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20+ Romantic Love Text Messages For Her

Cultivate a healthy love relationship with your woman by sending her Love Text Messages. You will be surprised what magical effect this simple but thoughtful act will have in your relationship. 

Cultivate a healthy love relationship with your woman by sending romantic love text messages to her. You will be surprised at what a magical effect this simple but thoughtful act will have in your relationship

Love Text Messages for Her

Encouraging Love Words
1. I could spend forever with you and it still wouldn’t be enough. In your arms, on your bosom is where I want to be always. Nothing will ever stop what I feel for you. I love you, my angel.
2. You’re a breath of fresh air in my life. Scratch that, you’re the wind making me sail. You give me the wings to fly. I feel a strong desire to excel at everything I do because you’re by my side. I love you, sweetheart.
3. When I count my blessings, you’re number one. You have no idea how much richer my life has become just for your presence in it. I am thankful and grateful for the luck that made our paths cross. I promise to keep your heart safe. I promise to love you for as long as you let me.
4. I love you, honey. When the sun ceases to shine and the moon ceases to give its light, when the earth folds up, as long as I have breath in me, I will always love you.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Her

5. Since you came into my life, I realised you’re all I’ve ever wanted and needed. You have and still love me in ways I’ve never been loved. You are so sweet and compassionate, I don’t ever want to imagine my life without you in it again. I love you hon and I’ll love you till my last breath.
6. Your love is life to my bones. Loving you makes me feel vibrant and alive. It makes me feel like the world is mine to conquer. If this is what being in love feels like, then be sure I’d love you forever. 
7. You have made my life paradise on earth. With you is where my heart belongs. I will love and cherish you forever.
8. It scares me to think of life without you. I couldn’t bear it if I lost you. You and I are a major reason why I live. I love you, baby.
9. Everything about loving you feels right. And if any storm ever arises, I am ready to face it with you. I love you, my angel.
10. Sending you all my love. I wish you could feel the full extent of the love I feel for you. I’ll spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you.
11. May the day when I have to let you go never come. I love you and I can’t think of living without you. I would never trade you for anything in this world. I would never let you go.
12. Each time I look at you, I realize how lucky I am that you agreed to be mine. You’re an angel in human form. You lighten my world. You mesmerize me. I’ll spend my lifetime loving you the way you deserve to be loved. 
13. My love, your heart of gold draws me. I can’t think of where else I’d rather be than with you, for you’re my sunshine.

Deep Love Messages For Her

1.  Loving you is the most fulfilling enterprise I’ve embarked on, and you know the best part? the fact that you love me in the same measure. I could cross the highest mountain and wouldn’t feel like I did anything, as long as you’re by my side. I love you to bits.
2. You’re simply the best! No woman, nobody compares with you. You have 💯% of my love.
3. I loved you the first time I set my eyes on you. Such was the intensity that I thought I couldn’t possibly love you more. How wrong I was. I find my heart expanding with more and more love for you. You are something special and I can’t imagine life without you.
4. My lover and friend, getting to know you has been a magical experience. Loving you has been bliss. My heart has found its home in yours. I’m at peace. 
5. My life will sure feel empty without you, my love. Promise never to leave me, you’re all I’ve got.
6. Since I met you and till forever, my mission is to make you the happiest and most fulfilled woman living. Let me love you the way you deserve to be loved.
7. My life has never been the same since I met you. No one makes me as happy as you do. Every moment spent with you is worth more than a thousand lifetimes without you. I love you.
8. The way you smile at me, it drives away all my worries. For that moment, nothing else matters except the smile on your lips and the love in your eyes. How wouldn’t I love you, when you make me feel so special? I sure am the luckiest man alive.
9. Just the sound of your voice brightens my whole day. You are my sunshine, my soulmate. You are all I ever want. 
10. Let me be the only one who makes you smile. Let your heart be mine only, to care for and to tend. I love you dearly, my darling.
11. I would move mountains to be with you always. No one makes me feel like you make me feel. I love you.
12. No minute passes without thoughts of you crossing my mind. I can’t get you off my thoughts. My heart is captured and I totally love the feeling. I love you.
13. You came into my world and transformed it. You made it beautiful. Every day you give me more reasons to love you. You have become my world and I can no longer imagine my life without you.
14. You’re the queen of my heart. I love the way you love me, so tender, so endearing. You’re the best babe. I love you with all my heart. 

Romantic Love Messages For Her

                                Love Quotes For Her
1. You’re the best, the surest, the most beautiful, you’re phenomenal. If I’m not blessed to have you in my life then I wonder what I am. 
2. You own the rights to my heart. No one, nothing can ever compete with you. I love you more than words can describe.
3. I’m thankful that I have the most amazing, most beautiful, kindest woman as mine, exclusively. I love you. 
4. You deserve all the happiness in the world, darling and I am here to make sure you get it. I love you my angel. 
5. Your smile is sunshine to me. Your smile brightens my day. I live for your smile and will do everything to always make you smile. I love you.
6. If only you know how much you mean to me, you’d understand why I go the whole length to make you happy. I love you more than words can say. 
7. Every day, every time, every minute, every second, you’re my favourite, my number one. I love you.
8. Honey, I want to let you know that I’ll always be around regardless of the situation. This love will last forever, so please allow me to love you more than I already do, baby.
9. You make life so much easier for me. Your love is soothing, your love is calming. Your love is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
10. I love you my woman, who believes in my dreams, who encourages me and cheers me on. You’re the real deal, baby. I love you with all my heart.
 11. Your beauty shines through. You’re a true light permeating every area of my life. You rock, baby. I love you.
12. You’re sweeter than honey, baby. You’re my lifeline. You’re outstanding. I love you.
13. From the moment I set eyes on you, I knew I couldn’t live without you in my life. I love you baby.
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