for the fainthearted. It’s not some fickle emotion ready to evaporate like mist at the slightest sign of trouble. Friendship is hardwork, friendship is easy camaraderie, friendship is being there when no one else is, friendship is laughing together, friendship is crying together. All these and even deeper define our friendship. I’m lucky to have this relationship with you.

The heart searches and finds its rhythm. You’re my rhythm, my muse. Your friendship means a lot to me. My heart tells me you’ll always be there for me. I know I’ll always be for you.

Heartwarming Paragraphs For My Best Friend

For all the tears shed together, for the many laughters cementing our bond, for your acts of selflessness, for the lovable and unlovable parts that encapsulates who you are…what more? This friendship has come to stay. I love you buddy.

We stumbled accidentally into friendship, it’s amazing how far we have come. Here’s to many more years of friendship. I love you dear friend.

Our friendship stood no chance. Gossips and slanderers wouldn’t let us be. But against all odds we triumphed. We shine still like blazing diamond in miry clay.

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Sometimes in life, we find friendship in the most unexpected places. Coming from backgrounds that are poles apart with inclinations as different as the ocean and sea. It seemed unnatural that we should be friend. Yet our friendship has defied all odds and broken all barriers. We keep waxing strong, we keep getting better.

When we first met and got talking, it was only a matter of time before we became friends and what fast friendship it was. Years down the line, we’re still going strong, our bond strengthened by shared experiences. I love you my dear friend.Heartwarming Paragraphs For My Best Friend

I’m thinking of us this moment and reminiscing on how we began and how far we’ve come. I don’t get to say this often, you know how awkward I feel when it comes to being emotional, I cherish you a lot. I value all our shared experiences and I love you like my blood.

Your friendship is heartwarming. You’re one person I don’t joke with and I don’t ever wanna lose. Here’s an assurance of my commitment, you can always count on me no matter what.

I long for a time when we will be together again, even if it’s just for a few days. Memories of years past will not let me be. You occupy my heart even as I try to form other bonds. I miss you my dear best friend. Let’s find time to get together.

You remember how we used to groove back in the days? Nothing mattered then except all the fun we could get. Now, duty and responsibility weigh so heavy upon us we can’t even find time to get together. No matter how hard the universe conspires to keep us apart, you will always be my best friend.

Our friendship was born on the bed of comfort, nursed and strengthened on the bosom of adversity. This friendship that had no chance stands today shaming all odds.

Cute Paragraphs to a Dear Friend

For want of something to do, I’ve been thinking hard about a lot of issues, then I thought about us. I can’t think of anything that could tear us apart. This friendship that has thrived despite all it has been faced with, has come to stay. There’s nothing separating us dear friend, there is nada.

I really try to think about what has kept us going till date, of all the things that came to mind, one in particular stood out, FORGIVENESS. For all the times you turned a blind eye to my faults and chose to forgive, I say thank you. I love you my best friend.

Having a best friend is no small feat. There are not many blessed with such privilege. It’s a blessing I don’t take for granted. I’m thankful for you, my dearest friend.

Why do I love you? I guess asking myself this is a waste of time. I could name countless reasons why I love you and unable to pinpoint a singular reason. All I know is that my heart is at peace with you and my heart warms up to you.

Best friends are not everyday occurrences. Best friends are special, rare friendships, diamonds in mire. Best friends are worth celebrating and I celebrate you today, my dearest friend.

Aren’t I lucky? To be blessed with one who reasons like me, who completes my words and understands me like the palm of his arm. Aren’t I lucky to be blessed with such an awesome and amazing friend like you.

Friendship is good medicine for the soul. No better love relationship than friendship. Your love to me is more than the love between a man and a woman. I love you buddy.

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You have covered up for me like how many times? I owe much to you. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for always lending a hand.

Life drifts us apart as responsibility comes to take the place of abandon. Yet my heart refuses to let you go, clinging to memories of our best times. Life drifts us apart but you’ll always remain my best friend.

Cute Paragraphs To A Bossom Friend

I say this like how many times a day? Ten? Twenty? It doesn’t matter. I love you best friend and I’ll always do.

You’re the only friend who has the ability of making me feel like a child again. When I’m with you, twenty years is lifted off me and burdens become ever so light. No wonder I always crave your presence and my heart always yearns to spend time with you. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are.

You are a ray of light in this dark world, a beacon of hope. You never let me give up on my dreams and aspiration. You are such a wonderful inspiration. Thank you for letting your light shine.

You own one of the most beautiful hearts I know. You’re such a delight. You bring so much refreshing to the soul. I’ll always love you dear best friend.

Heart Touching Paragraphs To My Friend

I have someone I can laugh with, play with, unburden my heart to, cry with. Someone my secrets are safe with. Aren’t I lucky to have you as a friend? I don’t take the gift of your friendship for granted. I love you darling.

Busy days, tired nights, yet the heart knows those it must acknowledge each day. You are one of such. Scratch that, you are top amongst such. Howdy best friend?

You’ve got an amazing best friend you wanna share any of these with? Go ahead, that’s what the Heartwarming Paragraphs for Your Best Friend are for. Got any feedback? Drop them in the comment box. Thanks for visiting. Xoxo!

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