Sad Love Messages

Sad Love Quotes with Heart Break Messages

Our collection of sad love quotes with some heartbreak messages for him or her is at your service.

20 Sad Love Quotes
20 Sad Love Quotes

Just like life, relationships also have their share of ups and downs. While we enjoy and savour the up moments, the down moments could fill one with sadness beyond expression. You don’t want to keep the silence locked in, you want to express it but you lack words to convey your sadness or disappointment, this collection of sad love messages for him or her is just what you need to help you get your thoughts in shape and find the perfect words to communicate how you feel.

Sad Love Quotes

No one knows the value of tears until it’s in their own eyes for someone.

I’m yet to come to terms with missing you and even though it has become a part of my existence, I still find it hard to accept that we can no longer be together.

Sad Love Messages For Her

You make me shed such dear tears. I never knew a day would come when you would not wake up beside me.

We had such a ball; I still find it difficult to believe that we’re no longer together. I miss the precious moments we shared.

I had so much trust in what we shared and it’s so difficult not to be disappointed that it’s no more.

I’d feel better at ease if you were by my side. I miss you so bad.

You were and still are the only one I love. I wonder why you never believed me. I wonder why my love was never enough for you.

I never believe a day would come when I would mean nothing to you. Perhaps there’s a glimmer of love left somewhere in your heart for me? Could it be fanned to flames? I miss how we used to be.

I regret ever taking your love for granted. I regret ever thinking you couldn’t live without me. I know better now and wish we could go back to how we used to be.

I don’t wish my enemy the level of hurt I feel right now. It’s so bad I can’t stop the tears from falling.

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Emotional Heart Break Messages

I invested so much in this relationship and I feel both sad and disappointed that you would handle my heart with such levity.

If I knew you’d toy with my emotions, I wouldn’t have relied so much on you. I am so disappointed.

Sad Love Messages For Him

I keep wondering what I did to merit such a shabby treatment from you. If nothing at least you’d respect the love I’ve always shown you.

Since I met you, I’ve treated you with nothing less than love and respect, so you’d appreciate my surprise and disappointment at being treated the way you have treated me. You hurt me so bad; I wish I never met you.

Despite your hurting me repeatedly, I keep coming back to you because it appears I can’t help myself. One day you’re going to push me to the wall, I’ll find the courage and strength to leave and you would lose the best thing to have happened to you.

You make loving you so difficult yet I can’t seem to help myself, I hope you will around someday soon so we can enjoy this relationship we share.

I’d like so much for you to love me even if it’s half as much as I love you. I’m hoping perhaps there’s a tiny glimmer that could be fanned to flames?

As much as I can’t force you to love me, I can’t stop myself to stop loving you.

I try so hard not to cry but I can’t stop the tears from falling. I hate the fact that we have to be apart when neither of us wants to be apart

Everyone keeps telling me to move on, but how does one live without a heart? How do I move on when an important part of me is missing?

Is love an illusion? Every time I feel like I have gotten it right, it slips right out of my hands.

It’s better to never experience love than to be broken hearted. I can literally feel my heart tearing apart and it hurts so badly.

I see this relationship heading for shipwreck and I should get out now but I can’t. I hope I would be able to survive the heartbreak in the offing.

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Sad Broken Heart Quotes

When I fell in love with you, I felt, finally, I am complete and my life has fallen in shape. I see I am mistaken; falling in love with you was the saddest mistake I ever made.

The most beautiful period of my life were the days spent with you. Loving you was so beautiful, so pure; a total delight while it lasted. I’m so sorry it had to end.

Hear tBreak Messages

It’s so sad to be so heartbroken and not be able to do anything about it. I miss our time together.

Why do I keep failing at trying to make you happy? Why does my right always end up being wrong?  What can I do to make you happy?

What can I do to keep from drowning in this sorrow that threatens to consume me? Is it possible that I’d ever be able to trust anyone with my heart again?

I thought we could survive anything. I was never naive, of course I knew there would be storms but i assumed our love was strong enough to overcome anything. Apparently I was wrong and it makes me so sad and sorry too.

I now know what it feels like to be hurt and it’s a feeling I don’t want to experience ever again.

I was so sure we had something going for us, something worthwhile. What went wrong? How did we get to this point of no return? I feel so broken.

I can never forget you and it’s for the wrong reasons.

If I knew you would be this careless with my heart, I wouldn’t have handed it over to you.

I know I would eventually find someone who valued me. You weren’t worth the trouble.

I regret my naivety. I regret giving you my heart. I have learnt my lesson in a very horrible way, no thanks to you. Though I feel so broken hearted, it is time to move on.

I hope it won’t be too late by the time you realise that no one can love and tolerate you as much as I do.

All you told me were lies. You never fulfilled any of your promises to me. May I never be unlucky to meet any of your kind again.

Someday you will look for what you are taking for granted with tears but it will be too late.

I never knew this day would come when I’d have to live without your love.

If only you’d treat me better, you’ll get the very best of me.

It gets harder each day I have to live without your love.

“Falling in love is a pass-time reserved for fools”. I see that very clearly now.

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I loved you with my very life but you threw my love right back in my face.

Nothing has been more painful to me than watching the love you once professed for me fading away.

If only I don’t love you as much as I do. You don’t deserve the care I lavish on you.

I can’t keep giving you the premium treatment when it is obvious I am only an option to you. I give up on this relationship.

It’s so hard to accept that you can only stay in my heart and not in my life.

You make me feel so lonely and sad as if I didn’t have someone to call my own.

It’s so painful to see you so happy with someone else. Something I could never achieve no matter how hard I tried.

They say time heals all wounds. I wonder if time will ever heal the pain and hurt I feel right now.

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