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Sweet Caring Messages to Him or Her

Your loved one should never be in doubt of where they stand with you. Stoke the fire, fan the embers. These Sweet Love Text Messages & Quotes to Show Him or Her You Care will do just fine to keep the love you share aglow.

Your loved one should never be in doubt of where they stand with you. Show them your love in every way possible. Stoke the fire, fan the embers. Love is worth every effort you make. These Sweet Caring Messages to Him or Her will do just fine to not only reassure your loved one but to keep the love you share aglow.

In this collection you will find Sweet Good Morning Text Messages, Sweet Good Night Text Messages, Sweet I Love You Text Messages, Sweet I Miss You Text Messages, Sweet I’m Sorry Text Messages

Caring Text Messages to Him or Her

You hold my heart’s key in your hands, my heart is yours to deal with any how you wish but I pray you handle it with care. I’m helplessly, hopelessly in love with you.

You have nothing to fear darling, I’m as smitten as you are. All I ever think of is you and the diverse ways in which I can express my love to you. I love you baby, I’ll always do.

No one else comes close to loving me the way you do. How can I ever jeopardize that?  I’d be a fool to trade what I share with you with anything less. I love you darling, I swear I do.

Sweet Caring Messages

You’re the best thing going on for me, a lovely sight for my sore eyes. I cherish you baby, you’re my world.

Don’t give ear to the opinion of nay Sayers, don’t listen to their envy incited words. You’re my one and only. I’ll love you no matter what.

Your love excites me; it takes me to the heights of ecstasy. No one else makes me feel this way. You’re special in every way my darling and I love you so much.

You want to know how much I love you? For depth, think about the depth of the sea; for height think about the highest mountain; for intensity, think about the brightness of the sun, only then will you come close to knowing my love for you.

Your love is a lifeline. It saves me from the abyss and fuels my desire for greatness. I love you darling, I really do.

You do things to my insides, you make me experience things I never thought possible. Your love brings me to a whole new level and though I’m yet to fully grasp this feeling, I thoroughly enjoy it. I think I’m in love with you baby.

Your love is my opium, I’m high on it. If this is what it means to be addicted, then I don’t want to be normal. I love you so much.

You’re the one who makes my world go round and without you my days are incomplete. I love you so much my darling.

Thank You For Caring Messages

I am so much better than when I first met you. Thank you for all you have contributed in improving my life. Thank you most importantly for your love that is so inspiring and uplifting. I love you so much.

You are my angel, my God-sent. Thank you darling for all the light you bring to my world. I could never repay you, but this one thing I promise, I’ll love you always.

Thank You Love Text Messages

Thank you dear for always being sensitive to my needs. Thank you for loving me so selflessly and so devotedly. Loving you is a decision I’m thankful I made. Nothing will ever come between us.

For always being so thoughtful, for always putting my needs above yours, for loving me 100%, I say thank you my darling.

With you I feel so secure, I feel so treasured. Though I’m a hard nut to crack, you give your best all the same. Thank you for loving me even if it’s not always easy. I appreciate all you do and I love you so much.

You’re different from the stock. You are far better than average; scratch that, you are exceptional. Thank you for being the best, thank you for loving me in an exceptional way.

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being a worthy partner and friend. I don’t know where I would be without your love. Thank you so much, my love.

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Caring Good Morning Messages

It’s a new dawn my love, a day that promises to be as lovely as you are. One important thing before you set out, you’re as precious to me as air and you’ll be in my thoughts all day.

Open your eyes darling and feel the gentle morning breeze caressing you with my love. You were in my dreams all night, I’m certain you will be in my thoughts all day. Good morning my love.

Good Morning Text Messages

Good morning sunshine! With you by my side, I feel ready to face the day. I love you darling, now and always.

How do you wish an angel good morning? By employing the symphonies of nature. So when you hear the birds tweeting and you feel the gentle morning breeze caressing your skin, know it’s me wishing you my darling a beautiful morning.

Ever since I started loving you, my mornings have been sweeter and my days brighter. Here’s wishing the one who adds colour to my life a beautiful day. Good morning.

One thing I love about a new day, it’s an opportunity to love you better and explore ways to satisfy your desires.

Waking up with you every day is a great blessing, one I don’t take for granted. I’m glad we made it to another day. It’s time to go shine! Good morning my love.

Wake up beautiful, it’s a new day. Together we will succeed exceedingly. Have a good day darling. Good morning.

The day is before you, as bright and beautiful as you are. May your hands do greatly today and your reward be sweet.

Caring Good Night Messages

Thoughts of you kept me going throughout the day. It’s always so nice to relax in your arms each night. Well it’s night again. Looking forward to a beautiful night with you.

Good Night Love Text Messages

When someone has a person like you to look forward to each night, the day goes easier and every burden seem so light. Thank you for the listening ears you offer each night and the comforting bosom. Do have a night as beautiful as you are.

Lay in bed, go to sleep. Don’t be afraid of anything that causes fear, I’ll be waiting for you in dream land. I love you darling.

As you lay to sleep, let your sleeping thoughts be of the love we share. Sleep in peace darling, I’ll be right by your side to keep the demons away.

May your sleep be as sweet as you deserve. May it be restful and peaceful. Have a beautiful night darling, I love you.

Lay every weight aside darling, rest your head. Tomorrow will definitely be better than today was. Have a beautiful night.

When the day comes to an end and I lay by your side to sleep, that’s the climax of the days for me, for then I get to unburden my heart to the one who shares my dreams and the one who watches out for me in prayers. Good night my love, have a pleasant night rest.

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Caring Missing You Love Messages

Loving you is the sweetest feeling ever. Missing you on the other hand is something I wasn’t prepared for. Why? Because I never contemplated it. I miss you so much

When two hearts and souls are bounded in love, then distance is never a barrier. Here’s letting you know that I really miss you and I carry you with me everywhere in my thoughts.

Missing You Text Messages Image

My heart pines for you sweetheart. I’m missing you so much than I can bear.

Here’s checking on you my love and letting you know I miss you so much. Please come home as soon as you can.

It’s not the same here without you baby. Every moment I’m thinking about you and wondering if you’re missing me as much as I miss you.

I’m hugging the pillows at night while I count the days until you will be back. I really do miss you, a lot.

Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. At least for me, it’s true. I miss you a lot and all the wonderful ways you make me laugh.

I miss you by my side, how you make me smile even on my worst days. You who give me succour from all my worries, I can’t wait till you’re back.

Apology in Love Text Messages

I’m sorry for letting you down and betraying your trust. Please forgive me my love.

I miss the way we used to be. Please let’s be friends again. I’m sorry for the part I played in this fight. I love you so much.

Please let’s put this fight behind us and be friends again. I’ve learnt my lessons and I believe you’ve learnt yours. This relationship is more important to me than my ego, so here am I saying sorry for hurting you.

Apology Text Messages

I regret speaking those hurtful words to you. They haunt me every night. I can only feel better if you forgive me my love. I’m truly sorry.

I’m standing here and waiting patiently until you forgive me. I’m truly sorry for hurting you the way I did.

I should have been more sensitive to your feelings. Please my love, forgive my rashness. I promise to do better next time.

When you’re angry with me, I lose my sleep. How can I be in peace when you my love are not happy with me? Please forgive me baby, I love you.

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