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100 Beautiful Heart Touching Love Messages with Quotes For the Family

Love is a beautiful feeling, the most beautiful ever. Love goes beyond the butterfly flutters you feel when you’re with your loved one. In this collection, we have compiled the most heart touching messages that perfectly expresses your feelings to the categories of lovers in your life.

Beautiful Heart Touching Love Messages with Quotes For the Family

Love is a beautiful feeling, the most beautiful ever. Love goes beyond the butterfly flutters you feel when you’re with your loved one. Love is patient, love is enduring, love is kind, love is forgiving. In this collection are beautiful love messages that touch the heart with quotes for family; suitable to express feelings to the categories of lovers in your life.

Enjoy our collection of most touching love messages for him, beautiful heart touching messages for her, love text messages for him or her, heart touching messages for son, heart touching messages for daughter, most touching messages for dad, most touching messages for mum and much more.

Beautiful Heart Touching Love Letters for Him

I remember our first meeting like yesterday and how our hearts instantly connected as one. Ever since, we keep going stronger, better and brighter. I don’t think I could live without you again my love. No matter what life brings, I’d gladly bear as long as you’re standing by my side.

Like the fingers of a guitarist strumming lovingly the strings of his tool, so my heart strums all day long loving thoughts of you. You have thrown wide open for me the doors of love. I have walked in and there’s no looking back for me. I love you and I’ll always do.

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Why do I love you? I ask myself. How would I not love you, is the answer I get. You leave me with no option darling. Your love is sweet, surpassing honey. Your love is patient, your love is abiding. Every time I look around me, you’re the only one I see. So you see? How would I not love a man like you?

There’s no one more worthy of my love darling. You have earned it more than a thousand times over. Is it the rock solid backing I get from you or the support for even the triflest of my dreams? Is it the sweet tender loving care no one gives better than you? You’re a man in the most beautiful sense of the word and I’m glad you’re mine.

I must have pleased God, the giver of good things in some way. I must have done some good worth rewarding or how for the life of me do I explain the gift of an angel like you in my life? They say “you deserve what you get” but with you I feel I have more than I deserve. I’ll treasure you baby with my last breath, can’t let this gift slip away. I love you so much my darling.

We have a good thing going together. Something I’m willing to defend with the last breath in me. Life without you is fine, but life with you is the best. I don’t want any of these to change except maybe for better. I love you darling, more than you know.

Love is a language you understand so well. You understand its lilts, you understand its intricacies. And with this rich understanding, you have loved me, ever so well. The fire of your love blazes fiercely scorching anyone, anything that stands in its way. I feel so protected in this love. I know, like an abiding rock, it will last forever.

You’re not perfect darling, neither am I. But in our imperfection, we have formed something so beautiful, something so unique. We have become the envy of others. What we share is worth preserving, my love and I’m willing to keep giving it my all.

You came into my world, at a time I thought I needed no one. You came and turned it downside up, beautifying it beyond words. I love you more than you know my darling. I really do.

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Beautiful Heart Touching Messages for Her

You make my heart warm all over. You live in my head and in my heart. You’re mine to treasure forever, my beautiful angel.

In a garden full of flowers, yours is the only one I see. You’re the only one my heart desires. You’re the one my heart beats for. I love you darling, I’ll always do.

It doesn’t bother me that you stole my heart away. I only pray that you keep it safe. I love being loved by you and I wouldn’t have it otherwise. May this love that has deeply enriched my life, last forever.

I wasn’t searching for love when I first met you. You sneaked into my heart when I wasn’t looking and have held me spell bound ever since. Phew! Loving you is so easy and so refreshing. You’re mine baby and I’ll never let you go.

You have my heart in your hands, to deal with as you wish. With you, I’m like a sheep, totally submissive to your will. I won’t have it any other way darling, I love you so much and I trust you with my heart.

Heart Touching Love Messages

You’re my priceless jewel, the woman I have grown to love so deeply. You have earned the place you occupy in my heart. I am not afraid to call you the queen of my heart.

You’re the woman of my dreams, the reality I cherish. You alone do things to me that no one else can. Your love sweetens my belly. I’m totally enchanted by you.

Most Heart Touching Messages With Quotes for the Family   

You’ve been running through my thoughts all day, nothing is helping to keep you out. My heart keeps caressing thoughts of you, so I need to know, how’re you doing, baby?

I’m smitten by you sweetheart. My heart says yes to you over and over again. I love you, totally.

You’ve got flaws, so have I. we tango well together, baby. I love you shortcomings and all.

If you ever thought I couldn’t do without you, you’re right baby, 100% so. My life is so fused with yours and I don’t ever want that to change.

Just to let you know that distance means nothing to me. My love for you transcends space. You remain cocooned in my heart occupying the chief spot, a spot no one else can take.

My heart is guilty of being addicted to loving you. I’m ready for whatever consequences, only love me in return.

I thought I should let you know that my heart beats for you only. I deeply appreciate the peace that loving you has brought to my life. I don’t want this love to ever end.

You’re an enigma, representing so many amazing things in my life. The beautiful moments we share together, I’ll always hold dear in my heart. It’s an understatement to say that life is beautiful with you.

Family Quotes for Daughter with Heart Touching Love Messages

I remember holding you for the first time in my arms and thinking what a beauty you are. I remember the protective surge I felt, the feeling of wanting to keep you safe forever, untainted, unharmed by this wicked world.

Ever since, I’ve done my best to protect you. I realize now, you’re becoming a person, no longer willing to be shielded, eager to embrace the world. Though I’m fearful to let you go, I realize this is what I must do. I only hope my best is good enough in preparing you for life and all it brings.

No matter what happens, I know you will find your way and you will never be lost. I love you dearly my beautiful daughter.

I hope always dear daughter, you will remember that you’re royalty and will conduct yourself as such. Always keep your head up. You matter!

You’re a blessing I’m always thankful for. Thank you for giving me peace. I’m glad you’re maximizing that beautiful head of yours. I love you darling, reliable daughter and I’m so proud of you.

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Family Quotes for Son with Heart Touching Love Messages

The excellency of my strength, my pride. Never forget you’re an eagle. You’re meant to soar, don’t mingle with chicks.

When I look at you, I see a younger version of myself. I am so grateful for the privilege of being your father. You’re a son in whom I am well pleased. I’m rooting for you sonnie. Please don’t disappoint me, more importantly, don’t disappoint yourself.

Heart Touching Love Messages

Family Quote for Dad or Mom

When I look at you, I see the woman/man I’m growing to become. You’re a perfect model, one worthy of emulation. May you live long to see your desires accomplished upon my life. May you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

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