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Your Smile is Contagious Messages and Quotes

So you’ve got someone with a beautiful, infectious smile, recognise them and let them know their smiles warm your heart with these “Your Smile is Contagious Messages and Quotes”.

Your Smile is Contagious Messages and Quotes: So you’ve got someone with a beautiful, infectious smile, recognise them and let them know their smiles warm your heart with these “Your Smile is Contagious Messages and Quotes”.

Your Smile is Contagious Messages

To the one I love and cherish,
your smiles are more than what you think or take them for. It lightens my world, beautifies my niche and adds to my life. Keep smiling because your smiles are mesmerizing. Love you plenty.

To the best mom in the world, I wish you know the value your smile adds to my life daily. Whenever you smile, I see how genuine and sincere a mother’s love is and how much you love and care for your children. Sometimes I feel maybe it was part of dad’s criteria in choosing you as the wife of his youth. Smiles!

To my charming daughter, seeing your cute smiles always remind me of how lucky and blessed I am to have you as my child. Your smiles are capable of turning every sorrow into joy, every gloominess into laughter and every darkness into light. Keep smiling my love!

To the love of my life, your smiles are really contagious. Ever since I came in contact with you, all I see myself doing is smiling all the time. Thousands of humans have come asking why and how but you know what I tell them? The smiles of the one I love are awesomely contagious. Love you always sweet!

To my joy giver, smiles are capable of turning bad situations into wonderful adventures. Your smiles have made me realize that beyond the cloud the sun still shines, beyond the bend the road goes on. Thank you for always smiling at me even during the odd times in life. Keep smiling because those smiles are highly efficient in healing and transforming.

To an Amazing Friend
People who don’t smile can never be healed. People who are not surrounded by people who smile can never be joyful. You are a wonderful personality, your smile radiates like the rays coming from the sun. You are beautiful and your smile murders everything. Thanks for making me smile
and being joyful. Always smile because your smile can go a long way for you and others. Love you!

The secret of long life is sometimes hidden in our ability to make other people smile due to our smiles and other features. Your smiles have gone a long way in making my life beautiful. Whenever I am angry, all I need do is to think about your cute smiles and then I see myself coming back into the smiling state. I can’t really tell what you have done to me but I always feel happy whenever you smile and whenever I think about you. Your smiles are indeed contagious.

Thank You for Making me Smile Messages

To A Wonderful Friend
Smiles contain healing bands. Now I know the secret behind your being healthy at all times. Your smiles can really get someone out of boredom. You are good at this one I can tell because those smiles have really affected my life positively. Thanks sweet and can’t wait to start swimming in your pool of smiles. Love you dear!

For the souls of the earth to keep smiling all the time, then you are needed. Your smiles are powerful, they are made of sharp, strong and joy filled arrows that can lighten up the entire body system of a weak person. I don’t know how you do it but you know what? Just keep smiling because it has been helpful and will forever remain my love.

Your Smile is Contagious Messages and Quotes to my Kid Sister

Igneous rock according to research is the hardest rock existing in the world but I bet you, when it beholds your cute smiles, it has no option but to start breaking because your smiles can melt a hardened heart. Keep smiling my sweet kid sis because we all deserve it just like you would always say.

The first day I saw you, I became attracted to you not because of your body structure or intellect but because you possess a powerful weapon and that is the weapon of smiles. It was sent into my heart and I couldn’t resist it. I think those smiles are the major components of your beauty and I can’t seem to resist them. Your smiles are indeed contagious!

I know that taking drugs beyond the authorized limit can lead to a system disorder but not when I have got a neutralizing agent with me. Your smiles are big and sharp enough to detoxify the action of any toxins generated in the body. Your smiles can actually bring the dead back to life and add to the life span of any one living still on the earth. Could it be that your smiles are responsible for your intellect and smartness? I won’t be surprised if they are responsible. Keep smiling my dearest!

I know and I am sure that you are smiling right now. This is your realm and our realm because you are the source. Love you always!

Your smiles are magnetic despite its extrinsic properties, its inner properties can cause a change. Keep smiling because it lightens up my world the more. Love you sweet!

My world can never stop shinning as long as your smiles don’t stop. Everything in my world moves at the sight of your endless smiles. Love you my sugar!

I have come to understand a fact about life which is smiles are tonic for longevity. Your smiles are capable of doing this. When it is seen, it leaves one with a bowel filled with joy and this is one thing that makes me to tell people about how contagious your smiles could be. Do have a nice time out there my darling!

Smiles sometimes are words, thoughts and actions all put together. The way you smile speaks of how tender and sweet your soul is. Please keep smiling because you deserve it.

Everyday glows and flows in the river of joy and fulfilment due to the presence of an awesome and wonderful figure whose smiles are captivating and can cause one to begin to act like a clown before the sight of men but this I don’t regret because in it lies what the world is never ready to offer and will never be in the state to offer it. Keep glowing my love!

Your smiles complement your beauty and your beauty complements my world and we two complement each other. Your smiles are the hidden truth behind my strength ever since we became one. Keep smiling my darling.

Mama your smiles are cute. I can never be tired of seeing you because your smile puts us in the state of ease and internal joy. Always smile because you deserve it. Kisses mama!

To my forever, I smile because you smile. Love you always my forever!

Your smiles have always been the source of my laughter, within are the tonic for joy, strength, happiness and this I can never get tired of receiving from your smiles and your personality as a whole. I cherish you so much my heart!

Your smiles are like the beams of light rays that appear during my dark moments causing a liberation and leaving within me the feelings of love and happiness. Your smiles can surely break the bars of iron, this I know. Best moments ahead my friend!

You have got the perfect smile in the universe and this I greatly adore because you always leave with a touch of these smiles. See you soon!

When you smile, the world smiles back at you because your smiles are capable of attracting the world’s attention. Keep shinning with your smiles my dear friend!

Your smiles cause a spark in the deepest part of my thoughts. All I need to live is to see you smiling. Love you my dearest mama!

Your smiles, my health, your smiles, my comfort, your smiles my strength, your smiles, my everything. Nothing can be done in my life without your smiles, my desire. Love you always dear.

Your smiles can comfort the broken hearted and heal the sick. Within you, lies what I can not explain and those are your cute smiles. To me, you are one of the world’s greatest physician that has ever existed- all thanks to your smiles.

Just as the plants of the earth requires sunlight to have a nice biological processe so are your smiles important in my life. Your smiles nourish and prepare me for a wonderful adventure. With your smiles, I can never lose because they go a long way than expected. Love you plenty. Do have a nice day ahead my love!

Your Smile is Contagious Quotes

Nothing on the surface of the earth can survive without water and air. You serve both functions in my life. Your smiles I take in order to live and have strength to go around. You are amazing not just in but also out. Thanks for those cute smiles of yours that light up my day.

The sun shines in the day and the moon and stars rule the night. Your smiles decorate my morning, relieve me of all the day’s stress and gets me thinking well and strong. Love you honey.

To my ever smiling wife, your smiles are the treasures I have always sought to find and now that I have laid hands upon them, I don’t want to ever let go because it has come to form part of my world. Always keep dazzling and blazing like a star. Love always till eternity.

To that beautiful soul whose smiles causes positive flows into my life, beautiful people always smiles and extend this part of them to everyone because this part of them is highly contagious and worth it.

The nature of your smile have added so much to my life that I can’t seem to resist you no matter the situation and this feature you have deposited into the lives of our kids and it is manifesting greatly. Love you always and keep those smiles on, it is the secret of my strength. Kisses my darling beautiful soulmate.

I never knew the attracting power of smiles until I came across you. It was just like a magnet, its force beyond control. Your smiles are so contagious. Keep it on sweet.

Your smiles are always special and carry along with it a special gift just like you. Now I know why you have so many people around you and this is because your smiles serve as a source of joy and illumination to their world.

My world has never remained the same since I came across those cute smiles of yours, it experienced an immediate transformation. Could there be some hidden powers behind those smiles? Yes of course. Your smiles are very welcoming and highly contagious.

Sickness is never a threat because your smiles will fight it off the immune system immediately. This shows how great and powerful your smiles are and how long it can go. Keep smiling sweet heart!

I thought my world was complete until I came across you and your cute smiles. Always ready to give them out and create the sense of happiness within every one that comes in contact with them. Your smiles are contagious.

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