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Short Love Poems for Her

Keep her heart palpitating with love for you, Keep her heart permanently glued to yours with these short love poems for her.

Every good woman deserve the love of a good man and vice versa. If you have a good woman in your life, shower her with your love. It’s not everyone who is lucky to find a good woman. Of course one of the trusted ways to love a woman is sending sweet love messages to her. Don’t be a slacker in the game of love, send your woman any of these sweet and heart touching love messages for her and see a difference in your relationship.


Love Paragraphs for Her

Long Love Messages For Her

There’s no sweeter life compared to the one you have given me, I wish I could fulfill all your heart desires, my love for you is like an unquenchable fire burning with so much desire, the least I could do is to live my life in gratitude to God for blessing me with the woman of my dreams.

My heart experiences so much joy and happiness when thought of your undiluted love and care unconsciously filters into my mind, often times I ask myself what my life would have looked like without an amazing soul like you, who would I have run to when I needed someone to talk to, thank you for giving me such much time and attention, I wish the world has half of the love you have shown me.

Thank you for the confidence you infuse in me on the days things go wrong, thank you for believing in me when I had no proof of my own capabilities, my life would have been a total mess and failure if you hadn’t thrown yourself to my side in support of my vision, you made life so simple and easy for me in ways I didn’t think were possible, you are my super woman with extraordinary abilities and I am forever grateful to God for bringing us this far, my love.

I lack words to describe your beauty, your charming aura and resilient nature is quite intriguing, your cute face shines brighter than the morning sun and it reminds me of the rarest diamond, I absolutely enjoy your company and I’m forever grateful to God for all the time I get to spend with you, my love.

Your beauty is so fascinating my queen, I can’t stop staring at you, just like the candle overshadows the dark with its light, so does your love fill my heart with so much happiness and joy my queen.

The verbosity of my words alone cannot express what I feel for you my love, the time I spend with you is nothing short of satisfaction, I’m at peace with myself whenever I am around you, I just want you to know, no one could ever replace your place in my heart.

I have countless reasons to love you my queen, believe me if I were to document these reasons, I will definitely run out of words cause you are one in a million, you can see how wonderful my life gets whenever I am around you, the joy is unquantifiable and the feeling is unexplainable, my love.

You stole my heart away the very moment I set my eyes on you, only you have the keys to my heart, your presence has filled my heart with so much bliss and joy, your smile mesmerizes my heart that each time you smile back at me, my heart lifts for joy, I love you so much darling.

I have never been happier in my life than I am when you are close to me, I don’t ever want to leave your presence, I wish to spend the rest of my days loving you, your soft, tender touch caress my whole body completely, I just want you to place your hands on my chest and feel my heart beat, it speaks a language only your heart understands my love, and that is…, beating next to yours.

You are the only person my heart yearns for, I just want to let you know that you occupy a permanent position in my heart and no other woman in this whole wide world can ever replace your special place in my life, I love you now and always my cutie pie.

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I Love Quotes For Her
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You are my life’s most valuable asset and I have promised to cherish you forever, you chose to love me genuinely from your heart despite knowing all my mistakes and flaws, there is no doubt you and I are destined for each other, my love.

Thinking about you every day makes me feel a kind of refreshing energy that boost my immune system, and like a vitamin you bring back my lost energy making me stronger, bringing out the best in me, thanks for being such an angelic figure, my love.

I feel this emptiness in my soul whenever you are away from me, my heart aches when I’m not with you and beat more rapidly when I’m around you, I pray to God earnestly to make the rest of my days more colourful and beautiful just like the very first day I met you, my love.

You are my little piece of sunshine that brightens up my day, you are the puzzle of my heart, the shining light in my darkest night, you are my guardian angel sent from above, you offered me your wings so I could fly beyond my peak, just like the shadows, you always stood by me, thank you for all what you have done, I appreciate you in no small measure my queen.

I doubt if I could last a whole day without beholding your beautiful face, your smile sets my world ablaze, let’s make beautiful memories together my queen, memories of our love stories that we will live to remember, I hope it lasts a lifetime, my love.

Together there is nothing we won’t do, they can take away everything from me, turn the whole world against me, and it wouldn’t mean anything as long as you promise to stand by me, I’ll be fine my love.

I’m used to life with you, if I ever wake up in heaven and I couldn’t find you right next to me, I would fall right back down, life won’t be worth living, because you’re the one I couldn’t live without, tell me how can I fly when you are my wings? I need these things to help me reach my peak just like I need you to survive.

You are blessed with a very nice voice, my ears crave to hear such beautiful and melodious rhythm whenever you sing my queen, every word you sing melts my heart and brings smile on my face, I don’t want you to stop singing, cause hearing you sing brightens up my day.

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s a lot easier and sweeter for me because you choose to spend yours with me, my love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean, your presence has brought me peace, joy, and happiness, I need you way more than I needed food to survive, believe me I do.

You look extremely gorgeous, beautiful and amazing my love, there is nothing about you that I wish to change, you’re perfect the way you are and I cherish you so much more because you are my little piece of sunshine.

If I were gifted a rose flower each time I smile at you, I believe my garden would have blossomed into a bed of beautiful roses by now, just so you know, your love is the only thing that keeps me alive, and that’s why I can’t live without you, my queen.

You’re the puzzle of my heart, my missing ribs, and my soul mate, all I desire in this life and in the nearest future to come, is to kiss your soft beautiful lips, hug you so tight, and whisper into your ears how much you mean to me, I want to wake up every morning beside you, my love.


I wish I have met you before now, I don’t ever want to lose you to any man in this world, I pray we never lose sight of each other my love, I’m very much ready and willing to be the king of your heart as long as you promise to be my queen, I wish to rule my world of paradise with you holding my hands.

You are more of an answered prayer to my heart, every minute I spend with you is a treasure I’d live to cherish forever, without you I’d be nothing but broken pieces, you are the peace I seek, the joy of my heart, and the love of my life, you don’t just cross my mind, but you live in it, I love you enormously with all my body and soul combined.

Words will fail to express my feelings for you, but I think I should let you know that I’m always thinking of you whatever I do and wherever I go, the thought of you keeps ringing in my head, you are a rare gem, you are everything I prayed for and more, I love you with all my heart and I’m super proud to have you as my life partner, my Queen.

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