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101 Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Quotes, Letters, Poems & SMS

Deep Romantic Poems, and Messages to express your love to your Beautiful Wife. Send any of these collections to keep her love for you fresh. Enjoy!

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Quotes, Letters, Poems & SMS

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Quotes, Letters, Poems and SMS. are meant to express and appreciate the woman in your life. Let her feel special today. Enjoy!

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Quotes

1. What is better for a man, than the rock solid strength of a good woman? You’re a good woman sweetheart. Though I’m guilty of not saying it often, I love you so much.

2. With you my love, Valentine is everyday. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. I’ll love you till I drop.

3. I promised you forever. No matter how rough this journey gets, I’ll always be there, baby. No long story, I love you. Cheers to us.

4. You’re in my heart, right where you belong. You hold the keys. You will never get locked out. I love you.

5. It’s been rough darling, yet your love shines through like diamond. I’m blessed you’re mine. I love you, totally.

6. Baby, you hear those howling storms? They don’t matter, you’re safe in my arms forever. I’ll love you always.

7. My special woman, Balancing my life and home. My sunshine. My go to on stormy days. My soothing balm. Thank you for all you do, my heartbeat.

8. We’re in this forever baby. As long as we’ve got breath in us, we’re stuck together. I love you.

9. The hustle is real. The bustle is tough, life is mean, but in your arms I’m safe. You’re my escape baby. I love you, always.

10. Everyday with you is special. You give meaning to love. Gosh! baby, I’m lucky you’re mine. My own special woman.

11. I am that eagle on a sunny day, riding on the strength of the wind. Sure in direction, elegant in gait. I am that eagle buoyed by your love, conquering the storm. What would I do without your love baby? I love you today as always.

12. You’re firmly in my grasp baby, and I’ll never let you go. You give meaning to life. You’re my Valentine forever.

13. This is for you, woman of my dreams. The reality I cherish. Mother of my replicas.
I love you.

14. This love thing, we’ve enjoyed its heights, we can boast of its depths. Our journey of love will never end. I celebrate you this special day wifey as always.

15. If I give the last vestige of love in me, you deserve it and some more. But I know most of the time I’m a bull. I’m taking out this special day to lavish you with all the love and care you deserve. Thank you for being mine, darling wife.

16. Your soft whispers, your loving caresses, your radiant smile, are all I live for. You’re my only joy in this mean world. I love you.

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Love Quotes
Make her Smile

17. When I first sighted you, I knew I wanted to be with you forever. I’m yet to regret that choice. I love you.

18. You kept faith in me. Even when I strayed, your hope stayed alive. Thank you for not breaking despite being stretched. Thank you for not giving up on us. And just so we’re clear on this, I love you. I’ll always do.

19. With you darling, I’ve experienced selfless love. I could never take your love for granted. You’re my rock.

20. My superwoman
The one who balances my life
Your strength is unmatched
Your wisdom unparalleled
I marvel at how you keep it all together
I love you through and through.

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21. Never knew love could get better. It’s nectar getting sweeter. But like wine, we get better with age, sweeter than honey. I’d choose you over and over.

22. This could be a dream I don’t care. You’re mine, I’m yours. That’s all that matters. Cheers to us baby.

Deep Love Messages For Wife in Letters

23. I’m in your heart, where I always wanted to be. Tucked safe in your love. You intoxicate me darling. You’re my only love.

24. Cupid pierced my heart with its arrow. I’m smitten. I want to remain so forever. You satisfy me thoroughly my dear, beautiful wife.

25. Mama always said
If I was patient enough
I’d find someone who loves me for me
Mama was right
You’re everything I desire.  Thank you sweetheart.

26. I know it’s not been smooth. I could be better and I keep trying. Thank you for your patience. Here’s to better days.

27. We’ve been tested with fire,
our love shone through like gold. May we never wax cold. May this love keep blazing. I love you strong woman.

28. What destroys love. May it never come near us. I couldn’t bear it, if you’re not here with me. I’ll love you always my special woman.

29. I can’t forget the day, when you agreed to be mine. Or the many beautiful days thereafter, when you filled my life with laughter and joy. Loving you is bliss.

30. You love in bold letters. Gosh! Baby, you excel at loving. Thanks for all you do darling. I see your efforts, all painted the colour of love. I appreciate you and I love you.

31. We’re beautiful together, you and I. Two hearts beating as one. United against intruders. Cheers to us darling.

32. What is love without you? What is life without you? You give my days meaning. I love you. I love you always.

33. Valentine is for lovers. Thanks for being mine. I’m glad it’s in you I found love. It’s as sweet as intoxicating.

34. I should celebrate you everyday, I just never get around to it. Well, here’s a good opportunity. I care a lot about you. I hope you see it in my actions. I love you my special woman.

35. You cast a look at me, I became trapped in your love. I never wanna escape. I’m content right in your arms.

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36. You’re mine to cherish forever. The thought of forever with you is bliss. So far I’ve enjoyed every bit of our forever journey. May our love never lose its shine.

37. When I met you, I knew I was home. Years of searching done. Thank you for being mine, when you had choices to pick from.

38. Today’s a day as good as any, to show you how much I care. Everyday is a special opportunity, to be thankful for the woman you are. I love you my special lady.

39. Through thick and thin, you’ve stood by me. Never letting me regret choosing you. Your support is a rock I can always count on. Thank you for your positivity.

40. We built a life from scratch. Better days are here baby. You remain my pillar of strength. It’s you over and over again.

41. Music is the food of love. Your laughter is music in my ears. It tickles my heart and caresses my soul. I love you so much.

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Love Letters
Love Poems For A Wife

42. My sweet wife, every beautiful scar on your beautiful stomach, a laurel of honour, a testimony of how much you’ve added to my life. What better day to celebrate you. I love you strong woman.

43. You’re the deal sweetheart, made of the finest stuff. I admire your steel strength, wrapped in pretty delicateness. You’re a true lady.

44. Forever doesn’t seem so far away, when you’re locked in my arms and I in yours. Loving you is bliss and I never want it to end.

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Sincere Love Messages For Wife in Poems

45. The butterfly and the flower. Their unending attraction. That’s our love story, never tiring, never failing.

46. My beautiful spouse. The best any man could ask for. I love the way you care for me, the way you mother our children. You’re an epitome of strength. I love and cherish you.

47. I wish I could do more, to deserve the love you so freely give. May God reward you richly for your selflessness.

48. A  virtuous woman, who can find? Well! I found mine, right in you. I can so boldly boast of God’s favour. You’re my lucky charm lady.

49. No one knows me better than you. No one loves me as selflessly as you do. What we share is the real deal. Never giving it away for anything.

50. We’re not where we want to be yet darling, but we’re getting there. Step by step, one at a time, you by my side, we’re reaching for the sky.

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51. It’s you or no other dear. You’re all I have, you’re all I need. I’m so thoroughly satisfied with you.

52. Your smile, your words, always therapeutic. Your ambience, fresh and captivating. Always want to be with you my love.

53. When I said ‘I do’, I didn’t really know what I signed for. Now I’m beginning to see how much sweetness that statement has brought to my life. My darling, I’ll always ‘do’.

54. I’ll never walk alone again, with you by my side. I don’t ever have to face life alone. I’ve got you babe.

55. I sought for a wife, I’m favoured to have found a good woman. My life is richly flavoured by your sweetness.

56. You’re the vault that keeps my heart. I’ve entrusted it all to you. You’re mine to treasure for a lifetime.

Sweet Love Messages For Wife in SMS

57. Since I met you, I started living. Gosh! Never knew what a farce of a life I was living.
I’m woke baby, with you by my side always.

58. Dear wife, you’re an epitome of beauty. A reflection of honour. A fountain of character. You’re an amazing woman.

59. It’s hard not to see you as my trophy. You’re an extraordinary woman and I’m so proud of you. Thanks for being mine darling.

60. Whoever said marriage was hell, has not tasted life with someone like you. Life with you dear wife is heaven. I love you.

More Romantic Messages For Her

61. Indefatigable woman. Unparalleled in excellence. Your wisdom, your beauty captivates me. I’m so in awe of you.

Deep Love Messages For Wife in Love Poems
Make her Smile

62. Life gets busy. But I’ll never be too busy for you. You’re the rainbow, that’s filled my life with many beautiful colours. I love you today, I’ll love you always.

63. We’ve been through stormy times, we came out stronger. Nothing matters more to me than our love honey. You’re mine forever.

64. You have coloured my life, with all the colours of the rainbow. So much beauty, so much strength. Impossible is nothing dear. We keep waxing stronger.

65. I celebrate our love today. Ours is a beautiful love story, though not without thorns, yet blossoming radiantly. Here’s to us darling.

66. Sweetheart I’m convinced of God’s love for me. What better evidence, than you in my life? I love you darling wife.

67. Here’s the period again darling, when I get to leave all and simply bask in our love. I love you always.

68. Bliss is waking every morning, with you by my side. Heaven is having you to call my own. Love is you and me and what we share.

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69. My better half, completing me like no other. Loving me surely, truly. May your seeds of love bear giant fruits.

70. We have a lifetime to spend together baby, and it looks just like only a minute gone by. Time flies with you darling. I’m the luckiest of men.

71. There’s a beautiful cute corner in my heart, untouched by the harsh realities of this world. That’s where I retire to.
Because that’s where you are.
I love you today as always.

72. The first time I saw you, you stole my heart away. It’s still in your custody, safely locked within your heart. There’s no second guessing with you. As sure as the rising of the sun, I’ll always love you.

73. Mine to love and treasure. The Apple of my eyes. My life mate,  my helper. Thanks for loving selflessly.

74. I love you my darling. In all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. I love you passionately. I love you tenderly
I love you my royalty. I love you today and always.

75. You’re the wind that propels me each day to pursue my dreams. My heart is confident.
You do so well at keeping our home together. I love you my dear wife.

76. Today’s a day as good as any, to celebrate the woman that you are. Your sheer strength blows my mind away. You’re solid baby. You’re the real deal.

77. You put my mind at ease always. I’m never agitated. With you it’s been peace, love and joy. Cheers to many beautiful years darling.

78. You’re that star in my galaxy, that outshines every other. You’re the quintessential wife. I couldn’t deserve you in a thousand lifetimes. Thank you for being you.

Viral Love Messages For Wife on WhatsApp

79. We’ve come a long way darling. We’ve seen it all. Daily, we ride on the wings of the storm. Our love shines through. Thanks for always being by my side. Thank you good woman.

80. Sunny days, stormy days. Windy nights, fiery nights. We’ve been there, we’ve seen it all. I’m proud of you always lady. My one and only.


81. Thanks for routing always for me, my special woman
Thanks for the calm you give in the storm. Thanks for the little things you do that always matter a lot. Thanks for being there.

82. There could never be another woman like you in my life. My heart belongs to you and you only. I’ll love you till the last drop of blood.

83. All these years baby. Yet you still make my heart palpitate with passion. What we have is rare. I don’t take it for granted. I feel indeed blessed to call you mine.

84. It was my lucky day. The day I met you. I’ve been lucky ever since. I have the midas touch. It’s you darling. Thanks for adding to me.

85. The mother of my children. Woman in whom I’m well pleased. May our love never wane.

86. If the birds could sing my love. It’ll tell of how you pull the strings to my heart. It’ll tell of how my face brightens at your sight. I don’t need the birds baby. I’ve got a voice. I’ll sing loud my love for you.

87. In the jungle, the lion is king in my heart, you rule. You own the crown darling. You’re royalty.

88. I won’t trade you for the world. You’re my dream come true. A treasure many can only dream of. I love you.

89. You give my life direction. Your love gives me a sense of purpose. I feel like I’ve conquered the world and it’s right under my feet. Just because you’re by my side. I love you my special woman.

90. Before I met you, love was just a word in the dictionary. You brought life to the word. I breathe it, I live it. Gosh! I love you. You’re my heartbeat.

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91. Your love sets my heart racing. I’m ensconced, enveloped in your embrace. I’ll love you as long as time permits.

Beautiful Love Messages For Wife in Love SMS
Love Poems For A Wife

92. My heart knows well, your labour of love for our home. My eyes see, my ears hear. You wrestle on your knees in prayer. May all you do never be in vain.
Thank you good woman.

93. Wait till it’s night baby. I’ll plant kisses on your lovely face, on your lovely feet and on your warm bosom. I’ll treat you right baby. The way you truly deserve. For to me, you’re the best gift ever.

94. This day is for us.To gaze into each other’s eyes. To tell of our love for each other. To be grateful for what we share. This day is for us dear wife.

95. Love is a beautiful feeling. Not for the flippant or fickle, but for the bold and courageous. You’re bold baby and courageous too. I love you.

96. You saw the best in me, when I didn’t see it myself. You gave your all, when you had nothing to gain. Your love, selfless and nurturing, brought out the gold in me. I value you exceptional lady.

97. I found my virtuous Lady.I found my special woman. I’m blessed amongst all men. My life is favoured and flavoured.I love you darling.

98. Like a butterfly in search of nectar, my heart found you. A dream fulfilled. A longing met. I love you my honey pie.

99. Like the sound of rushing waters draw the parched, thirsty soul in promise of satisfaction. Your love draws me in, ensconcing me  in warm embrace. You’re my satisfaction baby. I’ll love you till the end of time.

100. Till death do us part was all I promised. Now you leave me in desire for more. I’d spend eternity with you if I could. I love you, Oh how I do.

101. Let me love you like you deserve. Let me plant sweet kisses on your body. You’re my milk and honey full of juicy sweetness.

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