Newly Married Couple Wishes

Cute Newly Wed Wishes and Congratulatory Messages

Cute Newly Wed Wishes and Congratulatory Messages

Is getting married an achievement? The answer to this question is a perspective thing and dependent on personal goals. For many however, marriage is an achievement, landmark that should be celebrated. We all have people who feel this way in our lives. You also probably feel this way. So what are you waiting for? Roll out the drums and celebrate the newly weds in your life. They need plenty of good wishes on this journey so wish them well with our amazing ranges of newly wed wishes and congratulatory messages.

Congratulation Messages For Newly Married Couple

Congratulations on finding each other! Your greatest adventure has just begun.

Congratulations on walking down the aisle. Wishing you so much joy in the union.

Congratulations on your wedding. May it grow into a long lasting friendship between you two.

Congratulations to the newest couple in town. You shall have it wonderful in your journey.

Finally, you said ‘I do’. This singular act will open you into more joy and happiness.

Heartfelt congratulations as you exchange the marital vows. Wishing you all the joy, peace and happiness.

May you be the perfect couple you wish to be. Congrats.

May your marriage be filled with fun, love, wisdom and understanding. Congrats.

Now that you have tied the knot. You are no more two but one. Happy married life.

Now that you just wed, wishing you steadfast and strong love.

This singular event, your wedding is a great and worthy choice of your life. You will not regret any bit of it. Congrats.

This we shall celebrate together. Happy married life.

Your love shall keep growing towards each other that no one will ever be able to part you. Congrats on your wedding.

Your relationship is divine despite resistance from the family members. Now that you have decided to live together as husband and wife, you will enjoy victory over every battle against your love.

Congratulations on your Wedding

A very best wish for the new couple in town. Do have a happy life together!

Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.

Congrats. So happy to celebrate this day with you both! Wishing you fulfillment of all you have ever dreamed.

Congratulation on this beautiful day. Glad for allowing us share in your joyful event. We wish you well as you move in together.

Congratulations on your wedding day. Your union is blessed beyond measure.

Congratulations on your wedding. I wish that your love for each other remain fresh as ever.

Happy married life. I’m so proud and happy for you!

Happy married life. Wishing you exceeding love and happiness. May your home be an habitation of lasting joy.

Happy married life. Wishing you the best wishes for a fun-filled future together.

I celebrate the newly wed and the love you swear to share. It’s a beautiful thing and you will enjoy it to the fullness. Congratulations.

‘Two become one’- what a beautiful thing. Congratulations!

As you step into a new life as a new couple, your output as one is capable to make a massive change.

Congrats on your wedding. May the new family be filled with laughter, smiles, cares, respect, understanding and faithfulness.

Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you the very best of everything always.

Happy married life. Let love lead. Lavish it on each other.

As you commence the journey into your home, you shall both excel.

Cheers to love, care and trust for your wedding. I’m really happy that you found someone special to you. Congratulations.

Congratulations. It is a sweet relief when you marry someone you dearly love and would like to spend your life together with. Enjoy every bit of your union.

Congratulations on tying the knot. Mine is to wish you well in this new life you have activated.

Congratulations to the couple on their wedding day! Here’s to love, goodness and friendship.

Friend, your wedding shall be the first day of abundant happiness in your home.

Happy married life to the new couple. Enjoy life together in patience, love and understanding.

Happy wedlock friends. Thanks for inviting us to wine and dine with you.

I am so happy for the two of you tying the knot today, and assured you two will take care of each other and build a beautiful home.

I’m happy my friends settled for each other in marriage. Congratulations and enjoy it in love and happiness.

I’m happy you are on top of the world for a dream come true with your partner. Congratulations.

It’s your wedding day. Let’s celebrate to a virile and fruitful relationship that is strongly bound by unfailing love.

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Newly Wed Wishes

Marriage is so beautiful especially when you find the love of your heart. Enjoy your wedlock.

Marriage is what you make of it. It takes two to tango. Your love will not fade.

Best Wishes to Newly Married Couple

May God bless your marriage with fruitfulness. Congratulations!

May God’s presence carry you through the turbulence and guide your decisions in your union. Congratulations.

May the love of God multiply and bless your union. Happy married life.

May the unfailing love of God hold and keep your home together.

May today’s love and joy of this solemnization transcend through the years.

May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life–and more!

May your hope not be dashed as you move on with your heartthrob from today. Congratulations and good luck onward from your wedding day.

May your love for each other deepen as the knowledge of each other in the union grows.

Congratulations as you take your marriage vow and we wish you the best during this new stage of life.

Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.! May your married life inspire other couples.

Congratulations to the Newly-weds. Wishing you both love, happiness and blessings as a couple.

Friends, You two were truly made for each other. May your love for each other be strong and bright. Have a fabulous married life.

My joy for you two is exceeding. The feeling is so much than one can express. Happy married life.

Now that you are married to each other, we advise you to be wonderful to one another, and do all you can to keep your love burning.

One shall slay a thousand; two , ten thousand. Your marriage vow opened the door for bigger exploits to fulfill destiny. You will surely not disappoint. Congratulations on your wedding.

The secret of a happy marriage is and remains between two of you. What you call your home is what it becomes. 

The vow of your marital union you profess shall solidify the oneness that will sustain your marriage. Congratulations.

Warmest wishes to a lovely couple! May you always hold on to each other with trust and faith. And never let go of your love for each other.

This is a day of joy. An exciting time to celebrate with you both. Good luck in your new home.

This is the beginning of your home. It is beautiful and it shall continually be for you in the journey.

This toast is to the beginning of the rest of your lives! It shall be filled with fun, joy and victory.

Today was awesome. Beautiful smiles in gorgeous dresses. It’s a good scene to behold. Best of luck as you raise a beautiful home.

Walking down the aisle is bravery into a new life of challenges, but you will conquer them all.

We have come a long way but today, we are moving our different way as you commence a new beautiful beginning in a phase of your life. Happy Married life.

Your coming together is blessed. All what you need in each other shall be available. Never deprive each other. You will not lack any good thing.

Your decision at your wedding shall herald a new season of abundant peace and prosperity.

Your relationship journey has changed my view about true love. Your wedding shows me endurance is key in love. I congratulate you on your resolve to stay together.

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Your union is already blessed but you have to build it. Receive the strength needed. Happy married life.

Your wedding is a beginning of merger of formidable force that will take the world by storm in the future. Your union is blessed.

Your wedding is a step in the right direction, moving forward into the bright future. Happy married life.

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