I Miss You Quotes For Him

2020 Top Missing You Quotes and Messages for Husband

2020 Top Missing You Quotes and Messages for Husband

These messages here express just how much you miss your husband. You can ease the pain of missing him by calling to mind all the beautiful memories you share. Chances are he is equally missing you where he is, probably more.

Share your fond thoughts with him; send him one or more of these amazing missing you quotes and messages for husband.

I’ll Be Missing You Quotes

You have worked so hard for this opportunity. You deserve every bit of referral you’re getting. I won’t be the one to block your shine, baby. If being apart for a while is the price we get to pay, so be it. I love you darling and I’m looking forward to when you will be back in my arms.

It is often said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, how true. Ever since you left, I’ve thought of nothing else but you. I miss you my darling husband. Do come home as soon as you can.

I appreciate that we have to work to pay our bills. What I can’t stand is the fact that it keeps us apart.  I love you so much darling but I miss you too much for comfort.

Technology is supposed to make things easier, right? Wrong in this case. Though video calls make it possible to see you while you’re away, it doesn’t make me miss you less. I love you so much sweetheart.

I miss you so bad, baby and I know when you come back, it will take a really long while before I let you out of my sight again. Xoxo.

Missing You Already Quotes

What’s been keeping me while you’re away are the fond memories we share and the fact that I know your heart belongs to me only. I miss you dear. Come home soon, will you?

I miss your breathings next to mine in the mornings. I miss the music your off key songs makes when mixed with the sound of the shower. I miss the ambience of well-being ambience of well-being your presence gives. I miss you so much, sweetheart.

I’m doing my best so I can put thoughts of you behind me so I can concentrate on work. Apparently, I’m not succeeding as all I can think about is you. So I am taking this time out to let you know that I miss you so much.

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I didn’t sign up for this protracted absence. I didn’t sign up for months going by without seeing you. I miss you so much, baby. Please come home as soon as you can.

Being married to you is the most beautiful part of my life, missing you is the hardest part.

I miss you so much honey. It’s memories of our happy days that keep me going. I really can’t wait until we’re back together. I long for your tender, loving care.

I’m so glad you’re a big shot now. You’ve worked so hard for this position and you deserve nothing less. And though I hate the fact that I don’t get to see you as much as I’d love to, I want you to know I’m really proud of you. I love you, sweetheart and I miss you.

All these work I took on are supposed to ease the pain of your absence and make the days fly. While it helps a bit, I still can’t help longing for you especially when I’m home alone at night and in the early mornings. I miss you a lot boo; I really do miss you, dear husband.


Missing You Quotes For Him

Sometimes, I wish you’d put me above work. I really do wish you wouldn’t have to be away so long, so much. I love you, baby and miss you so.

How much longer do you have to be away? I’m missing you already, hon? Please come back soon.

My emotions are in a kind of turmoil right now. The only thing that can make me feel better is seeing you soon. I miss you so bad, dear husband.

Each day we spend apart from each other makes me value more, what we share. Gosh! I am so in love with you. I miss you though.

Missing You Quotes

No matter how long it takes you to come back to me, I’ll be here waiting. My love for you will remain constant as day and night. I miss you, my husband.

No matter how many sheets I use on our bed, it’s still so cold without you. I can’t wait till you return and warm me up in your embrace.

My heart leaps in anticipation at the thought that you’ll be back home soon. I can’t wait, dear husband. I missed you so much already.

Everything is set for your return, baby. Your favourite drink, your favourite meal, your favourite music and I, your favourite person. I’m anticipating, honey. I’ve missed you so much.

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Nothing will satisfy me more than seeing your face right now. I’ll just contain myself until you return and then I can let out all pent up emotions. I really miss you.


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